The Jays’ official Twitter makes it… er… official:

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet adds that, in order to clear a spot for Gose on the 40-man, Brandon Morrow has been moved to the 60-day DL (which, as you may know, can be done retroactively, and doesn’t at all mean that he’s still 60 days away from returning).

Davidi also adds that “there’s no immediate word on the severity of Bautista’s injury, but ‘inflammation’ is better than strain or tear.”

He’s right, of course, but that sure was a rather instant and violent-looking bout of inflammation.

of course, the simple diagnosis– while maybe the most dispiriting– is far from the m0st interesting thing about the situation. For one, a whole lot of Jays fans seem to be using this moment to declare the season over, as they so often and so fucking charmingly like to fall over themselves to be the first to do. Because it’s impossible for them to hang on for a couple of weeks without Bautista, acquire a pitcher before the deadine, and still find themselves hanging around by the end? Because, despite the small number of games back, with a whole bunch of more talented teams sitting between them and the last wild card spot, they were even in it anyway?

It’s another shitty thing to have happened to this team, yes, but let’s maybe see what happens before we start making declarations like an assface though, huh?

Most interesting about it is the selection of Gose to take Bautista’s place. To borrow from a point Parkes made when taping today’s Getting Blanked, this is a team that seems to understand how badly they rushed Travis Snider, and yet here they are bringing up Gose at age 21, hardly close to the hitting prospect we thought Snider was at the time. Not only that, Gose has a .187/.291/.227/.517 line against lefties, IN THE DAMN PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE.

This has led to far too many people suggesting that Travis Snider is now finished with the organization, or that Gose is being showcased for a trade. As I attempted to point out last night, neither suggestion really makes sense. Snider hasn’t been great lately in the minors, and the last thing they want to do is put him in a position to fail again in the bigs. And what the hell does it prove to expose Gose to MLB pitching for a few weeks? His bat is the thing every scout would be looking at; if he gets hot, it’s easy to put it down to sample size, and if he looks lost, that’s not helping anybody. It’s a lose-lose proposition, as far as I see it.

No, what this does suggest, though nothing is official yet, is that we’re going to see a lot of Ben Francisco against lefties– and I’d suspect as much tonight, with CC Sabathia taking the hill in pinstripes– and that the Jays are comfortable either blowing an option year on Gose, for some reason, or keeping him here the rest of the way.

Maybe the club really wants to convince someone else that they believe in him, but the conspiracy-level stuff really seems to over-think it and hasn’t offered anything compelling that I can see. It’s fair to believe that this is an actual baseball move, that defensively and against right-handers they feel Gose is their best bet, and perhaps that as a speed-first player they want to take advantage of that tool while he’s young. Or perhaps as a player with Jake Marisnick behind him in Double-A, they’re not overly concerned about preserving the opportunity to option him to the minors in 2015.

Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus wrote recently about Gose in his roundup of the Futures Game, saying that his power is the “sleeping giant” in his skill set, but that “development of hit tool and approach refinement is difference between 4 /5 outfielder and All-Star.”

Word is that he’s still closer to the former right now, so… yeah, why he’s on his way here already is kind of a head scratcher, but at the same time… do you really want to see more Eric Thames? Not that, y’know, his arm would play in right anyway.

In fact, looking at the Vegas roster, clearly the decision was pretty much down to Snider (who’d be getting setup to fail, given his current inconsistency, and who the club seems loathe to keep yo-yoing around), Gose and Moises Sierra– who was on the 40-man already and not having a bad season in his own right, statistically.

Shit, maybe Sierra’s being shielded from the Majors for the sake of trade talks! Huh? Huh? Huh?

Most likely, though, it’s that they’re simply riding the hot hand, as Sierra has a .639 OPS in his last ten games and Gose has been much better. Easy enough? Is that not OK?


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  1. Morrow to 60 day DL retroactively to June 12 th as well to make room for Gose.

  2. This is probably all my fault.

    I’m heading to Boston this weekend to see the Blue Jays-Red Sox series, and I was really looking forward to watching Bautista hit one over the Green Monster.

    Given that I so dearly wanted to see that so I could cheer like a crazy man from my 14th row seats, of course he has injured his wrist and hit the 15 day DL.

    This is probably all my fault.

  3. Oh well at least I have a reason to watch now that gose is up.

    Seasons over. I can try to be positive but realistically it’s done.

    • oh Bryan, ye of little faith. there is no such thing as logical or realistic in most sports. I laugh when fans try to make sense of stats and wins/losses like real life applies. baseball is the most unpredictable sport of all and that is why the season is so long to try to find the best team to succeed to a playoff. the ultimate clusterfuck is the addtion of another wildcard in each league to increase attendance and anticipation orgy. I love this wildcard as it draws intrigue and major fuckin interest in teams who would otherwise surrender early. the impact of this procedure has yet to be felt as rookies will be held back somewhat in september from callup and trade interest will peak but the cost to buy will be more I believe. this game just got the ultimate boost in every fucking way.more revenue, more brazen GM’s and more teams competing.imagine a team getting hot and entering on a wildcard, oh yeah that was last years cards. hope is the only realistic emotion that is consistent in an unpredictable sport where individual accomplishments can dramitcally impact a team success. realism doesnt qualify here.sit back and enjoy the new game won in one dramatic stroke of the mighty ballpoint pen

  4. Gose

    • Something tells me Gose is not leading off…

    • I’m guessing Davis leads off, Lawrie 3rd, Gose 9th

      • I doubt Lawrie will bat third the way he’s batting right now.

        (against RHP)

        • I’d rather have JP bat after Gose… If a guys best tool is his speed may as well not limit it by putting JP in front of him to semi-clog the basepaths.

          • you meant the same JP that couldnt take a pitch or two and let Davis get to third last night. Fuck that pissed me off. Dude gets a double 1 out JP up to bat and first pitch fucking swinging… fly ball davis to 3rd two out… had he waited to get the knot out his panties it could very well have been Jays up 3-2…

          • I don’t think there’s too much concern about JP being on base in front of anybody. He’s an out waiting to happen.

          • he is never on the base paths…no worries there.

      • davis is sucking too badly to lead off. i think it will be kj or yunel

    • you think farrell is smart enough to solve this riddle? gose will bat ninth and rajai will bat third. can’t disrupt the lineup you know.

    • LIND!!!!!!!! (sarcasm)

  5. What exactly is “left wrist inflammation” and how does it strike on a swing so suddenly like that?

    • it was probably from when he bounced his hand of the plate scoring.

    • Inflammation is basically swelling. It’ss a symptom, not a diagnosis — the human body responds to trauma by creating a natural splint of the injured area. The X-ray seems to have ruled out a fracture, and they know that if i’s not bone, it’s gotta be tissue of some sort. The medical team is probably relying on what Bautista’s symptoms are, and where, in saying that it’s a tendon issue. (IE., if it were neurological/nerve-related, he’d have tingling or numbness, indicating an impinged nerve.)

      So all we know at this point is that he has swelling in the wrist. The MRI results will show what specific tissue is affected and the extent of the damage.

    • Sometimes at night I have to go lefty

  6. It was probably caused when he slid into home on Edwinès double a couple of innings before.

  7. So….it’s CC Sabathia versus Brett Cecil and a Bats-less Jays lineup very likely including Mathis and Francisco. Maybe this is where we pull of the Rudy-esque victory on the backs of Benny Fresh and Rajai?? Maybe?…..maybe?

  8. Farrell can’t put rookies in premium spots you know. Got to save those for the vetruns. It would insult rajai to put gose leadoff. Just like you can’t use beck or dyson in the 8th cause they might give up a grand slam or something horrible. You have to baby these kids because they aren’t grown men. I never can understand the logic of calling up kids and then being afraid to use them.

    • Farrell killed me last night – he blamed Frasor’s SLAMMY on being over-worked – as if he had no control over that. You have an eight man pen, but only use THREE guys. Insane.

      Also, at the risk of inflamming the Frasor-ites, he sure has a knack for the soul crushing homerun. The Josh Hamilton bomb was probably my low point of the season…

      • Consider me inflamed.

      • He only uses 3 guys because he has fat fuck coco and the other 4 are AA pitchers. What the fuck can he do? AA has to to acquire some help.

        • Couldn’t agree more. Its not like there’s a credible pitcher (non Janssen class) that would have had a chance in hell at getting us out of the inning. That’s just the way it is.
          Pretty depressing that we somehow have NO pitching prospects – starter or reliever – within two years of the majors. Was JPR really that terrible at his job? (spoiler: yes)

      • Frasor threw 25 pitches last night. Did farrell actually think he had any gas left to get out of the inning. Complete fuck up.

      • Fuck you Farrell!

    • Yeah I can never understand that. Gose should be batting lead off instead of old broken down veterans like Brett Lawrie.

  9. I think Snider just got passed on the Outfield depth chart.

  10. Gose is being showcased for a possible trade

  11. would JF actually put 21 year-old Anthony Gose, who last night flew on a red eye across the country to NYC and on a good day has atrocious splits against lefties, in the lineup against CC Sabathia, the most dominant left-handed pitcher in baseball?

    im no fan of Rajai in LF and Francisco in RF and Lind hitting against a leftie but i really gotta wonder if it makes sense to put Gose in the lineup tonight.

  12. Shocking that jose hurts his wrist a week after taking 30 ferocious swings in the homerun derby.

  13. I wouldnt even expect Gose to start tonight vs Sabathia. Fransisco will get the call vs the lefty imo.

  14. It’s all my fault. I jinxed him. After that slide into home last night I told my wife that I cringe every time Bautista slides or dives for a ball, just cause him getting injured would decimate the team. Next at bat… :(

  15. Think tells me that Snider will probably be used in a trade, hopefully for Upton or some pitching.

    • Or AA may actually be telling the truth when he says he wants Snider to get full time AB’s at one level. But that just seems ridiculous, so lets go with theories like a changing depth chart and trade rumors.

      • Trade rumors are more fun anyway.

        • It could also be part of the equation that Gose has options, whereas if T.S. was called up, he would pretty much have to stay up, even when Joey Bats gets back…

          Maybe Snider will be called up towards the end of Aug. or September. This could be a little taste for Gose to keep him motivated & get his feet wet, etc, etc., and see what he’s got…

    • Does Think know much about baseball?

    • i fuckin hope so.i am sick of hearing of snider.i like the guy but tired of the whiners screaming for his gone snider

  16. Obviously Francisco will lead-off. That would make a lot of sense.

  17. So on or around Auguest 11th, someone is going to have to come off the 40-man. I don’t think I want anyone exposed like that. Unless a trade opens the spot, they could lose someone important.
    *Pause for a quick look at the 40-man*
    Nevermind, Chavez and Richmond are on there.

    • Plus so many guys get put through waivers in August there’s bound to be s simple move to make.

  18. So let’s see that’s 4 minor league outfielders on the 40 man. sierra, gose, snider, thames. something wrong with this picture?

    • The part that’s wrong with it is that all of our good minor league players are outfielders. Its no failure in asset management, just a failure in assets.

  19. Here’s what doesn’t make sense from a roster management perspective:

    1) Gose gets added to the 40 man five months early (I’m assuming he had to be added this fall), and uses up his first option if/when he gets sent back down.
    2) Gose’s service clock starts ticking.
    3) When Morrow hopefully returns in late August, someone (Loup, Dyson, Laffey) will have to be outrighted, and could be claimed. Not the end of the world, but still curious roster management. Coello is injured so can’t be ourighted.
    4) It was bad for Snider’s development that he was brought up at 20, but Gose is brought up at 21. Uhhh…

    It would make so much more sense to just bring up Snider, based on performance and overall roster management. They could have saved the DLing of Morrow for the next pitching injury (Ack).

    At this point, I strongly suspect the organization has no interest in Snider as anything other than a (greatly devalued) trading chip. Remember that rebellion against Cito near the end of 2009? After Cito had grossly misused Snider? Could Snider have been involved in that, and Cito’s BFF Beeston holds it against him, encouraging Snider’s early demotion last year and any attempt to promote him this year? I know it’s conspiracy theory stuff, but makes as much sense as any of the bullshit explanations the Jays are peddling…

    • while i understand your concern it’s entirely possible that the Blue Jays’ front office believes 1) Anthony Gose is ready for the major leagues and 2) he is the minor league outfielder best equipped to contribute to the team.

      in the next two weeks it’s entirely possible that they find out that they’re wrong but they’ll have at least a little sense of where Gose stands in relation to Snider, Thames, on the one hand, and Davis and Francisco on the other.

      and what’s bad for one player isn’t necessarily bad for another.

    • Let me put it this way. I wouldn’t get too attached to Anthony Gose…
      Also, seems pretty clear that AA wants Snider to get a full season at AAA rather than jumping up and down.

      • But then why risk jumping Gose up and down, when he is younger and has no MLB experience?

        And I just don’t think two or three weeks in MLB will increase Gose’s trade value in any meaningful way.

        • But it could have a great impact on his development. Gives him a taste of major league pitchers, which could help him improve his approach at the plate. Snider has already seen ML pitching, so the benefit isn’t really there for him.

        • I totally disagree. Like when we brought up Zach Stewart for that one game, I think that was a decisive factor for Kenny Williams sending us Jackson. Opposing teams don’t all have the obsessively huge opposition scouting department of the AA Jays, so they’re probably not intimately familiar with the Jays prospects. Getting to see them not completely sink in the major leagues could vastly increase their value to opposing GMs. Also, this move makes absolutely no sense unless we’re planning to move Gose. Unless there’s something I’m missing or AA just wants us to have some fun while the team implodes without Jose…

          • 1) Yes, Gose is Rule 5 Draft Eligible in the fall. He is being called up 2 months early, not a big deal.

            2) Who cares if Gose’s service clock starts ticking? There is no risk of him being a super 2 now that he has been called up at this point in the season.

            3) Why does either Loup, Laffey, or Dyson need to be outrighted when Morrow returns? The obvious choice is Cordero if no trade is made between now and the middle of August. Not to mention, there are 20 days until another move will need to made and somebody wil surely be injured by then.

            4) Snider was brought up before he HAD to be added to the 40 man roster. Gose HAS to be added to the 40 man roster this offseason to protect him from other teams. The Gose/Snider situation is not comparable.

    • I really think they are just seeing if Snider can adjust in AAA with his recent 10 game cold streak. He has never really been given the chance to struggle a bit and adjust in one place. If he can learn to make changes then they might really have something in Snider

      • 10 game cold streak with a .450 OBP and .258 AVG? Someone bring out their mother’s hair dryer this fucker needs some heat.

    • Scott Richmond is still on the 40-man, so he would be the first dropped. By the time Morrow is back, Coello will either be moved onto 60-day DL or will be off the disabled list, though I was not aware of that rule. After that, you have Laffey, Chavez, Carpenter, and McCoy who could be dropped off, depending on what is needed for the team.

      Also, you are forgetting that between now and then, the trade deadline will likely have an impact on the 40-man roster, so it may not even become an issue.

      As for development of Gose vs. Snider, the big problem for Snider wasn’t the initial call-up, it was call-up to the bench, sporadic playing time, and constantly going up and down to the minors. Hopefully the situation is completely different with Gose, where the call-up is simply a chance to give Gose some expose to the majors, and then have him sent back down to continue his development until he is ready for a full time role (or is traded).


    • No, it doesn’t.

      • Come on; you’re naive enough to believe that the team president cares more about the performance of the team than he does about an alleged grudge against a 24 year old based on a three year old rumor of a conspiracy against a long since departed employee? Enjoy being led like a lamb to the slaughter by the pied piper of Skydome you sheeple.

  20. Considering Gose’s terrible splits against left handers, doubt he starts tonight,

  21. Finally Lind gets to bat clean up again!

  22. Gose will be a carlos gomez clone imo, their milb numbers are nearly identical.

  23. I guess you could say, what Gose around comes around

  24. So tonight it’s ciciloo vs Sabathia and we have to play without naked Jose for 15 days? Imo crying right now

  25. Maybe they’re planning on trading Davis before the deadline, and Gose would replace him for the rest of the season. I know there is a shit load of teams that could use a corner outfielder with a decent bat and good speed.

  26. If it’s late august and somebody needs to be taken off the 40 man, it sure as hell is going to be bff or coco.

  27. I wonder how much leash Cecil gets? I wonder if he gets destroyed tonight what happens? I wonder if John Stilson is the next in line? BTW, I agree with you Stoeten. I’m sure the Gose promotion is a 100% baseball move. He, most likely, provides the best opportunity to help the team (when they play righties). I do, however, disagree that it can’t also serve as a showcase. He’ll be expected to struggle at the dish, and so that can also be written off as a small sample just as much as if he’s successful. It will, however, provide an opportunity to showcase his “tools” at the MLB level. Maybe he makes a couple of highlight reels. Can’t hurt? No?

    • Chad Jenkins has given up 18 runs in his last three starts at New Hampshire…

      …hey, it’s not like there’s anybody better out there.

  28. ……But, but we’ll always have the memories of a Blue Jay almost winning the HR Derby, thats worth something right?

  29. Really don’t understand why they don’t call up Thames, and put Davis in right. I understand giving Snider more time to force the issue, but I do not understand calling up Gose as a stop gap. It risks his value in a trade, could mess up his development of his hitting, and is unnecessary as a temp.

  30. “Remember that rebellion against Cito near the end of 2009? After Cito had grossly misused Snider? Could Snider have been involved in that?”

    Not a chance. He’s just not that kind of kid. And let’s get real – at the end of 2009, Snider was a 21 year old who had yet to accomplish anything in the major leagues. No one in the clubhouse would have given a damn what he said or thought. Which Snider himself would have understood very well.

  31. I’d like to see Gose aim for the bunt single all night, force that fat bastard CC Sabathia to get off the mound to make a play.

  32. off topic: has EE earned the right to drop the moniker E5? this was a fun drunk debate amongst some of my boys. any thoughts folks?

    • No, he’s still worse at fielding third base than he is good at hitting. Maybe the worst 3B I’ve ever seen.

  33. Tade Davis and call up Snider! Tade Davis and call up Snider! Tade Davis and call up Snider! #freetravissnider

  34. I am officially bummed out by this

  35. Wrist injuries are tough on hitters, remember Lyle Overbay? That guy hurt his wrist and was never the same hitter.

    Oh wait he was shit before the injury, never mind.

  36. “Because it’s impossible for them to hang on for a couple of weeks without Bautista”

    This would be more palatable if we were in the midst of, say, interleague.

  37. Maybe Gose is being called up as a pitcher…

  38. Jiwan James (he of the recent “phantom ball catch” highlight fame), tweeted this about his buddy Gose:

    Can’t wait to watch NygerMorgan2.0 in the show!!! Lol

  39. I just don’t see this as that big a deal. I realize that starting the service time clock is controversial, but it seems like they expect him to be beating down the door to the MLB soon enough that option years will be less important, or someone else’s problem if they trade him.

    It’s not like there’s no value in seeing how his game to date plays at the major league level, and it doesn’t make sense to compare this to Snider’s early call up. Snider was brought up amidst expectations that he would make an immediate impact, whereas Gose is presumably just keeping the seat warm until the best offensive player in baseball takes it back from him. It’s not like he’s going to take Bautista’s job.

    It’s hard to see a scenario in which he sticks around after Bautista’s return so worst case he struggles, and it’s a valuable lesson learned for Gose and the organization, or he doesn’t and… sweet! It’s either a good sign for the future or pumps up his trade value (not that I place a ton of stock in the “trade showcase”).

    If anything I just think this means the organization is determined to stick to the plan with Snider and his long term development, regardless of the needs of the big club (as long as there are other options at least).

    Oh, and if Snider doesn’t get called up at all this year does he retain that option year? Is that how Lind still had an option left? I’m not as well versed in such things as I’d like to be. Could that be part of the equation as well? Trying to hang onto his last option rather than blowing it on a couple of weeks of injury fill-in duty?

  40. Stoeten just called Parkes an assface!

  41. Yep….

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