As you’ve probably heard, somewhere beyond all the trade innuendo of these many past, insufferable off-day hours, the Oakland A’s are a streaking, surprising club, having just swept the New York Yankees, and looking to add pieces– like Yunel Escobar, we’re supposed to believe– for some kind of a charge at the one-game Wild Card play-in.

Well, to think like that, they’d have to be looking past Brett Cecil, who the Jays send to the hill tonight at Rogers Centre in a somewhat meaningful game for both him and the club. JA Happ is sitting in the bullpen, waiting for Cecil, Laffey, or Villanueva to crack, and the way the other two have looked of late the safest money would seem to be on Cecil, even though he hasn’t been particularly awful either.

Cecil took the loss in his outing against the Yankees last week, but only gave up three earned on six hits through six innings, with five strikeouts and only two walks. That’s a completely fine stopgap outing for a team trying to hold on until they can make a deal for some front-line pitching help, or at least until August 11th, when Brandon Morrow is eligible to come off of the 60-day DL (according to Wilner’s best recollection, via Twitter).

I speak of Morrow’s return with optimism for a reason: John Lott of the National Post tweets that John Farrell told reporters today that the Jays’ ace is throwing live batting practice today, and if all goes well, he’ll be making a rehab start for Dunedin on Sunday.


Both via the invaluable MLBTR, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweets that the Jays are among the teams who have had interest in Zack Greinke (Okaaaaaaay), while Peter Gammons tweets that the Marlins told teams they would only trade one of Anibal Sanchez and Josh Johnson, so it would take a “blowaway” offer to land JJ.

If he does move, Jack Moore of FanGraphs wonders if Johnson will be able to solve his problems pitching out of the stretch, which have been a major issue this season.

Gold from Gregor, as’s Chisholm tweets that Sergio Santos had surgery today, and that John Farrell says that the rotation is constantly being evaluated, which, like I say, could be trouble for tonight’s starter Brett Cecil. Chris Toman adds that Farrell says he’d be comfortable moving Cecil to the bullpen– where a lot of us were thinking over the winter he might be best suited for anyway– and notes that of the eight starts he’s made this season, this is the first time Cecil’s been paired with JP Arencibia and not Jeff Mathis.

Speaking of rotation changes, Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail writes about the Jays’ rotation tumult, noting that the club has been clear that any of their struggling pitchers could be replaced by the newly-acquired JA Happ, or anybody else who may come along. They then quickly realized that they forgot to mention that Ricky Romero, who has struggled as much as anyone, has a shit-tonne more rope than, say, Aaron Laffey.

In the National Post, John Lott writes that Jason Frasor will be out for a month, but that Jose Bautista continues to progress nicely, and may be hitting off a tee by the end of the week.

Speaking of Bautista, our old friend Dustin Parkes tweets that he heard Eric Byrnes on KNBR radio in San Francisco, saying that he thinks the Giants are going after the Jays’ slugger. Um… right. Good luck with that.

Jays Prospects talks to Marcus Stroman, the first-rounder who is finally getting comfortable with the Vancouver Canadians, and still may find himself in the Majors this season.

Lastly, for your between-innings viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
T. Snider LF
R. Davis RF

B. Cecil LHP

Oakland A’s

C. Crisp CF
J. Gomes DH
J. Reddick RF
Y. Cespedes LF
C. Carter 1B
B. Inge 3B
D. Norris C
B. Hicks SS
J. Weeks 2B

T. Blackely LHP


Image via Mike Stobe/Getty.

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  1. I’m in. I’ll totally be scoreboard watching from here on out.

  2. In case you missed it, Sherman Helmsley died today (RIP George Jefferson), not the best tribute but its something – Nelly with Brett Lawrie’s walk up song Batter Up video (and sample of the Jefferson’s theme song)

  3. Allen Ashby said he heard from the team that Morrow would be looking at roughly 5 rehab starts.

    Also recall AA saying that Morrow would have to go through a workout system like spring training, with him only throwing 1 inning his first rehab game, then 2 the next, and so on until he works up to 6 innings.

    Morrow being back by the 11th seems doubtful.

  4. DAMN…whose the new hottie taking over Barry Davis’s BBI segment. Definitely on the no trade list.

    FamousAmazingGuy says:
    07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
    not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  5. The Jeffersons and Cubans (go Yunel):

  6. Not to bring any bad mojo to tonights game but I say this is Cecil’s last start especially if he shitballs it up and gives up more than 3 runs.

  7. Cecil was actually getting his pitches down that inning.

  8. Not even a homerun on the first pitch this time.

  9. I think Rasmus need to cut the ole mop again. Last time he went on a 20 game or so tear.

  10. What a throw. Impressive.

  11. I think Cecil will be here the rest of the year if they don’t get another pitcher. Alvarez is probably gonna be shut down at the end of August, and frankly with the way he’s been pitching Id rather have Happ and Cecil in the rotation than Alvarez

  12. that truly blows

  13. someone needs to teach these dipshits how to slide. lawrie and rascal keep sliding with their feet and then touching the bag with their hand. easy to tag you out when you do that

  14. Bah… That sucked…

  15. oops spoke too soon

  16. Yep, seen that coming.

  17. Kind of hope the Jays win this one 12-10 with Cecil stinking it up so we can see what Happ can do in the starting lineup.

  18. ichuro is a selfish player only to get in the hall of fame. not a team player. suprised the yanks took him. fuck off zaun you rumour chasing hating fuck. jealous cocksucker

    • I heard he gots fleas.

    • A bit fucked up buddy? Swearing at a TV announcer. If you go to a walk-in clinic you may be able to find some help.

      • and if you take your penicillan you might get that clap drip tapped. you must be new here kiddo. lots of swearing especially at zaun tabby and buck. you might want to view your environment before commenting on the scenery otherwise you may make a fool outta yourself.

        • I’m not exactly a “vet” here, but he isn’t the one making an ass of himself.

          • i guess you didnt hear zaun insult ichiro before the game on hearsay from unamed seattle teammates and his intuition. zauns innuendo remains to be seen. i think ichuro pissed in his cornflakes though. and if i am making an ass of myself it wont be the first or last time im sure. asses arse to all especially a vet who comments on behaviour. judge not mofo

    • Who is this Ichuro you speak of? Some sort of JapanoMexican pastry man? My bad…that’s Ichurro, the 2nd r is silent.

  19. Can’t really fault Lind on that one…

  20. Was KJ’s walk up music “What I Got” by Sublime? Cause that’s awesome.

  21. is it possible that lawrie isn’t that fast? how many times have we seen him thrown out at a base?

    • Good point. You know who else wasn’t very fast? Rickey Henderson, dude got caught stealing 335 times, what a turtle!

    • He probably still has a wicked bruise on his leg, that can’t be helping. But actually he’s looked a step slower then the start of the ear for a while now.

    • After Jemile Weeks took Cecil off the facing of the second deck, the batboy asked if he could get in and take cuts.

      • go back to comedian school and ask for your money back shitshow. you are putting on one

  22. The Giants getting Bautista would leave a massive hole in their rotation.

  23. Cecil’s been getting absolutely raped in the ass on the strike zone so far tonight. He’s thrown 2 or 3 right down the heart that were called balls

  24. Jays are 11-15 vs lefties. does this idiot manager understand that you have to stack your lineup with righties? what the fuck is gomes doing here if you’re not going to use him? fuck this manager

  25. Attaboy Lunchbox!

  26. Snider!! Of course that was a horrible pitch…


  28. Hard to defend Johnson so far removed from his hammy injury. He should be hitting 9th at best right now. Pity there wasn’t a viable option on the roster as Omar just doesn’t do it for me.

    • He should have hit the DL for that instead of playing hurt and destroying his confidence (and possibly mechanics). Even so, it’s now past time for excuses.

  29. arent you ignorant max…. when the boss says you are playing guess what happens. and pro athletes dont leave their spot in case a rookie chromes their ass like middlebrooks did to youk. you may want to rethink your thoughts.

  30. OK, time for a game of Who Am I? My four seam fastball makes Jaime Moyer look like a power pitcher. My out pitch is when I see how far they can hit it and it falls short of the wall. My two-seamer is softer than Parkes’ dick.

    So Who Am I?

    • The correct answer is Tomas Mulcair.

      • you are going to have to give longer than 2 minutes for a correct answer on this board shitshow.evrybody is drunk or stoned on here

        • (I think he was making a joke)

          • so was I .fuck the dummies are out in full force tonight

            • But your joke wasn’t funny. I hope you are intoxicated in some way, because otherwise this display of nonsensical comments is getting sad. My last comment on the matter, feel free to say as many derogatory things to me as you please.

          • Jeez you’re a fucking asshole aren’t you? Get your head out your ass.

  31. Wojciechowski getting his first AA start tonight for Houston. Should be interesting to see how he handles the promotion.

  32. If it gets KJ on base..

    So be it.

  33. Good God, lind is batting cleanup vs a lefty!!!! farrellball 101

    • farrell is of the same mindset as lawrie.sometimes its just their game to least coco is gone

    • Saddest thing is he might be the best bet. JPA has some power vs lefties, but unfortunately he is still JPA…

      • the only reason jpa is batting 5th is because farrell has to keep the LFLF. fuck actually trying to score

        • Of all the choices to bat after Encarnacion JPA has BY FAR the highest OPS vs lefties. I dunno, I think it’s the best choice in a bad situation.

  34. A lot of big, strong ballplayers on the field tonight…

  35. Escobar is so fucking frustrating this season.

  36. Did Bob Elliot used to play Sam the security guard on TVO’s Join In?

  37. It always seems like Toronto-Oakland games are such snoozes.

    • it wasnt when robbie hit the homer on eckersly

      • Well sure, when Harold Baines was around it was always a party.

        • that hit by alomar will be imprinted in my memory til im dead just like carters winner. it was awesome to see world champions in toronto.i am forever grateful to the jays for making my hair stand up twice

    • Because runs = not boring? That sounds like hockey talk.

  38. Brett Cecil, Staff Ace

  39. Nice outing from Cecil, guess Happ will have to wait.

  40. Cecil’s pitched pretty well today.

  41. Ok, 94 pitches out of Cecil, he’s probably got enough for one more inning, respectable outing

  42. once again the jays score 10 in 1 game and can’t score in the next

  43. buck: “july 31 will be the trade deadline for the non waiver trade period”


  44. hello everyone, I’m a Jays fan from western canada. I’m heading to Seattle to watch the Jays on August 1st. I’ve only ever been to one MLB game before. Do MLB teams let fans in to watch batting practice before the game (and potentially get an autograph)?

  45. Everyone’s striking out now.

  46. This game has the feel of that Masterson game right after the ASB.

  47. Glad we’re about to fucking lose to the Oakland A’s.

    • Oh ye of little faith…

    • Ya the A’s are a terrible team. Like the orioles. You know, the team where we ignore how well they have done thus far in the season and get off our loyal steed fangraphs and resort back to our feelings that they are a bad team. Cause, you know, stats are only useful when they confirm our bias

      • How about this stat: the Baltimore Orioles have given up 45 more runs than they’ve scored. Do you know when the last time a team made the playoffs doing that? Well, neither do I cause I got lazy looking it up, but not since 2008 at least!

    • Shocking we would lose to the team that swept the Yankees in 4

  48. The thing about the A’s, their offense is God awful, but good luck coming back if you get behind them.

  49. I thought Jemile Weeks couldn’t hit? This game he is blasting balls off the fence in CF and hitting shit off the facing of the fifth deck

  50. They’re gonna let me try to SAVE games in Houston!!!

  51. Now who could seen that coming?

  52. How is it that we always seem to give up key hits to the guys with the worst BA in the league? Weeks has done this to us before too.

  53. oh, fuck me

  54. Why wasn’t Happ brought in to face Weeks? Time to head home folks.

  55. Blah. All season, as soon as the Jays gain a little bit of momentum, they slip.

    • They beat up on the shitty Red Sox. That’s not momentum, that’s fucking charity. This team is bad, and will remain bad.

      • “They beat up on the shitty Red Sox. That’s not momentum, that’s fucking charity. This team is bad, and will remain bad.”


  56. The A’s have scored all their runs this game with two outs and nobody on

  57. Snider will save the day! of course, he’ll be sent back down to Triple A after that….

  58. New pen same shitty results lol At least it was a good start by Cecil.

  59. This is the guy AA wanted in the Hallday deal?

  60. Great trade for Happ. I’M FUCKIN’ LOVIN’ IT!

  61. Way to find the outside corner JA

  62. smoke is coming out of farrells ears. gears have ground to a halt.

  63. All Joking aside, why is Lind batting 4th EVER …let alone vs a lefty? Id rather have a sphincter batting fourth

  64. shocking but I see a grand slam coming

  65. Happs trying to pitch so shitty out of the pen that they put him in the rotation

  66. hey farrell can you not recognize when a pitcher doesn’t have it and get the fuck up and get somebody warming?


  68. Sweet fucking christ… What a sack of crap this bullpen is…

  69. Happ looks like AL east material.

  70. Good thing these guys are a poor offensive team…..

  71. In case it hasn’t already been mentioned, Wandy’s off the market, he’s gone to Pittsburgh…

  72. Hey John might wanna take j happ out of the game now.. My fuck.. Is he sleeping in that dugout?

  73. ARGH!

  74. Wandy got traded to the Pirates…
    Just letting y’all know that

  75. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was just horrendous.

  76. Why did we give up a ton of prospects to bring in a #3 SP to use him as a reliever which is not used to doing?

    I don’t get it…if we wanted relievers, Lyon could have been had probably for Perez & Wocho could have netted us probably another decent reliever (if that’s all we were trying to do)

    • I think it’s pretty generous to call Happ a #3 in any situation…

    • It’s a fucking retarded decision, taking a guy who’s been starting all season and expecting him to now adjust to mid game high leverage situations?

      If they wanted a reliver for that situation they should have got another reliever in the trade.

  77. So once happ didnt get reddick out, why do you leave him in there against a slew of upcoming righthanders? pen is rested. game was still within reach. dont get it

  78. So… the Jays traded SEVEN players for three relievers, one of whom hasn’t been used out of the pen in years… Farrellball…

  79. And that is the Jays season in a nutshell. Get good starting pitching get bad hitting. Get good hitting the starter sucks. However the one constant a shit pen.

  80. Oakland has the worst offense in the AL.

    Just saying.

  81. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but should’ve left Cecil in the game.

    • then dont say it because its a crazy thought. he did his work for the night and his arm is falling off. alot of hate going on for happ. he isnt used to being a reliever, new team calling his pitches and maybe a litttle nervous. fuckin ignorant ranting bastards on here tonight. probably like the piece of shit envious pole smoker zaun too. donkey’s ass to the book burners

  82. Now need to beat these fuckers the next two to win the series. unlikely

  83. Farrell is also solely responsible for frasor’s injury. He left him in throwing 25 pitches in 1 innings. Totally unacceptable. The guy doesn’t seem to understand that pitchers don’t always have to finish an inning that they started.

  84. Those Milos commercials are not only unfunny, they make me hate life

  85. Just got home from work. Nice to hear Buck and Tabby go on and on and on and on about fucking Oakland.

  86. The other team has lost only twice this month. They come as advertised. They frustrate and confuse

  87. Oh that was just terrible Davis… God he has no business starting games…

  88. Way to commit, Rajai.

  89. That ball wasn’t catchable.

  90. I’d rather watch an arm wrestle between hazel and zaun.

  91. The only thing dumber than bringing me up was bringing me up and then having me sit half the games.

  92. why not get gose some ab’s that a righty is in the game..and davis sucks. ?

    • Yeah, if you’re not going to pinch hit for Davis there, then Gose should absolutely not be in the majors right now…

    • Gose sucks. He is completely lost at the fucking plate. Glad we showcased how fucking bad he is. If only his necklaces/swagger had any fucking value on a team, think of the trades we could get!

  93. So where was that Happ last inning?

  94. Hey, that old woman isn’t Milos….

  95. oakland is beating us like little ahmish schoolboys after a poor milking.

  96. So Farrell says he intends to use Happ in muti inning situations, with nobody on base. and then he goes and uses him as some fucking innings quencher? what a dumb ass

    • I think it’s fairly obvious by now that Farrell has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to bullpen management…

      He uses the wrong people in the wrong spots constantly, gets way too much of a “slave to the save” mentality, changes his mind about how he wants to use people inning to inning and spends way too much time worrying about how he’s going to use the pen NEXT game…

  97. The Jays were supposed to have a super pen but it is our weak spot. If both the Santos and Happ+ trades don’t work out then we lost a lot of pretty good prospects for nothing. (how much AA is to blame for this is questionable, it is mostly just shit luck with the Santos trade thus far).

    • I don’t think he gave up all THAT much (in quality, not quantity) to get Happ, but I really didn’t think he was a piece that was necessary to get for this year or next.

      • if you havent noticed the jays were running out of pitchers. 9 on the DL. and most wont be available next spring either. so say again.

        • How about fucking signing a free agent SP once in a while? Is that possible or nah?

          • I know you’re referring to the off season, but would you rather AA sit around with his thumb up his ass during the season when his rotation and pen are in tatters? Perhaps the expedient thing to do would be to try and rectify the situation, no?

            How many times do people have to repeat this, the Jays would be lucky, LUCKY if either of Woje(something Polish sounding)ski or Musgrove even turned into an MLB player of J.A. Happ’s quality, such as it is.

            Trading fringe prospects from positions of depth to try and shore up the MLB roster after a catastrophic run of injuries? Even to the shittiest GM ever that would be a no-brainer.

            Feel free to resume jacking off to Baseball America’s prospect rankings.

      • I think he and Lyon can- given the chance – be ok. I also think that with the BP the way it is and the injuries and lack of pitching depth that the trade HAD to be made. I dont think one bad outing is fair to judge Happ but he sure stunk the joint out tonight.

        • Lyon and Happ sucked in the NL Central. Who the FUCK thinks they are going to get better results in the AL? The AL EAST of all places.

          HAD to be made? Could have got Sanchez for way cheaper. Could have got Guthrie for way cheaper. This fucking season is a lost cause and we’re wasting valuable prospect capital on the return of fucking Coco.

    • did the pitchers perform the same as career stats.if answer is yes then its AA’s fault. ah fuck it blame AA all you want.he can take it. and im sure you dont sign his cheques

    • Just keep trading prospects for pieces of shit. Sounds like a good strategy.

  98. JPA has been on a bit of a tear lately, eh?

    Would be nice if the whole goddamn line-up would click together on a more regular basis.

  99. Two homers today for us! Way to go, guys!

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