Isn’t that picture just so damn precious?


Anyway, with no game happening tonight– no Jays game, that is– and therefore no Game Threat, I decided I might as well shoehorn in a place to post today’s Getting Blanked Show, and I figured I should share this tender moment between Messrs. Lawrie and Arencibia while I was at it.

Of course, there are other games tonight, and I will indeed be watching the fucking Diamondback and the Rockies, as part of my punishment for losing this weekend’s #PropHate bet– and if you followed Getting Blanked on Facebook, you could have voted on which game I was going to be forced to watch.

Watch us talk about it, and all the news of the day, on today’s edition of Getting Blanked.

Of course, what you won’t hear about on the show is the late-breaking stuff on Ryan Dempster’s held-up trade, and the news from this hour of Omar Inflated and Anibal Sanchez going from Miami to Detroit for Jacob Turner plus. According to a tweet from Dr. Rosen Rosen, the Marlins “are extremely disappointed with team’s performance and are prepared to make a series of trades.” So… y’know… let’s go get Josh Johnson.

Detroit’s addition of a second base option that isn’t stupendously horrible crushes my pipe dream of seeing Kelly Johnson shipped off there– not that his play of late would warrant anyone having any interest in him whatsoever.

And Sanchez, who will be a free agent in the winter, is already being mentioned as a possible extension candidate for the Tigers– as is Ryan Dempster, with Rosenthal explaining that an extension with Atlanta is one possibility for the holdup of what was thought earlier to be a done deal.

Aaaaand… according to Jack Curry of YES, the Yankees have acquired the ghost of Ichiro for Danny Farquhar (yes, that Danny Farquhar) and DJ Mitchell (whoever that is), both right-handed pitchers. HUH??? I mean, not that he’s going to help them much, but… HUH????

He’s going to remember how to be great once he puts on those pinstripes, isn’t he, goddamn it. (If he ever gets there: Jon Heyman counters that there’s interest, but money issues still to be worked out– i.e. he doesn’t think there’s a deal).

So… there’s that. And this!

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  1. Wow… Ichiro to the Yankees! Fuck!

    Hey, at this point, I’ve conceded the AL East to the Yankees, so I don’t really care what short term things they do to get better from a Jays perspective.

    That’s an absolute stunner though. I wonder where he goes next year now? I just assumed it’d be Seattle till the end. Were the prospects the Yanks sent basically scrubs? Why do it if you’re Seattle then? I know they suck, but he is an icon there… and if you’re not getting something promising in return and if he’s an FA after the year anyway..

  2. Uh, Ichiro to the Yankees. Even though he kind of sucks now that’s a pretty significant thing.

    • It’s funny, in MLB The Show 12, Road To The Show, Ichiro always seems to find his way to the Yanks and I always thought it was just a stupid AI transaction… turned out they were foretelling the future!!!

  3. statistical ‘meh’ or not, there’s something magic/infuriating (Yankees fans/everyone else) about freaking Ichiro ending up on the team. the list of legitimate franchise players in MLB over the last decade was not that long. and he was high up on it.

    this is definitely more surreal to me than, say, Non-Cardinal Pujols.

  4. Outside of Turner, who’s really an unknown at this point, it’s not much of a return for the Marlins. Sickels’ had Flynn as a C+ and Brantly was unrated and off the top-20 (though Hulet at Fangraphs had him as the team’s 6th best prospect heading into the season). Although Turner was an A- in the spring, he’s definitely lost some value.

    I don’t know. When you look at this deal next to the Jays/Astros deal, I have to think the Tigers made out with the better shake. Granted, Turner could figure it out and regain some of his value and the other prospects were far more advanced than those the Jays gave up.

    • No shit the Tigers made out a lot better.

      • I believe you guys are all fucking hammered. Trading Turner for a rental pitcher (who is just OK) is mind blowingly fucking stupid.

        The fact that you guys are comparing Turner to the refuse the jays traded for Happ makes me wonder what dimension I am in.

      • Of course the Tigers made out a lot better, they gave up a shitload more.

    • The Jays must have really soured on Asher, Perez etc to make that deal.

      The more I think about it though, I don’t mind it. If Happ can be a competent #4 or #5 guy over the next couple years, that really does have value.

      Then, if the Jays could acquire even a solid #2 type guy, they’d have something like Morrow, Guy X, Romero as a top three … with Alvarez, Hutch, Happ, Laffey,+ in line to compete for 4/5 and cover for injuries/bullpen in 2013.

      • Doesn’t really matter how much they “soured.” Reports already leaking out that rival GMs valued Asher a lot more than AA did. That doesn’t mean you sell him at your perceived value — you take what they are willing to pay.

        We got a fucking rental (Lyon) and 2.5years of a replacement level pitcher for 3 top 20-30 organizational prospects. That is a really shitty return.

        The Jays are just trying to get through the season at this point. I don’t see them realistically making a run at the playoffs. Why trade anything of value to just “try and get through” the year? Fuck, I remember getting upset hearing about trading for Guthrie. Now I wish that is all we did (McDade for Guthrie).

        • “Doesn’t really matter how much they “soured.””

          Well, it does. Because presumably their team of scouts know a lot more about their potential and development than we do.

          As Keith Law said, it may have been the Jays trying to get value out of a bunch of guys who may not have value much longer.

          At least, that’s what you assume was going on from the Jays perspective.

          • Although, I mean.. unless you think it was a panic move because of all the injuries, and they still feel these prospects have decent potential .. then yeah.

            But with playoffs a longshot in 2012, I just don’t see AA panicking, and making a bad deal with prospects for immediate help. I think he saw it as a load of minor league scrub guys for a couple major league scrub guys.

          • That’s exactly what I think it was. Of course, after hearing that Frasor was injured, I’m sure that news had something to do with this trade.

            Waste of prospects.

        • Jesus…. that’s the dumbest comment ive read in a long time. you realize that maybe…. 2 of a organizations top 30 prospects ever mount to anything “valuable”… You know NOTHING about the guys they gave away, so why are you even commenting? And if you do know something that maybe the rest of the world doesn’t…. it still means nothing… THEY ARE MINOR LEAGUE PLAYERS. that’s it. Even an organizations top 3 prospects may never ever pan out. Seriously dude… give your head a huge shake.

          • K.

            We should just trade all the prospects then. They are minor league players. Need big leaguers.

          • yea sure… your minor league players are there to make your MAJOR LEAGUE team better… if that means you trade them all and get equal or better value in return… you do it. if it means holding on to them.. then you do it. You’re just being fucking arrogant as shit.

          • +100. Dude acts like he’s been watchin these kids since middle school.

  5. Ichiro in 2011 (age 37):
    .272 .310 .335

    Ichiro in 2012 (age 38):
    .261 .288 .353

    So, you’ve got to think he’s probably not going to give THAT much in the next couple months…. but still. It’s pretty shocking.

    • yankees make him hit lower in the order and tell him all he needs to do is put one in the joke seats in left every game or two and don’t worry about batting average. just show us your famous batting practice swing and see how it goes. ichiro finishes the season with 40 hrs.

    • Zaun and Cosentino were on PTS tonight talking about how much power Ichiro had. He said he watched him in batting practice one day and he put a huge majority of the pitches into the seats.They also mentioned he could basically steal a base any time he wanted but didnt because of the potetial of “losing face” if he got caught..

  6. Fuck I was hoping the Jays would make a play on Anibal Sanchez.

  7. Jus

    • Opps just shows the rental players aren’t garnering anything close to what they once did.

      Nice pick up for the Tigers though filled two holes in one move.

      • Infante has one year of control left, Anibal is a free agent this offseason. Still a pretty good haul.

      • This would be like trading Nicolino or Sanchez for liriano…not a good deal at all.

        • Detroit has a chance at the World Series… The Jays don’t. Completely different situation.

  8. Mariners payed the Yankees to take the guy off their hands. Maybe he requested the trade?

  9. So I leave work and get on the GO Train, and by the time I get home WHAT THE FUCK Ichiro! to the Yanks?

    Well that’s gonna be weird.

    Oh and apparently Sanchez to the Tigers. Meh. And LOL at giving up your top pitching prospect for a mediocre rental. Guess that means we aren’t getting anyone.

  10. I can’t help but think this year’s Jays are going to make a run at the second wild-card, 2011 Rays style.

    Don’t think they can do much even if they get there, but I think they can give us our first serious playoff race since 1993.

    • Baseball playoffs are such a ridiculous crap shoot. People talk about how crazy it is to “go all in” for trying to make it to a one game playoff as if a 3/5 isnt nearly just as much of a crap shoot. Just get in and anyone can win.

      Ill take A healthy morrow in that one game over most of our potential opponents.

      • At least its 3 fucking games. One fucking game that might not even be played at home? Kind of a waste of resources.

        • who cares home or away?

          its one game!!

          shit, Im MORE interested in such a set up given the jays are rather mediocre than a longer series where their pitching would be more likely to be exposed

          i say the one game playoff is MORE reason to go for it…not less.

    • People on these boards are bi-polar.

      Fucking sweep the Red Sox and we think we’re the shit and in the playoff races. Too bad the Sox suck and that win means very little.

      Facing the Yankees should have been that snap back to reality for us. The Jays are not ready.

      • It’s not that they swept Boston. That was pretty cool, granted, but it’s not that.

        It’s that the clubhouse looks exactly like the 2011 Rays clubhouse, from spring training to the “bromance” picture above. The players are pumped for each other, and despite injuries the team has refused to quit on the season and have somehow managed to hang in there.

        See most Jays teams in recent memory broke down in June and were well out of it. Or perhaps the division leader and wild card leader took off and left the Jays in the dust. Part of this is the second wild card–it’s July 23 and we’re 3 games back. When was the last time that’s happened?

        • Hate to burst your bubble but I dont think you can say they “look” like they are going to go on a run because they like each other. Thats very subjective. The 2011 rays had great starting pitching which the jays dont have unfortunately.

          • Admittedly “feel” is pretty subjective, but it’s there–this team “feels” like it could do something.

            The 2011 Rays had pitching and no hitting; we have the opposite. I hate to bring up hockey, but the 2002 Leafs might be a better comparison, when Roberts and McCauley held the team together in the playoffs even though Sundin and half the team went down with injury.

            Anyways, your choice to be optimistic or pessimistic.

      • I don’t think the Jays will make the playoffs in 2012, but I don’t think it really makes sense to say the Red Sox sweep meant nothing, but that the Yankees sweep did.

    • I really want to get pumped up about the sweep in boston and i want to believe they will go on a huge run. However, I just cant help but think these are the same .500 jays they have always been. Just part of the ups and down in the overall mediocrity of this team. Has been the same story for the last 19 years.

      • If you think the current Jays team and system is the same as the Jays team and system of the Ash years or JP years then you aren’t following this team very closely.

        • No doubt the potential is greater currently. But ultimately, results at the mlb level matter and not how many 19 year olds with projectable arms are pitching for the bluefield jays. Until I see it and this team will be able to go say 20 games over .500 it’ll be the same story.

          • It’s not just the Bluefield arms. It’s the philosophy of the way this team is built. The accumulation of high potential young players, the lack of suffocating contracts, the attempt to build a perennial contender instead of a one shot deal.

            I’m not saying it’s definitely going to work out, but it’s a totally different approach.

          • How about Lawrie, Morrow, Romero, Rasmus, Snider Bautista EE as a young controllable core compared to Halladay, Marcum, McGowan, Wells, Ryan?

            The Jays in the past were top heavy with no help in the minors, Russ Adams, Frank Menechino, Catalanatto, Glaus, Rolen, Overbay, Zaun all played a significant amount of games.

          • Franky the Cat was a beaaaauty!!!!

      • big difference about this .500 team compared to last years: this year’s team is dealing with a hell of a lot of serious injuries.

    • I have absolutely zero expectations, but I’m loving that they’re in the race. If they’re 3 games back at the end of August it’ll be great for this city. It sure beats the fucking hell out of being 8 or 9 out like they’ve been every year for the last 10 years. The Jays are by faaaaaaaaaaaaaar the most popular and talked about team in the Toronto right now, and just being in the race even if its an illusion is massive for drawing fans and building excitement for next year.

      Whether that means Rogers and/or AA depending on your views will open the coffers and try to sign some FA’s in the summer or make some trades is a whole other discussion, but the core is there right now, and the offense (aside from April) has been exciting as fuck to watch this year. I actually wanna see games in August now. If they were 8 or 10 games out, I would still watch on tv but probably wouldnt bother trottong down to the dome. It’s just discouraging when tha’ts the situation, there’s no energy in the dome and everyone in the city starts talking about the Leafs again.

    • Since the day Morrow got hurt , the Jays are the perfect 500 team with 17 wins & 17 losses, runs scored 181, runs allowed 180. The runs scored leads the AL since June 11.

      Very impressive. Without the pitching injuries, Jays would probably be tied for the wildcard spot.

      • @oakville … I think so. I really think Morrow was the one guy this team couldn’t lose and hope to stay in the race. He was pitching like an ace.

  11. Seattle is fucking stupid. Yes, its true he is not that good anymore and he could’ve very well end up being a bench player for the yanks but hes an ICON for your team. Hes one of the best players to ever put on a mariner uniform and all you can get is two scrubs? The sea gm should be fired. Not that i really care about the mariners though. Also, the yankees always get these amazing deals. Fucking teams should stop helping them out. They dont need it.

    • Ichiro sucks.

      They wanted salary relief.

      ’nuff said.

    • Yeah, that’s exactly right.

      Seattle makes more off of Ichiro! each year than Ichiro! makes off of Seattle.

      Ichiro! is to Seattle what Pujols was to St. Louis–the Franchise. It doesn’t matter if he sucks now, you let him retire in your uniform and reap the financial benefits for years afterwards.

      Short-sighted idiots. Now I have to see Ichiro! in a Yankees hat. Gross.

      • Very dumb move by Seattle unless he goes back there next year as a free agent.

        They got a couple of scrubs for a potential hall of famer

    • Ichiro’s old, washed up, overpaid, asked for a trade, and has 10/5 rights to block a trade to a team that he doesn’t like (which I wouldn’t be surprised if he utilized to direct himself to the Yankees). Jack Z had virtually every mitigating factor working against him.

  12. lack of ichiro return was a gesture b/c pineda

    • LOL they ripped off the Yanks again. You take a shitty aging OF’er and pay him 10M. Thank you.

  13. I like the Ichiro move from the Mariners point of view. Now there’s no pressure on the team to bring him back and overpay him next year and beyond for sentimental reasons. His request of a trade isn’t going to damage his legacy in Seattle all that much.

    • Exactly. They get to honour his request for a move, while getting themselves off the hook concerning next year. It’s a win/win, and classy to boot.

  14. “and therefore no game threat”

    Bwahhaaahhhaaaaa it was a 50/50 chance we’d get a game threat anyway.

  15. Sell a quarter of the farm for Johnson. Do it… would be awesome.

  16. It’s strange that Fangraphs among others are downplaying the importance of going for the extra wildcard because of its decreased value. That’s nonsense because of the attendance bump and increase in brand value for the clubs to be in a pennant race and cash inflow. It’s not just tickets but concessions, parking, souvenirs, bringing in new fans and increased TV ratings which are very valuable as we’ve seen. Only unique teams like the Cubs can ignore something like this.

    • I think Fangraphs means only from a baseball point of view,a nd in a way, their right. If a team was 2.5 GB from the WC in the past, they’d probably go for it because a they’d likely only be fighting vs. 1-2 teams for that WC, and if they got it, it would be an LDS appearance.

      Now, however, come July 31st, a teamm will be fighting vs. 5-6 teams, and even if they get it, it’s a coin flip.

      Paradoxically, the addition of the extra WC has made teams LESS likely to sell the farm for a playoff run.

    • Very true. The jays have only lost 1 game in the second wild care race since Morrow got hurt on June 11 which is pretty impressive.

      Oakland has played very well since June, so this is another tough series for the Jays.

      If the Jays could get to Labor Day & still be at or under 5 games behind in the second wildcard race, that would be a successful season in terms of keeping the fans interested.

  17. God damnit. Now the Red Sox are scouting Josh Johnson. Can’t any of my pipedreams be easy and, you know, actually happen? :(

  18. Would anyone else have preferred the Anibel Sanchez deal than the Happ, Lyon, Carp trade? I think I would have, but you gotta have some faith in GM AA. I might have even preferred the Brett Myers deal to ours, but some pitching help is a lot better than no pitching help.

    I just hope that Alex can find one more pitcher to help out this team.

  19. Josh johnson for Cecil and thanes

  20. The hole is still there, growing larger every passing day. It has to be adressed, to wait is foolish. There isn’t much time left. Can we really wait till the off-season. Is our second base issue that insignificant that it dosn’t get a mention. Can you simple throw a rookie short stop out there, pray that KJ likes our over-inflated money offer over someone else, or hope that some magical resource is simply and suddenly going to emerge? Oh well who cares

    • holy fuckin worry nut. if it was such an emergency dont you think AA would have addressed it. your fixation is obsessive. obviously it is under control with at least a stop gap measure/ chill out every second post doesnt have to be about 2nd base. get on some meds

  21. Marlins are apparently looking to make a lot of trades, so…..Josh Johnson to the Jays, anyone? I have to think Stanton is untouchable.

    • Johnson would be very similar to Garza imo. While his ceiling is probably higher, he’s certainly more of an injury risk. Quite an interesting gamble by teams for certain. I wonder if he’s fully healthy right now. His home/road splits are brutal this year and he’s down a couple of mph on his fast ball from 2009/2010 but his FIP is indicating better things to come.

  22. Oh and hey the Orioles finally lost!!!! And the Red Sox are currently losing.

  23. This team needs another starter as a bridge. I say it’s better to go out now and get one rather than waiting until the offseason when teams are going crazy and overpaying in money or prospects. Go get ‘em Alex!

    Look, getting another starter is going to hurt. It’s better for the team to pay the price now and give the minor league system more time to recover. The Jays have had time to decide internally where their prospects are at – so they can have a better measure of how they feel they value them compared to other teams.

  24. It’s been a long time that Jays fans needed to be doing some scoreboard watching where it was relevant!

    Fuck yeah playoffs!

  25. Happ – 6’6″

    Lyon – 6’1″ and a free agent at season’s end

    Carpenter 6’2″

    Frasor is basically one of the few exceptions GM AA has made.
    GM AA will allow shorter pitchers like Laffey 6’0″ when they are just minor league deals or fliers.

  26. Forgot to add that Laffey is also one of Farrell’s guys too from his Cleveland days.

  27. I celebrate the anniversary of the Vernon Wells dump every year!! Ha…ghost of Ichiro..I like that!!

  28. Oakville 69:
    If the Jays could get to Labor Day & still be at or under 5 games behind in the second wildcard race, that would be a successful season in terms of keeping the fans interested.

    I think five games is too many because there will be multiple teams in between. I think they have to stay within three like they are now or else it’s too easy to tune out. Jays attendance has already been receding a little after the rotation decided they wanted to take 60 day DL vacations.

  29. Alright! Rangers cruising over the BoSox. Royals leading the Angels, just the ChiSox winning now.

  30. Oakland is 9-1 in their last ten. It’s always good to see teams like that because they are ripe for some losses. I hate seeing the opposite as they then crush the Jays.

    • The Jays fare terribly against even decent pitching. I’m not looking forward to the Oakland series at all.

      This is what happens when your team has very little plate discipline.

      • However, you don’t usually walk to wins. Your point still stands – you can’t beat yourself out there if the pitcher keeps throwing off the plate. Controlled aggression.

    • That’s some hard-hitting analysis right there. Glad you took the time to post that comment.

  31. Tweets I Like:

    If the #RedSox lose this game, they would be under .500. They have not been under .500 this late in a season since 10/3/2001.

    Closing Time: #redsox look awful in dropping below .500 with loss to #rangers … via @WEEI

    . . . good times never felt so good (SO GOOD!! SO GOOD!!)

  32. Very interesting week of baseball ahead, chance to pop the A’s balloon and then get the hard charging Tiggers, including Anibal Sanchez’ debut on Venezuela Day Saturday at Rogers Centre (vs Alvarez).

  33. With eight games to go before the deadline, if the Jays can get hot, I’m sure Alex would pull a rabbit out of a hat. A cold stretch could see Oliver changing uniforms too :(

  34. I will feel much better about the Ichiro situation when the Jays sign Upton

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