As you’ve probably heard, somewhere beyond all the trade innuendo of these many past, insufferable off-day hours, the Oakland A’s are a streaking, surprising club, having just swept the New York Yankees, and looking to add pieces– like Yunel Escobar, we’re supposed to believe– for some kind of a charge at the one-game Wild Card play-in.

Well, to think like that, they’d have to be looking past Brett Cecil, who the Jays send to the hill tonight at Rogers Centre in a somewhat meaningful game for both him and the club. JA Happ is sitting in the bullpen, waiting for Cecil, Laffey, or Villanueva to crack, and the way the other two have looked of late the safest money would seem to be on Cecil, even though he hasn’t been particularly awful either.

Cecil took the loss in his outing against the Yankees last week, but only gave up three earned on six hits through six innings, with five strikeouts and only two walks. That’s a completely fine stopgap outing for a team trying to hold on until they can make a deal for some front-line pitching help, or at least until August 11th, when Brandon Morrow is eligible to come off of the 60-day DL (according to Wilner’s best recollection, via Twitter).

I speak of Morrow’s return with optimism for a reason: John Lott of the National Post tweets that John Farrell told reporters today that the Jays’ ace is throwing live batting practice today, and if all goes well, he’ll be making a rehab start for Dunedin on Sunday.


Both via the invaluable MLBTR, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweets that the Jays are among the teams who have had interest in Zack Greinke (Okaaaaaaay), while Peter Gammons tweets that the Marlins told teams they would only trade one of Anibal Sanchez and Josh Johnson, so it would take a “blowaway” offer to land JJ.

If he does move, Jack Moore of FanGraphs wonders if Johnson will be able to solve his problems pitching out of the stretch, which have been a major issue this season.

Gold from Gregor, as’s Chisholm tweets that Sergio Santos had surgery today, and that John Farrell says that the rotation is constantly being evaluated, which, like I say, could be trouble for tonight’s starter Brett Cecil. Chris Toman adds that Farrell says he’d be comfortable moving Cecil to the bullpen– where a lot of us were thinking over the winter he might be best suited for anyway– and notes that of the eight starts he’s made this season, this is the first time Cecil’s been paired with JP Arencibia and not Jeff Mathis.

Speaking of rotation changes, Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail writes about the Jays’ rotation tumult, noting that the club has been clear that any of their struggling pitchers could be replaced by the newly-acquired JA Happ, or anybody else who may come along. They then quickly realized that they forgot to mention that Ricky Romero, who has struggled as much as anyone, has a shit-tonne more rope than, say, Aaron Laffey.

In the National Post, John Lott writes that Jason Frasor will be out for a month, but that Jose Bautista continues to progress nicely, and may be hitting off a tee by the end of the week.

Speaking of Bautista, our old friend Dustin Parkes tweets that he heard Eric Byrnes on KNBR radio in San Francisco, saying that he thinks the Giants are going after the Jays’ slugger. Um… right. Good luck with that.

Jays Prospects talks to Marcus Stroman, the first-rounder who is finally getting comfortable with the Vancouver Canadians, and still may find himself in the Majors this season.

Lastly, for your between-innings viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
T. Snider LF
R. Davis RF

B. Cecil LHP

Oakland A’s

C. Crisp CF
J. Gomes DH
J. Reddick RF
Y. Cespedes LF
C. Carter 1B
B. Inge 3B
D. Norris C
B. Hicks SS
J. Weeks 2B

T. Blackely LHP


Image via Mike Stobe/Getty.

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  1. No quit in these Jays! If only they had a little start too.

  2. Coopers not in Vegas lineup tonight maybe deal to come!!!

    • hahahahaa

      • Zaun’s pissed cereal

        Is that what you would call extra Special K? Corn liquor flakes?

        • no its ichiros piss in zauns cereal. zaun was very rude and unprofessional tonight towards suzuki and i figured ichiro had to have pissed in it. i fuckinn hate zaun. but i do like your response though. made me laugh

  3. Good job, good effort!

  4. JERKS!!!

  5. Quick question: Did the Jays give up more for JA Happ than the Pirates gave up for Wandy (a “we’ll also pay a chunk of his salary” Wandy)? – Sure seems that way at first glance. Perhaps Stoeten or others can help me understand how that assessment is (I hope) incorrect.

    • Jays gave up way more. Problem is that the Pirates are not a team bound by the same payroll parameters as the Toronto Blue Jays are. This means that they can take on the massive salaries of AJ Burnett and Wandy Rodriguez — something the Jays cannot afford to do. This means the Jays must send over higher quality prospects for studs like JA Happ.

      • Pirates gave up their #5, #13, and #15 prospects. (Fangraphs ranking)

        The highest ranked prospect we gave up was Wojciechowski, at #13; the rest were unranked.

        Before you say the Jays have a deeper farm (and they do), remember the Pirates farm isn’t a slouch either–they’ve got Cole and Taillon.

        Now, granted, I still think our trade was bad; and I’d have rather given up better prospects to get Wandy than mediocre prospects to get mediocre return. But don’t go claiming that the only difference between the trades is that Toronto couldn’t take on salary, because that’s not true. Houston won both trades, and got better players from Pittsburgh while giving them the better pitcher.

  6. Coco blows his first save opportunity with Houston.. Gonna miss coco time..

  7. Jays 4 games out of WC2, which I believe is the farthest they’ve been out the entire season.

  8. Classic twitter tonight. Some guy tweets Wilner asking him while he always acts so butt hurt. Wilner retweets it saying that he would block the guy except he didn’t know what butt hurt meant.

    Easily, more entertaining than the ballgame itself.

  9. I think that Happ was penciled in to replace Laffey, but since Laffey was scheduled to start the day of the trade and Happ wasn’t coming in to Boston in time, they had to run Laffey out against Boston and avoid publicly demoting him right before he was making a key start against a division rival. Now that Laffey, Villaneuva and Cecil have all had decent outings, Happ has to bide his time and Farrell now doesn’t have a clue what to do with him, so he tries to turn him into Luis Perez.

  10. This fucking team is such a cock tease. Sweep the red sox in boston and then come home and lose to the inferior a’s. Granted, they are hot but are not as good as the jays on paper, particularly on the hitting side. Losses like this really expose the lack of obp present on this team. A lot of people on this board thinks the offense is fine as it is. Its not and could definitely use some improvement.

    • Also, its not fair to expect happ to be an effective reliever if he has barley ever done it. Just fucking replace laffey or cecil with him. Both are scrubs as anybody can see they are pitching. I would take out cecil then laffey when morrow gets back. Cecil could actually be pretty decent in the bullpen and face more LHB’s.

    • The pitching needs more improvement.
      The offense will be fine.
      The offense will be even better next year.
      AA will improve the pitching in the off season.
      Importantly the AAA team will have the replacements when needed next year.
      And Farrell will be on the last year of his contract.

  11. I think Jesuscrisco is Fullmer Fan on the rag!!!!

  12. According to Mike Wilner, Brett Cecil’s value on the open market is now 6 years and $137 Million. Sign that extension right away, AA!

  13. Han-Ram (and his entire contract) and Randy Choate to the Dodgers for a package of which in Jays terms is probably somewhere near Drew Hutchison and Anthony DeScalfini.

    Doubt the Jays (or virtually any other team in baseball) ever had a chance once the Dodgers presented Loria with the opportunity to move Han-Ram’s entire contract without eating any salary.

    • Why couldn’t we make that trade? Rogers loves eating bad contracts if it makes the team better.

      I get there probably wasn’t space on the team, but it’s Hanley Ramirez! Surely we could’ve traded for him, then flipped him to anotehr team while offering to eat half the contract, and get better prospects in return than we sent out.

      And we could’ve kept Choate.

  14. if the Marlins couldn’t get better prospects for Hanley, why could the jays???

    jays should be in the bidding for J Johnson as it seems like they are taking 50c on the $ in their 2012 fire sale!

    • From what I heard the Marlins had the option of giving Hanley away to a team that would take on the whole salary, but wouldn’t give good prospects back; vs paying for at least half of Hanley’s salary and getting good prospects back; and they chose the first option.

      The Jays could’ve paid for Hanley’s salary and shipped him off for better prospects. This would, in effect, be “buying” prospects. The question that remains is whether it’s cost effective to spend $20 million just to upgrade a little bit on your prospects, and the answer to that question might very well be no, which might explain why AA didn’t do it.

    • The fuck? We gave up way more in the package for Happ and Lyon than the Dodgers did for Hanley/Choate.

      Would you trade Hanley straight up for Happ/Lyon? I didn’t think so.

      • The number of teams that were both (a) had space to immediately slot Hanley in at SS or 3B and (b) were willing to eat the entirety of his contract, is probably around 1. These are things that impact one’s trade value. Make no mistake, the prospects in return were not the priority for the Marlins here. The priority was putting Hanley’s salary back in Jeffrey Loria’s pocket. The guy is a crook.

        • I’d like to think that the Jays could have gotten Hanley for less than what they gave up for Happ/Lyon, and either flipped him to a needy team with pitching to spare (hello, Oakland!) or have Bautista talk to his fellow Dominican and convince him that LF is the answer, while shopping Yunel or Lind to open up some spots on the roster.

          • So you think Rogers would trade Hutchison, DeScalfini and $10-15 million (the cost of the salary the Jays would likely have to eat) for who from Oakland exactly?

          • @Brumfield…. Flip Hanley for Jarrod Parker or another good arm (or two good ones with some $$ included) or send Yunel and a prospect for Parker. Yunel is a big upgrade over Hicks for Oakland.

  15. AA is really starting to piss me off. Obviously I don’t know the details on whether or not a team was actually dealing with AA, but seriously. These fucking stars are being shipped out to other teams for fuck all, and Anthopolous is sitting on his prospects like a little fucking girl. Man up and make a deal! Hanley would have looked sick in a Jays uni! The Pirates get Wandy and we get JA HAPP!?! I know Wandy is no superstar, but he is certainly a better pitcher than Happ. I will be so dissappointed if a major move isn’t made by the deadline. All the talk of no FA signings because he prefers the trade route, but now the trade route isn’t good enough for him? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  16. Give him time. I’m sure he’s cooking up something. (Or maybe I’m just hoping.)

  17. Kind of surprised at how cheap Hanley went even if you figure in the salary aspect of it. Of course the deal looks a lot better if he continues to struggle so that surely mitigates some of the issues from the Marlins perspective. Of course not surprised in the least that Loria is up to his old tricks again. He fucking makes McCourt look like a saint imo. Feel doubly sorry for the Florida taxpayers that got royally duped by them as well.

    That said, it’s the Hamels deal that probably should be an eye opener for most Jays fans dreaming of getting an ace this winter via free agency. Not going to say never but the chances of the Jays forking out that kind of dough for someone like Greinke is probably next to slim and none. Rogers billions or not, I don’t know if I would fork over the dough for that contract or not. Just goes to show what a great deal the Angels got with Wilson who I preferred over Darvish. 5 years for $75 million is looking like a steal considering the production has a good shot at being equal or better on a per dollar basis.

    To me that contract makes someone like Johnson, injury risk or not, a relative steal even with his $13 million price tag in 2013. Trade for him now and try mightily to extend him for 3 years. I would even be happy to give up one of Lansing 3 if they let me negotiate an extension with him first.

    AA definitely has his work cut out for him this winter in getting another top arm.

  18. Yah! Let’s make a fucking trade so we can say we made a fucking trade. All the cool kids are doing it. There are no spots for Hanley on this team plus his vastly overpaid plus he’s an asshole. Everybody (practically) on this blog laughed at Wandy as a potential trade and now you’re jealous that the Pirates got him? Get Happ in the starting rotation and let’s see how he does. Alvarez needs to be shut down soon anyway.

    • The only defense for not getting Hanley is that he’s an asshole (and that Rogers won’t pay for it, but lets not get into that now). The argument that he couldn’t fit is such a load of crap that you should buy new pants. Look through the comments from last night’s game; we had no fucking 4-9 hitters! Here is a list of current Blue Jays Hanley Ramirez is better than:
      Adam Lind
      Yunel Escobar
      Rajai Davis
      Kelly Johnson
      And to everyone with their Yunel fixation: even in Hanley’s shittiest of shitty seasons he STILL has a higher OPS than Yunel’s career average. Chew on that for a while.

      • Massive defensive downgrade at SS that doesn’t justify taking on an additional $10-$12 million in salary in 2013 and 2014. $17 million for a DH is probably a poor use of resources and extremely risky, albeit with tremendous upside if the Hanley of years past shows up. Who knows if Hanley is amenable to LF or DH, the only 2 places where he could reasonably be slotted.

      • Chew on what? I was refering to what position Hanley might play. He clogs up the outfield and we lose defense at short and 2B. He could DH but so can lots of guys and if we’re going to pay a DH that kind of money I’d rather wait for an FA. You do have an intriguing idea in having him replace JPA at catcher. I never considered that! Now that’s indeed something to chew on! Thanks for your creative input!

        • Three quick points:
          1) His defense definitely couldn’t play at short, but none of us knows for sure whether he couldn’t fit in at second – if you only look at replacements for shitty players we have as many as 4 spots open: SS, 2B, LF, RF (if jose goes to first), DH (if he doesn’t). You’re telling me we’re going to fill ALL those slots with better players than Hanley Ramirez?
          2) Despite his salary, if we decide to give Kelly a tender its going to be in the $12MM range. Personally I would rather have a FAR better player for an extra $3MM
          3) You keep waiting for us to sign a FA DH for 10-15 million. I’m sure it’ll happen any month now…

        • And didn’t really mean “chew on that” for your post, which doesn’t really go down on Escobar like you tend to see around here. Mostly referring to people who seem to think going from Escobar to Hanley would be a step down at the plate. Good use of parallel paragraph structure though. Very sophisticated zing.

  19. Thank god we gave up more for fucking JA Happ than the Dodgers did for Hanley Ramirez. God forbid we take on his ‘albatross’ of a two year deal (which would have paid him BARELY more than we’re about to throw at Kelly FUCKING Johnson) for a minor league reliever and a shitty starter. Christ I hate trades. Tomorrow we’ll see the Sox flip what they got for Lillibridge for Josh Johnson and this season will be complete.
    At least we’re not the Leafs. AA at least pretends to do things and then sits on his hands; Brian Burke just flashes the double bird at the fanbase every summer.

    • Oops! No hockey talk on baseball blog. Comparing AA with BB is a no-no.

    • A grab bag of mediocre prospects who are years away from capitalizing on said mediocrity in the majors is better than an MLB ready arm with upside to spare like Eovaldi? Really? -REALLY-?

      Hysteria within the fanbase has officially reached critical mass. Either that or we really are overrating the teams prospects to embarrassingly huge levels. Probably a bit of both. *sigh*

  20. Wouldn’t be shocked if the Jays didn’t make another move at all.

  21. I wonder if there is a way to solace our selves and still feel good about what happened last night.. probably not. It looks like our Lunch Box Hero has stars in his eyes, ripping another LHP for a home run. And JPA is actually hitting the ball now.. which is almost the same as an epiphany, like its a whole new idea or some shit. I wasn’t fussy about hit game calling in the seventh inning, when Happ came in to pitch, it looked like either he, or JP didn’t know the signs/pitch coming and they were all over the fucking place. At any rate, it doesn’t make me feel too good as a fan to watch that total fuck up of a game that we saw last night..
    Cecil was a beast though. so I guess that’s something good

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