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Kingston’s own Bob Elliott was enshrined in Cooperstown as the winner of the JG Taylor Spink Award– the highest honour given to a BBWAA member– for his years of coverage of the Expos for the Ottawa Citizen and the Jays for the Toronto Sun, and his dedication to, and promotion of, Canadian baseball. The Sun has tributes from Steve Simmons, Bill Lankhoff, coverage of the event, and a re-printing of Elliott’s speech on Saturday afternoon. Congratulations, Bob!

At, Spencer Fordin writes about the honour as well. While elsewhere at the Sun, Ken Fidlin thinks Alex Anthopoulos should keep on keeping on and neither full-on sell nor full-on buy at the trade deadline.

MLBTR passes on a note from Ken Rosenthal’s latest for Fox Sports, in which we’re told that some rival GMs value Asher Wojciechowski perhaps more than the Jays did, judging by their deal on Friday with the Astros.

As I noted in Saturday’s Game Threat, Jon Hale of the Mockingbird likes the potential he sees in Happ.

Guy Spurrier of the National Post has a handy guide to the massive, if boring, deal, while Mop Up Duty uses ESPN’s fancy data machines to take a look at what the Jays are getting in Happ.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri reviews the deal, and concludes that the Jays kinda blew it, not only because it only makes them marginally better and burned off some prospect capital that could be useful elsewhere, but because it undoubtedly wasted a bunch of man-hours to put together– hours that could have been spent working towards something more fruitful.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports tweets that the Jays are still looking for a starter, which… of course they are.

Jim Callis of Baseball America says that the Jays came within $341 of spending over their draft pool allotment by 5%, which would have resulted in the loss of their first round draft pick next year. Three-hundred-forty-one dollars!

Travis Snider proves again that he’s good at saying the right things in this Q&A with Brendan Kennedy of the Star.

At, Gregor Chisholm writes a notebook post that touches on Brandon Morrow’s recovery— he threw a 42 pitch bullpen session over the weekend– as well as Aaron Laffey’s and Carlos Villanueva’s surprising success, and Jose Bautista’s progress, which isn’t great so far, but is better than initially expected when he went down last week at Yankee Stadium.

In another one, Gregor talks to John Farrell about the continuing health struggles of Dustin McGowan.

Ex-Mariners and Astros scout Bernie Pleskoff of is encouraged by what he sees of Brett Lawrie, as he provides a bit of a scouting report on him and his progress at the plate and in the field over the last couple seasons.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi says that it’s time for Sam Dyson to make some adjustments, as he heads back to New Hampshire. He also believes that the Jays, based on their deal with Houston, are playing for the here and now.

Mat Germain of Jays Journal figures that it’s time for the Jays to go nuts young. Um… not sure on that one just yet.

BlueBird Banter writes about Omar Vizquel’s potentially historic season– he’s not hitting extra base hits. Like… at all.

Richard Griffin touches on Elliott’s honour, as well as the Jays-Astros deal and more in his latest Bullpen post for the Toronto Star.

John Sickels of Minor League Ball passes along a Brew Crew Ball post on how the American League could potentially expose to the core every flaw in the new playoff format this season– unlikely as it may be.

HELLO KEVIN PILLAR!!!! tells us about the 2011 32nd rounder’s impressive debut for Dunedin.

Lastly, FanGraphs announces a whole bunch of individual pitch data is now available on their Pitch F/X tab. Kinda interesting. Better, at least, than the notion that Alex Rios might be good again.

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  1. I can’t believe those cheap bastards at Rogers held back that $341. They always say they’ll spend the money when the time is right, but when it comes time to spend, the $341 always stays in Dead Uncle Ted’s wallet.

  2. “I know I’m not the golden boy” –Travis Snider

    You’re still the golden boy in my heart, Lunchbox.

  3. Ryan Dempster to the braves is likely

  4. Regarding how the Blue Jays came within $341 of their draft pool allotment, I liked the comment in Baseball Prospectus about how “The Blue Jays squeezed every iota of competitive advantage they could out of the new CBA’s system.”

  5. Couldn’t they have given that $341 to the Canadian kid they drafted? With the exchange rate that has got to be like what a $100,000 Canadian? =)

  6. Dalai Lunchbox???

  7. I think Happ has some potential, but the Astros trade still seems…pricey. And the full bill isn’t even in yet.

    If you’re bored and paranoid, some considerations for the PTBNL. The consensus is that it’s a 2011 drafee that can’t be traded until the anniversary of his draft date (Rollins and Musgrove were 2011 draftees, but signed in June). Looking at the “signed” dates on the Jays website, there are 15 draftees that could potentially be the PTBNL.

    Nine that I’ve “heard” of: Norris, Comer, Smith Jr., J. Anderson, Gabrezewski, Dean, Stilson, DeSclafani, and Christian Lopes, plus 6 that I’m not familiar with: Burns, Biggs, Atikinson, Loveless, and Mooney.

    Speculate away…it’s an offday anyways…

    • PTBNL is likely going to be cash, like every other PTBNL the Jays have ever traded under AA.

    • Also, this is from BA today on the players the Jays gave up:

      “Musgrove and Wojciechowski are former supplemental first-round picks who haven’t thrown as hard as pros as they did as amateurs, and neither has progressed as quickly as once hoped. Perez is a solid defender who’s repeating low Class A at age 21. Rollins is a sleeper with average stuff but below-average command. Toronto’s deep system won’t miss these guys, and while Houston can use the added inventory, it’s unlikely that any of them will play major roles in eventually leading the Astros back to contention.”

      So, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

  8. Stoeten, I thought you and Parkes hated Elliott and that any award given to a BBWAA member was a joke.
    I’m confused.
    If you’re sincere, It’s an unexpected show of class by you.
    Kudos to you.

  9. The conclusion of that Jonah Keri article threw me for a loop. Apparently the new 2% is not overworking your interns…

  10. Yep, Travis Snider is back. He looks like the Left fielder we have been missing, not to disparage the others who have been plugged in there.

  11. jonah keri also forgot to mention that alex used up all his daytime minutes on his phone plan. fail

    • “No, I’m sorry I don’t have enough time to discuss Justin Upton right now. I’ve got the entire staff filling out cost benefit analyses for this JA Happ trade. Maybe we can talk in… Hello? Hello?”
      How Jonah Keri thinks front offices work.

      • Plus the guy says we included 2 major leaguers as if the Francisco’s were even worth the league minimum salary to us. They were worth nothing and the PTBNL is often just cash isn’t it?

        So it is some prospects that may come to nothing or at best may become decent players. For some guys that can play in the bigs and might not suck too badly. Meh whatever.

        • Just a weird article by Keri. Not sure how you can “blow” a trade like that. It’s going to amount to a wash with minimal major league impact for both orgs.

          This quote is the best, though: “Houston will use Ben Francisco as a lefty-masher.”

  12. Soooo, ive been thinking about this and feel free to tell me why its crazy but:

    The jays should trade for Halladay. The jays need a starter, the phillies need to offload some salary and desperately need some youth on their major league team. Halladay would probably be happy because he could go to his old team and actually contend.

    Halladay is signed through 2013 for 30 million dollars (!) so the jays would probably need to receive some cash to make this deal happen. Theres a vesting option for 2014, but as i understand it, unless halladay pitches at least 190 innings this year which is unlikely giving how many starts he missed and his lack of complete games.

    Im not sure what it would take to get this deal done but itd be pretty funny if we traded drabek and gose back to them for halladay plus cash

    • Where are my post-game WPA graphs!? I needs them….

    • He’s gone, get over it.

    • I am excited to see the replies to this

    • Halladay is only owed 20 mil each year (with that vesting option you mentioned) not 30 mil for 2013.

      Also, Halladay is well worth 20 mil per year as he has been good for 8+ WAR over each of the last two seasons (not including this one).

      • 20 mill for this year, and the year is roughly half over so hed still be owed 10 mil correct? plus 20 more for 2013 for 30 million.

        Hes 35 now, and hes thrown at least 230 innings for the last 4 seasons.
        his WHIP is up 100 points compared to 2010-11, he hasnt thrown a complete game yet, his k/bb is at a 4 year low

        Halladay is still a good mid rotation starter, but hes not worth 20 mil a season anymore

      • I would be the happiest man in the world.

    • Phillies need to offload salary? Why?

    • The Jays ought to trade for “a” Halladay. However, “the” Halladay might not be available, as the Phillies don’t exactly view themselves as out of contention–instead they consider themselves a good team that’s suffered an unfortunate string of injuries. You may mock this view, as the Jays have done better with worse injuries, but it is their view. The fact they’re trying to extend Hamels should indicate this, and that Halladay is not available.

      If Hamels does not extend or re-sign with the Phillies, and gets himself traded, this may indicate the beginning of the Phillies blowing things up, and they might then begin to entertain offers. However if Hamels gets traded we’re talking a day before the deadline at most; there’s unlikely to be the time to arrange a Halladay trade in the time left. Thus Halladay is not a realistic option for this trade deadline.

      As for the offer, I highly doubt Gose + Drabek gets it done. Gose + D’Arnaud + Drabek might do it, which would be ironic; however it would also leave ourselves without a replacement for Arencibia, who many suggest will not cut it at catcher. Further, the Phillies have no need for D’Arnaud, given they have Ruiz. And to replace D’Arnaud’s value in a trade you’d need at least one of the Lansing three, if not two of them.

      Halladay is also an older pitcher, nearing his decline years, so he’s not the type AA would go after.

      • Do you really think halladay is still that valuable? given his age, the fact that hes thrown a gazillion innings which will take its toll on a arm, his preformance this season and his contract situation.

        I really dont feel like it would take a D’arnaud to get it done. maybe one of the lansing arms.

        • Admittedly Halladay isn’t as valuable anymore, but neither are our prospects. Drabek has very little value at the moment, given that for the second straight year he walked a ton in the majors, and now he’s on the DL for a year.

          As for Gose, he does have some value per being a ranked prospect, but that doesn’t change the fact that he can’t hit right now–he’s basically an outfield Johnny Mac until he learns to hit, and given the offense that’s expected out of the OF spots, that’s not valuable.

          Halladay, while he may be old, is still widely considered the best pitcher in the majors. That has value, if not what it once was.

    • It’s not that retarded of a notion, but there’s better pitchers to go after. I’d like to see Anthopoulos go after Josh Johnson if he’s been made available as it’s rumored he has. Another intriguing name is Anibal Sanchez.

  13. I don’t think parkes has the right view on what Happ is going to be to this team. He’s going to eat innings for the rest of this season and for the next, hopefully. He’s a lefty which we can use in the rotation or in the pen. He can easily be a great 4/5 on most pitching staffs and I think he will slot in nicely with romero, morrow et al. Happ has pitched in the NL East, which isn’t as uber-competitive as the AL East, but he’s still used to the tougher side of competition. I can’t see him lighting the world on fire while he’s here but I look forward to him being a solid innings eater that helps keep our bullpen well rested, something the rest of the rotation seemed to have forgotten before he got here

    • Houston is not in the NL East.

      and for an innings eater, Happ will first have to get into the rotation.

  14. With Demps going to the Braves we could probably get Jair Jurrjens from the braves for next to nothing-he’s been terrible but see what he does here and non tender himfor next year and sign him at a lower price, once upon a time he was a good number 3.

  15. Parkes is a troll

  16. “Some teams like right-hander Asher Wojciechowski, a compensation pick in the 2010 draft. “….dude, that was the only line devoted to to Asher in the ENTIRE article by Rosenthal.

    Where did you come up with the “rival GM’s value Asher more than the Jays, etc” bit? You made it seem like AA might have stepped on his dick by trading Asher.

  17. the brewcrew guy forgot to add in the ten team tie for the extra wildcard spot requiring a series of play in games to see who gets to play the wildcard play in game.


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