I tend to think this kind of stuff is… pretty much crazy, actually, but here we’ve got another rumour about the Jays and their willingness to move Yunel Escobar. And this time from an actual respectable source! Ken Rosenthal’s latest at Fox Sports.

The Jays are willing to move Escobar, sources say, in part because of their belief that Triple A shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria is ready to play in the majors. Hechavarria, 23, is batting .314 with an .805 OPS in the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League.

OK, so Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail has been on the “move Escobar now” train too– though maybe not necessarily based on sourced information about trade talks, but rumblings of a souring on Yunel from within the organization– and I’m not going to disparage his info (um… today), but this stuff still strikes me as a little pecuiliar.

Sure, Kevin Goldstein was saying late last month that Hechavarria’s making real progress at the plate. And yes, the numbers look good, absent the giant wad of context that is the PCL. But… um… GIANT WAD OF PCL CONTEXT!

Hechavarria’s .363 on-base is behind 11 teammates with a minimum of 100 plate appearances, ahead of only Chris Woodward and tied with Mike McCoy. His .127 ISO puts him tenth on the team, which is where he’s at in wRC+ and wOBA, too. His SLG of .442 ranks him ninth, behind Lind, d’Arnaud, Dan Perales, Snider, Thames, Cooper and Moises Sierra.

I realize that such an analysis doesn’t account for the quality of his at-bats, and that it’s possible the Jays view Escobar as a declining asset in the field and at the plate, regardless of the team-friendly contract– and perhaps an excellent trade candidate because of it– but… I’m just going to have to take an “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach to the notion that the Jays really think Hechavarria is really ready to hit MLB pitching, and that they think the gap between his bat and Escobar’s has closed significantly enough to make the defensive upgrade Hechavarria would reputedly bring somehow significant.

Maybe that’s really it.¬†Or maybe we’re hearing the prospect being pumped up so that he can be dealt before he gets a chance to fail spectacularly in the Majors. Or maybe we’re really actually hearing nothing of worth at all…


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  1. Seven.

  2. Apparently the A’s want a shortstop. Maybe there’s more value in trading a proven, MLB starting shortstop on a good contract than Hecheverria? Maybe they could get a good starter straight up for Escobar? So then the question is less whether Hech is an upgrade over Escobar and more is Hech and player x an upgrade over what we have now? Just a thought.

    • I would think Brandon McCarthy is on the block in Oakland given he is a FA next year. Brandon McCarthy given his injury risk might be a bargain to resign too for the future.

    • There’s more value in trading a good MLB starting SS for the same reason that there’s more value in keeping one.

    • Interesting perspective. Hech and pitcher X, would easily be better than Escobar and Cecil. Simply because of Cecil’s complete shittyness as a starting pitcher. Escobar could be putting up last years #’s and Cecil would still be dragging the pair down like an anchor.

  3. It seems logical that Escobar be the one of the two SSs to be dangled. While solid, he has very limited upside. How much worse can Hech do than Escobar this year? Even if offensively undeveloped, his better defense makes up for it. Long-term however, I totally believe he will have more offensive upside than Escobar.

    I am all for trading Escobar.

    • Hech can do a lot worse. Escobar has fine defence himself, and you’re nuts if you think Hechavarria is going to be a better hitter long-term. Not impossible, but we’ve heard nothing that would suggest anything like an outcome like that.

      • I am waning in my belief that Escobar is anything special offensively. Good, not spectacular. Can’t expect more than .280 12-15 HRs from him. Are you saying that Hech’s offense won’t be able to match these types of numbers?

        • And by match I mean EVENTUALLY. Not short-term.

        • I can say with a lot of confidence that I have no confidence Adeiny Hechavarria will become a .280, 10-15 HR hitter. Could it happen? Sure, anything could happen. But I highly doubt it.

          A shortstop who can produce those offensive numbers while being a top 5 defensive shortstop (PS Yunel is 3rd in SS UZR this year) is an insanely valuable player. The fact he’s no where to be seen on Blue Jays top 10 lists suggests the industry isn’t very confident he can do that either.

        • look at his career numbers. he’s never been this bad before.

        • Escobar gets on base a ton though. He may not be a big run producer on himself, but he would fit really well on a team with other run producers such as ours if he can figure out how to get on base at .360+ again, which he has done in all but one season

        • There are about 30 MLB teams who would love to have those #’s year in and year out from a shortstop, you aren’t actually that dumb, are you?

  4. Yeah, I’ll pass on trading the first good SS this team has had in over a decade (on an incredible contract) to make room for an unproven prospect who can’t hit yet. Selling low isn’t AA’s style, anyway.

    • I’m with you. But it’s all relative. It depends what Escobar GETS in return vs. what Hech gets in return. No? As an extreme example (in order to prove the point), if Escobar got Justin Verlander, I could deal with Hech at short. Obviously that’s not going to happen, but hopefully you get my point.

    • Agreed, I wouldn’t trade Escobar. Escobar & Hech are needed to play 2B & SS next year since they may not retain Kelly Johnson.

      Ken Rosenthal has been on the Jays should sell mode for a few weeks.

  5. I think having good players under control with good contracts is always going to lead to these types of rumours.

  6. They can trade him for a bag of balls as long as they use the extra coin to acquire pitching lol….

  7. I smell a bait and switch here.

  8. Tells Me they’re going to rebuild again. I like the strategy. We’re not close, still a .500 team. Blow it up, start again.

  9. Happy Edwin in the background of that picture just made my day. Happy Edwin is the best.

  10. Btw hetch Is not ready for the majors, his numbers DO look good in the hitter friendly Pacific Coast… He’s young, what’s the rush?

  11. Remember when Edwin was an A’s player? Good times.

    I’m hoping this trade might involve Farquhar and Magnuson again, that was fun….Farquhar is with the Yankees!?

  12. These rumours would have me very nervous if we didn’t have a competent GM…

  13. I would consider trading escobar for a player like upton if arizona wanted him. I would rather deal hech but upton is the only type of player i would trade escobar for.

  14. I’d trade either one for a quality pitcher with a contract through 2013

  15. .314 and .805 in the PCL is what, like .240 and .650 in the majors?

  16. Why would Oakland deal McCarthy ? They are ahead of the Jays in the wildcard standings.

    As far as Hech vs escobar….have to find out sometime..otherwise why the fuck did you give the fucker a ten million dollar contract? As insurance?

    Me thinks they think he is ready enough to hit 220 in the majors…his defense is likely better than escobars now.. people DO realize that escobars defense is severly overrated right?

    • Why would the Jays want McCarthy (this year)?

    • “otherwise why the fuck did you give the fucker a ten million dollar contract?”

      Well, for one, they didn’t have Escobar at the time. The opportunity came up to fucking fleece the Braves when they were down on Yunel. It’s basic math: having a lot of good players gives you a better shot at winning than not having a lot of good players.

  17. You know for a group of bloggers that claim to be up on all the latest stats, you guys are pathetic. OK, lets count the number of SS’s we have that are MLB ready for the start of the 2013 season….2. Now lets count the number of second basemen we have…0. Gee I wonder what could happen

  18. Still don’t buy into this move Escobar stuff. Yeah he’s having a down year at the plate. So what. He’s shown in his career that he tends to have one good season and one down season. Why sell at the bottom? The guy still plays stellar D. As much as I believe that Hech’s PCL numbers aren’t as inflated as a power hitter’s would be, I still have plenty of reservations about how he would hit in the majors. Not sure what we’d get back at this point would be worth it at the stage the Jays are in.

    • There is a major chasm at second base that no one has addressed, save for resigning KJ. In the likely event that that doesn’t happen, perhaps someone could speculate on who will fill the role…it isn’t Hech. Escobar’s trade can fix this problem.

      Great to talk about Upton and it would be nice to get him, but he isn’t our biggest problem right now.

  19. JPA was a 300 hitter in the PCL for a little perspective.

    Also, Hech is out of options after this year. So either they bring him up or they lose him.

  20. Here is why I understand the jays souring on Escobar,

    Bases Empty AVG 269
    Runners ON AVG 227
    RISP 224
    RISP 2 out 231
    Bases Loaded 200

    compare with Kelly Johnson

    Bases Empty 250
    ON 238
    RISP 234
    RISP 2 out 333
    Bases Loaded 250

    as we can see Escobar has the better average but not when the jays have a chance to do something.

  21. The Cuban really doesn’t have to hit that much to be a valuable SS. Also, Alcides Escobar.

  22. AA will trade pretty much any player available if he feels he ends up coming out on top. If Yunel is part of a deal for a player that vastly improves the club, he’s going to make that move… It really is that simple.

    I don’t think we should assume Hech is really going to hit really well at the major league level, but as AA said last week, teams are looking for Major League-level players in trades — not just prospects.

  23. I’ve said this numerous times on here…..a guy AA should be targeting, once he proves he’s 100% healthy, is Brett Anderson. He’s surplus to Oakland’s needs but would be a heck of a nice Buy-Low pickup for Yunel.

  24. Was this a post or a chance for u to play devils advocate so u don’t have too pick a real side of hype or hater so u can look good lol smh.

    i understand your reasoning but damn man, no matter what they say of people in the minors you NEVER KNOW. I sense u just wanting to go against the grain again on this one.

  25. [...] but pitchers can now be more aggressive with him. Colby Rasmus has cooled off, Yunel Escobar (rumored to be on the block) and Kelly Johnson continue to disappoint and Rajai Davis is the definition of “slump” [...]

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