Top Dog: Edwin Encarnacion, 3.4%
The Worst: Brett Cecil, -9.8%
Worst Bat: Yunel Escobar, -7.7%
Impact AB: Encarnacion Leadoff Double, Top 2nd, 6.0%
Impact Pitch: Andruw Jones 3-Run HR, Bot 2, 16.8%
Highest Leverage AB: Escobar Bunt, Top 7, 1.72
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Jones HR, Bot 2, 1.81
Lineup Contribution: -35.2%
Pitching Contribution: -14.8%
Average Leverage Index: 1.02
Chart explanation

If you stayed around long enough you got to watch Anthony Gose’s first MLB hit, so that’s nice.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

Comments (7)

  1. And with it being a crappy day game, I miss Gose’s first start….. Joy!

  2. fucking yankees.

  3. I guess it was a hit…. that’s not exactly the kind of first hit you tell your grandkids about.

    • It seemed to be an intentional slap-bunt/hit; like he was trying to put it between pitcher and Jeter. It looked too ugly to be a real bunt attempt.

  4. How abysmal to have bunted in the highest leverage hitting situation.

  5. For the sake of accuracy, this graph should have started at 0%

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