Per a Jays team release, the club has sent Sam “maybe the best overall stuff in our organization” Dyson back to New Hampshire in order to recall versatile corner infielder/catcher/swing-out-of-his-socks-er/celebrating-his-25th-birthday-today-er Yan Gomes.

The move is necessitated, of course, by the untimely death of Brett Lawrie, which occurred yesterday in an ill-placed and improperly-fenced camera pit at a joke stadium in the Bronx. Though, it seems as though his resurrection may be closer at hand than it looked on first blush.

For anyone who saw the incident– and if you somehow haven’t, check the animated GIF at Getting Blanked– or nodded along while reading that Lawrie said afterwards that “it just felt like someone took a bat and crushed me in the back of the leg,” that’s pretty fucking remarkable.

Of course, it’s not like the Jays couldn’t use an extra bat regardless, seeing as I’m pretty sure they had been employing the rather unorthodox 45-man bullpen of late.


Image via Tom Szczerbowski/Getty.

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  1. Yer funny Mr. Stoeten…

  2. I wonder what the Blue Jays record is for most pitchers used in a season. We must be getting close

  3. Lawrie was quoted as saying that his right leg calf felt sore after the superman impersonation. No shit. What I find interesting is the analogy. Something to the effect that it was similar to having his leg struck by a baseball bat.

    How would he know? Has he been struck with a baseball bat in the leg before? Why would he use this analogy? Part of his pre-game routine? His minor league coach? His dad? His girlfriend?

  4. Ummm…they kept saying that they wanted me to get “hot” before they called me up. Well, Im en fuego right now, AND Rajai is back to his old sucky self, complete with dropping fly balls and getting caught trying to steal 3rd with two outs, down by six.

    And you bring up Gomes? Why? Because he can play catcher and I cant? Do you really think you are going to need three catchers?

    Fuck you AA.
    Fuck you.

    • Who kept saying that all Snider has to do is get hot to be called up? They have said that they prefer to call players up when they are hot, but is definitely not the same thing. All I have heard from the Jays consistently all year about Snider is that they him to play a full season at a single level for the first time in his career. You seem to be confusing the comments section on articles like this and thoughts in your head for statements from the team.

      • I am fully aware of that concept. That somehow having me spend an entire year at one level is going to magically propel me to stardom.

        point 1: I dont really believe Alex actually believes this. I think he is more referring to the possible Yo Yo ing back and forth between AAA and MLB, not strictly that I should stay at one level. If I were to be brought up and remained up, mission would be accomplished.

        point 2: if he DOES believe this, then we have a major problem. Next year I have no options. I will have to be on the roster or else I will be gone.

        I will be called up in septebmer of this year regardless. So If I am playing well, and can immediately outperform the stiff you have holding my place warm, is bringing me up FIVE weeks early such a fucking big deal?

        I would like to hear your explanation.

    • Pretty sure Snider doesn’t play on the infield.

    • Ya, it’s almost like you got the message when they called up Gose ahead of you.

  5. I was just thinking, we should all be hoping that Greinke and Hamels get traded at the deadline–and not to us, to boot.

    If I understand this correctly, if they get traded, it no longer costs a draft pick to sign them in the offseason.

    Thus AA can sign one and not have to worry about mortgaging the future.

    • It doesn’t cost a draft pick regardless. What changes is whether the team losing him GETS a compensation pick or not (you only get one if you had the player all year)

    • I was just listening to him on baseball central. How is he a “stats guy?” He has no idea what he’s talking about unless it’s HRs or RBIs.

      Is this some kind of joke?

      • He is so third tier it’s not even funny. Me thinks it’s time Rogers got some Blacktion in their programming.

      • better yet…how did he get on the radio…I had no idea he actually talked like Forest Gump…and if something (bad) actually happened to him to make his voice that way – then please strike me down with a lighning bolt

        I’m just sayin

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