Brett Cecil giving us a preview of his reaction to tonight’s batting practice.

Seriously, guys. Just keep it in the damn ballpark and cross your fingers that somebody gets lucky against Sabathia.

Not much else to say, is there?


Not a whole lot of scuttlebutt here, either, as I went with the late link dump this afternoon. But if you’re really jonesing for something to read, how about checking out some of the long-form-ish stuff we’ve been doing lately: Gose Will Get the Call, But Whither Snider?,  The Shift Keeps Paying Dividends, The Time is Now for Anthopoulos to Deal, On Francisco Cordero, and Taking the Long View….

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
Y. Escobar SS
B. Francisco RF
K. Johnson 2B
J. Mathis C

B. Cecil LHP

New York Yankees

D. Jeter SS
C. Granderson CF
M. Teixeira 1B
A. Rodriguez DH
R. Cano 2B
N. Swisher RF
A. Jones LF
J. Nix 3B
C. Stewart C

C. Sabathia LHP


Image via Brad White/Getty.

Comments (263)

  1. Ill say it again…. BOY am I glad Brett Cecil isnt right handed tonight.

    Cecil against CC… should be a close one tonight.

  2. hahaha..

    That picture of Cecil really sums up what were all expecting tonight.

  3. Why is Cecil wearing blue lipstick? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it goes without saying.)

  4. Jeter is disturbingly fast for a 57-year-old.

  5. How many of you immediately scared off of Upton when you hear degenerative shoulder injury?

  6. Three batters in and Cecil has yet to allow a dinger. I’m impressed.

  7. Edwin’s all “I guess i’ll throw the team on my back again”

  8. If you’d told me a year ago I would adore Edwin Encarnacion this much, I would have tripped you and kicked you while you were down before running away.

    • Sorry DJS, Eddie’s one of night_manimal’s boys, and he doesn’t like sharing. (He’s got dibs on several others as well.)

  9. Escobar has been complete shit since that “batting practice” session he had with Murph where he worked on pulling the ball. since that time, he’s hit one ball hard.

    AAAAAND the leadoff double for the second straight game dies where it began.

  10. The trick is keep the balls low, not hanging.

  11. We are in a danger zone with regards to the season.

    rasmus, johnson, escobar, and lawrie are all slumping at the same time.

    bautista is out.

    and we happen to be facing the yanks and sox.

    it could get ugly

  12. It isn’t that the Skanks put you in a corner so much as allow you to dig your own grave.

  13. Hey, I lost weight. This means I am better. I TRULY am better! Believe me!

  14. and that’s probably that.

  15. seriously..can we just let cecil get creamed tonight and not blow up the pen in a game in which we have ZERO chance.

  16. Gose is warming up in the bullpen

  17. Thufferin thuccotash

  18. another difference between the yankees and jays..

    they have back ups like chavez, ibanez, jones..

    we have ben francisco, the corpse of omar vizquel..a backup cather..and 60 shitty relievers.

    • NY $ 197,962,289
      TOR $ 75,489,200

      It’s true. Money buys wins.

      • Massive payroll… the new market inefficiency

      • True but the Jays are ahead at payroll per wins. As long as the yankees don’t win 2.75 times more wins than the Jays , then the Jays are more cost efficient.

        Also, the Jays spend more on the international draft than they used to.

        The Jays provide meal allowances to minor league players that are comparable to the yankees.


      • And Rogers makes $195 million every two weeks.

  19. I’m ready for Davis to be caught stealing at third.

  20. I always find drinking helps a great deal in the games when Cecil is pitching…hic

  21. Steve Earle behind home plate. Yankee cap, brah? You’re from Texas.

  22. Until we play them again, I always forget just how much I hate the Yankees and the Red Sox.

    This is going to be an angry week.

  23. Could Pat and Tabler slobber on Sabathia’s cock anymore? They were probably the reason why he had to go on the DL with the groin strain, I just wish they wouldn’t kiss and tell every fucking inning.

  24. Cecil has pretty terrible body language right now.

  25. Mathis is beating the hell out of Cecil to get his pitched down.

  26. How the fuck can a major leaguer not get his pitched down? There are kids that do a better job. Get rid of this guy…..oh wait, there isn’t anyone else

  27. Sanchez > Cecil?

  28. The pitch counter overlay shows how laboring today’s pitching was for Cecil, nibbling at corners. Going for that QS will be a silver lining.

  29. Okay, I forgot, I’m also calling dibs on Mathis.

  30. I would really really love a winning run in the 9th off of Soriano – his drama queen act of pulling his jersey out last night was fucking ridiculous

    • I hate that jersey pulling thing! I also hate that closer who stubbornly refuses to put his hat on straight! Blind with rage! Wait – is he the same dude who does that arrow shooting thing? LAME.

      • Thank God you’re so even-keeled. Those are the sort of things that could really get to someone not possessing your equanimity.

  31. That’s Rodney in Tampa that does the arrow launch.

  32. Yawn…This is one boring game. Could somebody on our team do something

  33. I love the fact AA remains silent on my rumour mill. I get on sportshows and in newspapers to make a living on complete bullshit. I cant do this with any other team because they straighten up the facts. i hope AA doesnt change his policy so i can go on for years. fuck I wonder if anyone will catch on that I havent been right once


  35. fuck off rajai, get your own moves or I will change mine. fuckhead!!!!!!

    • Hey Colby’s Signature Move: chill bro, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – I only copy because I love that move – I am following your lead

  36. Any chance the jays bite on Jonathan Sanchez?

  37. i have been doing this alot lately

  38. So here is the thing about this game that is going to piss me off. We are going to hear revisionist history about how Cecil pitched a good game. Only that is a complete lie. When it mattered, he gave up 3 runs in 1+ innings…and the yankees hit a bunch of rockets right at people and/or foul.

    then once the pressure is victory is all but certain given how pathetic the jays look vs Sabathia…cecil starts yanks lose interest and are waiting for game to end.

    • Arguably one of the dumbest posts ever contributed to DJF. Congratulations.

    • Yeah, professional hitters tend to go, “We’re up three runs. Might as well just put one in play. No need to wait for a pitch to it.”

      They don’t care about their individual stats. At all.

  39. Come on, wipe that smirk off of Swisher’s snerk. Please.

  40. Do any of you gentlemen know if there is a problem with MLB Gameday? From what I’m reading it doesn’t sound like I’m missing much but having trouble getting it to load up here at work. Thx.

  41. Alrighty, fatty hit the bricks, time to start over.

  42. Alright cue the comeback, Safattya is out, legggooooo

  43. I’d take three runs across six innings from Cecil. Against the Yankees, in New York, from THAT pitcher? Absolutely.

  44. Bunt your way on Gose.

  45. Why would you sacrifice one runner to second when you’re down three runs? This makes no sense to me.

  46. What the fuck!! They let that lil shit wear my number?!

  47. He was bunting for a hit. And he may very well have been safe. 1B foot may have been off bag on catch… Awful managing from Farrel. Just let Francisco bat against the RP instead of going L ON L.

  48. Well I guess that’s it then. Didn’t get a hit in his first at-bat, so that means his career will suck.

  49. Well, you may run like Hayes, but you hit like shit.

  50. gose fella lookin pretty thin swinging at shit up der. not taking the boys job no time soon!

  51. Jason Nix..3/3. its not as if losing two games and losing jose was enough…we have to be humiliated by the baseball gods.

  52. I swear some people are happy when others fail.

  53. Good points by Jerry, that our AA Team is holding their own against the Yankees. Cecil, Dyson, Loup (warming), Gose

    • this isnt college football. this is the major leagues. you dont give people credit for “hanging in there”

      its win or shut the fuck up.

      • Fuck buddy, if it’s like you say, then nobody should have said anything all year, cause these guys never had a chance. Nice blog that would be. Why not share with the rest of us what this site will sound like in 3 years when the BJ’s win it all

        • LOL 3 years. Listen to this kid.

          • Yepper, if you don’t beleive me TTJF can provide the details

          • 2013
            Think about it a little.

          • I can provide the details.
            But you can figure it out.

          • 2013? What is that?

          • Think about it birddawg.

            It’s been obvious for awhile now.

          • Oh yeah, 2013 !! Of corse that’s it….what was I thinking. (Birddawg scrathes his head and hopes no one else realizes that the obvious has eluded him again)

          • @ birddawg

            Ya gotta remember the big picture, the goal.
            2013 the Jays will be playing meaningful games in Sept.

          • I noticed birddawg. (And please pay attention to your spelling, mister!)

          • Radar, wow, am I glad you clarified that, cause I thought it was me, but it was you. You see I was talking about winning, and you were talking about the playoffs. See, no wonder I didn’t get it. You get that right?

          • Yup, sorry birdawg.Wasn’t meant as an attack against you.
            You need to win to get to the playoffs.

            Just gettin tired of the gloom and doom around here from various commenters.
            What the Jays are going through is unfortunate but I think there’s a silver lining to it all.

          • Just having fun Radar. Don’t be gettin all down cause of the commentary here, hell most of the dipshits here haven’t a clue as to how lucky we are that AA will not be detered from his mission to win. The pieces are comming together quite quickly, so just hang in there and the WS will be ours again. Fuck you Yankees

  54. be happy its not 19-0

  55. O my O my O my

  56. chopper off the plate goes for a triple.

    baseball gods….are laughing once again.

  57. Lawrie’s got that astroturf muscle memory fail there.

  58. no we dont need upton at all

  59. Jesus-fuckin-christ, Lawrie get in front of the ball, don’t gimme that OLEEYYY bullshit!

  60. bruce walton goes out to the mound to tell dyson what?

    he’s been fine…its baseball gods wrath..that is all.

  61. Ladies and gentleman… Sam Dyson

  62. Shut down innings from the pen? What are those?

  63. bring in frasor.

  64. You know, I don’t think Dyson has “the best stuff in the organization.”

    • LOL! I love how Farrell said that a few weeks ago when no one had heard of him being touted prior to his arrival on the team.

      Loup should have “Hungry as a Wolf “as his walkup song.

  65. Surprised Dyson has not unleashed that high 90′s fastball yet.

    wonder what he is waiting for.

  66. dont be wrecking the record cocksucker

  67. the ugliness begins

  68. SNOOP-A-LOUP!!!

  69. Good chance we get shut out for the third time in the last 7 games

  70. am i a committed fan to still be watching at this point, or just masochistic?

  71. So after a disastrous series against the Yank-me’s (It’s the 7th inning of game 2 and the Jays are losing 5-0, and I’m going out on a limb and saying they won’t win) (And I’m betting tomorrow will be no better) I see the Jays season swirling downward like the water in my toilet. What’s happening Alex? Remember us?

  72. Jesus fucking christ, can our outfielders throw a ball back to the infield without it bouncing or going over there heads?

    • a little fuckin picky there fella.better to be in front of the receiver. maybe they are a little rattled as farrell is guiding this clusterfuck

    • Well Gose probably wasn’t aware of bouncs off the wall in yankee stadium.

      Why Rajai Davis is still playing full time in LF escapes me.

      Snider should be up ASAP in LF. Play the Lunchbox in another “development/rebuilding year”

      Let Davis hit LHP.

      Now if AA thinks Snider is a trade candidate wait till August 1.

  73. Anyone up for Kokomo’s after the game?

  74. jeff mathis is a karate man!

  75. Happy, DJS?


  77. so wait, this team’s offense deserves to deplete the quality farm system of perhaps the core of a team from 2015 to 2025 so these scrubs can piddle around with a play-in game to get swept or lose 4-1 in a playoff series??? yeah right

    • The flip side: part of that core is supposed to be Anthony Gose (granted, small sample size).

    • fuckoff mr wait forever. i might be dead next year so give me satisfaction today. i can scream for a major league product in the majors.if i wanted to see AAA players in july i would watch AAA league.AA shortchanged this team out of the gate by 2 fuck off with your insight

      • If AA learns from his mistake this offseason, all is forgiven. Problem is, he’s going to have to sign at least one FA SP and I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I don’t know if I want to be trading 6-8prospects for 2 pitchers.

    • Honestly? This offense is not even that fucking good. It has been ridiculously streaky except for EE… that’s it. Sure the numbers look good, but you have to take into account all the blowouts we had in our favour where guys were allowed to pad their fucking stats.

      You put up any decent pitcher against this team and chances are they are getting squelched. Mark Buehrle? Luke Hochevar? DIce-K? Come the fuck on.

      This team needs another 4WAR bat minimum, and the top 4 need to be producing more consistently. If Lind continues batting decently this season, he may be able to fill this role next year. Regardless, he’s probably going to get the chance.

      • Since I often disagree with you, let me for once acknowledge where you are right. The Jays’ offence is not actually as good as some people would like to think. Here’s a term for hipsters like Stoeten who idolize everything unCanadian/unAmerican — if the Blue Jays were a cricket team, they’d be called a flat-track bully. That’s the cricket term for players who look great against mediocre opposition but struggle against strong opponents. That’s the 2012 Blue Jays. It’s a home run derby out there when mediocre pitching is on the mound, but runs are few and far between against the likes of C.C. Sabathia. They have got to do something about the pathetic bottom of the order.

        Gotta make one alteration though:

        If Lind continues batting decently this season, he may be able to fill this role next year we may be able to trade the fucker for something..

        • Quite right, The Lads found themselves in an unfavourable position this evening against the Yankee hurler. Their resolve seems to falter in the learch old boy. Well carry on then, a better day awaits them in tomorrow’s contest.

  78. That there’s called a moral victory I guess.

  79. cleatus is a karate man!

  80. I’m so fucking sick of Brett Lawrie. Fucking kid needs to stop dancing around in the fucking batter’s box and make some decent FUCKING contact for once.

    • The hitch/pump in his swing, his inability to use his lower body and his complete lack of ability to hit a breaking ball will have to be fixed or be the end of him.

      Here’s the opposing teams scouting on Brett Lawrie:

      “dont throw him a fastball”


  81. i think they should trade him and jp for anything decent.put jose at 3rd and fill the field with upton and snyder

  82. not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

    • LOL…holy fuck. I seriously rolled on the floor for this one. REALLY. FUCKING REALLY.
      I am so copy pasting this on as my new signature.

      FamousAmazingGuy says:
      07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT

      not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  83. I think Buck and Tabs are propositioning me.

  84. the chin strap looks extra sharp tonight.

  85. AA has managed to assemble the worst pitching staff in franchise history. Fairly impressive really.

    • Assembled isn’t the right word. Left standing?

      • I’m pretty sure we weren’t going places with the Kyle Drabeks of the world either.

        • Nope, you’re right. I’m assuming you were talking about the current staff.

          I have lambasted AA numerous times for relying on McGowan, Cecil, Drabek, Alvarez and Hutchison. Some were rushed. Some had injury concerns. Some just couldn’t find the fucking strike zone.

  86. that was a fuckin ball

  87. Weeee I’m Dick Tracy! Take that, Pruneface! Now I’m Pruneface! Take that Dick Tracy! Now I’m Prune Tracy!

  88. Am I the only one that hopes when Buck and Tabs do their CN Tower walk, that Tabler falls off?

  89. i hope they at least shit themselves like they do every fuckin called game

  90. Eddie alone makes it worth watching, and that is saying a lot.

  91. Now that Jose is out, can we call this team The Encarnacions and 8 hackers?

  92. what happenend 2 walks?

  93. You know this team is in trouble when JPA Is pinch hitting.

  94. Ok (Ok) Blue Jays (Blue jays) let’s (let’s) fuck up soriano!!!!!!!!!

  95. It will go as a line drive in the box score. only it wont because it will say bunts to pitcher.

  96. Hmm….going for the cheaziest save in the world..coming in with a 5 run lead…

  97. OMG! Bases loaded and 1 out!! Do you think Farrell can get Frasor to put on a Yankee uniform and pitch to the Jays? No…guess not. Fucker would probably end up striking the Jays out…

  98. I think that is the worst bunt ive ever seen that went for a single. I’ll take it though!

  99. lets see jp clog a base hahaha

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