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Guy Spurrier of the National Post goes through five perfectly reasonable reasons why we’ll see Anthony Gose in a Jays uniform tonight.

Note, I only say in uniform, not in the lineup, as Barry Davis of Sportsnet tweets that Ben Francisco gets the start in right field tonight against somewhat difficult lefty CC Sabathia. Rajai Davis moves to the top of the lineup, and Brett Lawrie flips down to third in the order.

The Knobler goes a-knoblin’ at CBS Sports, talking to a scout who thinks that the Jays have to be sellers now, and noting that they could move Yunel Escobar (regardless of whether they’re selling or not), plus some late inning relievers, too. That would make for a fun few months, wouldn’t it?

Over at Getting Blanked, the Common Man assures us, his Canadian friends, to live in hope in the wake of this latest disastrous injury for the Jays. And elsewhere there, Parkes finds the one person in the world who actually relies on Twitter to get game updates.

Jared Maconald of Jays Journal posts a recent chat he had while in Las Vegas with the newest Jay, Anthony Gose.

At CBS Sports, Jon Heyman says that the Jays are one of several clubs who reportedly have interest in the Twins’ Francisco Liriano.

Mop Up Duty notices that Carlos Villanueva owns baseball’s best slider over the past month, apparently.

Paul Swydan of FanGraphs notes that a Justin Upton deal would be a rarity, and goes searching for some comparable deals. One of them? The only mid-season acquision of a position player with over 300 games experience before the end of his age 24 season: The Jays’ acquisition of Colby Rasmus.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi talks about the looming questions that hang over the Jays’ bullpen, with Casey Janssen the only reliable, under-contract, non-injured arm who’s slated to be there next season.

Speaking of the National Post (which we totally were… way up at the top of the post), John Lott talks to the ageless wonder, Darren Oliver.

In his latest “bullpen” piece for the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin talks about how the Jays exposed flaws in the system with their unorthodox drafting, among many, many other things.

At Bill James Online, John Dewan writes about the Jays’ shifty “Lawrie Defense” and the flaw in the DRS metric that was, until recently, exposed by it.

At Bluebird Banter, Tom Dakers asks if you’d be disappointed if the Jays didn’t make a big trade before the deadline. (Me, personally? Yes.) And elsewhere he runs us through the Jays bullpen, with some background on each shitty arm (and the good ones, too!).

Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail writes that this is a big week for the Jays, which may decide how they approach the trade deadline.

Jays Journal looks at which Jays prospects were hot over the last week.

Lastly, Minor League Ball makes a composite of the just-released mid-season top prospects lists from their site, Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, and Keith Law. Travis d’Arnaud is the top Jays prospect on the list of 60, coming in at 11th. He’s followed by Aaron Sanchez (38), Jake Marisnick (40), Anthony Gose (44), Noah Syndergaard (52) and Justin Nicolino (56).

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  1. Pretty sure jays have an option on oliver and unless he retires or is traded i see that beeing picked up.


    ESPN Insider “trade that needs to happen”:
    Trade No. 5: Toronto Blue Jays second baseman Kelly Johnson to San Francisco Giants for shortstop Joe Panik

    I’d hope that KJ could fetch a bit more than just one B prospect, but I suppose he’s playing himself down to that level, especially with no control or compensation attached beyond this season. I get the feeling that people (i.e. the Wandy Rodriguez over Justin Upton crowd) would get the pitchforks out if AA pulled the trigger on a KJ trade that got this in return.

    • Joe Panik? Why not Tommy Terrified or Sammy Shitshispants? I don’t like the sound of this. Frankly, the whole thing scares me.

  3. i don’t think the jays need another prospect, especially a shortstop. I think kj is our second bagger next year also.

  4. On the whole jays should be sellers business: why? They don’t need prospects. They’ve got plenty of those. Ain’t gonna happen. Regardless of how the next few weeks goes.

    • Absolutely nothing wrong with getting more prospects for guys who aren’t coming back next year.

      • Exactly. Just because you have arguably the best farm in baseball doesn’t mean you can keep adding to it. Eventually the farm will have to be used for acquiring solid MLB players anyway.

  5. “@Buster_ESPN Arizona is among those interested in Chase Headley, but keep in mind: Padres and D-Backs have strained relations, complicating deal-making.”

    Get in there, Alex!

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  6. God Cecil is painful to watch

  7. AA now has a better read on what he has to work with going forward. The focus is building up the big league club to contend in 2013 and beyond. They have put in place the past three years a significant minor league base that can absorb reasonable (you have to give to receive) prospect loss to build at the major league level. We need two, 2/3 level starters and another big bat, preferably lefthanded. And the BP needs more tweaking. Those upgrades might come from within but more likely most will cost us prospects and some of our spare parts identified this year. AA can limit prospect losses by going the FA route or trades. Obviously the latter is his preference and is usually cheaper…perhaps just as successful too. I think the question we all need to ask is does Rogers increase payroll to take on the new additions that make TO a legit contender starting in 2013? In the fourth largest sports market in North America (and TO has demonstrated that they’re a huge baseball market too in the past- record setting actually), a 80-90 million dollar payroll will not cut it in the AL East. In the NL East maybe, but not the AL East for “sustained” success as an organization. Personally, I don’t think that Rogers will raise payroll to 120 million or more each year going forward and all of Paul’s and AA’s work up to now will go for not. I know Paul and AA disagree with that statement but that’s my feelings at the moment. I don’t think that Rogers has the same desire to bring a WS Championship to TO and Canada as did Labatts in the past. I think Rogers are happy to rake in the profits during their broadcasts and other collaterals and keep the interest of the public right on the cusp of exhaustion for a winner. Of course, the next week or so will tell the tale plus this offseason. If nothing much happens by the start of next season, we’ll know if AA and Paul really have access to the Rogers vault to build on the excellent work both men have done for baseball in TO and Canada. The team, figuratively and literally, until the all the injuries piled up, was telling them they’re ready to compete. In fact, despite of all the injuries, they’re still close to the second wildcard. So, I’m hoping Paul and AA are honest men..hoping for the best but expecting anything at this point.

  8. If Escobar could net us a big return – do it!
    I can’t see AA sending Johnson out for a B prospect unless Johnson made it known that he won’t resign or unless the “B” prospect is someone another team covets (for a later deal)

    I’m fine with selling some of the pieces – the whole plan is for 2013 & beyond. We have locked up most of the important guys. We are seeing if Lind & Gose are ready to be part of the unit (nice if Snider was getting the shot). Hopefully we bring in a solid SP or two in off-season either through trade or free agency

  9. Jays Fan in NJ I agree. The thing with prospects is they’re just prospects. The goal it to turn prospects into major leaguers whether through development or trades. One important consideration around our farm system and waiting for it to mature before spending money on the major league roster and that is the Yankees have a really good farm system too. Perhaps not as good as ours but still a good system and so does TB and Boston. With that knowledge, I’m certain AA and his staff have identified who they will or will not part with in any deal to improve the club. Many of those prospects will not be stars. If it’s year one or two of stashing prospects away, I’d have done like AA has done. But it’s three complete drafts, international signings and we have a tremendous system. We can trade but be smart about it.

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