Jose Bautista left tonight’s game against the Yankees in the middle of an at-bat, after hitting a long foul ball in the eighth inning, then falling to the ground, clutching his wrist.

As if that isn’t the worst thing in the world.

On the Yankees’ YES broadcast, ex-Yank Paul O’Neill immediately started speculating that it looked like a broken hamate bone– an injury that is common among baseball players, often happens on a swing with no contact between the player and the baseball, and causes a lot of pain and a loss of strength in the wrist, as a hook-like bone breaks off, needing to be surgically removed, rather than allowed to heal. (Update below– it’s not.)

“I’m just guessing here, but I’ve seen a lot of hitters, and you didn’t see anything other than that,” he says, after giving background on the injury and explaining that he’d seen Matt Nokes go down with one sometime during the last millennium.

Obviously he’s not a doctor, but he described rather accurately the scene we witnessed, as Bautista ended up having his palm and upper wrist handled by trainer George Poulis, before heading into the dugout for further treatment.

If– and it’s still a giant if– that’s the injury, here’s how it was reported earlier in the summer by Brittany Ghiroli of when Nick Markakis suffered one…

A broken hamate bone is a fairly common baseball injury, and X-rays typically don’t pick it up — which explains why Markakis’ X-rays on Wednesday were negative. He was examined in Sarasota by specialist Dr. John Hand on Thursday afternoon. The procedure is brief and typically under 20 minutes with an estimated recovery timetable of from 2-4 weeks. It’s relatively good news for the Orioles, who were fearful Markakis — their most durable player — would be out for the rest of the season.

“If you had told me that was what it was going to be, I would have signed up for it in blood,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter said Thursday afternoon. “It’s not that bad.”

The Jays’ official Twitter has confirmed only that it’s a left wrist injury.

On the Jays broadcast, Pat Tabler and Buck Martinez spoke about Bautista’s play at the plate in the sixth inning, in which Bautista “appeared to wince” after getting up from sliding home as the tying run.

Obviously we have no idea at this point, and it’s plainly ridiculous to move forward acting as if any of this speculation has even the slightest relationship to the truth, but… that’s what happened, and that’s what a bunch of ex-ballplayers said about it before the Jays confirmed what we all saw with our own eyes: that Bautista injured his left wrist.

We’ll keep you updated as actual information becomes available…

Update: The Jays official twitter goes against the diagnosis of Dr. O’Neill, though… I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good thing…

Update the second: According to Wilner, it doesn’t appear it will be Travis Snider getting the call…


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  2. God fucking hell damn. SHIT.

    Well at least this will make the “do we have a shot to contend this year?” easier than it already was if he’s out for any extended period of time.

  3. C’MON!!!!

  4. Totally expecting Thames, not Snider, to be called up.

    • Thames doesn’t have the arm for right.

      but fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • well then we know they are playing for a higher draft pick and PS: Buck Martinez is quiet possibly the worst/dumbest announcer. Its tough to watch a game when you feel like you know more than the guy calling it. And pat well he can stick to his stupid cliches.

      • They are pretty gross both individually and as a team, yeah (Buck and Pat, I mean). I liked it when Buck said, “We don’t usually give hitting coaches enough credit…” If anything, I think they usually give them too much.

      • Agreed. There are so many times during the course of a game that I get to correct something they just said, and that’s just stuff I remember, let alone all the access to stats and names and other records that they have. Sportset needs to fire both of those clowns, bring Ashby and Hayhurst onto the TV side and hell, why not – throw Wilner into the radio booth with Howarth (or Sam Cosentino maybe). And get rid of Zaun – I have to admit, I was excited when he was first hired but he’s proven himself an ignorant blow-hard thus far. How about Carlos Delgado or Jose Cruz for some in-game analysis?

        Either way, we’ve got to have someone better than Buck and Pat.

    • Thames doesn’t even have an arm for LF!

  5. breaking: My soul





  8. It sucks massively, but it shouldn’t change too much in terms of the deadline. You still go after Upton. And maybe, on the plus, you don’t sell the farm for a shitty pitcher or over pay for Garza, who is decent but isn’t anything more than that. Sell prospects for someone like King Felix or someone who will help pitch next year for sure.

    • It would get fans and the media off AA’s back, at least.

      But at this point, we have no idea what the extent of the injury is. We thought Dan Bard shattered EE’s wrist into a thousand pieces in an injury that looked far worse than this, and EE was back in the lineup within 5 days.


  10. the hook of the hamate bone is a bone that can be fractured from a strong swing…very rare, but they happen. Lots of little carpal bones, lots of ligaments to sprain/tweak. Can cause some significant long term problems….

    but, it may just be nothing. so, there’s that.

  11. So I’ve been wanting Travis Snider would be called up for months, but yeah, not exactly at this cost. Shitty.

  12. My crack sports injury education would say that injury to one of the small bones in the wrist… Stoeten mentioned a hamate bone on twitter – those can be broken by compression on wrist adduction (which Bautista did there).

  13. Quick lets trade Joey to the Chisox before Kenny Williams finds out

  14. Fuck.

    Mind you, that having been said, it’s a godsend to AA and I’m not being sarcastic. The team isn’t quite there yet and this will take the pressure off. The pitchers have been decimated, Bautista won’t be back all that shortly. I doubt we make the 2nd WC without him and with the mess that is the rotation. This will let AA stand back and take a long look at the market. We should not be selling because we’re not rebuilding. But here’s where we acquire this year’s version of Escobar and Colby Rasmus. Counter-intuitively, I think this might be a good thing

    Also, AA can now make a case to the front office that more money needs to be spent so that the team isn’t 2 injuries away from losing the season. We need depth and we need pitching and we need them for next season. When I think we will compete.

    • Of all the things that may influence AA’s job, I doubt fan/media pressure is near the top of the list

      • I wasn’t referring to fan/media pressure. However he has the pressure of trying to put together a winning team because that is probably what the front office wants from him. Got it now?

    • Possibly. Unless, of course, this ruins Bautista’s career.

    • That’s a good point. AA now has a reason to avoid making a short term move to help the team.

      I do hope that AA does another Colby Rasmus -Escobar type trade.

      However , the lesson for 2013 is the team needs depth. The new wildcard is very important.

      Prior to tonight the Jays could have been competitive into August.

  15. If I remember correctly, these injuries are more common with hitters who hold the end of the bat in their palm, i.e. with their pinky around the knob of the bat.

    Cespedes missed time with a bruised hand, and they changed his grip so he no longer holds the knob in his palm. There’s other examples out there, but he’s the first that came to mind.

    Domonic Brown broke his hammate last year, but not sure if he had this particular grip on the bat.

  16. General reaction of the collective fan base:

  17. Ask Eric Hinske and Lyle Overbay about their hamate bone injuries…..ugh.

  18. Well, there goes the season.

    • The season was over before it began, with the rotation we had.

      The real question is whether Jose comes back in 2013, and if he does, whether he’ll be in any way recognizable as Jose Bautista. Wrist injuries are career-enders. And it’s not even a pitching-type injury where you just blow out your shoulder a la McGowan and never pitch again. It’s worse, because you do come back, but you become Vernon Wells ca. 2009-present, or Lyle Overbay ca. 2007-present, and drag your team down.

      This was why a lot of people wanted to trade JB—as good as he is, lots of risk to have that much value tied up in one guy, particularly when the team is a long way from contending. Unfortunately, it looks like bad luck has bitten the Jays in the ass yet again.

      • ^This. 1000x this. Do not be surprised if this is a career-ender. May be out the entire season and come back as a fucking scrub.

        • Career Ending?? Relax Doogie Howser….I am sure he will be fine in a few days..

        • Cristo, idiot Ginger Campbell guy says literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen written on here (note: good riddance), and then you agreed with it 1000x? Jesus fucking christ.

        • Chicken Little motherf**kers!!
          Thanks for the prognosis, doctors. But let’s not cash in our chips just yet. Idiots.

      • Yeah, let’s trade our $100 bill for 4 $20 bills. Always better to not have a $100 bill in your pocket, just in case you get mugged.

        Maybe the Angels should trade Trout in case he blows out his ACL or the Pirates should trade McCutchen in case he gets Morneau’d into a concussion sliding into second. Get real, dude. There’s a risk any player could suffer a freak injury that could greatly impact their abilities.

      • You’re “the worst”, Ginger.

      • wow way be be glass half full. you must be a thrill to hang out with!

      • Literally EVERY SINGLE POST you make is dumber than the one before it, pretty soon itll just be (tard ramblings) uhhhhh huhhhhh mammma uhhhhhhh boooo jayeees uhhhh

        Shut the fuck up

        • In regard to Ginger’s posts

        • Yea, I’m the idiot. the one who wanted to get a quality starter or two before the season started. The one that said the team was nothing better than a 0.500 team when most here were spewing 90 win plus.

          Get off your delusional high horses. When reality hits you, your only come back is insults. Classy and idiotic to the end.

          Anyone disagreeing with you can’t be right can they? Yhe team is SOOO much better than last year’s record, right?

    • lol yah because the fact that the teams not that good AND 80% of our starting rotation went down with long term injuries has nothing to do with it.

    • Should read There “Gose” the season!

  19. ….And every Jays fan shed a tear.

  20. Dr. John Hand. Really.

  21. We don’t know how he’ll come back. No point in speculating. Bautista strikes me as a more intelligent hitter than Hinske and a fast bat than Wells. He may come back. He may not. Pointless to speculate.

    But this has been a horrendous season for injuries. Maybe the worst I can remember.

  22. what we do know is the curse of the HR Derby strikes again

  23. Fuck me, this is the exact same as last year when he rolled his ankle in that series against the Yankees right after the allstar break

  24. Jose Bautista surgery will be the wrist-equivalent of Tommy John surgery.

    It’s all over!

  25. Tendon injury. MRI forthcoming.

    Crack sports injury education isn’t all its cracked up to be.

  26. no break, issue with tendon – MRI tomorrow
    -campbell on sportsnet

  27. apparently i heard from sportsnet connected that jose DID NOT BREAK ANYTHING just a tendon issue he will have an MRI tommrow

  28. Snake Bitten!!! If everything evens out in the end – there won’t be a single injury for the Blue Jays next year… World Series 2013!!!!! (If the injury bug don’t get us)

  29. How severe is a tendon injury vs a broken bone?

    • Both can be just as bad for a hitter from what I know. Damaged tendons can sap the strength there and hurt his bat speed which is where he gets a lot of his power from. The problem with the tendon’s is that the issue can linger. Generally any kind of hand or wrist injury is bad for a hitter. Basically it’s the equivalent of an elbow or shoulder injury for a pitcher.

  30. Gose just got pulled from the 51′s game. Looks like we’re going to see him in the Majors.

  31. hopefully the tendon is not torn… if it is he is gone for the season but there is a very good chance he comes back fully healthy next year. If it is a mild strain then a few weeks if not days

  32. Anthony Gose came out of the L.V. game at the top of the second… Is he heading for the airport?

  33. Kind of surprised it wasn’t Snider getting pulled from the game if in fact Gose is on his way. At least the Jays are being cautious with Bautista’s injury if they are planning on putting him on the DL right away. Maybe they won’t and just want Gose on hand for the game just in case but I’d hate to see Jose rush back and do himself further harm.

  34. Gose struck out in his one at bat tonight and Snider just singled. AA clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    • Really, he doesnt? Cause we’ve only had 2 years to watch Snider swing at everything thrown his way. At best he is a Rajai Davis who cant steal, and an Eric Thames who doesnt work as hard, both of which are GREAT backups. We need to get real with all this Snider praising and face it, he’s just not as good as almost everyone thinks he is. Honestly, is he putting up career numbers in AAA??? (In TRIPLE A mind you, not even the Bigs) Dont mistake this for hating, but I mean, come on…

  35. Shut Bautista down. AA has to be pumped. Now the pressure is completely off him to make any moves whatsoever and he can go to bed dreaming of his dominant 9 starter rotation that’s coming in 3 – 10 years. Maybe he can spend the time until the trade deadline putting Lind and CoCo into value reestablishing positions in hopes that a contender needs them!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!


  36. According to the popular social media website “Twitter” Wilner said on Jaystalk that there was “zero chance” Gose would be coming up.

  37. Gose was clocked at 99 in high school, wasn’t he? He’s obviously coming up to replace Sam Dyson in the pen.

  38. Gose might not be such a bad thing if he doesn’t suck.

  39. Travis Snider is the Nazem Kadri of Toronto baseball.

    • No.

    • More like the Luke Schenn…

      Amazing prospect rushed into the professional level with massive expectations just to have his development fucked up and thus leaving him a whipping boy for the fans and media.

  40. this is what happens when you compete in bull shit home run derbys, swinging as hard as you can for excessive lengths of time.

  41. Gose getting the call to the show? Have they completely given up on Snider and/or have no faith in someone like Moises Sierra to fill, because that’s the reasoning I’m thinking if they’re calling up a CF to fill in RF. Then again, maybe they just want the best damn arm they can put in right field to fill the defensive void if Bautista’s hurting bad.

  42. So there you go, sources are saying Gose is on precautionary if Bautista needs to on the DL. That makes sense. At least they’ll have someone. Still no guarantee Gose gets in if Bautista just needs a few days.

  43. Does the ‘D’ in DJF stand for doctors? Seems to be a lot of comments from doctors on this blog. #doctors

  44. We could be showcasing Gose for a trade.

  45. Not that the difference between Bautista and whoever his replacement is would be very noticeable over a short day-to-day spell, I actually agree with some of you that this might be a good thing for the club. If it contributes to them taking 1 or 2 of 6 on this road swing, it’d give AA a great reason to just focus on making this team better in the long term rather than perhaps having to entertain the idea of short-term rentals (which I highly doubt and highly hope that AA would ever do in first place, but I don’t sit in his office, so who knows).

  46. This just in, breaking news: upon news of Gose getting promoted to the big leagues, Travis Snider broke his hand on a locker and is on the DL

  47. Why call up Gose? So fucking stupid.

  48. Holy shit, this guy is amazing. You have to watch this video. mike marshall genius

  49. Of course, Gose could also be secretly injured.

  50. Is it possible calling up Gose could be part of a trade showcase?
    And I get suspicions that AA is not calling on Snide due to him being Ricciardi’s pick.

    • “…I get suspicions that AA is not calling on Snide due to him being Ricciardi’s pick.”

      I nominate this for the most ridiculous statement of the night. It was a close call between this and GingerCampbell’s horse shit.

  51. Im VERY surprised theyre calling up gose and not snider. I hope gose wont get exposed too much and they can still flip him at the deadline. He definitely cant be worse than rajai davis though. I dont think the bauts injury changes AA’s trade deadline strategy much. Only thing is now AA very likely wont go for short term pieces. However, the uptons of the world are still very much in play.

  52. Gose? For serious? FFS!


  54. personal theory: team doesn’t think Gose is ready, but he’s acting like he is. he gets ‘rewarded’ with a callup for how he’s done so far, does a mediocre job, and then he’ll know he still has work to do. if he comes up and kicks ass, hey, that works too.

    • This actually makes a lot of sense. Give him a taste of the show and let him see what he still needs to work on. The team loses on offence but that’s going to happen no matter who you bring up and IIRC his defence is major league ready.

  55. Travis Snider is gonna comfort himself with a BBQ fitting for 5 men.

    Serious though, feel for the guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if his time in Toronto is nearing an end, which is a shame. He’s one of my favorite players

  56. would you trade aaron hill straight up for kelly johnson now?

  57. So let’s see in 3 offseaons alex has brought in the following core players who are currently producing at a high level

    starting pitchers: 1 morrow
    relievers: 0
    hitters: 1/2 rasmus

    not a good track record. Could it be that the callups of dyson and gose are a trend to start showcasing his players?

  58. More of a reason to pull the trigger on a move for a bat!! The jays are what? 2 games out of a wild card? And we’re staying in it with most of our rotation injured and now our only All-Star…. Crazy, but shit happens… Stay tuned…. More injuries to come, it’s just been that type of year for the jays :(

  59. I have a question??? Why the hell won’t the jays call up Snider? I know we have tons of talent that can fill many spots but seriously?

    • I would of liked to have seen Snider too, but currently Gose is the better player right now.

  60. Best case scenario: let’s say Gose comes up, and hits .250ish, plays the defense he’s capable of, and steals a bunch of bases without Rajai’s usual baserunning braincramps. He doesn’t replace Bautista’s power (realistically, who does?), but his hitting isn’t awful, and his D and base skills are an upgrade.

    Obviously, this is a shitty situation, but Gose has earned his way up here, so let’s enjoy the game, and hope that C.C. has an off night.

  61. The worst part about this injury is that it probably means Lind will hit 3rd or 4th. The last time he was good he was hitting 3rd, so who the fuck knows…

  62. La faltima de las cuatro esta en esrekua eh? osea que menos cof1as f2.o (xDDD, si, la verdad es que si te pones a pensar lo que pensara alguien que no sabe esrekua, que9 significare1 es un tanto gracioso xDDDDD)

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