Top Dog: Carlos Villanueva, 30.1%
The Worst: Yunel Escobar, -5.2%
Top Bat: Kelly Johnson, 8.6%
Impact AB: Colby Rasmus RBI Single, Bot 3th, 8.9%
Impact Pitch: Michael Brantley Double, Top 2, -6.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Adam Lind Bases Loaded Walk, Bot 3, 1.98
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Travis Hafner F7, Top 1, 1.87
Lineup Contribution: 7.2%
Pitching Contribution: 42.8%
Average Leverage Index: 0.95
Chart explanation

Carlos Villanueva’s change-up. That is all.

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(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. The wife and I were driving around the streets of Ottawa in order to get our two children to have a much needed nap and were listening to the game on the radio (all previous attempts to get kids to sleep were epic failures). Other than pining for Alan Ashby to get back in the booth Monday night (Hayhurst’s colour commentary was pretty bad) I was impressed with Charlie V’s effectiveness. I just hope he has enough gas in the tank to finish the season in the rotation.

    • Dirk may still have a ways to go in terms of being a good colour commentator, but Jerry and Dirk were WAY better than Tabler and Martinez.

      I’ve completely given up on listening to those two and just accept the audio being out of sync by having the radio on while watching TV.

      As for CV, he’s looking better as a starter so far this year. We’ll see how he does down the line. Eventually the league may hammer him again like last year.

      • Could not disagree with you more. Dirk was so freaking bad and said so much complete nonsense that I tried to listen to the game on mute.
        Needless to say this was both more enjoyable and much more informative than Dirk Hayhurst’s commentary and incessant plugging of what I am now sure is the worst book written since Twilight.

        • I haven’t read the new one (is it even out? I have no idea…) but The Bullpen Gospels was actually really, really good.

          • That’s a fair point, I could just do without 2 hours of self promotion within the framework of a three hour baseball game. In some innings, Dirk was so busy talking about himself that I didn’t even realize we had runners on base until Kelly Johnson had already stranded them with a strikeout.

        • “I tried to listen to the game on mute.”

          I Lol’d

      • I think last year Villanueva started running out of gas a bit when his total innings pitched kept getting higher. He was great at the beginning of the year and then started to decline after a few months. That could be attributed to the league adjusting to him, possibly. He’s been pretty solid so far this year, though. I’d hate to lose him in free agency.

  2. So yeah, wouldn’t it be kinda awesome if Adam Lind was, y’know, actually back to being good at baseball? He’s looked pretty fantastic since his return from the minors… Perhaps he had the fear of god put into him?

    • Way too small of a sample size yet. Last year Lind had a horrible season and yet for about a month he looked like a great hitter.

      • You’ll note where I said “wouldn’t it be kinda awesome if…” and not “fuck yeah, Adam Lind for MVP motherfuckers!”

        I’m pretty sure my statement was tempered in its optimism, and clearly took the sample size into account.

      • Remarkably, Lind was a good hitter for well more than a single month, he was batting .313 when he first hurt his back and .303 at the allstar break. He had a historically bad second half. Like, the kind of numbers that ought to get guys DFA’d. But Farrel kept batting him cleanup.

  3. “Thames has definitely started to pick it up and get going. Travis has been up and down. He had a bIg home run two nights ago, but he’s been inconsistent and really hasn’t gotten hot. You’d like to get these guys up here when they are hot. If we would make a move with one of those guys the hope would be they are up here to stay,

    “Right now offensively, we’re doing fine so there’s not maybe a sense of urgency to do something there. It’s something we continue to look at daily, but I don’t think there’s anything imminent at this point.”

    - AA on Thames and Snider

    I know he doesn’t give too much away, but I’m starting to doubt whether or not we see Snider this year as anything other than a September call-up. Lots can happen, but you’d think they’d want to see some ABs for him sooner than later,

    • If Travis was valued across the league as much as he is by Jays fans then he’d already be in the HOF. Looks like we’re not going to see much of him this year cause there’s really no need for him right now. Now if he could pitch…

      • How is there no need for him right now? I’m pretty sure Rajai Davis hasn’t hit a ball out of the infield in like a month and a half…

        • I meant that offense is not our biggest need. I don’t think adding a currently inconsistent AAA bat in left is going to turn the Jays into a WS contender. Now if he could pitch…

          • I never understood this philosophy. Our offense is good enough so let’s just have a big fucking hole in LF for no good reason.

            Davis brings nothing to the table other than speed, and his judgement on the basepaths mitigates even his speed tool.

            He is much better utilized as a pinch runner type player rather than an everyday starter.

            If the team can improve its offense without having to give up anything, why not do it? Just because “offense is not the problem?”

        • I agree. Rajai Davis only value is as a base runner; his bat is suspect, his fielding is weak; and his outfield arm is erratic…a one-tool player!

          • Someday soon the Pirates will realize that they obviously can’t afford Justin Upton and will take Rajai Davis off our hands because of how fast he is and because his AVG hasn’t been dragged back to earth by regression yet. In the meantime I advocate silent meditation as he swings through sliders low and away EVERY FUCKING AT BAT!

      • I don’t know what Snider is or isn’t at this point, but I think that’s my problem…. there’s this guy down in Vegas who *could be* something the Jays could find very valuable on their big league team.

        This is selfish, but personally I was hoping to have some sort of answer on Snider (be it good or bad) by the end of this year, just to end the questions. However, it seems like we’re going to have the same arguments back and forth we’ve had on him for the past 3 years – small single season sample sizes, hasn’t been given a proper MLB run, good AAA numbers, changed approach, etc.

    • AA has been quoted pretty much saying that since Snider has been dicked around so much in the past, he really wants him to get a full season of ABs at one level. I would not be surprised at all if Snider stays in AAA until September (or late August anyways), and then is given the full time job in LF until the end of the season.

    • I thought AA was as susinct as Alex could be. Lind is here and he is hitting well. If Lind fails, then our new $10 million man EE will play 1st. There’s 10 weeks left of baseball, so no, Thames or Snider will not be called up. The way we say this is “not a sense of urgency to do something”.

      • I’ll try to be succinct, it’s actually more like 11.3 weeks, and I’d be shocked if we didn’t see both Snider and Thames up 6.6 weeks from now, on September 1.

        • Excuse my 10% error. Yes, as a final farewell to both of these stiffs, I’m sure that the Jays will bring them up for a curtain call in September – they have earned that much. I really think that the conversation was headed in another direction, such as those who are under the misconception that either, or both of, Snider and Thames possess skills that could help this club while they are still in contention.

  4. I was just on BRef and it looks like Lawrie’s dWAR has taken a tremendous tumble back down to earth on there. It was never as sky high on Fangraphs so I can’t tell if it’s done the same thing there.

    • His defense is best evaluated visually.

      • It isn’t bad. It isn’t all-world as Buck Tabler thinks it is.

        • I would say it’s “well above average” visually but not aesthetically… As it’s not exactly like watching Vizquel or McDonald in their primes.

          But for a while rWAR had it somewhere closer to “historically great”. fWAR had it closer to well above average, and still does.

    • I think the guy is wearing down or something..he literally is a step slower to first it seems now than at the beginning of the year. slow, choppy grounders to short and 3b used to be hits for he is getting thrown out by a whisker…but consistently getting thrown out.

    • Not only his d, but from an offensive perspective he has been a bit of a disappointment. His power and obp leaves much to be desired. He has picked it up since he moved to leadoff but I still want to see more patience and power from him. I though he was supposed to be our trout/harper lol. Maybe those expectations were unrealistic and hes just not as good despite all of his confidence.

    • So is the same WAR stat that had Lawrie projected to be better than Ruth?
      And you’re surprised that his dWAR has been downgraded?
      The guy is 22, only playing 3rd for 16 months and a rookie.
      He’s been out of position a few times and his speed and exhuberance to try and field every ball hit his way will produce “mistakes”.He’ll learn when to eat the ball and when to let the SS field it.
      As for his hitting, he’s gonna figure that the other teams have a book on him and he’ll have to adjust. All part of his growth.
      Expect slumps and streaks,the kid will be fine.

  5. Having said that, he is still young and can can improve which he likely will. (hopefully)

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