While it won’t quite be his full-fledged debut, as we saw him in action a little bit last night, this afternoon Jays fans are getting the full Gose, as the prospect not only cracks the lineup, but finds himself at the top of it– all while wearing Cito Gaston’s number 43, no less!

It all feels a little… soon. But I can’t deny that it’s fun as shit watching the fastest player in a Jays uniform since, I don’t know, Otis Nixon?

Maybe I’m forgetting someone, but regardless, point is, the kid is damn fast. It’s kind of awesome.

That’s all.


John Lott of the National Post talks to Gose, who says he was surprised Travis Snider didn’t get the call-up, and praises Snider’s hard work, great season, and all the help he’s given him.

Lott also has a full story up on the tweets of his we posted earlier, regarding Colby Rasmus, Tony La Russa and their missed connection.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels reviews Gose as his Prospect of the Day.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star doesn’t think the Bautista injury changes much about the Jays’ deadline strategy,

MLBTR passes along a piece from Bob Nightengale of USA Today in which he says that the Diamondbacks will (italics mine) trade Justin Upton. OK, then!

Baseball America lists the amount of money spent on draft bonuses over the last two years, and if you add the columns up, the Jays find themselves third in baseball, having handed out $21.4825-million.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s edition of Getting Blanked.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose RF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
R. Davis LF
O. Vizquel SS

R. Romero LHP

New York Yankees

D. Jeter DH
N. Swisher RF
M. Teixeira 1B
A. Rodriguez 3B
R. Cano 2B
A. Jones LF
J. Nix SS
R. Martin C
D. Wise CF

H. Kiroda RHP


Image via Mike Strobe/Getty.

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  1. That $21 million does not include international signings, does it? Still, 3rd overall is nice to see, but only confirms what was readily apparent: The Jays milked the system and spent money where it could really do some good long term.

    • It doesn’t count international signings. And indeed you’re right.

      • ..but the Rogers doesn’t spend any money, how can this be?

        • It’s amazing that the relative pittance spent on draft picks and international free agents is continually used as evidence that Rogers are not cheap.

          I am not one who believes Rogers will never spend; but let’s not pretend they don’t have a decade long history that suggests otherwise and fans should, at the least, be skeptical of their future spending plans based on their past performance.

          • $21 mil is still $21 mil.
            I agree they can still spend more, but when it comes to draft picks, they have continually paid overslot prices to get the guys they want.

          • You’re right. If Rogers doesn’t severly overpay someone soon there’s going to continue to be a bunch whiny bitches in Jayland.

          • The real problem I have with that argument is that the decade you highlight was mostly spent under the tenure of the previous GM, whose judgment in terms of spending the dollars given him (Wells contract, Thomas signing, Rios contract, Ryan signing, etc., etc.) can be seen as questionable at best, making giving him free reign over an unlimited budget seem fairly risky. Add in the aforementioned examples of spending, and the fact that the Jays were never exactly laggards in terms of actual spending (but rather only when compared with the ridiculous pair within their division) and your argument loses a lot of steam.

          • @ Paul

            It’s not as though JP was/is the only GM spending poorly. See the Red Sox for a same-division example. And yet they continually try to contend.

            Fullmer is the true pioneer on this site of bashing Rogers and he does it better than I ever could. But to borrow a line from him, one above average ML payroll in over a decade is not something that should be admired.

            AA is doing a tremendous job and is spending the meagre budget he is given pretty much as efficiently as he can. And I believe Rogers will support him in the coming years.

            But, please. Every time $2 million is spent on an amateur it’s used as proof that Rogers isn’t cheap. Look at the ENTIRE pie (draft spending, international and ML payroll) and consider the market.

            Consider the fact that the Jays are not deemed worthy of a competitive balance draft pick today.

            • I completely agree, but has there really been a situation where a ton of money could of given us great value? Has there been the perfect young free agent that could of been in on and weren’t?

              AA shouldn’t be spending money for the sake of it, and I’ll reserve judgement on Rogers until they don’t spend money that could really help this club (extensions, short-term free agents when we’re in contention)

          • @ Oleg. That Darvish kid is looking pretty good as I watch Ricky Ro’s flaming catastrofuck of a start.

        • They have had a lot of high draft picks and spent overslot in large part because of Alex Anthopolous.

          Obviously this has been a terrific strategy, but it isn’t proof that Rogers are spending generously.

          The Jays ate $6 million on Roy Halladay’s contract to acquire better prospects. This was smart on AA’s part. But let’s not ignore that they saved $9 million on the transaction as well.

          As others have said, we can appreciate what AA is doing without deluding ourselves to believing Rogers is supporting the team adequately.

          • Can we have a one day moratorium on arguing about Rogers’ thrift/generosity? I think we can all agree that they didn’t spend any money today, at the very least…

          • AA is either not getting the money from Rogers, or is afraid to spend, knowing that once he dives in and gets a major free agent or three that Rogers will expect on field improvements.

            Money on prospects is nice, but you can see from this series what spending money on major league talent gives you verses just on the minor leagues.

          • @ Oleg

            Jackson & Kuroda come to mind. Espescially Jackson since he hung out in free agency for a long time and presumably would have gladly taken the Jays’ money if it were a touch higher than the Nationals offer.

          • I didn’t add it up for every team, but roughly it looks like they are 3rd, but not outspending everyone – they seem to be in a 2-year spending bracket (+/- ~20%) with 9 or 10 teams?

            I’m not really on either side of the cheapfucks debate, but it seems a little dishonest – perhaps not intentional – to just say the Jays are 3rd highest spenders over 2 years without contextualizing? $7 million above the 2-year average is pretty good though.

          • Agreed. The Red Sox spent 10.9 million vs the Jays 11 million in 2011. The Jays spent 10.5 million in 2012 vs 7.9 million by The Red Sox . These differences are immaterial relative to the payroll gap at the MLB level.

            I am sure that AA would spend wisely if he was allocated an extra 20 -30 million per year.

  2. The baseball gods clearly don’t want me to see Gose leading off, so they’ve orchestrated a thunderstorm.

  3. Dirk Hayhurst: “I honestly did compare Snider to Trout (at the time of his debut concerning upside) but there is peculiar case of Millar, Cito, & Ricciardi”

    Curious how he thinks those three guys (particularly Millar) stunted Snider’s development.

  4. The Jays are only 3rd?!?! WTF Rogers spend some money!

  5. Is Gose that much faster then Davis?

  6. Over/under on number of “Competitive Balance” lottery picks Anthopoulous picks up from other teams: 1.5.

  7. Shannon Stewart had some legs for a couple seasons too don’t forget

  8. Welp, Gose sucks.

  9. Wow… RF is a complete fucking joke in this ball park, I say it all the time but jesus, can the players even feel good about hitting a hardball coming in at 90+ a whopping 320 ft?

    Id like to see how many of Granderson’s homers would have gone out of a big boy ball park. I know there has to be a spray chart for him somewhere.

  10. Fuck me sideways.

  11. I think I’ve seen this episode before.

  12. I waited through a rain delay for THIS?

  13. Wow looks like the staff ace is acing it up once again today, gee am I ever glad weve had a rock of an ace to stand tall and pull this rotation together at a time of need.

    Serve up some more BP loser.

  14. F ME

  15. Can we DFA Ricky? Need Brett Cecil up in this bitch.

    • Send him and his temper tantrums somewhere else.

      I love how people always talk about his “compete level” and how he “never backs down from anyone” etc etc to cover up the fact that he isnt and never has been an ace starter.

      Now were seeing it.

  16. Right now our top five, in order is probably: Villanueva, Laffey, Cecil, Romero, Alvarez. Got to admit, I didn’t see that one coming this spring.

  17. a shitfest by the ace in the first, great . im outta here we need a rainout now. gose is very unlucky in his major debut

  18. Fuck me, how bad to the jays need to be before buck and tabs say anything critical?

    it’s goddamn embarassing

    • the way they broadcast they cant criticize anyone.they fuckin suck blue jay cock

    • love your law blog

    • Its been like that since day fuckin one. I think it took the first 30 games before they even questioned an umps call.

      FamousAmazingGuy says:
      07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
      not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  19. Did you see that clip of texiera talking on the bench , you could see he was talking about a tell on rickys 4 seamer

  20. Wait they’re kicking the shit out of us with Jayson Nix AND Dewayne Wise in the lineup? Are you fucking kidding me?

    • Lol I take it back. That’s the second night in a row Jayson Nix massacred a rally by getting caught stealing while our pitcher was melting down.

  21. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah..ricky romero was shit..but fuck me Rajai Davis is a terrible outfielder.

    he goes back to the wall. does a completely unnecessary jump…ball hits below his glove. they give cano a double.

    meanwhile, lawrie hits a ball to third that he would have beat out anyway..arod throws it away..they score it an error all the way instead of a hit and error.

    • Amen
      Please tell me why we are subjetced to Davis being an everyday player?!?! He’s a great weapon off the bench and despite his speed may as well be Corey Fucking Patterson playing LF!!

      • Davis is great at stealing third base when we are up or down ten runs.

      • Long time listeners will remember that we parlayed Corey Patterson’s complete lack of talent and mirage like hot streaks into a pretty decent outfielder. If we’re still subjected to Rajai after July 31st, I’ll be with you. Until then, assume trade bait.

        • I know, I hear you…and one can only hope, but in the meantime…FUUUUCCCKKK

          • Davis’s slogan should be “I’m better than Corey Patterson.” They seem to be pukefully disgusting in similar things (defense, IQ, hitting, not striking out). In the one area Davis has value, he’s better than Patterson.

  22. I say we cut our losses now and deal RickyRo for a Trout-Trumbo-Haren package. Throw in a reliever if we have to.

  23. That looked like Classic Lind.

  24. “give em an off day before an off day, and it’s like a weeks vacation” – Buck

    uuuuhhhhhhhhhh…. not.. quite.

  25. The only saving grace so far for me is being at work and not able to watch this….

  26. Looks like Romero is using the approach of let-eveybody-else-reach-base-and-pitch-to-Martin-and-Nix-as-often-as-possible.

    So far so …. very very bad.

  27. Remember how before the year began AA was begrudging the fact that the outfield defense was terrible last year? He said this in the context of the defense being much better this year, and acted as if Thames was vastly improved in his defense.

    that lasted a couple innings as game 1 vs cleveland thames butchered a fly ball into a double and it has sucked since.

    none of these fuckers can hit a cutoff man. rasmus makes great plays and then drops routine balls.

    and yet we have a very competent outfielder in vegas who has not gotten his shot because AA “wants him to go a full year at one level” ???

    yeah.AA how bout that level be the majors instead of fucking vegas.

    i would like someone to defend AA’s treatment of snider this year….

    • undefensable! and I don’t care if that’s not a word
      generally I am page with AA and his moves…but the bullpen shuffle and the LF situation is just too much to handle anymore

    • Agreed. Sadly, it appears that Snider won’t get a chance to play for the jAYS THIS YEAR.

  28. Kuroda just struck out the first two guys behind Kelly. I wish I could bet on him striking out the side

  29. Isn’t a high breaking ball a bad pitch? Weird how we swing through them and they crush them.

  30. I have neither range nor the ability to hit at all.

  31. At what point does Alex realize he has exactly ONE starting pitcher with the ability to even compete in this division and his name is Brandon Morrow and he is generally good for 1 or 2 DL stints a year.

    The whole “plan” is crumbling before our eyes. The sky has indeed fallen.

    You can’t really fault AA for the fact that his pitching staff has completely shit the bed in every way imaginable, but what the fuck to do going forward is a pretty big concern in my eyes.

    You can’t really expect to compete next year with this shit show, it’s going to take a minimum of 2 PROVEN guys acquired between now and April, and I don’t know if AA has the stomache to fork out what that would cost.

    • Bottom of the second inning. That might be a new record for hysteria.

    • It would be crazy to think that the SP haven’t shit the bed.. but just because you get 2 proven guys does not guarantee that they won’t go the way of Ricky Romero – who before this year – ALL of us would certainly at least called him proven.

      Bad shit happens. This season an incredible amount of bad shit has happened to our pitchers. I’m not saying AA shouldn’t have brought in another guy to pitch – but some of this cannot be placed on his shoulders.

    • “u can’t really fault AA for the fact that his pitching staff has completely shit the bed in every way imaginable, but what the fuck to do going forward is a pretty big concern in my eyes.”

      Why can’t we blame him? It was clear to everyone during the off season that the starting rotation needed to be improved drastically. Instead, he naively believed McGowan and Cecil would somehow save this team and Rogers would pat him on the head for being a good little GM and not spending more money.

      The Jays were more concerned about overhauling their marketing than putting a winner on the field. And I guess their gamble paid off, because there’s a lot of Jays shirts and caps all over Toronto now.

  32. The Jays never really stood a chance this season. Alex Anthopoulos was too busy trying to pull off the perfect trades so he can enhance his reputation as the new boy wonder GM when he should have been more flexible in terms of filling our massive holes at 1B, LF and SP.

  33. brett lawrie should be used as trade bait

  34. Fuck..i went to pinch off a loaf and five seconds later the jays at bat was over

  35. Trade Proposal: Yunel for Trevor Bauer. Feel free to crap on it all you want.

  36. #freetravissnider

  37. Okay, I’m getting as tired of Alex Anthopoulos’ Neville Chamberlain impression as the next guy but we should try to be more honest about what ails this team. Its not realistic to say that AA should’ve paid some guy 8 million to be what we thought would be a sixth starter.
    The real issue is that we somehow have ZERO pitchers in AAA ready to play in the majors! How is that even possible? We had to pay the Royals for one of their shitty pitchers! THE ROYALS!!! Next year, when McGuire and co were supposed to be ready, it’ll be on AA. But for now we should all marvel at how shitty JPR was at his job.

    • We like 20 other teams will be haunted by that fact that we got Chad Jenkins (gross) instead of the Trout

    • It’s possible because of 8 years of JP Ricciardi drafting piece of shit middle infielders, calling them “polished” and “capable” instead of trying for the gusto, and creating a system full of AAAA mike McCoys with no pitching depth. It takes time to rebuild a system, especially with pitchers, who take years to develop.

  38. cant fuckin trade him now

  39. oh my fuckkk

  40. Lawrie’s a fucking idiot. That was so dumb.

  41. achilles banged

  42. I am truly a fucking idiot

  43. that is his season gone, broken leg

  44. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Fuck Brett – stop jumping over fences for fucks sakes!!!

  46. Did lawrie just break leg?

    • That replay looked like a broken leg…

      That shit isn’t AGGRO

    • And a little blood from scrapes on both arms and it looked like his jaw or tongue got messed up too or he was just in a shit-tonne of pain.

  47. that honestly gave me a heart attack, he could have broken his fuckingg neck

    • I was thinking the same thing he’s very lucky that was a long fall on a very hard surface, hope he’s okay in terms of life not baseball.

      Baseball he might be out for awhile his leg hit something hard on his way down his back and one of his elbows was dripping in blood and he was holding that same arm with that elbow awkwardly, like how you hold a broken arm…. of course I’m no doctor.

  48. It’s just a flesh wound!

  49. Lawrie with the fucking suicide attempt. UNREAL

  50. What the fuck are Tabs and Buck talking about? That injury was not some woe is me bad luck play. that was totally preventable and only an idiot agro red bull overdosing raver would attempt such a play in a 4-0 game.

    Even we baseball GODS did not anticipate such entropy

  51. Am I the only one with a semi-boner after watching that?? Love this guy

    • You are just fucking stupid man, Lawrie looked like he was going to throw up or pass out or both when they stood him up. He is badly hurt and you like it because you “love this guy”?? Get a grip on yourself.

      • hahaha settle down. I am at work and only saw the play. Love the heart in this guy. If he had made the catch it would be full on raging. All he cared about was the moment and making the play.

      • +1. He looked fucking sick after he got up.

        FamousAmazingGuy says:
        07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
        not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  52. If Rogers wasn’t so cheap, we’d have a better bench. Now we’re going to be stuck with Vizquel’s power bat at 3B for the next few weeks.

    Great job again AA.

  53. Please help me. I have only gameday. What did Lawrie do and what happened to him?

    • There are no words to described, but given our deity status, we will attempt.

      He went over to the camera bay to try and catch a foul ball. he held onto the rail with one arm..leaned in…but his momentum caused him to flip completely over into the bay…on his way down, his right heel slammed on part of the railing and it looked like it did so with some decent velocity.

      he got up and was hobbling quite badly. just imagine taking a baseball bat and slamming in into the back of your heal

    • I only saw it once, on a replay, so this is probably incomplete, but he ran/leaned over the railing of the broadcast pit next to the dugout to make a play on a foul pop-up but his momentum carried him over clean over. Problem is, the pit’s deep. He fell completely out of sight to the bottom.

  54. How bad does it look, people with TVs?

    • Pretty fucking bad. His leg smashed off a railing…. definite chance for breakage. Then he fell another few feet.

      Did not make the catch either.

    • Bad long fucking fall. At first I thought maybe it’s not that far, because you see the camera guy standing there but apparently there’s a deeper part and Lawrie found it.
      Looked really bad, he walked with though… could have been worse, could ahve been carried out.

      Buck and Tabs just said it could be a broken leg… could not though.

      • If they said he broke his leg he should be fine.

      • I shattered my ankle last summer and I was able to take a few steps before the pain really registered, not saying he broke anything but taking a few steps isn’t a good indicator

      • Meant he walked away with help. he could have been carried off.

        He’s lukcy basically.

    • Churrasco served on tits cannot repair this.

      • If he walked away it doesn’t seem hugely likely that its a broken leg. Plus what the fuck do Buck and fucking Tabby know anyway.

        • He was walking away leaning on two people could have been using one leg. Hard to tell because they disappeard into the tunnel not to long after.

          Buck: right calf injury, x rays coming.

    • As it was said above it looked like he was going to passout or puke when he got up. He looked to be in alot of pain. Hard to imagine it is more than a bruise/contusion.
      He looks fucked!

      FamousAmazingGuy says:
      07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
      not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  55. I have a job simply because I look like General Zod

  56. Stuck at work…did he at least make the catch?

  57. After all that’s happened this year, I’m surprised it took this long for the most predictable of injuries to finally occur.

    • agreed. If he goes on the DL, will it be with an overdose of #WANT, an Aggressive RBR (red bull related) Strain, or just a case of over-taxing his DIMED capacity?


  59. He really should have caught that.

  60. I usually wouldn’t laugh at someone getting hurt, but the fact that it’s this asshole makes this too funny. Get the fuck away from this team .

  61. Lawrie is the biggest idiot I have ever seen. You’re a third baseman, do you even know theres a camera well 20 feet to your right?



  63. brett’s superman routine goes for a kerfluffle. the jays mantra is not to take the aggressive away from lawrie. they must realize that no brains is a detriment to adjustments in thinking on the fly. this guy should have been noticed as a hothead and huge risk and shipped out when value increased. AA in pickle though with canadians wanting one on the roster. i want talent over nationality.and he is seriously hurt with that look on his face.he wanted to cry it hurt so much.he is out the rest of the year

    • oh shut up.

    • Congratulations. You’re the shittiest man of the day!

      • fuckoff ,6 minutes before his spill i posted for his trade. look it up all you shitheads. pussies all of you. the truth is he is emotionally stunted and he can catch and hit a ball. this move without the injury hampers his trade value. get your soft pussy like feelings out of my posts. sport is for men

    • You are a fucking loser.

    • It is quite clear that you have never played this game away from your own little prick of a joystick. There is no curse in English, French or castellano sufficient or necessary here. I am far more sad for you than for Señor Lawrie.

      • another fuckin idiot who thinks that you have to be an athlete to be a fan. not like AA ever played in the majors.. fuck off you dumb cuntttt

    • Somebody got beat up by the jocks in high school…

      • if you are referring to me you couldnt be more wrong. i played many sports and in all my fights i am unbeaten. wrestling team and martial arts do wonders

        • I have climbed all of the mightiest peaks of Asia and ruled the tribes of the Amazon. When the Nepalese want to hike everest they ask me to be their sherpa.
          Once, the people of Sumeria called me a legend; i was so insulted that I went back in time and kicked the shit out of Gilgamesh.

  64. Should we just switch entire rosters with Vegas save for Edwin?

  65. He basically filpped over on purpose to catch the ball thinking his arm would hold the railing and keep him form falling, it didn’t work.

    Hope he’s okay but jesus he goes way to far on the field, definitely needs to dial it down.

    • I think he also mis-gauged the depth of the pit, wouldn’t have been nearly so bad without the 7 foot drop.

  66. That was a painful excruciating look on his face, he looked ready to cry, which for Bretzky, may be an unknown action. Wow, really hope that is not some type of “limiting” injury with long lasting effects

    • It was hard to watch … I thought he was going to puke.

      • I think I coughed up a few chunks watching it. But also just ate 7 day old KFC earlier for breakfast.

        FamousAmazingGuy says:
        07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
        not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  67. Does anyone else think that Sportsnet Radio might back off the “Lawrie sprints through the coaching box and makes a spectacular catch” audio after this one?

    • Much the same as Wilner Wilknot edits his Jaystalk after the fact. Edits out guys making fun of him and the other night edited out at the beginning of the broadcasted when he said there was no way in hell Gose would be called up to replace Bautista and then had to eat craw 10min later….that little nugget seemed to have not made the downloadable audio.

      FamousAmazingGuy says:
      07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
      not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?



  69. I know we’re all sports fans, and that makes us a bit retarded and emotional sometimes, but Jesus there are a lot of Douches on this comment board.

    • rimshot.

    • Humanity has become depressing not alot of caring individulas, the guy could have broken his fucking neck.

      • yeah but we see he didnt, you fuckin moron

        • Still could have broken something else moron.

          (Screams in crowd) “oh shit someone help that boy he could have broken his neck”, “is it broken” .
          “No” replys a women “but he could have a broken his leg or arm, looks like his calfs fucked”.
          “But no broken neck”,(pasues) well fuck him, I’m getting a drink”.

    • fuckoff then

  70. Holy fuck the comment section is bleak today.

    • It was near unreadable last night.
      But I did harvest this nugget below…

      FamousAmazingGuy says:
      07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
      not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  71. This team is cursed.

  72. Thank you Brett. You are a REAL teammate. Your idiotic play that resulted in an unfortunate injury will take away all attention from my pedestrian effort.

    Again..Thank you and God speed

  73. So I see that Bautista and Lawrie are gone in the same series.

    Who completes the trifecta? Rasmus? Encarnacion?

  74. I really hope that Parkes doesn’t get to write the post on this… I like most of his stuff, but I can smell the smarm on that post already.

  75. I’m embarrassed to be a Blue Jay fan after listening to you guys……

    I guess you all want Vernon Wells & Bobby Abreu and watch them jog after balls they couldn’t get.
    Then we can trade our whole farm system for three crap pitchers that aren’t any better than Aaron Laffey and be shocked when they don’t perform.
    Then we can make A-Rod type signings so we can be loaded with .250 hitters making 25 million a year – much better than the garbage you all think the Jays are.

    No wonder God curses this team….

  76. I honestly think Brett had no idea how steep that fall was going to be. I think he felt it was about a couple foot drop

  77. Anybody have a link to the replay? Can’t find one on the Jays site yet!

  78. I have to say that injury looked way more like it would be to the ACL/tendon area than his bone.

    Not a diagnosis – but commentary on the super slow mo they showed on SN.

  79. Well since everyone’s feeling bleak I can do the opposite of my comment a few days ago and see what prospects we can get if we trade the entire team away.

    I bet we could get Profar for Bautista.

  80. Quit whining Buck and Tabs. Its fucking pro sports. Next man up. injuries happen.

  81. Every fucking game this fucking Ricky has to throw one of those hanging breaking balls. An it usually gets crushed

  82. Does anyone find it odd that Hutchison all of a sudden starts throwing 94 mph and two starts later , he injurs his UCL? Coincidence…I dont think so.

  83. Wait a second…

    With Lawrie out, is Hech or Gomes getting the callup?

  84. You know you’re a shitty pitcher when wise and nix and pummelling you.

  85. Wilner has now officially brought out the “The Rays were only 9 games out on Sept. 1 last year!” card. We’re really scraping the bottom of the optimism barrel here.

  86. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3q4edi/ Jays analysis from reddit.com/r/TorontoBlueJays user rony31 …

  87. If some of you are just joking fine, but if some of you are actually not making a joke and really think Lawrie is an asshole and should be shipped out of here a long time ago… then what the fuck. I’d be concerned if I watched some stranger fall down a fucking manhole, or at a scene of a car accident.

    If you don’t care at all that he’s hurt(human being) and you think we could have some one better at 3B… fucking who… talking to you @AA’s prognastication fetish for young troubled men.

    • They’re dick heads. It’s funny, I always make fun of Leaf fans for being reactionary idiots (despite the fact I am one), but holy shit, there’s just as many inbred Jays fans I think. It’s like, worse than “Jays Talk” right now.

    • I think people just look for an excuse to let out the anger burning them up. Sports is a good spot for it I suppose, but it sure is unpleasant for people who actually enjoy the game.

    • talking to me the third? i remember after him flying into the stands in skydome and fans saying for him to cool it. are you surprised he did this? nobody is. maybe you are young and dumb and full of cum but it doesnt excuse your it is a car accident. he wasnt going to die and he chose to do the superman. and i didnt call him an asshole. the guy is a liability because he is like a woman who cant control their emotions. to be a man is to be rock solid especially when adversity comes a callin. and i may be hardened to mishaps as i have watched people actually die, limbs cut off, skin peel off in sheets and i have been hit by a truck. so take your pusssiness to someone else

      • Congratulations. I don’t believe Stoeten has had this much cause to hit the button in quite a while.

        • fuckoff ,whatever you good chiuachiua. getting taken out for what.opinion not to your liking. go hump someone elses leg mutt

      • hahahaha that was the best comment ever. “To be a man is to be rock solid especially when adversity comes a callin.” Priceless. Is that like a Toby Keith lyric or something?

        • hahahaha at least someone is laughing today. nothin but snivelling whiny fucks on here today.

      • “… i may be hardened to mishaps as i have watched people actually die, limbs cut off..”

        Your Xbox, PS3, whatever doesn’t count. Maybe you should read your posts before hitting “Post Comment” you sound like a dumb shit. GTFO

        • It reminds me of that episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Danny Devito keeps thinking the story of Rambo: First Blood is his own life.

          • too bad your life doesnt match up. go watch another movie to refence life. instead of you know ,living one. wow are there ever alot of losers in here that need to respond to a comment. self important fuckheads

        • and 403 feels the need to put his argument in. an x box comment and dumb shit.hahaha i dont play video games motherfucker.gtfo yourself clown

      • That truck should’ve tried harder.

  88. Wilner is such a fat pathetic tool.

    I guess he skipped his classes on ethics while in j-school.

  89. X rays negative!!!! yeah mother fucker! Day to day!!!

    • That is the best thing that’s happened to me at work in weeks!

      • How is the rubber gag ball factory gig working out for you?

        FamousAmazingGuy says:
        07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
        not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  90. I feel like we’re due for our requisite run or two this inning, after which the bats will be quiet until we load the bases in the top of the 9th.

  91. day to fucking day motherfucker

  92. Buck and Pat. please do the following for me…just as a favor



    • They do that a lot, last start or maybe tow starts ago they said Romeros era is almost 6 “(Buck) yeah but look at that win colum 8 wins I’ll take that every year”(Tabby), “some guys just know how to win”(Buck). ” It really is something young pitchers just don’t know how to do”(Tabby). “Exp.(Buck)” “exactly”(Tabby)

      They actually said that shit or very close to it and they played the fucking game. Caught pitchers and seen them pitch well first hand and not pick up the win and still think like that…. What the Fuck!

  93. Lawrie is a part of the foundation of this team. Our 3B for the next 10 years – Canadian or not. To blame him for trying too hard is completely idiotic. My guess is that he was trying to inspire his team mates considering the early deficit and possible sweep. You can not try too hard. Usually it’s “with the money he’s making you’d think he’d try at least!” Make up your minds.

    • So then you are claiming lawrie is a child and cannot throttle back in non critical situations and use common sense? Sounds to me like YOU are the one insulting him..not people who think he could actually be reasonable about such things.

      • Nope. Trying to inspire down by 4 early. Your theory is that when down by 4 early they should try less hard. Interesting strategy. Fall behind and stop trying so hard. Sounds like a great way of losing alot of games. Thanks for INFORMING me.

        • +1 if all athletes tried as hard as Brett Lawrie, sports would be much more enjoyable

        • Baseball is not a game where you can inspire people to success with Ra Ra lets go bullshit. you are much more likely to get injured (example) doing such things rather than accomplish your goals which are getting on base and getting people out.

          if you watch the replay carefully, you can clear see that had Lawrie used his head instead of his animalism, he could have simply leaned in and caught the ball. it wasn’t even that far over the rail.

  94. are you fucking kidding me, fat Andruw Jones dials back to 2000 for a Memory of My Youth catch


  96. I think the Jays need to get a few more major league depth guys next year……

  97. Buck can you stop joking about how bad a hitter you were? Yes we know you sucked and the joke was somewhat funny the first 10 times but now after making the same joke for 3 years and 2156 times, I think it’s time to come up with some new material.

  98. and yet another leadoff double squandered…
    lather, rinse, repeat…sigh

  99. Looks like Ol’ Brett only had one of these


  100. Can we please fire murphy once and for all. I don’t care where the jays rank in runs scored. There is no consistency. They have no idea how to hit where the ball is pitched, how to hit with 2 strikes. It’s alwasy home run all the time. Any time they face a good pitcher it’s game over.

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