Top Dog: Brett Lawrie (lol), 3.2%
The Worst: Ricky Romero, -27.7%
Worst Bat: Colby Rasmus, -6.2%
Impact AB: Lawrie Reached On Error, Top 1st, 3.9%
Impact Pitch: Mark Teixeira 2-Run HR, Bot 1, 12.4%
Highest Leverage AB: Edwin Encarnacion F7, Top 1, 1.26
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Teixeira HR, Bot 1, 1.20
Lineup Contribution: -21.6%
Pitching Contribution: -27.7%
Average Leverage Index: 0.46
Chart explanation

Getting the fuck out of New York sounds like a pretty good idea.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. we desperately need a top of the order pitcher plus help in the pen if we want to compete next year. our offense is good (top 5 in runs scored) but our pitching sucks!

    • Our offense is good? Get a grip.

    • Wait, WAIT – hold the phone. Sorry. Did you just say we need pitching? Shit… I guess we hadn’t really thought of that. Fuck!
      All this time we’ve been sitting here, running this team, thinking our starting pitching was in great shape, but then – bang! Like a flash grenade of truth!
      Now that you’ve brought this up, I think we’ll just go to the Starting Pitcher Store to buy a new one. As a matter of fact, do you think we should get 2, if there’s some sort of sale? God, I feel like such an idiot – just the other day a lights-out, affordable, AL-experienced left-handed starting pitcher with great stuff and low injury risk walked up to my office wondering if we were hiring, and I said “Sorry, I don’t think we need you right now” – what a dolt I feel like, now that you’ve brought this up!

  2. Romero will likely be better than this next year, and Morrow will return (hopefully) to form. Santos will also be back next year to close. If the whole team was healthy this year we’d be in a pretty good place.

    • That’s been the story for the last ten years.

      • Next year isn’t shaping up to be any better. Who is penciled in to start in April?

        Romero (aka D-Train)

        Hutch may still be rehabbing or delaying the inevitable surgery.

        Drabek will not be ready till mid-year

        McGowan? Who the fuck knows.

  3. Did this game get called due to rain, or did Farrell concede the game a la Coach Taylor in that episode of Friday Night Lights?

  4. Well that three game series was a classic case of bullshit. Hopefully Boston offers much better.

  5. How can you even try to compare the jeter dive into the stands to the lawrie dive into the abyss?

    one is in a high leverage siuation in a fucking world series.

    the other is in a near certain loss during another washout season, and into a pit..not people.

    good try though

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