The return Great White Hope! No, not Adam Lind to the damn clean-up spot (or JP Arencibia hitting fifth??!?), it’s Travis Snider’s triumphant-ish return after a long exile in the desert! And John Farrell is calling him his everyday left fielder, according to tonight’s radio broadcast!

Fuck yes. I mean, as intriguing as the tools of Anthony Gose are, I don’t want to live in a world where he stays up and Travis Snider goes down when Jose Bautista– who I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere (probably Twitter) is recovering very well, though my mind is too fried at the moment to remember where– comes off the DL.

Now just stay healthy, baby! And… y’know… don’t suck like you always kinda do.


No scuttlebutt tonight, except to note that JA Happ and Brandon Lyon will not be with the club tonight, as they’re scheduled to join up with their new teammates tomorrow.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose RF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
T. Snider LF
Y. Gomes 3B

A. Laffey LHP

Boston Red Sox

J. Ellsbury CF
C. Crawford LF
D. Pedroia 2B
A. Gonzalez 1B
C. Ross RF
W. Middlebrooks 3B
K. Shoppach C
M. Aviles SS
P. Ciriaco DH

J. Beckett RHP


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  1. Wow hazel mae’s arms are as big as zauns!

  2. Loving the Snider – Rasmus – Gose outfield line up!

    Obviously prefer Bautista in right but I like how it looks for now.

  3. Snider, Happ, Lyon… Laffey has been semi-effective, and Beckett hasn’t been Beckett this season… lots to be excited about tonight.

  4. L_U_N_C_H_B_O_X_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!

  5. On the other hand, Lind is batting cleanup, and Gose is leading off.

  6. A lineup with 4 guys who were in AAA two weeks ago, what fun!

  7. Snider!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That’s my boy.

  9. Thought that had the distance.

  10. Oh good, the NESN guys are already talking about “no more lineup protection” for Eddie.

  11. haha. looked like he was going to punch him out.

  12. A rare favourable Fenway call.

  13. good sell Colby

  14. How do I spell “hard on?” C-L-E-A-T-U-S.

  15. It’s nice that the Jays get away with a bad call for them instead of against them.

  16. Seeing Beckett fail makes me happy.

  17. can someone teach colby how to slide? he slides leg first but touches the plate with his hand? could have been safe by 3 feet if he dove head first

    • Don’t slide head first into a catcher blocking the plate. His head would have hit the catchers knee.

    • He’s also have a broken neck.

      If anything he should have run teh catcher, other than that he did the best way

  18. The wheels is off!

  19. BABIPing Beckett to death right now.

  20. Well this is a pleasant surprise.

  21. Johnson up to bat. The rally ends hither.

  22. Am I greedy to want one more run there?

  23. Did i just see a pitch counter?!?! on SPORTSNET!?!?

  24. Too excited to watch Snider bat, you guys

  25. Nice line drive Yunel!

  26. Yessssscobar.

  27. Solid at bat, Snider.

  28. well that was anticlimactic.

  29. Oh, the first Snider at bat! Jizzing myself

  30. i am tired of being played with already

  31. Nice atbat for Gose.

  32. Come on Rasmus, this is your time.

  33. Thank god. Looked like another gooseegg for gose

  34. Proud of Gose there. Able to lay off a couple closeish pitches before Beckett lost the strike zone.

  35. Cletus delivers the goods!!!

  36. Colby!

  37. Beautiful

  38. Shouldn’t a walked Gose…

  39. Snider, Gose, Gomes… I feel like I’m watching a Las Vegas game

  40. My boy Cletus!

  41. i am getting horny with buck and pats gose spermathon

  42. The speed is nice. Yes it is nice.

  43. Thanks for the erection, Rasmus.

  44. Tabby lays down the first Gose/Willy Wilson reference.

  45. Doc, Doc, Doc, Doc, Doc, Doc, Doc, Doc, Gose

  46. aaron who

  47. Oh, that was a fine little play by Kelly.

  48. sex

  49. Uno, dos, tres.

    Es muy Bueno!

  50. As for JP hitting fifth, he has a .965 OPS in July. And it’s not like Johnson or Escobar are hitting well.

  51. All these runs are the ripple effect of having Snider in the lineup

  52. Josh Becket’s fastball now tops out at 92. wtf happened to this guy.

  53. Hooooooooly cow, this ump sucks.

  54. That’s a nice throw back to 2nd from Gose.

    • Hopefully his first game jitters are a thing of the past. Two nice plays to end the inning.

  55. Nice catch by Gose there. Pedroia looks confused.

  56. Beckett’s fastball is 89-90.

  57. What the fuck, ump? Way off the plate.

  58. Liking the outfield D tonight.

  59. Easy-Peasy, Lunchbox.

    • I imagined what would have happened if Thames was in his place. Wasn’t pretty.

      • the ball would still be bouncing around the left field corner….the play would finally end with thames picking the ball up with a shovel and flashing that oh so common confused look on his face.

        • At the very least, he would have misread the play, dove to catch the ball as a last resort (missing it, of course), then lay motionless on the grass while his backup outfielder attempts to clean up the mess.

          • I doubt I’ll ever forget the visual of the entire Jays bullpen sitting both stone-faced and motionless, just unexcited observers to Thames’s shame, as he lay writhing and seemingly injured. I doubt he’ll ever forget it either.

      • I am very happy to see Lunchbox patrolling LF. I wonder what his defensive runs saved would be compared to Davis or Thames vs projected offense.

        I think Davis is best as a 4th OF & pinch runner in late innings.

        I hope Travis gets to stay til October. No point in sending him back down since the option is burned whether they use it or not.

  60. Yay for good outfield defence!

  61. Aaron Laffey! Staff ace!

    • It may be smoke & mirrors, but he has been quite effective.

    • I was outraged when the Jays signed Lafey because he reminded me of Jo Jo Reyes or Dana Eveland.

      However, he has pitched pretty well this year , so I admit I was wrong.

      Looking at his velocity, I am surprised he gets anyone out.

  62. I wish Ricky could pitch as well as Aaron Laffey. Then we’d be really cookin’.

  63. pitching and defence wins championships- every analyst in October.

  64. Could Buck and Pat please stop mentioning Aaron Laffey’s diaphragm? (I know he tops out at 87 but that doesn’t mean he has a vagina.)

  65. i think hazel could beat zaun in arm wrestle

  66. Laffey is getting smoked….just so happens they are hitting it at people OR the outfielders are actually getting to balls that they usually butcher. (because there are new outfielders)

  67. Dirk Hayhurst and Jeff Blair were saying just the other day how Travis is ‘slow’ and ‘has no defensive value’. How do those fucks keep a job?

    • if thier opinions were fact, then they’d be fucked.

    • I can’t remember the last time Blair said anything that made any sense.

      • Snider’s speed has always been underrated. He is not a burner…but he is above average speed.

      • Blair is a decent baseball analyst. I was listening to him today & he made a good point that the Jays have so many prospects coming up, Snider has to perform immediately to stay on the team.

        Blair is willing to criticize Rogers for not signing Darvish or Fielder.

        However when he whines”It’s not my money… It’s Rogers Money” grates on me.

        Surely, he realizes that the fans provide the revenue to support the team.

        • Blair said today he didn’t vote Gary Carter for the hall of fame out of spite.
          I thought journalists were supposed to be unbiased?
          He said that Carter once told people he was misquoted by Blair. Blair was insulted (because nobody ever zones out and misses a quote) and feels like Carter indirectly questioned his professionalism.
          So out of spite, he wouldn’t vote for Carter.

          • That’s outrageous. I was a big Gary Carter fan growing up. Blair is foolish for using his vote for personal reasons.

    • What???? Snider isn’t slow. Snider is one of the Jays best base runners.

      I like Hayhurst but he is trying too hard to be a Jays expert but he was only on the team for 1 year.

    • He is white and a little chubby. People just assume he is slow.

      However, the smart commenters like to say he has “deceptive” speed, thinking they need to add the word “deceptive” because he is fat and white.

      But he is simply just…fast.

  68. Youk!!

  69. The lovely Lindy.

    • cock teasing. trade him.

      • But what if it isn’t?

        • Who cares? I’ve had enough of him. Trade him.

          Then trade for Upton and move Bautista to 1B and EE to DH full-time.

          Or sign Ortiz in the off-season.

          • The ‘sign Ortiz’ shit needs to end, he’s never leaving Boston.

            • Yeah, not gonna happen. The Sox are probably not gonna let him sign somewhere else and definitively not going to let him sign somewhere in the division where they’ll face hima dozen or so tipmes a year.

              Just imagine the Jays were crazy enough to offer $20 million/ year. You think the Red Six won’t offer $20 million and one dollar? And you think if he had the sampe offer from Boston he would leave? Come on. Its a catch 22… get him, we’d have to offer millions more then Boston….and Boston would always match whatever we offered so it’s a moot point.

              Plus, the Guy will be 37, and he won’t sign a one year deal. No thanks

    • Lind has improved since he returned from Vegas. I wonder if he plays well enough to stay on the team in 2013.

      I wonder if the Jays would dare move Bautista to 1B in 2013, & let Gose, Rasmus & Snider play in the OF.

      Edwin would DH .

      Lind could be a bench bat.

  70. Laffey. where did this come from? Field a good defense team and shit-ballers look good

  71. spent the last 30 seconds having sex.. What did I miss?!

  72. “A man you want to bring home to your daughter”

  73. Laffey Taffey!

  74. Travis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Making the team bus from NY to Boston. When are those cheap ass mother fuckers ever gonna spend some money on this team!?!?!?!?!

  76. is that johna keri?

  77. Has Colby fielded a ball yet this game?

  78. Gose has a ghost bat

  79. Anyone remember when we said if Laffey ever got called up that would be a sign something went horribly wrong this season?



  81. It’s nice to watch Laffey pitch this good game and see his ERA drop below three, but we just know that all the saber-metric guys are gonna be there to remind not to get excited and that this game was a fluke and Laffey is average at best.

    Fuck off Parkes!!

    • None of that takes away from his accomplishment tonight (as long as Farrell gets him out pronto.)

  82. Laffey is on the verge of a quality start.

    I don’t remember the last time one of our starters pitched a quality start.

  83. Ah, John?????

  84. Also, Laffey has faced the Sox twice now. In both games (so far), he’s given up zero runs, the only starts he’s done so.

  85. big papi has lost weight!

  86. Nice job getting out of that inning.

  87. hazel turned me on a little when she sad”bush”.

  88. Is there a rule of thermodynamics that states Johnson and Escobar have to bat back to back in a lineup?

  89. Oliver’s fuckin money, man. Fuckin money.

  90. Oliver is boss.

  91. I was gonna complain about Farrell burning the good relievers in a five-run game, but then I remembered our bullpen’s getting reinforcements tomorrow, so it won’t be three pitchers deep anymore.

  92. I want Scott Carson’s job.

  93. There ya go Travis.

  94. Nice, Lunchbox!! Welcome back.

    • Travis hit a double opposite field off the Monster in LF. Gomes drove him in . 6-0 Jays.

      It is so exciting to see Snider back. !

      Colby is the leader of the OF telling Snider & Gose what to do.

  95. Come on Snider, we all tuned into this game to watch you get a hit. Now get us a hit.

  96. Aye Carumba!!

  97. Keep on hitting.

  98. Well that sucked large.

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