Oh, Hendo.

Keep the damn ball in the yard. I know it’s a joke stadium, but… seriously.

I dunno… I got nothin’ but crossed fingers tonight.


Parkes puts on his tinfoil hat at Getting Blanked and does a fantastic job of breaking down the Sergio Santos situation, which there appears to be more to than the Jays are willing to admit– even if it most certainly doesn’t appear to be the case of a diabolical Kenny Williams trading away damaged goods.

Drew had some terrific analysis of the Jays shifty ways earlier, which was buried a little quicker than I’d hoped by additional content. Be sure not to miss it.

And in case you missed it, too, be sure to check out my series preview talk with Ted Berg of SNY.tv, which you’ll find at the bottom of today’s podcast post.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
R. Davis LF
J. Arencibia C

H. Alvarez RHP

New York Yankees

D. Jeter SS
C. Granderson CF
A. Rodriguez DH
R. Cano 2B
M. Teixeira 1B
N. Swisher RF
R. Ibanez LF
E. Chavez 3B
R. Martin C

P. Hughes RHP


Image via Tom Szczerbowski/Getty.

Comments (357)

  1. Does this mean Snider gets called up?

  2. USA!

  3. Well, the bright side is now AA doesnt have to make any stupid moves to try and react to Bautista’s unwieldy public comments to “go for it”

  4. I would like those U-S-A chants following our star player’s injury to die a painful, fiery death.

  5. Notice if you will, the LACK of the organist playing “Na na na, Hey, hey, goodbye…” as opposed to the LOW CLASS SLIMEBAG in Chicago when Pena went down.

    • In defence of the chicago organist, I was at that game and didn’t know he was injured. It just looked like a pitching change.

  6. UCL injury. Tommy John, right?

  7. can i be the first to blame the hr derby?

  8. Ball players are pansies,jose seemed like he got shot!

  9. So in that case, whose at bat was that, Bautistas or Franciscos?

  10. Would someone be so kind as to tell the folks without a teevee what the shit just happened? Thank you in advance.

  11. Let’s quickly blame this on the home run derby so that we can be the fanbase that leads the revolt against the stupid fuckshow

  12. Somebody tell me WTF happened with Bautista???

  13. Looks like Bautistas injured and we bring up thames. What a thame…..

  14. I’m liking this Loup guy , I thinkm Didnt see him the other day.

  15. I’m stretching…

  16. LOUP for prime minister!

  17. Don’t worry. Adam Lind is back. And he has Wonderbat.

  18. Hey Travis. We’re calling you up to replace Jose bautista. No pressure though.

  19. 8th inning is my time, coco time.

  20. I want Coco.

  21. SNOOP-A-LOUP!!

  22. Holy fuck Arencibia, way to help your rookie pitcher out you fuck

  23. Bring in coco we need a higher draft pick.

  24. Fuck JP

  25. what the fuck is this loup kid doing in my spot?

    • coco should drive to the mound from the pen in his rolls royce phantom.

      that’d be boss

  26. JPA has been looking ok lately…but that was a brain fart.

  27. Well it’s turned into a clusterfuck.

  28. nice arm kj

  29. JPA and Johnson doing their best to help the ump give this game to the Yankees…

  30. Wow Johnson, WOW. FUCKING WOW!

  31. Oh, Kelly. *facepalm*

  32. SPAZ!!!

  33. The strategy tis to stay out of the strike zone for the first two pitches because the Yankess are famous for swinging at balls early in the count. Then get to 3 balls and see how the Yankees hit when you’re behind in the count.

  34. OK I’m gonna grab a little nap while Frasor pitches, can someone wake me up in 2 hours?

  35. End of the game coming up here.

  36. If Bautista’s injured, who wants to bet Adam Lind will be batting 3rd by next week?

    Any takers?

  37. another 1 run loss, I can’t take this anymore. I’m not watching.

  38. Kelly makes that play 4 times out of 5. He rushed it at precisely the WRONG time.

  39. Jason follows the strategy.

  40. Bautista: left wrist injury, details to follow (fan590)

    Hopefully its like the injury EE had earlier and is back after a week or 2.

  41. Fraser was talking about playing important ballgames.Well time to put up,or shut the hell up.

  42. Bruce Walton just sits there with his hand on that phone the entire night.

  43. even the yankee batters think this guy takes forever.

  44. Coco warming up BABAY!

  45. COCO warming lol were fucked!

  46. fuck frasor hits a guy whose 1/15

  47. The home plate ump’s called strike signal is killing me.

  48. if you need me I’m warmed up now

  49. yeah baby bases loaded. these are the times that I thrive on.

  50. I’m getting sick of Aaron cibia.

  51. i love how he is slower than the yankee batters!

  52. FucK this at bat has lasted three hours

  53. Just keep throwing high fastballs Jay, its working wonders

  54. Shut these fucks up!

  55. That was a sexy pitch… I was half convinced that dickface behind the plate was going to call it a ball…

  56. frasor looks tired. I think a pitching change is needed.

  57. The wiley veteran!!

  58. Pat and Buck need to go

  59. Well done, now get the geriatric and lets move on

  60. Wtf pitch to that fuck

  61. Time for a long fly ball out

  62. Human rain delay at it again.

    Batter steps out, Fraser stays on. Batter steps back in, Fraser steps off.

    What the fuck, is he a pussy or something?

  63. Well, at least that might have almost been a home run in a bigboy ballpark…

  64. Fuck off Frasor

  65. Jason Frasor


  66. Fuck, its CoCo time

  67. Wow… Ibanez? Really?


  68. Frasor is a bum

  69. OK Billy the act is getting a little tired….

  70. Itsssssss ovvvvvvvvvver!!!!!


  72. Now it’s Coco Time.

  73. told you so. that’s what you get for disprecting me. 8th inning was my time, coco time

  74. Fuck,Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yooouuuuuu frasor!!!!!

  75. A grand slam? Seriously? FFS

  76. USA! USA!

  77. how many fucking grand slams has frasor given up for fucks sakes

  78. Time to go eat all the cinnamon rolls I bought yesterday, which I was planning on eating for breakfast with my coffee the rest of the week,

  79. should have went with coco.

  80. Please AA,sell sell sell!!!!!!

  81. Someone piss on frasor

  82. how come nothing ever changes? why am i forced to watch this bullshit every fucking time we play this team. why do the losses have to be so fucking humiliating?

    billy crystal?? fuck off. Go have another milkshake you pudgy little fucker. Nodding like its something special….go fuck yourself. must be real hard cheering for this team, goddamn over privileged fucking fans. FUCK, FUCK. There is no fucking justice in the world of baseball.


    • Yeah no shit. Get that fucking city slicking retard off my screen. This is the fucking Jays’ feed, stop ballwashing these idiots.

  83. Don’t worry jays fans. I will keep the game close. You can count on me, coco man

  84. Cordero saying a quick prayer that he doesn’t get absolutely shellacked

  85. I’m actually kinda pissed that Loup is going to get the loss there… He pitched well enough to get out of that inning if JPA/Johnson weren’t bad…

  86. YES!!!

  87. Coco time! Moments that make life worth living.

  88. Cecil vs sabathia tomorrow will be almost unwatchable.. I fear this road trip will be a very poor one

  89. Oh man, I thought that was gone…

    Would have been fucking hysterical…

  90. Coco haha

  91. Where the fuck was oliver in all this

  92. Nothing like a ball hit 395 feet for an out, welcome back coco, its been far too long

  93. A losing streak is the best thing,time to shed all the dead weight.

  94. you’re telling me that oliver couldn’t have come in to get 1 out? What pisses me off about farrell is that you knew you’d need a lefty facing the yankees yet farrell uses oliver for 2 innings yesterday in a 3 run lead for no reason. Why the fuck farrell? Fucking useless manager.

    • The counterpoint to that is as soon as you bring in a lefty, the Yankees bring Andruw Jones off the bench, who coincidentally rapes lefties. Pitching to Ibanez with a right-hander is probably the better matchup.

      • The real point is Jason Frasor is the fucking white Coco. Stop bringing him in for this high leverage shit. He can’t handle it. He’s worth fucking 2GSAR (Grand Slams Above Replacement) as a FUCKING RELIEVER this year.

      • I disagree, frasor was sweating like a pig and looking his normal terrified self. At least bring in jansenn. Just do something. Farrell just sits there and waits for the game to implode. You could see that result coming a mile away.

        This is the problem with farrell, he give the veterans too long a leash, they have to finish the inning or he wont take them out.

  95. Ok ready for the news on Jose

  96. Well at least it won’t be a one-run loss.

  97. Yunel is the fucking worst. He just gives away these fucking at bats.

  98. Time to get players on the roster that give a FUCK! Am i turning green yet?

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