Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

The second half is already underway at Wrigley, and the Jays return to action tonight, so things are about to start getting back to normal around here. Some links to tide you over…

At Grantland, Jonah Keri uses Edwin Encarnacion’s deal to examine the anatomy of contract value. Meow!

Jayson Stark of ESPN tweets that the Jays were gauging trade interest in the artist formerly known as E5 (and who I’ll still refer to as such, because… who seriously possibly cares?) as late as last week.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun passes along a few notes: that Brett Lawrie sat with back tightness at the end of the White Sox series for mostly precautionary reasons, and he’s good to go; that Aaron Loup, in case you didn’t know, has been called up to replace the injured Luis Perez; and in awesome news, both Brandon Morrow and Sergio Santos will throw off of mounds this weekend, as they continue their various rehabbings.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail provides five storylines to watch in the second half of the Jays season, in which he continues his curious bashing of Yunel Escobar, and would apparently like us all to know that he only actually watched Kelly Johnson in the month of June.

Anthony Gose and Travis d’Arnaud both show up in FanGraphs‘ review of their preseason prospects ranked between 50 and 26. Value is static for both of them.

Sicking with FanGraphs, Jack Moore examines Edwin Encarnacion’s revamped swing, in light of his fancy new contract extension. (E5′s, that is, not Moore’s.)

John Lott of the National Post muses on the possibility of the Jays moving their Triple-A club into Buffalo this winter (Yes, please!), and he tells us how some Jays players spent the All-Star break, clearing their heads in preparation for the second half. tells us of how Asher Wojciechowski is kinda finally killing it at High-A Dunedin in his second go-round in the Florida State League.

Jim Callis of Baseball America tweets that the Jays went way over slot to sign 15th round pick Ryan Borucki, whose bonus comes in at a cool $426K.

Dirk Hayhurst likes that the Jays have shown that they’re definitely not rebuilding, even though he’d have been “the first to tell you if all this talk about the organization’s prospects and upside was a bunch of BS.” At that point I stopped reading.

Gregor Chisholm of says that the Jays are likely to be buyers this month– y’know, just in case the Encarnacion deal didn’t make perfectly clear that there would be no full-on sell mode here.

Mop Up Duty passes over WAR-based analysis and looks at Edwin Encarnacion’s plate discipline, coverage, and power in praising his deal for the Jays.

Lastly, it’s part two of the super fantastic best GIFs of the first half, by way of Getting Blanked.

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  1. I heard Jeff Blair say that he wouldnt trade Hechavarria for Upton, it sounded like he meant 1 for 1…. sometimes I wonder about Blair, for the most part he knows his stuff but every now and then he drops some thoughts on us that make me raise an eyebrow.

    • i am going thru 2 days of no sports withdrawal. fuck man it was good to see EE get signed but i need some trade action. 2 pitchers and upton. snyder gone in the trades so i never have to hear about him again ever. at least the game comes on in an hour. i am going to stop listening to PTS before i claw out my eyes and ears. bob mcgowan is as irritating as buck and has he lasted this long in this business. most toronto sports fans have to be fucked up to feed this shit. we need some major improvement in the sideshows pronto.come on AA feed the nation now!!!!!

      • lol. funny you mention PTS because their Jays talk was driving me nuts with how little any of them know about the jays prospects, contract status, everything. I had to turn it off.

  2. as for the comment about KJ, do you think he’s worth 12M in arb? I dont, but there also isn’t anyone else availible who i’d expect to be better than him.. Jeff Keppinger? eek. I’d have to give some more thought to moving Yunel to 2B and bringing up Hech

    • Word from the organization seems to be that Hech would play second for at least a year, in deference to the veteran. I have no giant issue with that (a little issue, perhaps). And I’d still trade Hechavarria in a second if that’s what teams really covet.

      Johnson could possibly re-open the $12M conversation based on his play in the second half, but it sure seems doubtful, the way he’s looked over the last six weeks. That said, he’s coming out of his June funk, I think– which is what I was talking about in the post.

      wRC+ by month:

      Apr 110
      May 125
      June 62
      July 109

      I’d wonder if maybe the June number was just a dip related to the lingering hamstring problem, except that Johnson has been all over the map for his career. Still, if he finishes up with five of six months around 110 wRC+ or more, I’m interested in keeping him around, for sure.

      • I think you could see the hammy bothering him in the field and at the plate for at least the first half of June.

      • I found a comment someone made around here yesterday interesting surrounding Hech and Yunel at 2B and SS respectively.

        To paraphrase, the point s/he made was that Lawrie’s range is so good a 3B that having a SS that also has incredible range (supposedly Hech) might “overlap” some talents (If I’m misstating what the person was saying, could that person please correct me?). Continuing from that line of thought, placing Hech at 2B and shifting Yunel (slightly) more towards the middle might be a more economical use of resources. Maybe?

        • Lawrie’s over the top intensity may help him cover more of the field but it hasn’t helped him to throw with a greater degree of accuracy than Escobar. And this notion of “overlapping” talent being some sort of issue is an impossibility.

        • I made that point months ago Alli, but I didnt say it again yesterday. and I think it makes a lot of sense because we’ve all seen Lawrie grab grounders this year that yunel would have had a very good chance at making the play on.

      • AA has to resign kj.the guy can turn a double play and for that position his bat is OK. ive said since spring that EE and kj need to be signed. one part is done.and kj has slipped since the hammy injury only.

  3. When the hell do I get called up? Also, were the fuck is the pitching help? Realy thought there woulda a been some roster movement during the break.

    • Maybe not until the end of the month, Travis. Unless Davis is moved before then. You might want to try hitting more than just four singles in six games, too, eh?

      As for pitching help, um… did you see anybody else get any pitching help yet? You’d probably have to explode the market to get a deal done, and that obviously isn’t smart. So… simmer down.

      • Ya shut the hell up Snider, and shave that moustache. I’m off to do some more bicep curls

      • 8 walks and 4 Ks over that same span though… That’s encouraging IMO…

      • So what you are saying is that essentially, a team must wait until closer to the trade deadline or risk being ‘the first one in the water’ and overpaying? Makes sense, but doesnt that apply only to short term help? A re the jays legitamatley looking at a Grienke, or are they going to trade for a younger guy with up side from the National league that I never heard of?

        • It’s not that the first team to pull the trigger is the one that overpays, but rather they are the one who sets the market for future deals. it could go either way.

    • i hope you are traded so i never hear about you again. too many posts about your callup have turned me sour.not your fault, you should have been here from spring training

  4. I haven’t read his blog article but I’ve listened in to Hayhurst’s new show on the FAN and in and he’s actually pretty good. Today he dropped an interesting gem about how Cito and Arnsburg rarely spoke and didn’t like eachother, which I wasn’t previously aware of. The issue is that Cosentino drags him down quite a bit. For example, today he brought up EE’s contract in terms of how much WAR value is needed for it to work, which is pretty great to hear being discussed. Only then we found out that Cosentino spells “war” with an O, continually calling it Wins ‘Over’ Replacement after Dirk brought it up. Dirk then used a big word in a sentence and Cosentino admitted to not really knowing what it meant (at least he’s self-aware) and had Dirk define it for him. Those are just little things but I find the biggest issue with the show is kind of similar to what Buck and Tabby have going on. I find that more than a few times Dirk made some comments only to have Cosentino repeat the same point only in far more words than necessary and often without and periods in his sentences. Maybe it’s a bit too critical of Cosentino given he’s been doing this for only 2 weeks, but I think the Fan missed when they picked him to work with Hayhurst.

    • Hayhurst has been surprisingly great. His problem is he defers to Cosentino too much. As he gets more comfortable hopefully he steals the mic a bit more. It’s nice to have a viewpoint from somebody that embraces advanced metrics who also spent time in a big league clubhouse. A poor mans Brandon McCarthy if you will.

    • Very good review of the show Jim, I noticed the same things today. You have Hayhurst who is quite an intelligent observer of MLB, coupled with the fact that he’s a former player – it’s quite rare to find I would guess and I really like his insight.

      However, Cosentino – while he seems like a good dude, he clearly isn’t familiar with proper statistical metrics used to analyse baseball, and ontop of that his mic skills as a broadcaster leave much to be desired, I find it particularly amusing in a cynical way when the show kicks off and he reads the entire show’s rundown of guests and segments, including the segment of the show where he plans on introducing his co-host, Dirk Hayhurst. lol. It actually sort of reminds me of Ron Burgandy reading whatever you put infront of him on a teleprompter.

  5. More & more Blair seems to be losing it. Yesterday he was raving over the notion of acquiring Upton if the deal started with Hech. His argument seems to be: ‘They need pitching!’…which of course they do – but long term, to be a playoff worthy team, they kinda need a lot of things as well as upgrades to the pitching.

    • We laughed at people pretty good around here who were all like, screw Justin Upton! We want Wandy Rodriguez!

      Y’know, as we should have. Blair’s off his rocker if he thinks they shouldn’t go for Upton, should be so careful of Hechavarria, and should only focus on pitching, and ignore other possible fantastic upgrades to the club.

      • Another HUGE point Blair is missing…..IF you can trade for upton….Im quite sure you could use him as quite an asset to acquire pitching in the future….

        This is like someone saying..

        “I need 500 dollars in ten dollar bills”


        “well, i dont have ten dollar bills..but you can have this 1000 dollar bill”

        “umm.. i dont NEED 1000 dollars..I NEED 500 dollars in 10′s!!”


        “Umm…you could exchange the 1000 for twice as many 10′s at the bank”

      • Blair said word for word today that he would not trade Hech for Upton. I believe he meant a one for one deal as there was no implication or mention of a package involving Hech, just Hech. I nearly fell off my chair.

      • If we’re trading with Arizona, can we also get Goldshmidt and Cahil?

      • Somebody is off their rocker alright Stoet! If I understand you correctly:
        - the Jays may re-sign KJ foras much as $12M even though they could barely stomic the $6 he got this year, (I don’t think so and KJ may not want to stay here anyway.
        -why would the organiztion play Hetch at SS for almost all of the season, and insist he isn’t going too play 2nd with the big club, and then play him there for 1 year…then what? move him to short?
        - I’m sure you’ve notice Mr. Uptons offensive performance has slid this season, and he’s got one big-ass contract.
        I think the laughter you and your bright collegues are sharing are producing tears that make you unable to see the facts.
        Well at least you understand we have a potential resource problem at 2nd in 2013, good for you

        • This type of thinking drives me nuts. Justin Upton, at 23 is having a drop in numbers therefore he is what he is right now. there are no mitigating factors, he is what he is right now and always will be. WHy do people not just fuck right off?

          • He’s 25 in a couple of weeks. Gordy, if we all saw the world the same then we wouldn’t have DJF. So, nobody is saying Upton will always be a .270 hitter. The priority for me is the middle infield, you know, strength up the middle stuff. A lot of people subscribe to this. Investing large in the LF position in general, and Upton specifically are not going to take us to the promised land. My vote is to invest at second. Sorry for driving you nuts, now go have a good laugh.

        • 1. They dont want to pay KJ 12M, theres no question. but there are no other good options availible, the most reasonable one would be to go with Hech and Escobar and spend that money on pitching, but I doubt they like that idea either.

          2. Hech has played 2nd base in his career, infact it was his main position before the Jays signed him. as he revealed in a recent interview.

          3. Upton’s contract isn’t huge, but it is a slight overpay if he only produces a 750-800 OPS as he is right now, but if he performs as he did the majority of his career to date (850-900 OPS) then he’s actually outperforming his deal, he’s only owed 12M AAV over the next 3 years, that is hardly an albatross for the 4th best player in the NL last year.

          • What a pleasure reading a well written post, no elitist ball-busting hyperbely, no profane retorts, makes you want to understand the other persons point. I agree point 1 and very persuasive on point 3. If Hetch can play second great, but why is management playinf him at SS? I doesn’t make sense. Something has to give.

  6. Cosentino is an unfunny Andy Richter.

    • Andy Richter is kind of an unfunny Andy Richter though. (Exception: sandwich-kicking appearance in Arrested Development)

  7. I’d agree that Blair’s made an odd transition from beat guy to pundit…He seems to know the ins and outs but sometimes his perceptions seem to be straight out of 1993. But Escobar’s been pretty fugly at the plate this year, and I wouldn’t call him out for that throwaway line.

    • Perhaps, but you definitely have to call him out for turning down an MVP candidate 23 year old OF in Justin Upton for a SS who has not proven he can even be an everyday player at this level.

  8. Don’t be a dick, dude. E5 is an insult and you know it. Who cares if no one cares? Still a dick move.

  9. All the talk about Hech is insane…

    Yunel is really good shortstop.. Lets be happy we have him.. I was really tired of going into every season signing/using the Alex Gonzlalez, Royce Clayton, David Eckstein, Chris Woodward, Russ Adams types… Lets be happy we have a legitimate above average shortstop…

    I will admit I fell into the trap of looking at Arencibias Vegas numbers and thinking he would be a star… To spite smart people predicting his line would be somewhere around 220/270/450… Those same people are predicting Hechevarrias line will be about the same, without the slug… Thats just simply not sufficient for the major league level..

    • fact of the matter is, we have no idea what he will hit in the majors. there is not some strict conversion factor from vegas to MLB numbers….it really is more complicated than that based on the type of hitter you are.

      from what EVERYONE that has actually seen the guy have said, he has made real strides at the plate and wont necessarily be this huge suck void in the lineup.

      and escobar is not doing so getting older..has a body type at short that will not age well..


        Though, feel free to argue its accuracy…

      • You’re right.. Players aren’t mathematical functions….

        But based on the numbers, if I were to predict Hech’s major league line it would be in the ballpark of 220/260/300… I see a ton of singles, which don’t get through in the bigs and not a lot of power…

        But as Stoeten has pointed out multiple times, hes a below average hitter on that Vegas team… And the majority of those players arent major league hitters…

        • The line that calculator spat out for Hech is:


          That doesn’t really seem that far off from what I would expect him to put up at this point in his career…

          • I don’t think Hechavarria is anywhere close to being ready to post a .300 OBP at the big league level. To put that into perspective, Yunel’s OBP is .299 right now and Rollins’ is .310.

            At the 51s game I attended Hechavarria showed very little plate discipline, I think he watched 2 balls go by in 5 ABs. Now, it could be that he was only being thrown strikes, but when I see him get basically 3 infield singles (with questionable scoring decisions) in the one game I’m at it really makes me question his seasonal line in the PCL. That Vegas field is perfect for a fast, groundball hitter in terms of stat inflation.

            If the right trade is out there the Jays shouldn’t hesitate to move Hechavarria with Yunel under contract through 2015.

          • Yunel has a career OBP of 358..

            Thats pretty good… And I think most the metrics show is an above average defensive shortstop…

            I know that the prospect lists are subject to groupthink and aren’t the “be all end all” point for an argument.. But Hechavarria didn’t even make the Jays BA top 10 prospect list going into this season.. He hasn’t been a top 100 prospect.. And were talking about him being a suitable replacement for a shortstop who fangraphs had ranked as a top five shortstop going into the year… I find it absurd…

            I just think the Hech hype is a bit much.. And a lot of the Jays lip service about him may have more to do with trade value, similar to the PR campaign they did about Nestor Molina prior to trading him…

      • a more accurate statement would be “we dont know exactly how hech will hit in the majors”. We have a pretty good idea based on his past performances that he will not be a plus bat, thats the greatest likelihood, unfortunate as it may be.

      • NorthYorkJays – Yunel and Rollins have nothing to do with Hech’s performance.

        Hech could very well have a 300 OBP in the MLB, its a moderately below average number and i think thats probably what he is right now.

      • Wait a sec dude, why are you speaking in hypotheticals when you are the only one who can get these as concrete answers.

  10. I’m surprised the Jays didn’t extend E5 last year. Any idea why not. Seems like they saw something in his mechanics they liked, and felt he could continue his production. Why not do the extension last year as one of their trademark “buy low on a guy with upside” type of deal.

    • While he had three good months, it probably wasn’t enough for them. Waiting also allowed them more flexibility in determining what direction they needed to put their resources.

  11. Hech, Snider, Draebeck, for Felix.

  12. Its worth checking out the interview AA did with McCown last night. He was more forthcoming than usual and provided some interesting nuggets on potential trades.

    • this most interesting thing about that interview was how he said he had no problem with Bautista’s comments in regards to trading for pitching, but then he said he didnt want EE to tell anyone about contract negotiations because he didnt want a media circus to ensue. Well, which one is it? seems to me they’re basically the same result… AA is a sly one.

  13. I’m at the fan festival outside the dome. Beeston’s here crushing Budweisers. I assume AA is busy working the phones.

  14. So Travis D’arnauld done for the year.

  15. ahhhh man i wish i was able to go to a jays game anywhere in north america. maybe someday. and another thing…… i dont care if the jays win a world series, i want them to at least make me believe that they could with a post season that asking for too much?

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