The second half of the season kicks off with the Jays hosting the Clevelands, and Ricky Romero looking to build of a solid start last week in Chicago, as he continues groping around to find himself at the worst possible effing time for the pitching-starved Jays. He takes on Justin Masterson in what should be a… game. Of baseball.

Seriously, though, thank fuck baseball is back. Now lets get some pitching.

(Note: in case I don’t make it back in time from an afternoon of going out and actually enjoying doing stuff, consider this the extent of your Game Threat.)

Ha!  Not so fast, Stoeten. Drew here, coming to you live from the Rogers Centre pressbox! Who on Earth let that happen?

Scuttlebutt! A little a first…but soon more.

Meghan Hoople performed the National Anthems tonight. I prefer her father Mott.

Logan Couture wandered around the field during Jays BP, which was cool until he tripped over his umbilical cord and suffered a pretty bad looking knee injury. His status for Sharks training camp is in doubt as hockey starts again in mere days, I fear.

Here are you lineups, courtesy of 

Call me crazy but…I have a truly hard time complaining about this lineup. Sure, Adam Lind is still miscast as a number five hitter but there are only so many hairs to split in this life, why waste one here?

S. Choo RF

A. Cabrera SS

J. Kipnis 2B

T. Hafner DH

C. Santana 1B

M. Brantley CF

L. Marson C

J. Damon LF

J. Hannahan 3B

B. Lawrie 3B

C. Rasmus CF

J. Bautista RF

E. Encarnacion 1B

A. Lind DH

Y. Escobar SS

K. Johnson 2B

R. Davis LF

J. Arencibia C

Justin Masterson versus Ricky Romero, just like Opening Day. Pitchers like Masterson — with a shittone of tilt on their shit — give the Jays fits. The Tribe are one of the most patient teams in baseball and send six lefties to the plate tonight, combating Romero’s changeup. Ricky Romero is Ricky Romero, as you well know. This may end in tears.

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  1. I’m thinking the chicken wing is going to catch on…

  2. well shit, i’ve never seen a HR hit there before

    • I was at the park for the only other one to go into Sightlines. Jim Thome launched one into the CF portion of Sightlines. Un. Be. Fucking. Lievable. Thanks to Baseball-Reference, I know that it happened on May 31, 1998 off of Pat Hentgen. God I love Baseball-Reference. Really helps fill in the gaps in the ole memory.

  3. EE says “thank you” Toronto.

  4. Total monster shot! U da man EE.

  5. Can’t remember anyone hitting one above the restaurant so emphatically in a game.

    Holee Shit did he clobber that.

    • The only ball I’ve seen hit farther to CF in the dome is one by Thome…it was hit to the same level as EE’s but it was a bit deeper and more towards cf.

      • EE’s shot was the deepest shot to centre I’ve ever seen at the dome.

        Gotta get a shit ton of loft to get there.

  6. I think Thome hit one that skipped off the glass and in to the bar area. Cecil Fielder (not Puckett, alzheimers Buck) hit TWO up there at the 91 All Star game in the Derby with juiced balls.

    Never seen one hit in the air there in a game.

    That’s a fucking BLAST

    • I have juiced balls…just saying.

    • pretty sure thomes was a direct launch into windows restaurant..with window open. and it was pretty much a dead center shot. i think it might have been calculated as the furthest ball ever hit at the dome..even farther than the conseco 5th deck shot

      • Eddie just hit it into the bar above the restaurant.

        • well, i dont know the name of the was the one above the one with the protruding glass.

          maybe it was called “sightlines” ??

          all I know is that it WAS the same level as the one EE just hit.

          doesnt really matter..point is…edwins shot was a fucking blast the likes of which have not happened more than twice in the history of the dome.

      • I was in Windows for one of the “All you can eat” days… 2 years ago I think… There’s a bunch of holes in the inside wall from where balls hit… Many of them have little plaques with the player and the date on them…

        There have been more hit in there (in game situations) than I would have thought…

        • That’s the 200 level. Where Thome and EE hit it is the 400 level over 500 feet from home plate.

          That’s some Ruthian shit, son.

  7. Loup! #BeTheWolf

  8. No complaints about that MLB debut…

  9. Loup’s motion and stuff (not to mention left handedness) remind me of Greg swindell

  10. that EE blast makes me wanna play with some womanly parts to relieve some pressure. now when do the trades start happening? gomes has to have some value in the NL.

  11. rajai 0 for his last 24 and and 4 for his last 42….

    so umm..yeah….building up that trade value didnt really go as planned.

    • But don’t worry, he’s doing an adequate job as an everyday left fielder and should in no way be replaced by Snider…

      • Snider is not doing much to force AA’s hand though. Im not saying that Snider wouldnt out produce rajai based on walks and slugging alone…but ideally Snider would be hitting well with loads of confidence when you bring him up.

        • Yeah, he really hasn’t been the same since his injury, he was DEMOLISHING the PCL before he hurt himself… I still want to see what he can do in the MLB, and he’d be better than Davis, so the move would definitely help…

  12. I like how they are using Loup for a 2nd inning today. wish more managers would do that.

    • Looked at Loup’s minor league stats..only has a handful of starts in his minor league career….but has some relatively high inning he must be a multi inning reliever type.

    • I like what I saw from him… 93 from the left side with some good movement from the delivery. Definitely seemed to be in control and really kept the ball on the ground…

      • he looks tough to read… the limited action Crawford had, I would say empircally it appears that Loup’s stuff is better and the reactions from the hitters would tend to support that. Saw many hesistant swings from both lefties and righties.

        but again, the minors is laden with these types of pitchers who can come up and fool guys for a few weeks before people get accustomed to them and start to rake. also not much in the way of leverage in this game..although I find it hard to believe that anyone in their major league debut wouldnt be feeling loads of pressure.

  13. What is Liriano’s contract status? I have a feeling that he could be one of those pitchers that has a career renaissance a few years after suffering devastating arm injury. He’s still relatively young. He is the one guy I would target amongst the pitchers reportedly available because I think he would be undervalued and is the only guy with ceiling yet to be reached due to his injury

    • 2012: $5.5 million, 2013: Free Agent (per: Rotoworld)

      Also, I accidentally looked up Nelson Liriano first…

      • Nelson is the one true Liriano.

        If only for breaking a Nolan Ryan no-hitter with a triple while Ryan screamed obscenities at him while he ran to third.

    • Jays need reliable pitching… I don’t think Liriano fits the bill.

  14. so looks like Liriano is a free agent after this year. will drive down his value but perhaps he is the type of dude that the jays would be able to resign….seems like the latinos love the jays and love jays could trade for him and then lock him up. i just have a good feeling about his career path going forward

    • Jesse Chavez has just given up 2 2 run HR’s without getting anyone out in the 8th inning.

      11-8 Jays.

      Why is Chavez still pitching here? He always looks scared.

  15. Someone’s getting demoted after today’s game!

  16. Chavez sucks. Has always sucked. will always sucked. seems like teams get fooled by his good arm and think they can make something out of him. yet there is something imminently hittable about his stuff.

  17. save situation now.

  18. Still a mystery to me why Chavez is up over Beck. Bloody ridiculous. Coco up next?

    • Ill give you that Chavez sucks..but Beck is not great either. the guy has one decent pitch and cannot strike anyone out even in the minors.

      now the fact that he has one good pitch does give him one more than chavez

      • He has done well in his limited time in Toronto and is killing it it in Vegas. K rates aside i will take that over a guy who is constantly giving up long balls and puts the game in jeopardy.

        • no doubt I’d rather have him up here than chavez, but the jays feel that beck is a one inning guy and they, mistakenly, feel that chavez is more valuable because he can go multiple innings

        • Btw there was management talk last September of Beck being a back end guy. I would be curious as to what had changed since then.

  19. I actually agreed with Buck and Pat that Dyson should have gotten some work… Chavez should really be in AAA…

  20. really? starting to lose momentum and now a 3 run game and Drew Carpenter is who you’re going to go to to shut things down?

    • Farrell is doing his usual shit where he is worrying about tomorrow’s game instead of doing what is best to win today.

      he figures by going to his B relivers today, he can squeeze out a win and have his A guys for tomorrow..

      problem could end up losing both games.

      • There had better be someone warming…

      • YEAHHHHH its Farrells fault for saving the good arms for close games and thinking that just MAYBE the shitballers hes left with can handle a couple innings with a NINE RUN LEAD.

        SURE why not throw Frasor, Oliver and Janssen out there during a nine run lead and have them burnt out for tomorrow or the day after, that makes perfect sense you fucking dumb shit

        Shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself. Stop blaming Farrell, start blaming the no talent morons in the jays pen that can even pitch with a nine run lead.

  21. This carpenter guy is truly a shit baller. how many right handed relievers barely touch 90?


    The offense puts up 11 fucking runs and the bullpen cant fucking hold the lead??? Jesus FUCK!!!

    Dear Alex, TRADE FOR SOME PITCHING or get the fuck out of the big boy chair and let someone with some balls that can do the job right sit there.

    Seriously, I am so sick and tired of seeing the bullpen blowing games year after year. Then this year the pen seems legit and through injuries and shittiness its not legit,,, not even half legit.

    How many more games before the hitters on this team start losing their confidence as hitters because they know they can all hit their asses off just to have no talent, jerk offs that are either has beens or never will bes shit all over a good game.


    • It’s not really the pen’s fault. Several of the arms they have down there are just not major league caliber…and the performance of those arms has been SCREAMING they are not major league caliber. yet they remain in the bigs. hard to blame the player when they have done nothing but told you they are not capable yet you continue to go to them.

      • Yes this means a whole lot coming from the moron that figures its Farrells fault. So youre saying, dont blame the guys that you admit have no talent but blame the guy thats forced to put them into the game because there’s no other option?

        Are you mentally challenged?

        • We’re all frustrated, only you seem to be retarded here…

          • Im not retarded Im just really really angry and venting it right now man.

            AA hasnt done ONE SINGLE THING to help this team out after 4/5 of the rotation and a couple of the better bullpen arms went down to injury.

            With a competent pitching staff this team would be leading the division or something reasonably close to such right now.

            AA just sits in his tower thinking “its ok, I have a great farm system, this team will compete in 10 years forsure, nevermind whats happening now”.

            Im not saying go be irresponsible and trade the farm away for a couple guys, Im saying go out and find 2-3 pitchers capable of holding down a 9 run lead.

        • Are you? Farrell is using the WRONG GUYS. its AFTER THE ALLSTAR BREAK…EVERYONE IS FRESH…

          the fucker is trying to be greedy and save people for tomorrow. when you have a chance to win a do dont play for tomorrow and hope the slop you roll out there today can hold the lead.

 fuck you

          • Seriously…. why should he have to use Janssen Oliver Frasor during a NINE RUN LEAD. Seriously… why should he have to. There’s no reason for it.

      • Honestly if this outing from Carpenter had come without the clusterfuck from Chavez, I’d have had no real issue with bringing him in here… He’s not great, but in an 11-4 game, I’m not complaining…

        Once Chavez did his thing, he should have been using only the A team from here on out…

  23. Seriously, after being off for a week, Oliver cant pitch an inning on back to back days?


  24. Finally

    I swear Farrell sometimes has metal balls in his hand like Captain Queeg.

  25. Oh good, a competent reliever.

  26. That was kinda hilarious watching Janssen charge toward third…

  27. I usually watch the games on mute, but today I’ve got the Vipbox stream with the Indians broadcast. They’re actually pretty decent.

  28. that’s twice this at bat where the shift cost them an out

  29. Way to make that much scarier than it should have been Bautista…

  30. thank fucking god..what the fuck.

  31. It’s the goddamn Adam and Edwin show this afternoon…

  32. Does anyone else think AA is starting to lose some respect and integrity here? The rotation is decimated, the bullpen is full of shitballers and the man hasnt done one single small thing to help the team out. Just a lot of phone calls asking teams if they would like to part with their best players in exchange for Mike McCoy and Sean Hill and a flex pack of tickets.

    He doesnt want to part with ANYONE from the farm system but at the same time he has Travis Snider collecting dust as well.

    I dont want him to trade the future for rentals, I just want him to provide this team with some type of help.

    • No. Well, nobody that knows anything about baseball…

      What gigantic trades are being made that he’s missing out on? What deals do you see out there to be made? Why do you assume that a guy notorious for calling every team about every player isn’t actually trying to make deals that work for his team?

      Implying that you have ANY idea what he is saying during his calls to other teams makes you sound even more retarded, just saying.

      • For starters,,, hows about maybe a 3 way trade where the jays grab upton and flip him for a starter? I dunno specifically but I know there’s relievers out there that can be had and they are needed in Toronto.

        4/5 of the rotation hurt and Romero pitching below average is a big problem that a GM should try and fix dont you think? Then a bullpen that can barely hold a 9 run lead…. wouldnt that also fall in as an issue?

        • Getting Upton to flip him would be pretty dumb, he’s a guy you keep because there’s probably no pitcher that is worth as much as he is.

          The issue isn’t that he SHOULDN’T get pitching help it’s that NOBODY IS TRADING right now.

          AA cannot make other GMs trade with him, he’s calling (we know from multiple sources that he’s one of the more active GMs at working the phone) but just because he wants to make a trade doesn’t mean a trade is out there (at least not one that he wouldn’t have to seriously overpay for…)

          • I don’t think that’s dumb at all. If your need is pitching them you make the trade even if it’s a guy like Upton. Of course the pitching coming back has to be commensurate. If it is then you come out ahead because you’re stronger by being more balanced and you’ll win more games. Upton while nice is a luxury on a team with Jose and Colby in the outfield imo especially when the good pitching is 2 years away minimum.

        • Sell the farm for Upton and flip him? That isn’t going to work, son

          You sound like a Leafs fan.

          Upton isn’t coming, just like Fielder, Pujols and Darvish weren’t coming. I know you idiots like to wank over trade porn but the shit gets really damn tiresome.

          • Ok old man. First I said of commensurate value. That means equal value if you’re not sure. So whatever you’d give up from the minor leagues for Upton you’d presumably give up for top tier pitching in the first place if dealing with someone else directly. Not going too fast for you am I?

            The point of flipping Upton to another team is so you can get what you need from that third party when you normally wouldn’t be able to get it on your own. Rasmus was a perfect example of that type of scenario. The example I used the other day was flipping Upton to a team like Pittsburgh that’s in desperate need of an impact bat. They have two very high ceiling arms in Cole and Taillon that are probably a year or less away from the majors. The Jays will need pitching, if not this season (if you consider the playoffs out of reach this year), then next year for sure. The Jays high end arms are two years away at best. A trade like this moves that time frame up in a big way without draining your system or killing the potential ceiling of those prospects. It’s a win win for all involved. Outfield is where the Jays have present and future depth. Moving Upton at this point in time wouldn’t be so foolish as it would have been say at this time last year when the team had big holes there.

            At the end of the day if you can get impact pitching for an asset like Upton and your team is facing a large pitching deficit then it’s the smart thing to do.

            It’s extra smart if your team has trouble attracting impact pitching via free agency or there is payroll constraints.

      • Based on the interviews he gave on PTS, he is working on deals but waiting for other parties to join in.

        He said he had a few deals fall through.

        Hopefully he will get some decent starting pitching for 2013.

    • You’re in a position of weakness, everyone is stupid for not trying to extract more from you,

    • The problem is that we don’t just need one pitcher or two pitchers. We need like 5. How the fuck is AA going to pull that off? Look at how many other teams are looking for pitching. Notice many trades going on? That is because asking prices are ridiculous. You can thank the extra wild card spot. More teams feel that they are “in it.”

      • That’s true the extra wildcard means 11 teams are in a playoff race & no one wants to be the first to surrender.
        In the winter, the prediction was the wildcards would be sewn up quickly by LAA or Texas, the other one winning the division. Detroit winning the AL Central & the other wild card from the AL East, Tampa or Boston.

        I would love to see all tje tie breaker rules if it stays this close at year end.

    • Nope, The casual fans that I’ve talked to, they wonder, maybe. But anybody who follows the game realize it’s part of the process.
      BTW: These criticisms are nothing compared to when the Jays are really competitive.

      Wait for 2013, you’ll see.

    • Guys, you need to stop bothering to these whiny reactionists who’s view of what an MLB GM does is based on their love of Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball when they were a kid.

    • Personally if AA took the position that it is unwise to waste any further resources on this season, because you can’t replace that big of a hole in the pitching staff, I could respect that, because that’s a well-reasoned position.

      Of course the fans would hate that because that would be another “wait till next year,” so he can’t say that. So this leaves fans like you in the unfortunate position of claiming AA is an incompetent fool for being unable to acquire pitching, when for all we know he has no plans to do so.

      • What does the clubhouse say if AA does nothing?

        Bautista & Romero are pretty vocal.

        I suspect something will get done but probably not a blockbuster.

        My wildcard trade is the Jays getting back Marcum for 1 of the Lansing pitchers & Snider or Thames. Brewers get more if Marcum signs an extension.

        • Marcum’s on the DL with elbow pain. I think we have enough of those on the ballclub. Thanks, but no thanks, and definitely no on an extension in the unlikely event that AA does make a trade for him.

  33. That was pretty goddammed ridiculous…

  34. Lind you pussy, run the fucker over never even touched the bag

    • I think he was just shocked that the ball came anywhere near the bag… Totally didn’t think there was a chance to make that play.

  35. 4/5, inches from a 5 hit game, OPS inching closer and closer to big boy territory…

    Lind isn’t the worst thing in the lineup anymore.

  36. is there a rule about impeding the baserunner? the pitcher was in the restricted area and cut off lind’s path to the bag.

    • I was wondering that as well… I thought that the baserunner had the right of way…

    • I thought so too. Looked like interference since he was in the running lane. Lind should have just knocked him over. He needs some Lawrie Redbull.

    • I think… because the fielder was legitimately attempting to make a play on the ball, it’s not interference.

      • Didn’t see the play, but I’m assuming it was a play down the first base line. The restricted area is only there for when a throw comes from the home plate area to first. If the runner is in that area than he won’t be called out if the thrown ball hits his back. As for the interference, Justin’s right. If a fielder is making a legitimate play on the ball it’s the runner’s responsibility to get out of the way.

        Least I’m pretty sure that’s right

  37. That definitely wasn’t Farrell’s fault by any stretch of the imagination. People complain about him using shit ballers in the wrong spot. That was the right spot they were just bloody crap. Unfortunately Janssen and Oliver cant pitch everyday. Imo Chavez gets sent down after the game.

    • He’s SO down… He’ll be lucky if he isn’t DFA’d actually…

    • of course they cannot pitch everyday..and it is fine to use the shitballers up 11-4…once it gets to 11-8 though…the jig is up and there is no more need for shitballing.

      under normal circumstances, sure, you cant go to your A guys everyday.

      but the SECOND game after the all star break? you sure can go to them.

      • Of course you could and then you roll the dice about the upcoming games and not having them available. People of course would then scream at Farrell for not pitching them in those situations. Kind of a no win situation when you’ve got below level arms to use and wondering at the same time if tomorrows starter will make it out of the 5th.

  38. Yay!

  39. Shelly duncan almost hit a reallly good pitch for a homer

    that is shelly duncan…a guy who sucks vs righties.

    now ball game.

    so farrell has blown out janssen in his attempt to save the entire pen

  40. Thank fuck that’s over…

  41. The jays need to do more of what they did with Janssen and take 4 pitch type starters that are average at best as starters and make them relievers.

    • I think that if Janssen could have stayed healthy he’d have been close to a Marcum level starter… I’d always rather a starter than a reliever, but thankfully Janssen has managed to put it together in the pen…

      • It’s not the guys that will be good starters I want to see go this route. You’re obviously correct that one is more valuable than the other. However, guys like Jenkins or McGuire that are struggling with a third or fourth pitch might be better options especially if two of their pitches are at least plus pitches or have the potential to be in short inning circumstances where they can pump it up. Teams used to do this all the time with young starters before giving them a shot at the rotation. At least this way you’re supposedly getting your best arms on to the major league squad and keeping the riff raff out.

        • We’re getting close to the point where Jenkins and McGuire are going to have to be tried as relievers to see if they can find ANY value there… But if we start trying every mediocre starter as a reliever we’re going to wind up with Jesse Chavezes all over the place…

  42. please please please Lind interview right now

  43. Hopefully Janssen pulling our bacon out of the fire will dial down the anger and frustration.

  44. damnit…. wanted to feel the tension between davis and lind again

  45. Chavez optioned Beck recalled.

  46. Holy fuck, Adam Lind is not a smart man.

    • haha you wanted that interview. Maybe we can ask Karen to run her nails across a chalkboard for you while you’re on this self-torture kick.

    • If he keeps playing baseball like he has been lately I don’t care if he qualifies for a homecare worker to make sure he’s wiping his ass properly… He’s still brighter than Davis, though :P

  47. 3 hrs and 15 mins. of shitballing, man that was awful. Guess managers don’t let players have it anymore, but Farrells gotta be screaming into an empty locker somewhere. The hitters yesterday, the pitchers today, fuck, make em do laps with the children watching.

  48. and the casey magic continues and he gets no respect at all. just silence from the fanbase.well its probably what he prefers.high pressure/visability spot and no distraction. and farrell has wrecked a few games looking ahead to the next game.i say you lock down a win in this league.tomorrow is a possible shit fest.

  49. Don’t know why they kept chavez over pauley

  50. Lowe is going to brutally rape the Jays tomorrow. At least a shut out. Possible no hitter.

  51. Boggs is in the booth at the Rays/Massholes game.

    At least 30 is my guess.

  52. Boggs is superstitious

    117 ground balls every time

    70 beers every time!

  53. But seriously, Boggs is plowed.

  54. Seriously, he sounds like a drunk dialer.

  55. Have the Jays traded for Upton yet?

  56. who knows, but one reliever who has continued to impress at every level he has pitched at is Danny Barnes. Guy was a 35th round pick out of Princeton and has put up good numbers in the last 3 years, though I think Midwest and Florida State Leagues are considered pitcher-friendly. Consistently missing bats, all 3 years with more than 1 K per inning and not many walks (about 3 to 1 K:BB avg this year vs 5:1 last year). Doesn’t turn 23 until after this season, at Dunedin now.

  57. OK! Thats it! The Jays need a big winning streak. And this is a good game to start one.

    Lets go blue Jays!

  58. So Santos done for the year.

    Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB

    Santos to undergo shoulder surgery. Club optimistic for spring training return. #BlueJays

    • Man Kenny Williams sure has a way of dumping guys with eventual shoulder troubles on the Jays.

      I know the Santos situation is different but holy fuck. AA is certainly unlucky with the bulk of his bullpen acquisitions the last couple of seasons. Always a couple of big stinkers in the bunch.

      Just hope Santos doesn’t end up like Sirotka permanently.

    • Yep, just saw this. Apparently labrum tear or something.

  59. Time for the mandatory walk to Santana.

  60. OK, I’ll dip my toe into the water… Nice snag, Carlos. Time to rise and shine, Cletus. Careful KJ.

  61. Hey Ben Francisco still plays for this team

  62. Cmon Cibia, just go for a fucking single ya goddamn goon

  63. Thank you

  64. Now let’s make an example out of this drunk driving piece of shit

  65. Nice Cletus! Just what the doctor ordered. (and the nurse.)

  66. ya…. good slide there joey

  67. Adam, I promise not to undermine your intelligence if you get a fucking hit here

  68. Make this piece of shit pay for his lack of respect, Lind.

  69. Escobar might not even have to bring a bat with him at this rate…

  70. If Lind learns to keep the bat on his shoulder and rarely if ever swing, he might be useful.

  71. Ugly, ugly AB there Yunel…

  72. That’s right Yunel, swing at everything when the pitcher has demonstrated he has zero command. Brilliant approach.

  73. Yunie…. have some patience, relax…. tell ya what I’ll order you up some nice Venezuelan trannies for after the game if you take a pitch or two next at bat. Deal?

  74. No new game threat again. Stoeten is too busy enjoying the smell of his own asshole.
    Also, poor at bat by Escobar there.

  75. Terrible at bat by Escobar there. Wtf happened to this guy?

  76. fuck man, when Buck gets fixated on something, he doesn’t ever shut the fuck up about it does he?

    I was napping during a game earlier this year and I couldn’t figure whether I was awake or still having goddamn nightmare coming in and out of consciousness listening to Buck marvel over infield shifts every single time I heard his voice

  77. It’s not really much of a shocker, you morons. Oakland plays in a cavernous stadium. Their pitching always looks good.

  78. I can’t listen to Buck. Can’t believe this fucking guy gets paid to work on TBS too.

    • I will go right ahead and say it: I think Campbell was a better play by play guy.

      • At this point it almost seems like Faulds and Cerutti weren’t much worse than the current pair.

      • Yeah. I’m fucking ashamed to say it as I was definitely OK with it when Campbell got yanked, but he’s really come into his own with Zaun the past few seasons.

        I mean, he would still make inane comments all the time I’m sure, but Buck Martinez is just plain stupid. At least you know that deep down Campbell is a smart man.

        I’m not sure there is anything at all more to Buck than exactly what you get onscreen

    • He really is quite poor – as is Tabby. It greatly reduces my enjoyment of the game. I have a feeling we’re stuck with them forever though.

  79. Damon is looking vaguely Chinese these days.

  80. I have never seen a bobblehead look LESS like the person it’s supposed to represent than the Romero one…

  81. Leadoff walk guys! Those score 9 out of 10 times, unless they don’t…

  82. Nice DP, EE.

  83. We can’t get a computerized strike zone fast enough in baseball…

  84. I need to see that inning ending scream

  85. What do you guys think of Dirk filling in for Alan? I actually think he’s pretty good. Maybe Alan will move to TV?

  86. Another leadoff walk… Since we’ve already had one this game that didn’t score, 100% lock that Edwin scores here! SWEET!

  87. I’ve noticed that buck and tabby pronounce frasor as “frasier” Everyone else seems to say it as “fray zor”
    I’m assuming that Buck and Tabby have just always been drunk.

    Tabby is treeemendously poor at this.

  88. Frasor is a crafty veteran. With grit.

  89. Fucking Davis…

    Though I still don’t have any clue why that move isn’t considered a balk…

  90. just 7 pitches i hope they go back to Oliver for the 9th

  91. Aaaaaand there goes my satellite signal… awesome…

  92. Fucking solar flares…my TV’s screwing up

  93. Either my cable’s fucked, or I’m having another acid flashback. Can’t decide if that’s good or bad.

  94. Terrible feed, thanx Rogers.

    And why no Jansen. Just cuz he pitched 1.1 innings yesterday?
    He would have been good to go.

    • Didn’t need to use him, so why burn the arm if you can avoid it?

      Also, the problem has more to do with “the sun” than Rogers today… Not much that they can do about that…

  95. In case this awesome piece of JeterBallPolishing was missed, I’ll drop this turd of an article on all of you…

    • I’ll give the actual, unedited title of the article for those of you who don’t click on links:

      Jeter deserving of serious MVP consideration

      • The synopsis of that article: Jeter should win MVP because he’s had a pretty OK year, a fantastic career…oh, and we made up a bunch of intangible stuff to make him look better.

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