What the shit. Jays get J.A. Happ (???), Brandon Lyon, and David Carpenter. Travis Snider has been recalled. What the fuck.

Where to start with this trade? The Jays sell low on Wojciechowki, currently repeating High-A with the Dunedin Blue Jays. Carlos Perez had a fair share of promise attached to his name but now he too is gone.

The Jays get immediate bullpen help and a back of the rotation arm to help the team get through the season, I guess. This is a massive pile of nothing going for a few pieces a long, long way from the big leagues and two end of the bench roster fillers. Weird. So weird.

Asher Wojciechowski is the name sure to make hardcore Blue Jays fan wince. The big right-hander came into this season as the Jays number 10 ranked prospect according to Baseball America, down from number six in 2011. Some of the bloom returned to the rose in recent weeks as Asher really started putting together some much better starts. According to Marc Hulet of Fangraphs, many of Woj’s struggles linked directly to an attempt by the club to tinker with his mechanics.

Carlos Perez was also repeating a level, putting up strong numbers in his second go-round with the Lansing Lugnuts of the Midwest League. Considering the amount of talent ahead of him on the depth chart, it is a little difficult to see where he fit into the Jays plans. Then again, catchers fall apart faster than Ikea furniture and are only good for one move.

Francisco Cordero and Ben Francisco are worlds apart in terms of their practical value but not a single Blue Jays fan will shed a single tear over their respective departures. Fare thy well, gents. May we all forget your names by the end of next week.

On the Jays side, they get a competent reliever in the final year of his contract. Thanks to the new CBA, he won’t bring the comp pick that AA used to covet so dearly.

J.A. Happ is bad. At least he used to be, his numbers this season aren’t awful and he remains under control until 2015. He is the NL Central version of Ricky Romero Brett Cecil, a fly ball lefty who gives up a few too many home runs while missing too few bats.

Bear with me as I talk myself into Happ, but he looks like a different guy this year. Well, his Fangraphs page looks different. Way more ground balls, way more swinging strikes. Sure, the whiffs are still below average but he is headed in a somewhat positive direction. More than we can say about some of the competing arms in the Blue Jays current rotation mix.

David Carpenter is a live arm with poor control. He could be the next Josh Roenicke or he could be the next…Brandon Lyon? Carpenter is a Luhnow favorite so this caused some pain in the Houston FO. Misses bats and strike zones in equal measure. Guys like this always find jobs. Always. John Lott reports this guy finds his job to be in Vegas for now.

This seems like a gamble by AA to improve the team in the short term, banking on Woj, Perez and the rest never amounting to much. Astros new GM Jeffrey Luhnow is the former scouting director for the Cardinals and a man with whom one does not trifle.

The Travis Snider angle is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Is he now the starting left fielder? Are Gose and Davis a platoon? What does this have to do with Brett Lawrie? I JUST WANT SOME DAMN ANSWERS. SOMEBODY WAKE STOETEN, I DON’T HAVE IT IN ME.


Image via Bob Levey/Getty.

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  1. https://twitter.com/ShiDavidi/status/226349383552233473

    Davidi says Happ to go to bullpen. “Depth deal” he says.

  2. So with the Jays having been rumoured to be in on Liriano, it’s plausible that AA had his choice of either getting Happ or Liriano, and chose to get Happ instead.

    Both are seemingly equivalent pitchers at this point in their careers. Which leads to the question, what was Minnesota asking for? Cause if this is what Houston got for Happ, Minny had to have been asking for more, right? And was there a reliever in Minny that we would have gotten with Liriano?

    • They are trying to bank on Liriano’s no-hitter last year.

    • Liriano>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Happ

      in terms of talent and ceiling. Liriano is just now finally getting to the point where he was before his arm injury.

      He would command MUCH more talent than Happ, BUT that is somewhat mitigated by his being a free agent at the end of the year.

  3. AA says Happ’s going in the bullpen.

  4. Assuming this isn’t the first part of a two part deal, how many dingers do you think Happ is giving up on his first trip to Yankee Stadium?

  5. Gose and Snider to get the majority of at bats. Davis to bench.

  6. I don’t get all the hate…

    Admittedly this is the most underwealming 10 player trade in history. But let’s look at what has been accomplished:

    1) The Jays ML team has been improved.
    2) The Jays minor league system has been depleted only slightly and none of the players lost are irreplaceable, nor were they going to contribute at the major league level anytime in the next 2-3 years.

    Sure, you can argue the degree to which the ML team has improved, and the degree to which the minor league system was depleted, but this is exactly the type of change that people have been asking for (albeit a blockbuster free version)

    • Parkes actually summed it up pretty well when he said “With Happ going to bullpen, you could say that the Blue Jays traded 3 top 20 prospects in exchange for relief depth”.

      If people are happy with that then so be it.

      • I’ll admit, I don’t get why he’s going to the ‘pen.

      • three top 20 zero in what would be this years top 10 so good deal

      • thats cuz Parkes is a douche bag

      • One of those “top 20″ prospects is projected as a non closing reliever, or maybe a number 4/5 starter at best. I’ll take an actual 4/5 starter over a potential one anyday.

        Another is a rookie league starter who is eons away from the big leagues, if he continues to develop. I’ll take a an actual decent major league reliever over that.

        The only guy I regret losing is the catcher. I saw him play in Lansing a couple times this season. He looks great behind the plate from what I saw but uninspiring at bat. Correct me if I am wrong – didn’t he have some arm surgery in the off-season? Regardless, we have at least 2 catchers that have a higher ceiling ahead of him. So, he is expendable.

        All in all, there is nothing wrong with this trade. Like most, I’d like a better pitcher than Happ to come over, but this is not a “bad” trade.

      • You do realize he’s not stuck there forever right? Its not Tron, he can still start if we need him. Plus, Parkes being contrarian about something? Quelle Surprise!

  7. Coco’s gone, Snider’s up, and I never again have to copy-paste the word “Wojciechowski”.

    What’s not to love?

    (I guess we’ll never have a DJF guide to spelling his name, either, but that’s no biggie).

  8. AA says whoever’s playing better between Snider & Gose gets to stay when Bautista comes back.

    • Makes sense to me. (hope it’s Snider – Gose can survive a trip back down)

    • lol Poor Snider has to hope that Gose doesn’t pull a Thames on him and get hot over the next few weeks.

    • Hasn’t AA been saying all year that the next time Snider get’s called up, he’s here to stay? Or is everything out the window now with the injury to Bautista?


  10. Happ will do much better then Cecil.


  12. Who do we trade for Sanchez now?

  13. look. here’s the thing. AA has these items on his list of to do:

    a) 1-2 Starters
    b) 1 serious Bat (1B? LF?)
    c) upgrade that bullpen. for real this time.

    So maybe he’s getting done what he could get done right now. I’m sure he’d love to pull off something for a or b, but maybe its just not coming together yet, maybe it has to be in the off-season, maybe its still coming.

    but arguably he’s been tinkering with the bullpen and seeing what the team has and its improving. a bullpen for next year that can has some of these guys is not too shabby: Perez, CV, Jansen, Oliver, Carpenter, Happ, Loup, maybe Stroman? And maybe they can play around with moving Laffey and/or Cecil back there? That’s a lot of options…

    on the front side they’ll have Morrow, Romero and a whole lotta questions. Maybe Hutch is back, Maybe Stroman slots in there, maybe Alvarez figures out a 3rd pitch, and then we can hope that they plan on bringing in 2 for realz starters. If you’re only looking for 1 starter out of Stroman, Alvarez and Hutch, then you might be in good shape.

    the bat is likely to come in the off-season unless something like this Upton rumour takes a turn and falls in AA’s lap. Otherwise I can see him now checking out Snider for the remainder and then it will be time to see what d’Arnaud can do next year and maybe Hech. Not a bad spot to be. He can still try to add a 1B or DH.

    he’s going to have to make 1-3 big moves before next spring. it would be nice to see 1 of them happen this year so things can settle in a bit. but I’m sure he must be planning for 1-3 moves. seems those areas are ones of obvious need.

  14. Happ would start tomorrow on regular rest. So all the “Happ to Bullpen” news means is that he’s not taking Villanueva’s spot. Probably will take Cecil’s in due course. Cecil becomes Loogy?

  15. Carpenter will wind up being the best player in this trade. Bank it.

  16. For those who don’t like this trade, did the Jays overpay slightly? Maybe. But teams all know the Jays are in need of help with pitching asap, so AA didn’t really have a choice.

    It still helps the Jays right now, and that’s all we can really hope for.

  17. A couple comments by AA on the fan590:
    - Musgrove has a shoulder injury that Houston is aware of. His future depends on his ability to develop his curve ball.
    - Woj’s slider has been hit or miss in terms of its development and he probably projects more as a reliever now. His stuff isn’t as good as it was in college.
    - They don’t feel either guy is a front or mid-roration guy, so they feel they’ve given up guys with 4-5/reliever potential for players who are already that today.

  18. Interesting to hear AA say that nothing else is likely before the deadline. Kind of contradicts what he said he was going to do earlier this winter. That said, I’m fine with that considering this season is essentially done. It would have been nice if he added another core piece but I imagine prices are crazy right now considering all the competition.

    • He didn’t say that. He said he doesn’t expect anything in the next few days but they’re having continued discussions with many teams as per usual.

      And in the off-season he said he would wait to see where the team was at the deadline. Obviously the team isn’t in the spot they expected.

      • Doesn’t expect anything is the same as nothing likely to me, likely being the key word. I never said there wasn’t a chance of anything happening.

        Also in the off-season and at the end of last season he said he planned on using the prospects at the deadline when he believed they had the most value. Again that’s fine. Obviously from my posts I prefer he waits than spending them on mediocre talent.

        • What AA said on the Fan 30mins ago was almost word for word what he said on Primetime Sports like a week or two ago. In fact, he even said this time “I never say that a trade is coming because I don’t want people to think that”, so I’m not sure why anyone would think that AA would go on the radio and say otherwise.

          How long have you been following this team and when was the last time you heard AA say “yep, we’re going to make a trade, expect it.”

          • Oh please nobody is expecting him to say he’s working on a deal right now. The last time he said nothing was likely was before spring training and nothing happened. While he plays his cards close he’s at least not a bullshitter. If he said nothing is likely I’m going to take him at his word for it. Again nothing likely is hardly definitive. I never claimed it was so stop trying to put words in my mouth.

        • Doesn’t expect anything in the next couple of days. Since the non-waiver wire deadline is still 11 days away, and even after that trades are still possible, that is after “the next few days”.

    • that is a slightly disappointing to hear.

      i don’t like the prospect of having to make 3 key moves prior to spring training next year. that seems like a lot of work in a short span and I think you can’t pull off too much without asking prices increasing and other teams becoming a bit reluctant. unless he plans on going in on a free agent for once.

      i’d feel a lot better if he could have landed one of the 3 pieces we need before the end of the year.

      i don’t know. maybe he actually pulls of bringing in Grienke or something as equally exciting in the off season via free agency? that would really be a game changer.

  19. Fuck off Parkes

  20. Cordero is gone so I’m happy I could care less who they got.

  21. So this is clearly a “this season” move, so: a) does AA actually think we’re still in it for this season? or b) he doesn’t think we’re in it, but morale is tanking in the dressing room, so for the sake of his players he’s depending on next season he’s doing a half-assed trade for pitching?

    I mean, yes, Carpenter and Happ are under control so this is clearly for next season too, and AA loves that. But in getting Lyon it seems to me it wasn’t entirely for next season either.

  22. The more I’ve thought about this deal – the more I like it.

    It looks like it was a minimal cost (7 players with maybe one with real upside) for a decent SP who looks to be improving, a solid RP and a live arm that could be dominant if he learns control. This definitely improves us now – maybe enough to stay in the race for when Joey Bats & Morrow return..

  23. Interesting comments from Goldstein,

    • Would you summarize?

      • There’s too many and I wasn’t exactly taking notes. Try and find the link for the broadcast a little later on.

        Basically he was higher on a guy like Perez among other things. He certainly had comments that pro and con for the deal.

  24. I’m fine with this trade as it’s basically a wash in that doesn’t disrupt any future objectives. I think what this shows us is that the market for pitching right now is as high as the Toronto realestate market. If this is what it costs to add bullpen depth can you imagine what teams are asking for Hamel/Grinke/Liriano/Dempster/Garza? Best to lay off until prices drop in the off season or look at the FA market.

  25. With 300+ comments so far, maybe we need a summary post containing the best ones.

  26. Might’ve been mentioned in the 300 posts already, but Carpenter’s only been pitching since 2008. Used to be a catcher.

  27. Tabernacle!!! Chill out!

    Astros’ fans loved this deal and think Luhnow is a genius. And we all know AA is the silent assassin.

    So we have ridden ourself of Coco, a time bomb in leverage situation. Astros’ fans are thinking he is their new closer… Well again we know.

    Benny is gone as well, opening a spot for younger player. Welcome back Lunchbox and hope you can finally prove you belong.

    Basically, we traded prospects that we cooled down on for immediate RP (Happ and Lyons in BP, Carpenter soon to come I guess).

    So maybe, Musgrove was a keeper (at 19, a workhorse in the making), but Chill out!!! AA has been collecting so many high upside prospects that you trade depth for immediate help at the ML level; that has always been the philosophy, no?
    And frankly, we just need it right now.

    Asher might become a great reliever, might, so can Carlos, but he was our 4th best prospect at the catcher position.

    Finally, it is not an earth shattering deal, just kind of a fair deal, prospect depth vs ML help; both sides are satisfied, meaning AA will deal again with the ‘stros, keeping good relationship with GM Luhnow.
    And we got to keep Synchelino, Norris, and so many others.
    So all things considered, AA did a good job, and might not be done, maybe flipping Happ a/o Lyons.

    We shall see soon.
    Bonne apres-midi.

  28. After reviewing the comments in all their glory – 337 to this point – there’s so much knashing of teeth and speculation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally with y’all on trying to figure out how this all fits together.

    Still, the main thought I’m stuck on is just how *little* we know about how a deal like this is put together, and how players are valued – by our GM, by other GMs. There are so many considerations, from scouting reports, statistical analysis, personal attachments to players, their place within a given system or within other potential transactions. It’s fun guessing at trade possibilities, but it sure seems impossible to know anything.

    In this trade, where Cameron seems like a throw-in and we all saw Happ as rotation help, two of the first things I’ve read are AA saying Happ is a reliever and Rosenthal speculating that Cameron might be the key for the Jays here. Who knew? Honestly, who looked at this deal and thought that?

    With a bit more information and some time to digest, I think it breaks down like this, in no particular order: AA shed’s Coco to throw him a life-line since he’s sucked and is getting shat on hard by fans. Coco + Ben basically are a salary swap for Lyon with no implications beyond this year. The Jays send out prospects with potential a bit but not a lot above the ceiling of what they get back in major league talent (as,.presumably makes sense when dealing from the minors for major league talent). We end up with Happ and Cameron, two young, controllable arms to at minimum stabilize our bullpen for the next few years, and best get a back end starter and solid late inning arm. Looking at the pen next year, if we have Happ, Frasor, Santos, Oliver, Janssen, Villanueva + Cameron/Laffey/Carreno/??? I’d say the pen is pretty well set, pretty good on paper, and *cost controlled*. The prospect cost… shit, it’s a COST, but it doesn’t seem quite so high that it’s worth getting to upset about.

    • Carpenter not Cameron.

    • In a month you should be seeing at a rotation that looks like this:

      Laffey or Cecil o Happ

      At the end of the season with Villanueva’s chance to walk you’re looking at this without another move and assuming that Jenkins or McGuire continue to shit the bed.

      Cecil or Happ

      For the pen you’ve got the following under control next year:


      The last two or three spots you can fill with free agents or minor leaguers at this point and that assumes Santos is back and healthy.

  29. Snider and Gose both regulars until Bautista comes back, where do they both hit in the order

    • Gose “profiles as a leadoff.” So he probably keeps leading off until Lawrie comes back, then he gets dropped to ninth because he can’t get on base, but his speed in the nine-hole won’t clog anything up.

      Snider is a power bat, so I’d expect to see him slot in right behind Lind. Maybe he starts lower for a few games, and after hitting a few HRs moves on up.

  30. let’s take a second to think about what the lineup might actually look like in about 2 weeks time:

    Lind (currently serviceable again!)
    Escobar (currently crapping the bed but maybe it comes around?)
    Johnson (see above)

    that could really be something…if snider/esco/johnson can show anything of what folks believe they are capable of.

    and our pitching line will be back to:


    and a bullpen of:


    a bit of luck and we could be back in business guys. having franciscos out of the lineup looks to be an improvement.

    • Frasor is a free agent after this season.

      • lol nm sorry thought you were talking about next year.

      • Frasor’s married to a Toronto woman. He’s probably easily re-signable.

        • Women!… amiright?!

        • Yes you’re correct but hopefully AA can get his hands on better relievers next year for that kind of money. Not a fan of Frasor. 4 of the last 5 years his WHIP has been 1.38 or worse. That’s too many runners allowed for a supposed back end reliever.

          • hey i hate frasor as much as the next guy. he’s currently not the ire of my fury for that 2 years though due to complete head exploding anger directed at Franciscos. but believe me…he will now by the whipping boy. he’s back on the shit list. for all his talk in the paper about experience…he absolutely sucks crap & can never get it done in a pressure situation.

          • I actually like Frasor on the team ….but keeping Laura Frasor around is where the real value is.

    • Escobar is currently underperforming his xBABIP and xwOBA by a considerably margin, so maybe he turns it around shortly.

    • I thought Morrow is on a 4-6 week, not two week, timeline to return…

  31. Looks like a deal to acquire current middling players in exchange for future middling players – and that is if everything goes well. Most prospects never make it, especially ones way down the depth chart like the ones the Jays gave up.

  32. I don’t think the deal was unreasonable, but I wonder what the asking price for Wandy is!?

  33. Hey, Anyone who trades away my lousy ass should be considered the winner of that deal.

  34. You watch, Wilner will spin this as the greatest trade ever. I always love it when someone pisses down my back and then tells me it’s raining.

    • well that doesn’t make me feel any better

      • I get what others are saying about the needs of right now, but as someone who has bought into AA’s rebuild in a big way I just don’t see the net benefit after you finish this season. I probably went overboard with the term brutal earlier but I am still not a fan of this move. I am sure you could argue that keeping up appearances this season is an important aspect to consider for a number of reasons like attendance and ratings. However, I think the freakish amount of injuries on top of unrealistic expectations going into the season also buys a lot of leeway. Maybe not with your average fan of course but when you look at the big picture I think it certainly should.

    • Did you watch the draft? Mayo admitted he never watched players but made up his list from other guys. I wouldn’t put any stock into his made up lists.

  35. A full minute has gone by without a comment. This is a post to break the awkward silence.

  36. Well I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Snider hits 5 HRs, two doubles, and a triple in Fenway this weekend, leading the Jays to a sweep, and dropping Boston to fifth place in the East.

    • i like where your head’s at…

      You can expect me to be actively crunched up in a t-rex/baby arm position this weekend as well.

  37. this trade makes no sense, why not just bring up Deck(or whoever) and let him get killed as our 5b or c starter…

    on a side note, after seeimg this trade, Jays arent going to spend a dime in the otherseason… i guess we are a small market team!!!

  38. Get used to these sort of moves, folks.

    Rogers is CHEAP and AA is a good little lap dog who will do everything asked of him.

    If you thought there were excuses now, just wait.

    • why the fuck dont they trade j-baus contract for like amillion prospects right now? STFU and go back to playing tonsil hockey with your donkeys cock

      • Because Bautista is the attraction to keep the sheep coming to the dome.

        Just like Halladay and Delgado before him.

        You’re fucking halfwit. But keep swallowing what AA splurts into your mouth, fan boy.




          • I can’t wait to hear you bitch and whine next season when the Jays do NOTHING again. You’re a fucking sucker — and Rogers is laughing at you.

            And for fuck’s sake, learn to spell and use punctuation.

        • Go find a new team… or sport…. or something…. just go away.

          • I don’t support the Jays anymore and I won’t support them until they give me a reason. Right now, all I see is Rogers peddling merchandise to the naive fanbase and then pocketing all of the profits.

            But I do love to laugh at the born-to-lose Toronto sports fans.

            • Just stated that you are a bandwagon jumper congrats on being a loser and trolling on the Internet. Why waste your time?

          • You’re on this forum. That makes you a supporter, or someone who needs to get a life.

    • True story, the cheap Rogers Blue Jays took on over $2million in salary with this deal. (yes, they’re only on the hook for the rest of this season, so it’s more like $1 million, but the important thing here is you’re wrong.)

      • They’re happy to take on an additional $1 million, because adding Happ will give them the excuse they need not to add a big FA arm this off season. AA will tell fans that the team already has a “surplus of healthy quality starters” so they won’t have to pay $10 million+ elsewhere.

        You’ll see.

      • It’s not difficult to see through AA and his Rogers masters.

        They’re transparent about their greed.

        You’re just blind because you’ve got AA’s jism in your eyes.

        Keep FAPPing Jim.

        • On second thought, I would have guessed you were that 11 year old kid who called in to Blair’s show today, but even he provided a much more coherent argument.

          It amazes me just how quickly people forget that only a week ago those super-cheap Blue Jays spent $30million on a player. I know it might be too much to expect intelligent thought from someone with the memory of a goldfish, but seriously, how people like you, who know so little about the inner-workings of the Jays and Rogers can bleat on the way you do is baffling.

        • Let me get this straight. You hate Rogers, and AA is a puppet, and you don’t support the Jays. Yet your commenting on a Jays Blog, on a deal about prospects? Seriously?!?!? Let me guess, you hate your wife/gf yet don’t have the balls to break up with them?

  39. So we traded garbage for garbage? I am glad we did not get rid of anyone of importance for these guys. As for Snider, I never liked the guys swing or attitude. This is really his last chance and I hope he does something with it. But this guy can’t hit a breaking pitch to save himself. Not with that swing.

    • how is 3 quality prospects garbage?

      • I guess you want to watch .500 baseball for many years to come.

      • It isn’t. Where did you see three quality prospects? Did we make another trade?

        • Thank you Ray.

        • http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20120720&content_id=35242212&vkey=news_mlb&c_id=mlb&tcid=tw_article_3524221

          potential top of the rotation, potential to be better than him, and potential every day catcher….

          • Edwin what is your point? How does this help the Jays?

          • it doesn’t….

          • I’m referring to the Jays getting rid of some respectable prospects.. you stated it was garbage for garbage… it was garbage +3 prospects for garbage.. the only benefit of the trade that francisco (s) are gone. But that could have been done by simple DFA

          • I agree with you on that point. My garbage statement was towards CoCo.

          • Prospects are all about perspective, especially when reading an article on a website that likely wouldn’t do a whole lot to drag one of its members down.

            For example, Law says of “potential top of the rotation” Musgrove “short-arm action and a tendency to fly open after release, all of which probably points to a reliever future, especially given some minor shoulder trouble that has held down his workload” , Says Perez is “an offensive catcher without any plus tools” and of Wojo: “his velocity has gone backward and is just solid-average. He doesn’t have an out pitch, with just an average slider and a below-average changeup”

            Prospects are all about opinion, and when there isn’t consensus on a player, its pretty likely they’re “depth” type guys, IMO.

    • You’re an idiot. What do you think he has been working on for the last year, if not revamping his swing mechanics?

      • JL, if he proves me wrong, then I am wrong. If he was so good, how come he couldn’t make the team in the spring. With that upper cut/long swing he is an instant out in the big leagues. I am sorry he sucks.

    • Since you are a noted evaluator of hitters, I won’t argue with you about Snider’s swing even though your view goes against the grain of what other experts say.

      But give us some examples of what Snider did that’s made you dislike his attitude.

      • When I see a player making the same mistakes time and time again, you have wonder why he makes those mistakes. Why is he not making the necessary changes to be successful? Snider’s job is to hit the ball consistently and drive in runs. I just don’t see him with a winning attitude and I guy who wants to change and be a pro hitter. He reminds me a lot like Eric Hinske. Eric Hinske never took responsibility for himself and always blames others for his problems on the field.

        Please show me the experts who think this guy can hit. Is it Wilner? Give me a break.

  40. Sorry for demanding that you trade prospects for pitching, boss.

  41. holy nut fuck – what the hell is wrong with people. three weeks ago: fucking AA get us some pitchers NOW! we need relievers, NOW! – how many ppl have actually thought what it would have cost to get this deal down a month ago? Seriously?!? This is a solid trade, we get a serviceable lefty who has a few years control, a meddlng reliever better then cordero, and a ‘live arm’ that is having morrow issues finding the strike zone. Carpenter going to AAA to work on his delivery/consistency, Happ who can replace Perez as multiple innings lefty or start as a 4/5 based on our current starters for prospects who are middle of the order if that. Musgrove has promise but still years away – asher mediocre at best. Perez blocked by JPA D’Arnaud and Jimenez…. Those who are pissing and moaning about this trade, go stuff a fucking apple!

  42. thats alot of feed back lol never knew the jays had so many fans since the dome is always empty lol! everybody relax we aint making the playoffs this year i promise you that!!!!!!!!!!!! but atleast we aint sellers lets just get ready for next year!

    • Really? Jays averaged 30k/game against Cleveland last weekend and are averaging 26k for the season (up 4k over last year’s per game total). Maybe you should come on out to the Dome and take a look.

  43. Happ was very highly regarded with the Phils’, although he has kind of shit the bed in Houston. He should be a starter ahead of Cecil, who is back to pitching like a turd again.
    Morrow will be back shortly-it’s still July-we’re only a few games back of a w.c.
    You can’t just give up on this season at this point. Another solid move A.A. Young,
    controllable pitcher, who had a good buzz accompany him to the majors-Rasmus, Escobar, etc…

  44. Now, speaking of a good buzz-it must be 4:20 somewhere…

  45. I seem to recall people asking to have coco traded no matter what just so Farrell cant use him, problem solved. Also Fransisco had no value on this team at all. There must be more coming, theres space on the 40 man roster isnt there? The potential to add mlb ready players without having to make a bunch of other moves?

  46. Happ had a great 2009 season with a 2.93 era and a not bad 2010 season. AA picks up guys that are struggling and thinks he can help them get back to normal with our staff. He could turn out to be alright.

  47. Who are we taking out of our rotation now though? I hope they don’t put Villineuva back into the long reliever role.

  48. Oh shit AA sucks now
    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

  49. Fangraphs loves the trade for Houston, thinks AA got fleeced.


    We’re only talking ourselves into this because it’s AA, aren’t we?

    • What they don’t really address is the fact that only Woj was in Fangraphs’ top 15 (and probably won’t be once this year’s draft is taken into account). So ya, they’re B level prospects and in most systems they’d be top 10s, but in the Jays system they’re depth. It also doesn’t take into account that the Jays know their system better than anyone, so if they feel they’re expendable, then perhaps they know something? It could be that they’ll turn into MLB players, but even top prospects from other clubs (like, say, Drabek) don’t materialize when they’re only months away from supposedly being MLB ready.

      We don’t know the result of this trade for maybe 5 years, and by then the Jays current prospects who are ranked ahead of these guys should hopefully make us forget that we had a guy like Woj or Musgrove in the first place.

    • Exactly right. Who would have accepted this as a fantasy trade proposal last night? But AA does it, and it’s just god working in mysterious ways.

    • I totally agree with it being a reactionary move. We keep hearing how AA doesn’t give a shit about what fans think and I agree he shouldn’t but this move certainly did nothing to make big improvements for next year’s roster which is what’s important.

      Happ potentially falls into the same place Laffey was at the start of this year or at best as a reliever for next year’s bullpen.

      Carpenter is basically Musgrove or Wojciechowski a year or two from now but without the potential to be anything more.

      Also what I completely forgot about earlier is that there’s one more player still to go to the Astros.

      The only bonus is that Coco and Fransisco are gone and Snider is up. Both could have been DFA’d to get the same result.

  50. holy fuck did this ever bring out the fuckin nutjobs. i couldnt take reading it all without poking out my eyes, i have to remember not to come here after a trade. stoets even responds to the absolutely lost retards so i cant just read his posts.let the fuckers sink into the clusterfuck. toronto teams are fucked because their fan base is mostly fuckin retarded and thats putting it mildly. headcallers the lot of you fuckers. off with their heads. fuckkkkkk. jays need immediately,,,, 2 pitchers inning eaters…AA gets. another need,,,,, farrells desire to put coco into play…… removed arm. who fuckin cares the little price? the fuckin retards!!!!!!!!


      • the impersonator is back I see. go hump someone elses leg you cowardly dipshit. AA speaks…… when jose gets back whoever plays worse gose/snyder goes down. bye bye gose you arent ready yet kiddo.so all the snyder fans will simmer down now hopefully.the contest is over.

        • JA Happ’s a fucken loser. Lyon’s a fucken girly boy. Neither of them could take a truck to the chest and stare it down like the bitch it is. Everyone here should call up MacNamee cause they’ll need a pile of synthetic testosterone to call themselves a man and not a slut like Jose Bautista. A real man comments on Jays blogs when he hates all Toronto teams and thinks their fans are assholes. PENISES!!!!!!!!!

          • you cowardly little cocksucker…. time for a nmaechange is in order. funny how james the fuckin 3rd is coincidentally here as my imitator appears. go do a fred willard you mental midget.

  51. Thank God Cordero is gone. As for the rest of the deal, im not concerned cause we arnt done trading. This will all make sense after AA makes more moves

  52. Can’t say I love the trade at first blush. Some average prospects for a guy who looks like he MIGHT cut it as a 5th starter on a good team, a solid reliever whos an FA at the end of the season, and a project AA reliever. None of those prospects really sting to lose, but it doesn’t feel like great value for them.

    But then again, I know nothing about the prospects they’ve dealt and you assume the Jays organization has pretty good insights into the upsides of these guys and likelihood they’ll become MLB regulars.

    • you really like the sound of yourself blusher. i think you are my imitater too.

  53. Moving these players with shitty numbers this season and a boatload of games against the AL East doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do. Not to mention all we got was bullpen arms, according to as happ starts in the bullpen.

    We shoulda just stood pat. Not like we still have a chance.

    • did you want to watch AAA players get smacked around for the rest of the season? people are paying big money to watch major league.

  54. Great to see everyone so worked up about the “huge” trade.
    The likelihood is that a few years from now no one is going to remember even 1 player in this deal

    The reality is that AA could trade Happ & Carpenter over the winter and get back a similar haul to what he gave up
    Its important to realize that Happ, even though he’s average at best, is a component major league pitcher and a lot of the prospects people get huge boners for never even amount to that

    Pitchers like Happ will always have value to someone
    And fuck it, at least he’s not Brett Cecil

  55. I would definitely take all the people bitching about this trade more seriously if they weren’t the very same mouthbreathers who have been pining away for AA to make a move, use some of the vaunted prospect depth, in order to acquire a proven innings eating type who can pitch at the major league level. While the NL Central is only just barely MLB level competition, this is exactly what they were demanding.

    So fuck, why not enjoy the fact that the team just made a move towards:
    . stability for this year and acquired a future asset for trade in Happ (because, realistically, where does he fit in long term?),
    .stabilized the bullpen with Lyon (and losing CoCo)
    .while adding depth in AAA (where people have been complaining that the cupboard was bare at the high levels),
    . while clearing space for Snider.

    This is the kind of low impact move that the team can and needs to make this season.

    • Those things are ture butkeep in mind Lyon hasn’t pitched in the Al East since 2001 and Happhas never pitched in the al east- so we should care they traded anyone young and controlable for what could be Cordero 2.0 and Cecil 2.0.
      Look at Happs numbers he could get destroyed in the Al East(he’s been terrible in the central NL)

      Regardless though it won’t hurt this rebuilding organization(weren’t in long term plan I’m assuming) unless those three guys become anything really.

  56. I’m ignorant about this, so forgive this honest question: Is that an inverted W in the picture?

  57. Well, this ride was fun while it lasted.

  58. I’m in Boston going to the game on Saturday. Who the hell am I going to be watching play for the Blue Jays? This is just fucking bizarre.

  59. Screw the trade. I’m more worried about who is public enemy number one now Cordero is gone and Lind appears to be hitting? Please tell me it won’t be Frasor, I don’t think my will to live can handle it.

  60. So, let’s see what Anthopoulous has done recently…

    Traded Johnny Mac and Aaron Hill for Kelly Johnson. FAIL. Aaron Hill is rocking out, and guess who has an OPS that’s significantly higher than Johnson this season? John McDonald. This trade would’ve been dumb with just one of our guys going out, with both it’s an extra-large serving of FAIL.

    Traded one of our top-rated pitching prospects for Santos, who has a track record of one total “good” year, if by “good” you mean “ran out of steam in September.” FAIL Santos sucked his way to two blown saves in four attempts, five earned runs in five innings, then went on the DL for the rest of the season. FAIL.

    Signed Laffey. FAIL.

    Signed Francisco Cordero. HAHAHAHA. Super-sized FAIL.

    Signed Dustin McGowan to an extension. McGowan gets injured shortly thereafter. FAIL.

    Failed to get us a pitcher in the off-season, then watched our pitchers get injured without decent backups. FAIL.

    Signed Encarnacion to an extension in the middle of a career year. You know what happened to the last guy AA signed to a big mid-season extension? He turned into Yunel Escobar. Future FAIL, probably.

    Oh yeah, J-Mac is OPSing 150 points higher than the Yunibomber this season too. FAIL.

    And now this fustercluck. Really, you trade away five prospects and all you can get is J.A. fucking Happ and a reliever who’s going to be a free agent in two months? FAIL FAIL FAIL.

    Best young GM in baseball my ass. If he has another season like this one he should be in danger of getting fired.

    • Wow… that’s a lot of words for someone who’s clearly a fucking moron.

    • Thanks for the laugh. Feel free to continue removing all doubt of your stupidity any time.

    • Go cheer for the fucking yankees douchebag

    • and he spoke and removed all doubt…… as the saying goes. idiot

    • you are a moron

    • I agree with you, Ed.

      And note that these guys insulted you but didn’t actually argue against anything you said.

      I want them to explain WHY the KJ trade wasn’t a fail…

      • because he is still doing better than what hill was doing when he left. how is that? it really doesnt need to be said.most thought it would be obvious…..obviously

      • • Yunel Escobar: earning $5mil this year, has been worth $6.6mil already this year as per fWAR.

        • Edwin Encarnacion: if he reverts back to his 2 fWAR self, he’ll be as good as the contract warrants. If he continues to be this kind of player, he’s a huge bargain. Bautista is a fair comparison for situations, and it’s not like this type of hitting is out of nowhere. Look at his 2010 season.

        • Laffey: Making nothing in terms of cash, and has a 3.38 ERA (his 600k he’s earned through his 0.1 fWAR is about what he’s making I think).

        • McGowan: what the fuck is $1.5mil? seriously?

        • Cordero: yeah, that was a bad signing to begin with, but at least it helped the Jays get some much needed MLB filler.

        • Aaron Hill: hindsight is 20/20, but let’s not forget that Hill was shitting the bed with the Jays forever, and would most likely continue to do so.

        • Failed to get arms in the off-season: who the fuck saw that the Jays would get this bumrushed from injuries? are you this fucking stupid?

        • This trade: minor league filler for major league filler = wash.

        I swear, the comments are are coming on here.. makes me wonder if some of these people are Jays Talk callers. Quit looking at just the negatives, which every GM has, and look at all the positives he’s accomplished, some of which not even MLB The Show would allow without cheats turned on – Vernon Wells, Colby Rasmus, Brandon Morrow. None of these worked for me when I tried at the time of them happening.

        • Jays are, like the Titanic, sinking into the abyiss, and AA is shuffling the deck-chairs. Great PR move to take your eyss off the terrible events that are about to unfold.
          This is the perfect time to look at his recent trading record, and truth be told, AA hasn’t made a a trade of any significance in some time. The name-calling posts written by the many will not change the fact that AA is on the ropes and his recent history is less than stellar. Has anybody looked at where this team is?

    • fuck off Ed, have you not watched Aarron Laffer pitch so far guy has been far from failure, none of the prospects AA gave up were top tier prospects, so no loss really.

    • This is a wonderfully subtle troll by Ed, here. Fantastic work.

      …wait, he’s serious? No, he can’t be. No one is that stupid.

    • Ed here is why you are a fucking retard. Mcnasty you should read this as well:
      1) Top rated pitching prospect for Santos: If you knew anything Nestor Molina the so called “top prospect” (I am sure you even knew his name) got lit up this year in AA and on top of that is also injured. So actually I would consider that a win for the Jays.

      2) Signed Aaron Laffey: He has been one of the most effective starters on the rotation since the injuries. Just pitched 7 shut out innings for another win. Considering he signed for 600K that is a win. That fact that you didn’t know gives stronger evidence that you are a retard

      3) Signed Fransisco Cordero: Yep I agree he wasn’t great, however he was still better then the following pitchers who pitched for the Jays this season (Loup, Dyson, Beck, Richmond, Crawford, Asian guy who blew the game to Texas) so actually he was still better then replacement. That is more on Farrell for poor managing. So that is wrong again

      4) McGowan 1.5M you are right that he was injured however is this really worth discussing? I think this has zero affect on the Blue Jays MLB roster. But you can consider this a win.

      5) EE- “Probably won’t be worth it”- look at the contracts elite 1B are getting. (Votto, Gonzalez, Tex, Fielder, Cabrera, Pujols) and tell me that is a bad contract. You are wrong again dumbass

      6) Johnny Mac over Yunel- Ever heard of Sample size? If you honestly prefer Johnny Mac to Yunel this is further evidence of how retarded you are.

      7) 5 prospects for JA Happ and a reliever: That reliever will now be the 4th best in the pen and an improvement on Cordero. As for the prospects, Perez needs to be protected next year or he can be had in the rule 5 draft, as is the case there is no room for him on the 40 man roster. On top of that Rollins is a system arm nothing more. Woj (a 23 year old redoing high A) and an injured Musgrove isn’t a heck of a lot to give up. Not to mention Carpenter was also received, could be another decent reliever. This trade can’t be judged at this point.

      Notable omissions this year
      1) Signed Darren Oliver- Highly effective reliever who is pitching in a set up role for the Jays- Great signing!

      2) Traded two system arms for Frasor- Frasor has been the third best arm in the pen, those prospects are sitting somewhere in A ball. Another Win.

      3) Signed the highest ranked, 7th ranked and 11th ranked international free agents

      4) Had what is considered the best draft in baseball getting 6 of the top 50 ranked prospects on BA’s pre draft ranking.

      5) Traded Brad Mills for Mathis- Mills has been getting lit up in AAA, Mathis has been a solid back up catcher. Another Win.

      Now you state if AA has another season like this one he should be fired…. you do realize the Kelly Johnson trade was last year right? That was also the same year he traded junk (Patterson, Alphabet, Dotel, Frasor and Stewart) for Colby Rasmus, traded Vernon Wells and got Lawrie for Marcum.

      So actually the only poor move was the Kelly Johnson trade, however even though it was a bad trade Kelly Johnson has performed better so far then either of the last 2 season Hill was in Toronto.

      Thanks for coming out!

      • One of the most resounding comment thread beat downs I’ve seen recently.

        Well played sir.

      • What a bunch of drival, Stanley. Your selective use of injuries, sample sizes, and dismissal of bad dealings as though they don’t count, make your response laughable.
        You do know we are last in our division right? You are aware that AA has several holes on this team that are leaking badly, and that if they arn’t fixed now, will be bleeding into next year. What about LF, 2nd, Starting Pitching, and Releif (we’ve given up more runs than anyone else in the East.) Nothing has been done to fix any of these, for the most part, long standing problems.
        The 10 player deal is a big fat ’0′ on the Rickter Scale of trades. My point is best summed up by your posting that indicates that Arron Laffy is the best thing we got here

        • You should probably read my post again as you clearly did not comprehend the FACTS that I presented.

          Injuries? I stated that the prospect given up was also injured in the Santos trade, which is the reason Ed said it was a bad trade. So that is clearly wrong

          Sample Sizes? I stated that using half a year of data comparing John McDonald and Yunel was a poor assessment. Yunel was an elite player just last year, widely considered a top 5 SS in the AL last year (look at his WAR). Not to mention he received MVP votes with Atlanta 4 years ago. When in Johnny Mac’s life has he ever gotten an MVP vote? I don’t think you get those votes when your ass is stapled to the bench because you can’t hit a baseball…

          Dismissal? I stated that the Kelly Johnson was a “Bad trade” even though he has been better then what the Jays got out of Hill. I stated that if you are using a year time frame then you can’t exclude the other deals that occurred last year (Rasmus, Frasor, Oliver etc.) So in fact it was Ed leaving out important trades and signings not me.

          Yes I know the Jays are last in the division, I also know that they are in year 3 of a rebuild process. When the Jays traded the #1 starter (Halladay, Marcum) on there MLB staff in 2 consecutive years I understood that it takes time to compete in what is the best division in baseball. However I have also seen the Jays improve the product on the field all three years with more elite prospect coming up in 2 years. Hence I understand what the team is trying to do something you clearly missed.

          As for the holes in the roster you mentioned:

          The “holes” at LF (Snider/Gose/Marsinik) will be filled this year or next with one of these three moving Davis back to a reserve role giving the Jays a great offensive and defensive OF (Snider/Rasmus/Bautista) and an elite pinch runner in Davis/Gose

          The “hole” at SP is due to the previously mentioned trades (Halladay, and Marcum) and further exasperated when Morrow, Drabek and Hutchinson went down did you miss that week in the season? On top of that Romero’s ineffectiveness has further increased the stress on the pen. So no the rotation is not in shambles, as Romero should bounce back to a high to mid 3ERA when he gets his control back, Morrow and Hutchinson are expected back in August and healthy for next season. Giving a rotation (assuming no more trades or signings) of Morrow, Romero, Hutchinson, Alvarez, Happ. However I think the Jays make a serious push for an elite SP this offseason.

          As for relief, again this is the result of the starters going down and the Jays having to dip into middle relief too much. On top of this if you missed it Santos, and Perez both went down, Villanueva was moved to the rotation thus the pen struggled.

          As for bashing Laffey, he was signed as insurance and was most likely going to be in AAA all year if these injuries didn’t occur, as is the case bashing this signing makes you sound as an uninformed tool. On the one hand you say the Jays need starters on the other you bash the Jays signing Laffey. Pick a side you fool.

          As for this trade that registers a “0″ on the Richter scale (yes this is the correct spelling) you just stated the Jays have holes in the bullpen and in the rotation. The Jays just improved the Bullpen (Lyon>Cordero) and the pen (Happ>Cecil) and Cecil will move to the pen. Cecil is better then Loup, Crawford which in fact IMPROVES the bullpen.

          Even though this isn’t a “sexy” trade it is one that is important in the overall building of a roster. Look at the Cardinals last year. Adding two bullpen pieces and a back of the rotation starter vaulted them from missing playoffs to a world series. The fact that the Jays didn’t give up an elite CF’er (or any elite prospect) makes this even batter.

          • I meant The jays improved the pen (Lyon>Cordero) the rotation (Happ>Cecil) and the pen again by moving Cecil to the pen.

          • Please clarify Injuries: Santo’s has pitched 5 innings for the Jays, you can’t claim this is a Jays win. He’s under the knife, so who know’s what you’re going to get.
            Sample Size: If half a year’s data isn’t enough to do a comparitive between Escobar and MacDonald, then how the hell can you state a Jays victory with Santo’s?
            Dismissal: You gave a pass on the McGowan contract, which is a complete failure.
            I thought you had a lot of valid points in your post, but the trash talk, and preceived bias had me taking issue. Thanks

          • Birddawg

            The original post was to argue the points that were made by Ed in the tone that he used, that is why it came off as biased and had a bit of a n edge to it due to his condescending remarks.

            As for Santos v Nestor Molina I say this is a win because Molina has taken a huge step backwards in his development and has also been injured. Santos is an above average late innings reliever, which in itself is much better then Nestor will be if he reaches his potential (a middle reliever). Molina is also injured thus I think the Jays are still winning that trade.

            The reason why CWS had a chance to win that trade was because Nestor was projected as a back of the rotation starter/ high leverage reliever neither of those seem to be the case. If he does reach this potential he is still 2 years away. Thus I think that is a win.

            Look at career WAR on both Escobar and Joey Mac. It is embarrassing that he actually made that comment. A starting SS who is in his prime is ALWAYS better then a bench player nearing retirement. Ed had and still has no argument.

            McGowan I gave a dismissal as it has no bearing on the team, honestly this is nitpicking do you really care about 3M over 2 years? Drabek probably would have won that job anyways. It isn’t as if the Jays signing of him prevented them from going after CJ Wilson, Yu Darvish or Prince Fielder.

            Even if it has been a failure with McGowan he still has a year to earn that money, wouldn’t get too worked up over that one.

          • If you don’t mind, and this post seems all but dead anyway, I would like to pursue this horrible trend of thought further.
            We can agree to disagree on Molina and Santo’s, I would ask that you simply evaluate it on performance after the trade…anything that happened prior to this is irrelevant as far as determining who won (nobody yet).
            Like you, I would much sooner have Escobar than J. Mac, but I really hate the WAR stat as there are as many ways to calclate it, as there are experts who talk about it. Also if I have to spend 4 hours to understand it, then its either junk science, or other, more easily understood stats should be used. Anyway Escobar has been sliding a little, and if he were traded now then that’s ok by me.
            Trivializing McGowans signing based on the value of the contract, dosn’t mean it wasn’t a mistake by AA – it was. I am guilty on this one too as Stoet claimed it was a mistake as soon as the signing occurred, and I was contrary to his point. I, like you, are wrong.
            AA is in a tough spot, there are a lot of area’s that need immediate attention. This trade with Houston does next to nothing to solve anything really. My greatest fear is that this trade with Houston is all that AA can do this year.

          • McGowan was a mistake, however again it is nitpicking I would call it equivalent of a pitcher pitching 6 shut out innings and some says yeah but he walked three batters. It really isn’t relevant.

            Santos pitched 5 innings in the majors, Nester pitched 0. Therefore it is a win so far in my opinion. The fact that they are both injured is a wash.

            As for the Astros trade, it isn’t a flashy trade but this does help the team this year, (Happ, and Lyon are improvements) and the talent given up would have been lost next year (Perez) whereas the others are are 2-3 years away if they ever reach their potential. Again not going to make the Jays a contender but it is an improvement for this year and next year.

            As is the case I wouldn’t assume any further moves are or aren’t coming due to this one trade. Let’s see what he does up until the deadline, and in the offseason. Spring training next season then we can start to grumble. As year 4 this team should compete.

          • Your comments of nit-picking, your use of what is perhaps the smallest sample size ever (5 innings), to claim victory, tarnishes your otherwise fine post. To your regret, I doubt that I will wait till next year to start grumbling again, this is way too much fun.

  61. I feel like Lyon will be Cordero in the Al East, confused I think we’re not any better than before, The same really.

    Cecil and Ja Happ not sure who’s better, Ja Happ isn’t been great in the NL not sure how he’ll do in the Al East.

    Very confused nothing gained nothing lost unless Joe musgrove becomes somehting or Asher becomes a good bullpen arm.

    Wasn’t Carlos Perez once our number two Catcher prospect behind D’arnaud.

    This hopefully wasn’t a move for the playoffs we’re not making it, can’t see this being the move Jose, Romero, Farrell; Janssen, Frasor; Lawrie, JP and the fans wanted.

    Ja Happ is under control for 2014 but I feel like he’s a non tender candidate since he’s terrible and making 2.5 million this year, do we really want a Ja Happ type pitcher for 5 million next year.

    On the plus side Snider in LF vs RHP, Gose in RF vs RHP Snider in RF vs LHP and Davis in RF vs LHP.

  62. I kind of didn’t like the deal. Now I kind of don’t give a fuck. They’re going to be a better team, at least in the short term. J.A. Happ is a valuable guy to a team. A left-handed Carlos V? Did they give up too much? I dunno. At this point, all of the real guys they included had been disappointing. Except Musgrove. But they’re sayin’ he’s got shoulder problems. So…

    • I hpoe your right but I don’t see us being better, I think JA Happ get’s slaughtered in the Al East exactly like Cecil- plus he’ll be making 5 million next year and he’s fucking terrible. He has been a little better this year…. Drew could be right.

  63. Only thing I can think of is he had to give Musgrove or Asher for the Astros to take Cordero and Francisco’s salaries.

  64. Wow does this trade ever fit in with my not giving a fuck mode.

    Trade away prospects for Brett Cecil 2, a soon to be free agent and a guy that cant hit the strike zone often.

    Oh well, as long as Coco is gone and Snider is up. Fine

  65. Meh. Jays traded a bunch of filler and 2 projectable prospects for 2 serviceable MLB pitchers.

    Did Anthopoulos win this trade as per usual? I’d say no, but this is the first time he’s been in a difficult position – a painful need for arms to just get this team through the season. I do, however, give him points for minimizing the damage to get said arms.

    If anything, it’s just a trade of minor-league depth for major-league depth. How is this so bad that people jump off bridges?

    • Most likely one of the pitches was thrown in so Houston would take on Cordero and Ben Fran’s contracts, possibly leaving the Blue Jays to make another move.

      Only thing that could make this trade completely terrible is if Houston turns around and Flips Cordero for any type of prospect or a bucket of baseballs.

      • That’s somewhere along the lines of my thinking also.

        If the Jays are/were going to make a big move, these weren’t the pieces that will/would have been used in it. I mean, look at alll 7 of those guys and tell me the Diamondbacks would care about any of those players for Justin Upton, or if the Rays cared for any of those players for Shields, etc.

        All the Jays gave up was quantity for minimal quality. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  66. I think this might be the first time in recent memory AA made a move for present year Jays instead of 2016-17 Jays. I commend it.

  67. Taking away Cordero from John Farrell is like taking away matches from a 3 year old.

    • Always a good decision I got ya… liking the move now good point that’s worth it right there.

  68. Part of me wonders what Anthopoulous would be like if he had a bit of Colangelo in him, and traded away half the team every off-season.

  69. If you think the Jays gave up awesome prospects, read this:


    Now give your head a shake.

    • Anything for Ja Happ could be a waste, that said it won’t matter all that much.

    • I don’t have Insider, so…

      • He says they are “third tier” prospects that might end up as bullpen pieces or might not.
        He also says Happ is below average but above replacement in the Al and will eat innings while Lyon is a slight upgrade over Cordero and Carpenter is… nothing much yet but throws hard.

        that’s the gist of it. Go buy insider!

  70. Well it’s just about time to see if this trade re-energizes the team.

    It’s Laffey vs Beckett tonight. Beckett is shockingly hittable this season, and Laffey pitched his best start of the year against the Red Sox, shutting them out through six.

    I would very much like a sweep, thank you.

    • Yeah and I would like a pony but I won’t get one. Have you witnessed the shitshow that is the Blue Jays offense over the past week. EE is the only guy in this lineup even remotely resembling a hitter right now so yeah, sweep it is.

  71. thank you AA for getting some help now, so i can stomach watching for the rest of the season. i know you arent done yet but i would like to thank you and wash your balls because you made my wish come true of getting at least 2 pitchers and saying adios to coco.also like to thank you for bringing up snyder so i dont have to read about him being on your shitlist anymore. it was getting miserable hearing the shrieks for 3 months. and to whoever is impersonating me…… fuck off. now AA which nut do you want polished first and i wont demand anything for the rest of the season.

    • Seriously why are you even here? Please return to your former role as a Jays Talk caller so we can all get back to ridiculing people like you without the inconvenience of actually having to read your horse shit.

      • just thanking the manager for making my wish come true there horseshit reader. now go rub a lamp and read some tea leaves or something. go dry hump someone else

  72. why doesn’t anyone think that Astros needed to take on Francisco and Cordero for the deal to go down? really changes the perspective of the deal. People are taking for granted that Francisco and Cordero are off the books

  73. Anyone think the Diamondbacks would trade Upton for Lyon they dealt Curt Schilling for him.

  74. What a bunch of sheep! WTF has hapened here is SFA. Astro’s, the worst team in the Majors gave us there garbage pitchers, and in return the Jays, worst team in the AL East, gave them prospects thet will never see the light of day in the Bigs. Great fuckin news here, WOW!!!!. AA what a ninja, boy can this guy fly under the radar or what. And to top it all off, Snider, the most abused prospect in the history of the game, now has to compete with the “Golden Boy” Gose for a position in the outfield. Gee, I wonder who will win? Well Travis, this will be your final indignity before you are summerily dismissed and cast into baseball pergatory forever. Goodbye and thanks for showing up.

  75. Much needed depth move not a save the season kinda deal. I dunno why everyone is so down on happ he is a good #4 with a little bit of upside. And the bullpen help is a welcome site. I fully expect the other shoe to drop before the deadline. My only disappointment is Cecil wasn’t the guy going the other way lol maybe in the next deal

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