The return Great White Hope! No, not Adam Lind to the damn clean-up spot (or JP Arencibia hitting fifth??!?), it’s Travis Snider’s triumphant-ish return after a long exile in the desert! And John Farrell is calling him his everyday left fielder, according to tonight’s radio broadcast!

Fuck yes. I mean, as intriguing as the tools of Anthony Gose are, I don’t want to live in a world where he stays up and Travis Snider goes down when Jose Bautista– who I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere (probably Twitter) is recovering very well, though my mind is too fried at the moment to remember where– comes off the DL.

Now just stay healthy, baby! And… y’know… don’t suck like you always kinda do.


No scuttlebutt tonight, except to note that JA Happ and Brandon Lyon will not be with the club tonight, as they’re scheduled to join up with their new teammates tomorrow.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose RF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
T. Snider LF
Y. Gomes 3B

A. Laffey LHP

Boston Red Sox

J. Ellsbury CF
C. Crawford LF
D. Pedroia 2B
A. Gonzalez 1B
C. Ross RF
W. Middlebrooks 3B
K. Shoppach C
M. Aviles SS
P. Ciriaco DH

J. Beckett RHP


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  1. Rasmus has been incredibly unlucky this year.

    • yeah his stats would be through the roof if even 50% of the line drives he’s rocketed directly at the firstbaseman went through.

  2. A Laffer tonight. Good game Aaron!

  3. First time all year it feels like we get a commanding win, yet no single mention of making a playoff run, Guess you guys are giving up?
    Personally I would need to see a 5 game win streak to get my hopes going again. Excited to see what trades might happen though.
    And like Stoeten said, AA finally seems intent on improving the CURRENT team for once.

    • Well we are still a game under .500. Though a run could put us back in contention.

      • A run + trade for a good starting pitcher

      • Also, people are pissing at the idea of a wild card coin-flip like it’s nothing. IMO the benefits by playing even in just he coin-flip would be more than most ppl think. Imagine all the interest surrounding the game, fans would realize that ok this team is finally a contender (sort of), should lead to more season tickets.and general optimism surrounding the organization.
        Just my two cents

        • Sure, the Jays in a coin flip game would be crazy. But it could be just one and done.

          Personally I think the Jays have almost no shot at it this year, now. Next year might be completely different.

        • The other thing is, it really is like a coin flip. I would hate to mortgage a real part of the future just for that. I think you have to go for the division, build it to compete for that, and if they fall short into a wildcard spot, then you take your chances and what happens happens.

          • +1000

            Under the new format the ONLY goal of Jays management should be winning the division. Moves should never be made in the hopes of sneaking into a WC spot.

          • I don’t see how this team will be considered favourites to win a division in the near future. The first step is being in contention in September. The next step is fighting for a playoff spot.

            I doubt Rogers would let AA spend 150 million next year to get a guaranteed shot at the division.championship.

            It’s baby steps, people.

        • Agreed. Although a playoff spot is unlikely for the Jays,
          the team would benefit from staying in a playoff race through August.

          The team hasn’t been in a plyoff race since 2000.

  4. sup?

  5. How much more are they going to show the Jays fans there? sheesh.

    • The Boston broadcasters were even talking about how this is the most Jays fans they’ve ever seen there, so there’s that.

  6. Niiice

  7. Beast mode engaged

  8. Jesus–would it kill Sportsnet to give us even a semblance of an afterglow? Is it that fucking important to immediately switch to the Texas/LA game?

  9. Aaron Cook has 2 strikeouts in 29.2 innings. Yes, 2. 119 batters faced. That is out Hendersoning Henderson.

  10. Colby is now my favorite player and I never thought I’d say that last year.
    Loved the raised arms after sliding into home.
    Loved the 2 out whirl pump and laughing about it with Snides.
    Loved the end of game outfielders jump and laughing his ass off.
    He’s having fun this year, and it’s infectious.
    I’m even loving the country bumpkin interviews.
    Makes me what to watch that I love Colby utube video by that girl in St. Louis.

  11. I kinda like Laffey…when are we ready to pencil him in as our No. 5 next year?

  12. haap is 5-0 with more than 3 runs support, 2-9 with less than 2

    Since houston has a shitty offense, I assume he’ll pitch much better with jays offense and better defense.

  13. Is Laffey the young Jamie Moyer that we never thought we had?

    Maybe Romero should look into that book that Laffey credits with righting his mindset toward pitching.

  14. According to the Star,Travis Snider was the #2 trending topic on twitter yesterday.
    I have no idea what that means,do they really keep track of this stuff?
    Still think Rogers won’t spend the money when the time is right?

    2013 baby,2013.

    • RADAR you should get on twitter. I’d like to follow you around all day, virtually speaking of course.

      • Dunno.
        I’m shy and would never know what to say.
        If I had an opinion about something, maybe.

      • i didnt suspect you as a stalker karen.hahaha

        • You say stalker like it’s a bad thing.
          Aren’t we all stalkers in this journey we call life?

          Wow,that’s profound.
          Let me try again.

          Although we stalk many,few are truly the chosen ones we stalk.And of those we choose to stalk,are they not also birds of paradise who will lead us to the promised land of the playoffs.
          Aha,gotcha there,bucko.
          I got get back on my meds.

          • After reading that, I suspect that Nurse Karen meant that in her official capacity as DJF’s head case nurse, she sees the benefit of keeping you under observation Radar, and without the ankle bracelet coming into play.

        • Oh I stalk. Just not in the pathological sense.

          BTW that necklace caressing at the plate is annoying. What’s that about? And the nail-biting. Bit of an anxiety issue there?

          • That was in response to gose’s necklace, not you RADAR. Damn this board.

          • @ karen

            I was wondering how you knew about my necklace caressing obsession, but now I see you were responding to Gose.
            Umm nevermind.And let’s keep the necklace thing our little secret.
            Where the hell are my meds?

          • the necklace tucking really annoys the shit outta me. that is why i used it as a moniker. jewelry should be banned on the field. i think pitchers wear neck thingies to distract the batters eyes.

  15. No money, they are crying poor.
    After stealing the Dome for 25M a couple years back, owning the concession royalties and the broadcast rights.
    Yes, we are soooo poor.

    Can’t get a snadlot for 25M.

    • They had to maintain an image of a small market team to garner 30 mil a year from MLB.
      That’s gone with the new CBA ( thank NY and Boston for being pissed off at having to send 30 mil a year to the Jays).
      Now they have to earn money the old fashioned way.
      They have to earn it.

      • +lots on both these comments

      • To be fair, when the Canadian dollar was terrible, we pretty much were a small market team.

        Nothing like earning revenues in Canadian dollars that were worth 60% of the American dollar, yet paying expenses in American dollars.

        However, the dollar hasn’t been an excuse for a few years now.

    • They ‘stole’ the RC? Anyone who thought that Skydome was worth more than $25 million was free to buy it. The number of people/companies who thought the building was worth more than $25 million? 0. That’s Zero. None.

      Not sure how you ‘steal’ something by paying more than anyone else is willing to pay for it. Perhaps bright boy can explain.

  16. Jason Frasor on the 15 day DL w/ right forearm tightness.
    Fuuuuuccckkk you 2012.

    • Oliver for 2 innings every game then.
      blub blub blub

      I think Loup is going to see more batters now.

    • Wait. First he’s going to walk around in a circles a bit. Then he’s going to stare at the DL, take 78 deep breaths. A couple more circles…and ok…wait. Another deep breath. And now he’s on the DL

  17. Cecil/Charlie v should be sent to the bullpen tonight right?

    • The Villan still starts tonight.

    • Right. Because in his 3 starts, Villanueva has only gone 2-0 with a 1.59 era and an opp OPS of .595. Surely deserves to be put in the pen.

      • It’s not that he deserves to be put in the pen, it’s that our pen needs him.

        Of course right now our starting rotation needs him more, but as soon as we can put together a decent staff, we can’t have a bullpen with only three good pitchers.

  18. Guess Fraser injury shows why deal was even more important to be made

  19. Yep. AA had to have known this was a good possibility for Frasor when he made the deal w/ the Astros.

  20. A Carpenter being called back from Vegas. Not sure which one.
    Do we own a plane in Vegas?

    • A Carpenter being called back from Vegas. Not sure which one.
      Do we own a plane in Vegas?

      It seems we own a cabinet-maker or something.

  21. Laffy > me lols

  22. I knew it. Frasor winched while throwing warm-up pitches last night and now he has been put on the 15-day DL today with “forearm tightness”. Hopefully nothing serious.

    My Jesus senses were tingling.

  23. I didnt think I’d see another season from hell so soon after 2004.

  24. Brett Myers traded to White Sox. Houston names COCO their closer.
    Before you rush to grab COCO for your fantacy teams, consider this.
    1. Houston relief pitchers don’t get the opportunity to earn saves.
    2. COCO sucks.

  25. I think these so called ‘baseball gods’ have carried this joke a little too far. I can only assume a Cy Young and an MVP will accompany next years guaranteed WS Championship as a way of making the world right again.

  26. Thought I’d share this gem that Ed wrote on the trade forum, 2 hours before Laffey threw his first pitch:

    Ed says:

    Signed Laffey. FAIL.

  27. Welp, another bites the dust. Jason Frasor is now on the DL. It’s getting pretty crowded….

    • Is there a problem with the Rogers Centre mound? Does it have a cement base? The should make the bump out of water, that would be interesting, and cut down on injuries. Lots of give.

  28. Its some Voodoo shit man, gotta be. Pretty sure I saw Santos with a sock monkey and a toothpick in spring training. It can all be traced back to the White Sox and there man in white BS failing to have the impact they wanted. We need to put a farm team in Haiti and get this shit evened up. Ever notice how when Frasor came back he was always winking…crazy that this shit can go on.

  29. Haha cordero is going to be the astros closer. They might actually be worse than they already are with him as closer. Its only fitting the worst team in baseball would have him as closer.

  30. This Jason Frasor interview feels like somebody staring down the barrel of Tommy John surgery.

  31. Fuck Laura must really find Jason’s awkwardness adorable… Lucky guy

  32. New Game Threat is up, for those of you who have yet to notice.

  33. Travis looks like the right fit in left doesn’t he.

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