Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus has been fielding all sorts of questions this afternoon, mostly relating to Jays fans being unable to process reality when it comes to Anthony Gose– who, it should be noting, won’t necessarily be making his MLB debut tonight, as Ben Francisco gets the start in right with somewhat-difficult left-hander CC Sabathia on the hill for New York.

And Goldstein’s got plenty of other stuff too. Let’s watch!

What? Did you expect some kind of comment from me? I dunno… seems pretty much in line with what I’ve been thinking, which ought to make total sense when you consider that just about everything I know of Gose comes from guys like Goldstein, Law, and the other trusted prospect guru folks out there.


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  1. Gose better than Trout!! It was it there. Must be true. YAAAAAYYYY!!!!

  2. Gose might have a better arm than Bautista? I will definitely add that to the spank bank

  3. Who cares about his arm. His bat is what matters.

  4. I bet Gose is faster than Trout(Stockier), but does it really matter Trout is by far the better player.

    • There are people who do this thing where they time how long it takes guys to get to first base from the batter’s box, you know.

      I would definitely make that bet with you.

    • I think trout is supposed to be faster but the thing with Trout is that his speed is going to leave him earlier than a guy like Gose just because of his body type

    • Look at the stolen bases and the build of both players lighter build with hugh leg muscles is usually the faster player.
      You can’t go on the stop watch if you actually have that data becasue they weren’t actaully competeing agaisnt one another maybe Gose holds off alittle while Trout goes all out I’d like them to use the stop watch when they are running first to second.

      You could be right and probably are but with them not in an actually race against one antoher then I wont buy either of them as the faster player. I just looked at the build and how mcuh more stockier Trout is and assumed he’s alittle slower but with no head to head do or die- run for your life competion we don’t no which one’s faster.

      We’ve seen the Harpers, Lawries, trouts giving it all no worries of injuires maybe Gose holds off a little maybe he wont in the big leagues.

      Regardless Trout is the better palyer and don’t assume you always no more than everyone- you shouldn’t assume that by guessing Gose is faster than Trout, I don’t no they do speed tests. You haven’t provided any of the data to back up your claim.(again who really knows, put them head to head life on the line)

      Who really know’s if either of them truly go all out going to first both give alot but maybe they both hold up off just a little so they don’t trip over the first base and die Redbull Style.(looking at you Lawrie)

      Did I break the longest comment and dumbest reply record or the longest pointless wasn’t really needed reply record…, come on baby!

      • I might have broken the having the letters correct in a word, but putting them in the wrong order consecutively mistake record.

        • We don’t necessarily have the data on running time, but guys like Goldstein and Law do. If they say Trout’s faster, they’re probably not just making shit up.

  5. Well….He kinda looks like Granderson a bit..
    There’s that

  6. i really want to watch one of Gose or Hech defendin’ it up for the Jays for the next few years.

    …but not both of them. every team in baseball has room for one #9 hitter. not two.

  7. hmm. the ‘trade showcase’ stuff is starting to make a little sense.

    Maybe theres a big difference in the mind of a GM between a minor league prospect and a MLB-ready prospect Somebody who can play now with that kind of defense could contribute to a playoff bound team.

    • Ya, but the thing about being mlb-ready doesn’t really have anything to do with whether you are playing in the MLB. It usually just means that you can be called up and ready to contribute (or starting learning how to contribute).

    • Not if he can’t hit.

  8. Hate to bring up the Gose/Snider thing again, but perhaps the reason he got the call an not Lunchbox is the different areas on which they have to work. Snider’s basically reworking his swing. That means there are going to be bumps in the road and you may be making progress while also having worse results.
    Gose, from what I’ve read, simply needs to work on his approach. Better discipline, go up to bat with a plan, change that plan when you get to two strikes, etc.
    Gose can continue to work on what he needs to work on in the big leagues or in AAA, it doesn’t really matter. But if Snider were to be called up and he’s not totally comfortable with his new mechanics then the pressure of producing in the big leagues would hurt that development of his new swing.
    Just a thought.

    • Remember AA’s offhand remark earlier this season that was something to the effect of “Travis Snider hasn’t spent a full year at any level since he was drafted”? AA never speaks in absolutes, he’s evasive as fuck, but I’ve never gotten the sense he ever says anything he doesn’t mean. Of course, it’s up to the listener to make the proper inference, and everybody seems to what to read what they want to hear in what he says, and he doesn’t say anything to discourage any line of thinking whatsoever. That runon sentence said, I inferred that the club didn’t want to dick him around in this, his last option year.

      “But if Snider were to be called up and he’s not totally comfortable with his new mechanics then the pressure of producing in the big leagues would hurt that development of his new swing.”

      What’s more, that would hurt /strikethrough/, no, submarine his trade value too, which I would hope I’m right in assuming is the 1b to AA’s thought process where 1a is produce a quality major-league player.

  9. Make the fucker pitch!

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