Podcast the Twenty-Second!

And now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon, and to fill you with rage over Dustin Parkes’ hating-on of Eric Thames Adam Lind the Toronto Blue Jays’ chances Ricky Romero the JA Happ trade: it’s the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.

Comments (4)

  1. Mr. Parkes says near the end of this podcast (with respect to the Jays position in the WC standings) that “at this time of the year it’s the number of teams ahead that counts more than the number of games back”. When he says this I can only offer him a heavy helping of Griffin, as this statement is unworthy of anyone who claims an understanding of stats.

    The probability of making the playoffs is determined by multiple factors, including both games back and number of teams ahead. Neither one of these factors is a priori more important than the other. What any reasonably intelligent person would do is to consider the overall probability of making the playoffs, given all relevant factors. There are well-regarding models for calculating these odds–including the one at Coolstandings.com and I encourage Mr. Parkes to further his education on playoff odds-making.

    Furthermore, this particular bit of old-fashioned baseball wisdom is usually trotted out in September. So if Mr. Parkes feels he must repeat it again, would he please wait until then.

  2. Did I just hear Stoeten shit on Wilner around ~6:30? My has Stotey-Stote-Stote come along way from the time when Wilner’s cock was firmly lodged down his throat.

  3. I love listening to Drew bitch about shaving and how expensive it is while a Gillette ad stares at me….

    P.S. My Girlfriend just called you guys Pompous. What the hell happened to you guys? Does Dustin even like baseball any more?

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