Intrigue-ish today from Yankee Stadium, as Tony La Russa showed up to give Colby Rasmus his World Series ring, but unfortunately young Cleatus, though in the building, didn’t actually speak to him.

John Lott of the National Post followed the “situation” on Twitter, which seems to be a whole lot of nothing– yet I suppose it’s always a story of some kind or another when La Russa and Rasmus are involved, tiresome as that is, and over it as we may be.


So… there’s that.

It’s not exactly an easy one to get worked up about, is it? Not sure why La Russa would bother now that they’ve both moved on and Colby is enjoying success elsewhere, but who is anybody to say it wasn’t totally in good faith or that Colby isn’t being completely truthful in explaining why they didn’t connect?

I guess it gives us something to talk about until the game starts, at least.


Image via the Sporting News.

Comments (21)

  1. While Tony La Russa was there, he had to bring in a left handed specialist to deliver the ring.

  2. I think it’s clear that this actually IS a big deal. If the Jays had a chance this season, it would have been because Colby met with TLR. Now that he’s snubbed him, we can kiss that wild card goodbye.

    • Actually I think that it is more likely that Farrell and Co. were hiding Rasmus from exposure to TLR like Adam Lind should be hidden from left handed pitching. No Mo’ Mojo stealin!

  3. Apparently Cletus was mudriddin’ at the time.

  4. TLR (singing): “Now you’re just somebody that I used to know…”

  5. If anyone hasn’t seen The Org Guy’s series of tweets about this scenario, I highly recommend them:

  6. Just TLR looking for more media attention following the All Star game.

  7. I think it’s funny that the responsibility to get it to Colby fell on LaRussa. Did he volunteer, or did someone in the organization just think it would be funny?

  8. im a huge rasmus fan so dont take this the wrong way but how the hell did he end up with a world series ring

  9. Why the hell would TLR deliver the ring anyways !? There had to be any number of people or ways to get a ring to rasmus without satans dad bringing it to Yankee stadium…. Or was this the only way he could get into the stadium? He had to be invited ! Woohaha A-Rod I’m here to collect that soul you owe me boy !

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