Are you sitting down? Because this is going to come as an absolute shock to you.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays have interest in struggling, out-of-favour Diamondbacks star Justin Upton. Because… of course they are!

“The Jays are one of the teams interested in Upton, sources say, and they’re deep enough in prospects to pull off a blockbuster,” he writes. “But Anthopoulos, as always, is operating on multiple fronts, pursuing numerous players and willing to listen on all of his own.”

He adds that it’s possible that the Diamondbacks may wait until the winter to deal him, though Buster Olney of (Insider Olney) “spoke with more officials who are convinced that Justin Upton is going to be traded.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the possibility of the Jays and Upton. Last week we wrote about the suggestion from Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic that Adeiny Hechavarria may be a starting point between the two clubs on a potential Upton deal. And while it’s undeniable that the Jays don’t really need a hitter as much as they do pitching help– even with Jose Bautista hitting the DL earlier this afternoon– it can’t be stated enough that the possibility of acquiring a 24-year-old a year removed from being an MVP candidate, and the number one player on Keith Law’s December piece on the Top 50 players under 25, is not something you overlook in your quest for Wandy fucking Rodriguez.

Sure, get pitching too, if you can– the system is deep enough that they can certainly do both– but if the opportunity for Upton is there, you do everything you can to take it. I mean, it’s not like they have a bad track record of taking high talent cast-offs and soured-on players, making a couple mechanical adjustments, and turning them into valuable Major League pieces or anything.

So… there’s that.


Image via Harold Faltermeyer.

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  1. My hopes are officially up!

  2. do it.

  3. HAHA Fletch. 0hhhhhh I love it

  4. if hech is the best prospect u have to give up………….ITS A FUCKING NO BRAINER…… now the only hope is that tony reagins 2.0 is running the d-backs

    • obviously Hech is not the best they would have to give up, otherwise Upton would have been traded long ago.

    • Hech is probably the 3rd best asset you’d have to give up in any package for Upton. Mocking up a trade (with zero knowledge), would be …

      1 – One of the Lansing 3 (Sanchez, Syndergaard, or Nicolino).
      2 – Anthony Gose
      3 – Adeiny Hechavarria
      4 – Some other “B” prospect (say a Carlos Perez type)

      Even that might not get it done.

  5. Did rosenthal actually have to do any background work to find that out? Its fucking obvious.

  6. “…it can’t be stated enough that the possibility of acquiring a 24-year-old a year removed from being an MVP candidate, and the number one player on Keith Law’s December piece on the Top 50 players under 25, is not something you overlook in your quest for Wandy fucking Rodriguez.
    Sure, get pitching too, if you can– the system is deep enough that they can certainly do both– but if the opportunity for Upton is there, you do everything you can to take it.”

    Ummm, yup!

    • The fact that he has to even write that is insane. But yeah…people actually do argue that point. *sigh*

  7. Gose, Escobar and Arancibia for Upton and Johnny Mac! Send Vizquel to the old age home, call up Snider to play left and trick the Pirates into taking Rajai Davis for pitching prospects. I know most people here won’t deign to watch the one game playoff because its arbitrary and beneath them, but that just means more space on the bandwagon for me…

  8. George Poulis for MVP.

  9. When I think about Upton I feel like the fan girl from Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

  10. Me likey an outfield of Rasmus-Gose-Upton, although I’m not sure where the other pieces fit, you make it work for Upton. For next year maybe you could start with Upton-Rasmus-Bautista… Lawrie, Esco, KJ, EE… Lind DH

  11. Ok Jays fans. I get it. But just so you know, ‘At Action Park’ is the greatest album of all time & I own that shit on 180 gram vinyl bitchez!

    Fuck you Toronto!

  12. I’d offer:

    1 – One of Sanchez, Syndergaard, or Nicolino (Their choice)
    2 – Anthony Gose or Travis Snider (Their choice)
    3 – Adeiny Hechavarria
    4 – “B” prospect (Hypothetically: Yan Gomes, positionally flexibility would make him a nice bench option for an NL team)

    • I’m not disputing that this may be a good offer, but:

      If Anthopoulos wouldn’t give up Syndergaard for a pitcher the really did need (Gonzalez or Latos), why would he give up the same pitcher for an awesome young outfielder they don’t need as much (given Rasmus, Gose, Bautista, the potential of Snider, etc.).

      It really doesn’t make sense, does it? Unless AA regrets not doing the Syndergaard for Gio thing, which is entirely possible. And yes, there are even more prospects now with the 2012 draft haul, but you could have predicted in January that there would be more new draftees in June, so…

      Anyway, I think many agree the time to trade some of these highly regarded prospects is now. But don’t forget the seemingly very high value that Anthopoulos puts on guys like the Young Arms at Lansing (TM).

      • how do we know AA wasnt willing to trade Synder for Latos? ive never heard that before, Gio for Synder was the rumor ive heard.

        • Couple reasons..

          1. Aa feels comfortable enough in the arms drafted this year that he now feels there truly is enough depth to
          take a hit vis a vis giving up one odd the big three

          2. Unexpected softness in terms of what getting a playoff spot may require in terms of record..he couldn’t have foreseen that being only .500 in mid July would put you only 2 games out of a playoff spot

      • Justin Upton >>> Gio Gonzalez

      • Syndergaard was the starting point for Gio, reportedly, not a one-for-one deal. Let’s please be clear about that.

        The A’s got Washington’s two best minor league arms in that deal, plus Tom Millone (a throw-in arm who has looked good this year… when pitching at home in Oakland), and an intriguing catching prospect in Derek Norris, who BA had as #38 in baseball ahead of 2010 (then down to 72 before 2011 and off their top 100 before 2012).

        It took a lot.

  13. What wrong with Wandy fuckin Rodriguez? He would be our ace right now.

    Seriously though.

    Fuck Wandy. Get Upton.

  14. The Diamondbacks have too many outfielders. They can’t even put Parra in the field. I don’t see why they would want any of Gose, Snider or Thames. They’re looking for infielders and pitchers.

  15. do it. Upton-tier players are pretty much what this team is about. we want to fill up some all-star rosters this decade.

    i’d be opening with 2 of any-prospects-not-the-big-3-pitchers, and one extra from the B-list. i feel like AA’s got the wizard skills to bump slowly up from that without actually giving up anything too appealing – maybe end up getting them wanting the big 3 so badly that you can pull a bait and switch and give up only one of them+Hech+2 org guys.

  16. I’d trade poo for gold.

  17. I read lots of giving up Gose and Snider for Upton.

    While I realize they would probably be dealt, it would have to involve another team in a 3-way deal or the Jays just dealing them for pitching.

    The Diamondbacks don’t need nor want an OF’er back.

  18. Is their “interest” as big as it was when we were told they were “interested” in Yu Darvish and “interested” in Prince Fielder? I love the Jays but I’m starting to think they’re just “interested” in making the fans THINK they’re in on every big name player that becomes available

    • ….sigh…..

    • +1 on that sigh.
      AirQuote Mark Airquote…I don’t recall the interested in Prince Fielder. Ya maybe interested in as far as inquiring making a call, finding the price and then hanging up. Go back to falling the leaves…or is that the leaves is falling?!?

  19. See! I told all of you about this after that Ryan Mabry guy that claimed he worked for the baseball ops staff told me they were going after him lol

    Great to know that AA has low level guys on his staff dishing to random strangers about meetings the department has.

  20. Is this why the Jays kept Buck,Dotel,Franky Frank and all the others?. So they could amass a bunch of high ceiling prospects and trade them for even higher ceiling MLB players.Maybe AA planned for this all along.
    Jeez, here’s my surprised look.( sarcasm).

  21. Apparently if the Marlins still shit the bed, they’ll be willing to listen on offers for all their players, including Stanton.

    Would you rather have Stanton or Upton? Obviously the former would cost a hell of a lot more.

    • Stanton might a better hitter, but starting to get injured more than Griffey Jr. at this point, I’d rather have Upton than Stanton

    • Don’t forget Josh Johnson. He’s got a deceptively high ERA right now…

    • Stanton isn’t available.

      Potential superstar, young, controllable, and most importantly, Latino.

      Latins are to the Marlins what Canadians are to the Jays, probably more so. Plus, they’re attendence is garbage in the first year of their brand new stadium that was supposed to change everything. They don’t want to give the fans more reasons not to come out.

      Josh Johnson would look nice on AA’s mantlepiece though.

      • I’d still take Upton.


        “The Marlins will be willing to discuss every player on their roster, including Giancarlo Stanton, Josh Johnson and Omar Infante, if they decide to sell..”

        I agree that the notion seems absolutely retarded, but if he can return a shit load of prospects, why not at least consider it?

        Josh Johnson was the name that stuck out in my mind too though.

        • In the next paragragh of that article…

          “Joe Frisaro of writes that the Marlins would listen to offers for Stanton and others, but points out that a long-term extension for the young slugger is more likely. We shouldn’t expect Stanton to go anywhere, but Anibal Sanchez and Randy Choate could be traded, Frisaro writes.”

        • Makes 20 million a year or close to that, no way that’s in our price range.

    • Upton 8 days a week once you consider asset costs. Florida would want d’arnaud for themselves, gose/marisnick and probably lawrie to another team with the return going to Miami.

      Makes no sense… hes not available outside of a profar/bhamilton return

  22. Drew’s head would explode if Stanton were traded to Toronto.

  23. Again, I repeat: If we got Upton, this would be the first time since the Halladay trade that we all knew about AA’s trade negotiations while they were happening.

    We’re not getting Upton, and Towers’ primary interest in involving the Jays is to drive up the price for the teams who have what he actually wants.

    • We also knew about Rasmus. Not when it actually happened, but everyone knew he wanted him. If Upton is available, AA will want him. It’s a no-brainer. It’s a matter of whether he’ll offer up more than anyone else. My feeling is that he will. But we’ll see. It does seem like AA’s MO.

    • A couple of things:

      1) “Again, I repeat” is a really dickish way to start off a comment on any topic, especially in this context. Affability, Rob … look it up and strive for it.

      2) I hate using the term “narrative” because it is becoming incredibly overused in baseball blogs, but what the hell! The narrative of the “silent ninja” and “you never see AA coming” is getting old. The Jays are tied to a ton of different players due to their team policy, but there should be no surprise that deals that are announced don’t come to fruition. They’re rumours, which may in some case have some validity and in some cases they don’t. But we heard the Gonzalez rumours, apparently they were true but the Jays just didn’t give up the asking price. Same as the Latos rumours. And to another commenter’s point, we heard about Rasmus too, just not at the time of it happening. The fact is, Upton fits AA’s style to a tee and AA has plenty of prospect capital to make a deal happen. It’s absurd to think that “because we heard the rumour, it won’t happen”. Come on, this silent ninja shit is tired.

  24. Calm down Toronto!

  25. Royals DFA’d jonathan sanchez for assignment. He would be an interesting guy to take a flyer on. He has control problems but misses bats. He would likely be an upgrade on cecil/laffey.

    • You think they would like a mulligan on that trade? wow

    • I would be interested, however I don’t think I would want him pitching this year. If they could burry him in AA and work on his mechanic’s I think he would be an interesting candidate for the rotation next year. Especially if Hutchinson ends up with Tommy John surgery.

  26. I don’t think you boys are getting this right, lets start with Synagard, Marisnek and Nicolino and we can go from there. This is the minimum price for my declining young left fielder. Now I may decide to trade with those boys from Beantown instead, or I might just wait. Still interested?

  27. I hope we go for him but give up Escobar instead of Hechavarria….i’d take that gamble on Hech

  28. I like what Stoeten proposed awhile ago Blue Jays trade whoever for Padres Headley and than flip Headley, Escobar(Or Hech) and SP(?) for Upton.

    Get Astros to eat Wandys contract, I think they would eat most of it, if they’re realistic.

    The team to trade with might be the Marlins they gave up Matt Dominguez for Carlos fucking LEE a one month(Out of the playoffs most likely) rental for a prospect with years and fucking years of control at the league minium.(That trade is going to be Dotel-James Macdonald 2.0)

    • It would suck if one of Hech and Escoabr were traded to the Diamondbacks they would be 30 mintues late to the field every day, you know that whole Random(yeah sure) check for green cards search…. Arizona Law Joke…. check

  29. Escobar, minutes and I need an edit button or a proofread electric shock.

  30. If we’re all going to go gaga over a #1 prospect why not fantasize about what it would take to get Profar from the Rangers. They could actually use a center fielder, their catcher is going to be a free agent and their current shortstop is having an allstar season. Much better trade fit than Upton.

    • That would be great, but Upton’s not a prospect. And we already have two shortstops, w/ Rajai Davis in LF, so I don’t see (at all) how it’s a better trade fit than Upton.

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