Shi Davidi of Sportsnet tweets some clarification on the reports that we’d heard from Las Vegas about Anthony Gose being removed from tonight’s 51s game…

The suggestion that Gose is next in line to get the call-up has produced a lot of “whither Travis Snider?” reactions, and naturally, more griping from fans insistent on seeing this as further evidence that the club is screwing over its once-elite prospect.

That said, while it’s easy to get caught up in the prospect porn trip, obviously, first and foremost, the concern is for Jose Bautista, and what any time on the DL for him might mean to the Jays’ already-slim chances in 2012.

I saw some folks on Twitter who actively welcomed the news, actually, seriously hoping that the results of tomorrow’s MRI would quickly usher the Jays in to sell- and play-the-kids-mode. Others, somehow even more fucking ludicrous, seemed to feel that this very well may mean the end for Bautista, unless he’s able to find Luke Skywalker’s wrist doctor… or… anamatronic limb-maker… or… whatever the hell that was in that movie people my age know way too much about.

But there’s only so much you can say about that until we find out what the injury is for certain (unless, apparently, you’re Paul O’Neill), and lots of talk has turned to what happens if our MVP does go on the DL. In that regard, obviously, seeing Anthony Gose patrol right field is an exciting prospect when divorced from any thoughts of the reasons that brought him there, but it’s certainly fair game to wonder why he got the call and Travis Snider did not.

Several reasons have been put forth on Twitter that are worth considering:

- Snider has just one extra-base hit and a .781 OPS over his last 10 games, compared to Gose’s three and .927.

- Gose’s OPS for May (.984) and July (.916) are both higher than Snider’s best month since April (the .914 he posted in June), though Snider does have the excuse that he was injured for a long stretch earlier in the season.

- Alex Anthopoulos has stated that he wants Travis Snider to be up for good the next time that he gets the call, and as a temporary fill-in for Bautista, that’s not the assignment here.

- To that exact point, Anthopoulos also recently said, in comments on Jeff Blair’s show, as quoted by Mike Cormack of Sportsnet, that “Travis has been up and down. He had a big home run two nights ago, but he’s been inconsistent and really hasn’t gotten hot. You’d like to get these guys [Snider and Eric Thames] up here when they are hot. If we would make a move with one of those guys the hope would be they are up here to stay.”

The more conspiratorial among us might also point to the possibility of Gose coming up for some kind of trade showcase. If you really wanted to you could take that further– at least until we hear otherwise on Bautista– and wonder if the Jays are simply posturing on Gose, knowing that Jose is probably OK, trying to give a hint to other teams that they think the prospect more ready than he really is.

I don’t think that’s it at all, of course. I just don’t believe a whole lot that clubs would bother to insult the intelligence of their trade partners by conducting business as though a laughably tiny sample size might convince anyone of anything– and seriously, somebody please explain to me what the hell this “trade showcase” is supposed to prove– but you could go there. And it’s definitely the side of this decision that seems most curious on the Jays’ part, especially in light of the fact that Mike Wilner tweets that four days ago, Alex Anthopoulos “insinuated Gose would be in LV all year and maybe next.”

Wilner also notes that Gose has a rather fugly platoon split– just a .564 OPS against PCL lefties– which ought to further cloud the picture.

Then again, he’ll certainly be able to play some fantastic defence, if he does indeed get the call, and can be spelled by Ben Francisco in right field when a left-handed opponent takes the hill– y’know, technically. And it can’t hurt to get him a genuine, hopefully-brief taste of the Majors, with the presumed expectation that he’s going to be a core piece of the club for several years.

As for Snider, one wonders, is a strong message being sent here? Worse yet, is this some kind of final, undignified kick to the curb?

Unequivocally not the latter, I’d say, despite the braying I heard on Twitter from a lot of fans pining to finally see their Lunchboxhero back, and wondering why I’ve suddenly become so flippant about it.

I say that because, I mean… how fucking dumb do we need to be about this?

We heard that “end of his Jays career” stuff on Adam Lind when he was sent down in mid-May. We heard it on Snider last year, when Eric Thames inexplicably manicured his facial hair past him on the depth chart, and we heard it on Thames too, when he was sent down earlier in the season– and by AA’s comments to Blairsy, he’s still obviously hanging around in the picture.

We’ve been told that Snider took his spring demotion like a professional. He said all the right things, as far as we can tell. He worked on the mechanical adjustments that the club wanted to see him make, succeeded with them for a while, but has not quite shown consistency yet since returning from yet another mid-season wrist injury. Yes, he’s been passed over for an opportunity here again, and yes, Rajai Davis continues to be trotted out in left field for the time being, but to act like this is somehow the last opportunity for Snider, with two-and-a-half months still remaining in the season and another year of team control left, is just silly.

True, I’ve long believed that the best thing for Snider, his development, and his standing with the club, would have been a true, extended, healthy run in the Majors. This season it became clear, however, that it was no longer quite as simple a trick to pull off as it would have been two and three years ago, when he was truly being dicked around.

The issue was complicated by the incumbency of Eric Thames, and the fact that the Jays players and their fans truly felt the team was going to be capable of competing. Could Anthopoulos stay strong in the face of internal pressure to put the best team on the field possible if Snider was struggling and Thames was, like everyone, tearing up Las Vegas? I doubt it. And I think the same is true of the situation with Davis looking over his shoulder.

Do I think it’s ideal? Not exactly, but I think the roster politics of it, for lack of a better word, have to be considered before we slay the Jays for yet again overlooking their one-time can’t-miss prospect. Especially when he hasn’t been anything near tearing the cover off the ball the way that Adam Lind was before his recall, which is somewhat disappointing for a guy closing in on 800 plate appearances at the level, dating back to the 18 games he played in 2008 at effing Syracuse.

Am I calling him a disappointment in the broader sense? Of course not. I think Snider absolutely should get a lot of opportunity at the Major League level in the second half of this season, and I’m not yet particularly worried that he won’t. If they didn’t think that he was the right guy for right now; if they wanted to keep him down to continue working on his new swing, or maybe just to finally spend one entire season on the same team, save a rehab assignment, since he spent all of 2007 at Lansing; if they were afraid of throwing a guy scuffling a little in the PCL straight back into the Major League fire and wanted to wait until he could be brought up at the apex of his confidence, that’s all totally OK.

This really doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything just yet, so can we maybe spare ourselves the going nuts about it?


Image via Jamie Squire/Getty.

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  1. I personally don’t have a problem with leaving Snider in Vegas, but I wonder why bother to burn one of Gose’s options on this scenario. Both Snider and Thames have had options used this year – why not just bring up either of them as a fill in until Bautista is healed? Is this an opportunity to attempt to showcase Gose for a possible trade in a few weeks?

    • They haven’t burned an option on Snider this year. He’s been in Vegas all season.

      • They can’t possibly be sticking to their guns on the whole keeping Snider at one level for an entire season thing, right? I remember there was some talk about that. You’d think that would apply to a player like Gose, too, who seemingly isn’t ready for this kind of promotion.

      • They are option years. So technically, snider’s option this year gets used up regardless if he gets brought up or not..since his clock was already started.

        with gose, im not sure how it works

      • Leaving him in Vegas is burning an option year regardless.

    • I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think it counts against Gose’s options if he doesn’t accumulate a certain amount of ABs.

  2. The Jays are currently starting an outfielder who has no place as a starter, a guy who has a sub .700 OPS since the beginning of June, a guy who and a guy who hadn’t had a hit since July 4 until tonight. And this was following his horrible .282 wOBA season last year where he sufficiently proved he was nothing more than a 4th outfielder. Even without the Bautista contract, Travis Snider should have probably been here already. He would be an upgrade on what this team is regularly throwing out there. One would hope that’s coming soon because the last thing we want is to have the same questions with him going into next year (and the same questions about the hole in LF). It would be nice to know whether that position could be filled in-house.

    As for Gose, considering the high K rate, low power (especially for Vegas), and the major splits, his call-up would be a very puzzling one. If you believe the scouts and his numbers, he isn’t anywhere close to ready. I’d like to hear AA’s explanation on this one.

    • Oh, I forgot to say a guy who makes regular baserunning errors and plays mediocre to poor defense. Rajai Davis really shouldn’t be starting at this level.

    • Agreed. Makes no sense to me. Next year will be a log Jam in the outfield. AA is gonna have to do something with either Snider of Gose. There isn’t room for Bautista, Rasmus, Snider and Gose. So why not have Snider up a month ago (prior injury) see what he can do. He must be better than Davis who you know is a pinch runner/fourth outfielder (and a good one in that role). Then maybe this call up of Gose would make sense. With Rajai “I run fast though” Davis in Left for the last 2 months, he has eliminated a real opportunity to see what we have and show off trade bait without hurting the team much.

  3. Sucks Jose could be out. I don’t believe Gose is up for a showcase as I don’t think he needs more vlaue he’s already known as one of the best prospects in the Jays system.

    AA comments on Balir indicate Snider is not on his way up any time soon until he’s consistentily good. Which he has been over this year but Thames was still up and when Thames was shit Snider was hurt.

    Thames is the guy AA indicated would get called up if Davis continued to struggle on Jeff Blair’s show(How I took it) But that was for Left field with Jose maybe gone in Right you need a big arm and someone who is playing well in Triple A.(Thames has no arm for right)
    Gose has a big arm but not sure if they wanted an arm, why they didn’t go with Moises Sierra who was already on the 40 man roster.Unless it is some kind of showcase.

    Basically I’m just as confused why Gose over Snider and Sierra if you wanted a big arm in right. (they were already on the 40 man roster)

    It’s very true Stoeten why not Snider, even if he’s been bad of late why bring someone up who’s not on the 40 man roster and has no big league exp. (I wonder if Farrel isn’t high on Snider maybe behaviour or something) Tell the truth I didn’t think we’d see Gose until 2013.

    I kind of thought earlier that Gose was pulled in Vegas for a trade for Justin Upton(AA said he may have an offer on the table it’s just about pulling the trigger on a deal)Jose going down I thought maybe he pulled it brought Upton to Toronto for Gose and HECH and SP?

    • Sierra would have been a better fit than Gose, too, yeah. Just very odd. The showcasing thing kind of makes sense on the face of it, but how is him coming up for a few weeks really going to help his value (even if he does hit well, which seems unlikely)?

    • If you logically think about it…the ONLY reason to bring up Gose is to show him off..either in reality, as in he plays..or as in you make people in other organizations think he is ready by you pretending he is ready.

      what other explanation makes sense?

      • There isn’t really much. I mean, he’s struggling hitting for power in Vegas and striking out a ton. Seeing that, they can’t possibly think he’s ready for the majors full-time. And it would be even odder if they were bringing him up as a short term fill-in considering what they’ve said about Snider in the past.

      • I do think logically, and believe me, there are other reasons for this move (though show casing him is definitely a viable possibility, as this front office has done that in the past with Zach Stewart).

        I think the reason Snider is not getting the callup now is that this front office made the decision that Snider was not going to be called up unless it was to take over LF. Mitigating circumstances (Thames suckage, Bautista injury) were not going to be used as a reason to bring up Snider. They made the conscience decision to stop dicking him around and let him develop in one spot for an entire season for the first time in his pro career, and that place is Vegas. Feel free to disagree with that, but I believe that is their logic there.

        Now, Gose over Sierra, that can be explained fairly easily with logic. The team likely sees Gose as a long term option for the Jays in the OF, whereas Sierra projects to be more of a 4th outfielder. There is also rumblings that Gose could end up in the majors by this time next year full time. Assuming this call-up is only for a short duration (2-3 weeks for example), it gives Gose an opportunity to face big league pitchers, to see what he will be up against. It also gives the Jays a chance to see where the holes in his game are in terms of competing against big league pitchers, so they can focus on that when he goes back to the minors (which almost certainly will happen if he doesn’t get traded).

        • This is the biggest showcase since the Price is Right

        • I agree, but I do think Gose is here to stay though if he performs, unless it is a showcase. I see Gose going to Left once Jose is back if he’s performing and Davis as a 4th outfielder or traded I think Davis has trade value once again not high level prospect big but I think you can get a decent return from teams like the Reds who really want a leadoff guy.
          I know he hasn’t been leading off here but I think the reds would take him right now if we made him available.
          In 2013 If gose is still here I hope Rasmus(as good as he’s been in CF) moves to LF and Gose in CF.

          Hopefully Bats truly is out for 15 days and not any longer.

  4. Is there no reason to believe that the Gose callup is just a precaution in case the Bautista injury is not serious, leaving him out for only a few games? After a week of Snider, if Bautista comes back, where do we put him? Davis’ spot sounds nice, but we’re only 2 games out of the wildcard hunt, and we don’t want to risk burning Snider’s last option to get stuck jerking him around again.

    • Once Snider is called up, the option is burned whether he stays up, or whether they yo-yo him up and down for the rest of the season, a la McCoy the past couple of years.

      Once Snider is called up, it means that next year they can’t demote him, even out of Spring Training, without waiving him. That’s what they mean when they constantly say they want him up for good when he’s recalled, and regularly harp on the fact that he’s never spent a full season at any level. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t bring him up if they think there are other options, because if they don’t, he’ll have a live option next season, and he can start the year in Vegas if he doesn’t make the team in Spring.

      But man, it sucks being Snider. He should’ve started the year in the bigs.

      • If Snider doesn’t make the team out of ST next year, he needs to pass waivers. This year is his last option year.

        • @ukjaysfan
          Thank you..this is my understanding as well. But after this last option year, unless they place him permanently on their 40 man roster, Snider will be entered into the Rule 5 draft in Dec for any team to pick up. This means no spring training in the Jays camp.

          • He IS on the 40 man roster. If they try to take him off, he’ll have to be placed on waivers before even making it to the rule V (and somebody would DEFINITELY claim him).

    • Sorry, on rereading your post, I see that I initially misread it. Please ignore.

      Not having an edit button sucks, man.

  5. Two good pieces of news that people have overlooked on this otherwise dreary night..

    Alvarez looked pretty good..walked a few but actually got a good number of swing and misses…that one change he threw to tex was nasty.

    also Chase dejong began his professional career today in the gcl and went two shut out innings, striking out 3.

  6. “This really doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything just yet, so can we maybe spare ourselves the going nuts about it?”

    … he says 2000 words into a blog post.

  7. Another possibiliyt is that they don’t think gose is a long term option so they don’t really care about his options. In 2 years one of thames/snider/sierra/gose will be on the team and the rest will be gone

    • yeah, they already figured out that he is not a long term option. are you a regular jays talk caller or something?

  8. btw mastrioanii is opsing .700 with 9sb. Never understood why alex gave him away for nothing. I would rather have him than bff as your backup. The guy can play defense, pinch run steal bases. bff can’t do much of anything

    • Mastroianni was let go simply because there wasn’t space on the 40 man, and he was no longer valued as a prospect (was he ever?). Happens to lots of guys, some end up succeding, others fade away. But the 700 OPS is a small sample (33 games), and his other numbers aren’t too inspiring. As a 4th OF, I think Davis is the superior choice.

      • Remember when some were ranting about Jarod Haufpaur a couple years ago? People complaining that we gave him away too? Some of these minor leaguers will put up some decent numbers but they are just mirages. It happens every few years. We can’t just judge by small sample of numbers. That’s why we have scouts that see them in person to look deeper at their peripherals.

        The farm’s top OF’s are all greater then Mastroianni.

      • you do realize that bff is on the 40 man? and I said backup which means his hitting is meaningless.

  9. I think AA needs to speak to the fans clearly about this decision. He is losing some credibility to his word. He says Gose needs time in the minors and isn’t ready, then here he is out of the blue instead of Snider. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  10. Gose to AZ for Upton…oh wait he can’t pitch…bet Johnny Mac can though…make the move!!!

  11. I don’t understand the cult-like following for Travis. He lost the LF job a year ago and recent reports this weekend stated Snider’s offence had dropped considerably over the past 10 days. The ofranization is looking for one of prospects to step up and its Gose that gets the call – good for him. This move has nothing to do with mathematics, but rather to see how a player reacts to the pressure of the highest order going into Yankee stadium, with the Jays in contention. Gose has considerable talents, and it will be fun to see his speed, rifle like arm, and offense out of the 9 hole. Frankly, AA has fallen out of love with Snider, but nobody here wants to hear that – but it dosn’t make it untrue.

  12. …or maybe they want Dwayne Murphy to get a hold of Gose and see if he can turn that bat into something useful, since Chad Mottola obviously wasn’t accomplishing anything.

  13. Snider’s latest tweet seems to confirm Gose got the call.

    “Proud to have watched Anthony Gose these last few months continue to develop in to one hell of player. Congrats brotha. #fightin51s”

    • Oddly, if the jays still hope to push for second playoff better defense in the outfield will help. Even with the loss of bautista they still have a potent offense. I still expect davis to be part of a trade and see another outfielder come up for lf. I dont mind gose up because snider defense is best served in left, in right you want a good arm, speed and great defensive skills. Instead of having a lineup of homerun ball id rather 1-2 positions with great defense.

      • Well then you’re stupid. We’re not making the playoffs without Bautista. Period.

        • There is the chance that in a 15 day small sample, Gose hits enough that, combined with his defensive value, he does enough for the team to get through.

  14. It’s great to think about what the Jays have in mind for the outfield. But, after watchiueg the game last night, it makes me think of pitching. If I was AA going into this year, I’d want to continue, at least for one more year, to build my prospects a bit before adding significantly to the major league roster. Why? I think I’d want to know what I got and that includes the outfield. With Snider, I think they have a good player. One that has been jerked around a lot but a good, young player. They have good pitching in A ball especially. They adapted well to the draft rule changes and most experts liked their draft picks. They signed those picks too. So, the system is stocked a bit more. They added Hutch to the rotation and I think he’s the real deal. A young guy, in around 92 mph on his fastball but more importantly, a pitcher at a young age, not a thrower. He needs the TJS now though while he’s young and can heal quickly. Just my opinion. But, here’s the thing. You cannot, even gauging what you have in your system, start the year with three essentially rookies in your starting rotation. The BP has some bright spots to cover those rookies getting touched up early in games but some really, really bad pitchers it turns out too and injuries, which didn’t help. If I’m AA in the next couple of weeks, I try to secure one mid level starter such as Liriano or Garza or someone like that. I think with the offence, you don’t need to have Cole Hamels, Roy Halliday etc on your staff. In fact, the WS Jays had 2-4 quality starters on their rotations BUT had an offence like the current NYY. So, AA, my advice is Gio and those guys may not be Halliday BUT if you get a couple for next year, give up some prospects to do so. Many of the prospects, based on stats, never come through anyhow, so evaulate the risk and make the choices. If you had Gio, Garza this year, I bet this team is in hunt in September for the playoffs. AND, they at least would allow you to break in a rookie pitcher in the 5 slot each year…doing three at a time is admirable but it’s often not successful. I guess the big question AA is will Rogers actually spend to add experienced arms to the rotation in the firstplace? If not, your talent sir is lost and you should look elsewhere for a geniune opportunity. I hope that’s not the case.

    • Gio was ridiculously overpaid for. Sure he’s a quality starter but a bigger prospect haul than we got for Halladay? That’s insane.

      I don’t mind paying a fair price for a starter, but I’m not selling off half our farm for someone who was on par with Shaun Marcum coming into this season.

      • Halladay was under contract for one year and was traded in his 30′s ie regression was expected. Then they signed a 3 year 60Mil contracts

        Gio had 4 years of control making less then 5 Mil in 3 of them, plus he is under 26 thus you would expect improvement.

        That is the reason for the difference in the prospect haul not the talent level.

        Plus the Jays had little leverage considering Halladay asked out and would only go to a contender (Philly, Boston NYY) and Philly knew the Jays didn’t want to trade within the division.

  15. Snider’s last option was used when he was sent down after spring training, so saving the option is not the issue, but AA thinking all the jerking around earlier in his career has hampered his development. He has gone on record that he would like to see Snider get a full year at one level, so – don’t expect to see him until later this year.
    As for Gose being the one to get the call, there are a few reasons I can see why to do it. He’s the best defensively there by all reports, you’re not jerking him around because he likely knows he’s targetted for more minor league seasoning. You will get a better read on exactly where he is offensively, because in the PCL it’s tough to get a read on exactly where they are, and you cannot just do a conversion or compare to others because certain types of hitters get their stats inflated more than others.

  16. It may be just me.. But I see Gose in LF playing Gardiner territory with Davis shifted to right if Bautista misses time in this series. He’s way more valuable of a defender there at Yankee stadium.

    • They would likely need to showcase Gose’s arm in RF.

      Gose does bring more mustard than Snider. The Jays are probably wallowing in their own misery. Having a cocky superstar in waiting (Gose’s opinion of himself) might change the mood in the clubhouse.

      • But in Yankee Stadium you don’t need an arm in RF. Swisher can barely get the ball into the infield.

        With his range he’d be infinitely more valuable in LF which is the biggest part of the ballpark. Davis has a decent arm – especially being closer to the plate/3rd.

        • Yankee Stadium? Sure, but if Gose is called up, it likely means a trip to the DL for Joey Bats. There are plenty of other parks coming up on the schedule.

          And its likely that Gose would sit against CC tonight.

          • Gose has been called up and Bautista is out for tonight as per TSN. When did I ever say he should ONLY play LF, or play LF in other ballparks? I said the Jays should employ the Yankees tactic in that specific stadium – moving the less capable defender – Davis to the easiest spot to play. Gose should be in Brett Gardiner’s spot (aka Gardiner territory) because of his incredible range, and the fact that that specific ballpark does not require a strong arm in right field.

            Why on earth would you start Ben Francisco over Gose at this point?

    • No chance in Hell that Davis goes to RF Ernie. The guy has no arm!

      • He has played RF every time Bautista has moved off of the position this season with Francisco taking LF.

  17. could be that they can’t fix Snider’s swing, and don’t want MLB pitchers exploiting him before the trade deadline.

  18. As far as the showcase thing goes, maybe more GM’s watch MLB games then minor league ones? Maybe getting some raves from another teams MLB scouts, to go along with their minor league scouts, has some value as well? I dunno. Conversely, maybe they think, pound for pound, Anothony Gose is the best option right now to help them win games? Travis hasn’t exactly been raking in Vegas since returning from his injury. Why would they think he’d be more successful here?

    • It could be a showcase thing, as Gose is fresh out of playing the ‘Future Games’. I think he is getting some attention from other GM’s.

    • Gose is being showcased because AA is having trouble dealing for Upton. If Gose does well, his value goes up and a trade for Upton becomes more likely.

  19. That said, I’m pretty confident, barring a trade, that Travis Snider will be our starting LF in 2013. AA won’t just let him walk without giving him an opportunity.

  20. Has anyone thought about financial implications in a trade for Gose. As a minor leaguer would he not get the minor-league money, but the moment he gets called up, he gets the league minimum (pro-rated of course). Therefore anyone acquiring Gose now would have to pay a major league contract instead of acquiring just a minor leaguer. It`s probably peanuts for some teams but when they are trying to balance financials in a trade, an extra 500 000 (or whatever the pro-rated minimum he would get) might alter things a little.

    • I think they only earn the big league salary while they’re on the big league roster. When they get sent back down, they get the minor league salary again. Unless they’re on a specific, big league contract (like Adam Lind).

    • The minimum itself is under $500,000, so you’re talking about maybe 100K for the rest of the season. If that somehow were the stumbling block in a trade, I’m sure the Jays would toss it into the deal.

  21. Another note on the showcase thing. A lot of teams have said, at least in the rumours about them, that they want young major-league players, not prospects.

    Probably not that important, but calling up Gose could be AA trying to prove he’s major-league ready.

  22. When your young daughter comes to visit you in prison she’s jail bait. When your young prospect comes to visit you in the majors he’s definitely trade bait.

    • I was under the impression the term “jailbait” referred to an underage girl luring a guy and putting him into jail, as opposed to someone who’s already in prison.

      • You are correct, but it was much harder to turn that into a parallel phrase sentence. Lets just let it be our little secret

  23. I think there’s no coincidence that the word being put out there on our television broadcasts is that the Jays have “the most MLB-ready position players in AAA of any team in baseball”. It’s hard to know, this time of year, what’s actually going on and what is trade subterfuge. That said, I think they want to win as many games as possible right now, and if they call up Gose, it’s because they think he will help the team win more than Travis Snider will. They’re 2 games out. Winning is the priority, regardless of the perceived “realism” of that position. They want to keep their fans, and their players happy. They won’t throw in the towel when they’re this close.

  24. Imagine this line up without EE

  25. Gose will be the starting RF and first man out of the bullpen if Jose’s out for any length of time. That way they can keep Dyson on the roster without actually using him.

  26. And hey: maybe showing Gose off in right field might not be a bad way to show some other MLB team that he could be an outstanding replacement for their 24 year old, former MVP candidate right fielder?

    • “somebody please explain to me what the hell this “trade showcase” is supposed to prove”

      • It’s not necessarily a trade showcase. But if it is, it may prove that Gose can help a team that is still in a playoff race to compete this year. A team like the Diamondbacks maybe. But what the fuck do I know. It might not be a showcase at all. They might just think that Gose is the best option right now. And maybe he is.

  27. A cynical person might suggest that tonight Rasmus will get beaned in the forearm, cleanly breaking it and putting him on the DL till September; and tomorrow night Gardner will smash Encarnacion’s leg while diving back to first, also removing him from the lineup for six weeks.

  28. I think it’s all showcase for his talents…..remember, a team like the D’Backs are looking for SOME MLB players right now, not JUST prospects……

    If Gose comes up and is even merely average with the bat, then with his tools, he’s going to have a build up a lot of trade value.

    I just don’t see the callup as making any more sense. It’s certainly not an EARNED callup. When you’re ranked 11th in OPS on your AAA team (behind such offensive wizards as Sierra, Gomes, Hech, Danny Perales, and Ruben Gotay) I just don’t see how anyone can say you’ve earned your callup.

    One thing is for sure, we won’t be seeing him tonight. Got a feeling you’re not going to have you’re jetlagged 21 y/o and his sub .600 AAA OPS vs. LHP make his ML debut vs. CC Sabathia at Yankee Stadium.

  29. Can we ship Ben Fransisco out for a case of Molson? Then either have Gose or Snider be our left fielder? With Raji being a 4th OF (which he is fine in that role)…If Joey Bats goes on DL – then both Snider and Gose should be here with one of them in LF & one in RF…
    With the injuries mounting, I am fine with not making a playoff run this year as long as I don’t have to see Raji or Fransisco starting 60 of our last 75 games

  30. For the record, Gose is hitting .517 vs. LHP

  31. Its smart roster management. I think snider is out of optionsand would have to come up to stay or you’ve lost him for nothing to try to send him back down or worse he sits when Bautista comes back when he needs consistent at-bats.

    • No, option don’t work like that. You burn an option every time they’re called up or sent down.

      Players get option YEARS. By sending Snider down to start the season, we burned an option YEAR for Snider. Once burned, he can be brought up and then sent back down as many times as the team likes in that year.

      This was Snider’s last option year. He can be called up and then down an unlimited maount of times. Next year, however, he’s out and would need to start on the team or have to go through waivers, which he certainly wouldn’t get thorugh.

    • i’m not sure how many different ways it has to be said in this thread… but snider’s last option was burned when he was demoted in spring training… he can yo-yo up down as many times as AA wishes in 2012. come 2013 snider will have to clear waivers in order to be demmoted to the minors.

  32. Doesn’t bautista s injury remind us of the ankle he hurt last year in which he wasn’t hurt as bad as we thought.

  33. Justin Upton is having a fucking terrible season. I understand the philosophy of buying low, but I just see a nightmare situation, in which we dump off a ton of our top level prospects for a guy that never again hits that level. Sure, he could, but I would rather go after a pitcher.

    Also, Kelly Johnson is awful. That guy literally swings at anything, and I really hope we don’t renew him.

    • Except you don’t know what they want for Upton. There’s no reason they can’t get Upton and a pitcher. But we’ll see.

    • Well, what Arizona wants and what they’re going to get are two different animals.

      The price is high right now, because that’s Towers’ job, to start the bidding high. Nobody is going to go that high.

      And remember, Upton is not without his warts. His career OPS away from Arizona is .742. And he’s not like Rasmus who was still signed to his first contract (in other words, signed long term AND cheap…Utpon is signed long term and NOT cheap). He’s getting paid and paid well.

      It won’t take a boatload of top prospects, nobody will pay it. we know they covet SS/3B types. I think a package of Gose, Hech, Gomes (not huge on anyones list, but a super utility guy who’s 3rd in the PCL in OPS is valuable) and one of the AA pitchers (Jenkins or McGuire) will be pretty damn close to getting it done.

      I should say, in spite of Uptons warts, I think he’s worth it and would be an excellent fit here. After all, Rogers Centre is a hitters park as well, I wouldn’t expect a huge regression from Uptons overall numbers.

      • I’m agreed on that package. Gomes is getting pretty pumped right now. BA has him, in their mid-season report, as the Blue Jays prospect who has taken the “biggest leap forward”. But it’ll go down to the wire. Why would Towers blink now?

      • Shoot….I would have to think any package of minor leaguers that doesn’t have any of the big 3 Lansing kids for Upton (if Arizona wants that) should be agreed upon NOW!!!

        • Upton, Upton, Upton. With all the Jays OF depth why do people keep speculating such nonsense. IF Gose is being showcased for trade, it is far more likely to be for starting pitching.

          • Well, because if they acquire Upton, then the outfield is filled with controlled, All-Star quality players for the next four years. This means, whoever remains of Snider, Gose and Marisnick can be moved for starting pitchers.

          • Because anytime you can acquire young, elite talent, you do it, regardless of need.

            Our only true NEED is talent, wherever it is.

            Besides, there’s a ton of good SP that we can get in FA this year, it’s like a buffet.

            There just isn’t a pitcher available for trade who’s talent level is comparable to Uptons (excepet MAYBE Grienk and Hamels, however, we’re obviously not interested in a one year rental)

          • It’s becasue AA keeps telling media that hey yes we need SP but if there’s a deal for a postion player that will makes this team better we’ll take it.(PTS,Blair)

            He keeps bringing up the fact that a trade for a postion player is just as likely.(Even we know one asked he throws the postion trade up)

            AA: according to Media has long been high on Upton.(doesn’t mean it’s true though)

  34. Snider only has one fucking year of team control left?

    • No. Only one more year of going down to the minors. He has 5 or so years before he could hit free agency.

      • Snider, with two-and-a-half months still remaining in the season and another year of team control left, is just silly.

        What does this mean?

        • The fully quote is: “but to act like this is somehow the last opportunity for Snider, with two-and-a-half months still remaining in the season and another year of team control left, is just silly.”

        • Well, for one, it means that Snider hasn’t hit very well since he’s come back from his injury. I have more of an issue with the fact he didn’t make the team out of spring training than the fact that he didn’t get this call up. I think AA is right in saying that he wants him to be raking before he gets called up. Let him figure out how to right the ship down there, because his odds of doing it up here are decidedly less.

    • He has 2 years (and 15 days) of MLB service time. Team control lasts until 6 years of MLB service is reached (after that season ends). After that season, the player is a Free Agent.

  35. Excited to see Gose get the call, though I doubt he gets the start tonight against CC.. Then again, didn’t think I’d see Loup in in the 8th inning of a 2-2 game at Yankee Stadium for the 2nd appearance of his career, I guess we’ll see.

    Snider can wait. I think it’s best to bring him up when he’s tearing the cover off the ball to see if he can keep his confidence high.

    Tough to see Jose on the DL but we all know he’ll work hard to get back healthy and in top form. Let’s go Gosefacekilla!!

  36. stoeten, most of the time it strikes me that you are the voice of reason among the masses of unreasonable… but occasionally it strikes me that you are simply blindly defending each and every decision that AA makes. that said, even when i strongly disagree with your position i always find it entertaining and well written.

    i don’t think anyone can rationally argue that AA hasn’t done a fanastic overall job with this organization… but IMO they have done a terrible job of managing the big league roster the last couple of years. for me, this is just another example in a long series of examples of poor roster management.

    i’d have gose 4th in line among AAA OFers who should be playing in mlb right now (1- snider, 2-sierra, 3-thames, 4-gose)… AA has talked about how snider was rushed and now he is calling up another young prospect who pretty clearly has holes in his game. to what end? i don’t see this as good move for either the short or long term. where is the ‘plan’ with this move… i think that what AA recently told wilner is correct gose needs all of 2012 and some of 2013 in AAA before he is ready.

    at the end of the day it probably isn’t a big deal… but my gut reaction is that calling up gose flies in the face of what has been the long view for the organization.

    • I honestly feel that we won’t see much of Gose.. Just letting him get his feet wet and giving him the hunger in his belly to try and get right back. It’s good to have guys competing for roster spots. Especially when you have a logjam of talent arriving to the bigs. Just my opinion, but I forsee a lot of Rajai and Francisco with a dose of Gose off the bench as a defensive replacement / pinch runner.

    • @ ryan

      I don’t think Stoeten is blindly defending AA.I think that some are blindly condeming AA.
      Again, try to think about the reasons why AA did what he did.
      He inherited a mess of a minor league system.With a new CBA looming that would close the holes very soon,AA maximized his return on class A and B soon to be FA’s.
      With these loopholes, the window of opportunity to gather draft picks was limited.
      MLB even changed the rules because of AA,when they changed the rule the a player must be with the club for one year to get a draft pick.
      The reasons AA put certain players on the roster was to garner draft picks before MLB changed the rules.That time has ended and he can move forward to his new objective.

      • radar, like i said… i think that AA has done a masterful job overall.

        i think he gamed the system perfectly for FA compensation… i have no issue with that whatsoever.

        i’m talking about stuff like keeping jojo reyes on the roster when there were any number of better options just because he was out of options… running jojo out there every fifth day because you don’t want to lose him on waivers? i’m talking about 8 man bullpens when some guys don’t pitch for 2 weeks… keeping corey patterson on the roster over mastro (and allowing farrell to give him 300 odd ABs)… etc., etc.

        • @ ryan

          I said at the time, they were placeholders.Players that were okay with some potential upside that could be dumped without problems.
          Some work out , some don’t.
          Reyes was an example,somebody who could eat innings,a left hander who threw 95, who shoulda been better but wasn’t.Patterson. a former first round pick, didn’t work out but held the position and could be diposed of.
          8 Man bullpens are a creation of Farrell.
          There wasn’t a lot of players who were available that were passable, with potential that wouldn’t be blocking other players when they were ready.
          Example: If Snider didn’t go through slumps and need to work out his shit in AAA, he woulda stuck with the big club and Patterson could be dumped.
          He didn’t and Patterson served his pupose.

  37. It’s official, Bautista to the 15 day DL

    Mildly optimistic.

  38. And there he Gose…..

  39. So wait, is everyone happy to have Davis playing every day in LF instead of Snider? I’m getting pretty damn tired of Davis’ defensive lapses, like constantly airing the ball over the cutoff man to allow runners to advance, or taking shitty routes to fly balls that should be easily catchable

  40. No one sees the irony in calling up a 21-year-old who isn’t ready for primetime instead of Travis Snider, eh?

  41. I predict that due to global warming, TO will become a destination of choice for FA in the next ten years. FAs will chose TO over Florida, Texas and California due to the warm weather, Rob Ford and Don Cherry/Greg Zaun, which will finally allow AAs son (AA would be too old and experienced for Rogers in a decade) to up the BJs payroll to 90 million/year. That will guarantee TO finishes 4th for the next 20 years in the AL East and carry on the TO tradition that Rogers fosters.

  42. Or they could realize that Rajai Davis isn’t a fulltime left fielder given that he’s had a sub 700 OPS since June and they could make Snider the fulltime LF.

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