Not to be outdone by Jon Morosi’s masterful attempts at baiting traffic from the very web-engaged Toronto fan base, John Heyman has tossed the Jays into the Hanley Ramirez mix in his latest from CBS Sports.

Listing clubs who might have an interest in Hanley Ramirez, the Jays come up. This is because they could a third baseman or shortstop, apparently– which is primarily because “word is they are ready to move on from shortstop Yunel Escobar.”

Of course, part of the reason that the Jays might be willing to move Escobar– might– is the fact that they have Adeiny Hechavarria waiting in the wings. So… where would that leave him if we’re still talking about Hanley? (And… um… aren’t we?)

And where would Ramirez even fit if the Jays had the same, obvious concerns as the executive Heyman spoke to:

“I wouldn’t know where to hide him,” one executive said, suggesting Ramirez was neither an especially good third baseman or shortstop anymore.

“Pretty steep,” said another exec of Ramirez’s contract, a deal that used to be considered team-friendly.

No more, it’s not team-friendly anymore. He makes $15 million this year, $15.5 million next and $16 million the year after that.


Hey, but the A’s supposedly have interest in Escobar, for whatever that’s worth. And the Jays are “in on everything” right now.

So… there’s that.


Image of Boras/Heyman via Tauntr.

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  1. What would the Jays have to give up for both Johnson and Ramirez – if they absorbed most of Ramirez’ contract?

    • Trade for both. Flip Hanley for more pitching.

      • I’d rather keep Hanley until the off-season, then flip him for needs. There really isn’t much in the way of controllable SP on the market now.

        If the Jays somehow acquired Hanley, I think you’d see Kelly Johnson get moved within 10 minutes, probably for a reliever.

  2. AA’s policy of kicking the tires on everyone, combined with the names that have surfaced in this particular market, mean it’s going to be a long week until the trade deadline mercifully passes.

  3. Hanley is probably best suited to be moved to the OF at this point in his career.

  4. i heard that the jays were scouting the annual running of the bulls in spain…………………………..

  5. Jays also rumoured to be in on Lawrie – EVEN THOUGH THEY ALREADY HAVE HIM. AA just blew your mind. #ninja

  6. Sweet, so we’re getting Hanley, Gavin Floyd, Upton and maybe Josh Johnson?

  7. Okay, Gose isn’t in the starting line-up tonight… HE’S ABOUT TO BE TRADED!

  8. Hey J.P. – have a little respect & take your shitty fucking ‘video blogs’ down the hall ok?!?
    …trying to finish a load of your whites up in here!

  9. I only see Jays getting Hanley and then moving him elsewhere or as a 3-way. I thought it was interesting that the Yankees closed the Ichiro deal while in Seatle. The A’s are in town. Interesting. Maybe Oakland’s the third party in all of this.

  10. Heyman tweeted that the Marlins are willing to talk about anyone but Stanton or Reyes.

    How about Buerhle as a target then?

    Under contract for 3 years after this. His contract is backloaded and he makes a lot the next 3 years (I think 19 million in last year), so it might be possible to get him without giving up a huge prospect haul.

    He’s older, but I like him a lot. Has been remarkably consistent over his career.

  11. Has this dead horse already been beaten here numerous times today? Or are we waiting until Game Threat time for that?

    • Is this supposed to dovetail nicely with anything to do with the bluejays?

      • Yes, if only because a significant percentage of Rogers’ assets (the team, the stadium, the tv station and the radio station) are significantly dependent on the baseball team. Otherwise you’re right, it has nothing to do with the Blue Jays

        • define ‘significant’, cause it think you’re overstating the jays place in the Rogers scheme ‘o’ things.

          If we’re supposed to draw the conclusion that profits from other areas of the company should be funneled into the Jays immediatley after such reports are released, i’m sorry, that’s just not gonna happen.

      • ya it does because i was expecting the naysayers to go off on how rogers is cheap and should be speding more money on the jays because oh look how much money they have.
        you have seen it before havnt you?

        • I have seen that before. I wasn’t sure if you were in that camp or just waiting for them to emerge and use that piece as fuel. I see now that your in the latter while Ray is in the former.

  12. Didn’t AA say he was done after the Trade with the Astros? I know he is usually vague, but wouldn’t this be a straight up lie, which I am pretty sure he tries to avoid?

    Or maybe just never say never.

  13. Excuse me while a ask this more basic question..

    why the fuck do people want Ramirez on this team?

    expensive..shitty defense..average at best offense….

    lawrie at third base…escobar or hech at ss…..snider, bautista, colby OF.

    can Ramirez learn to play 2b? that is the only position I see for this joker. and im pretty sure he cant play 2b.

    • Maybe the Marlins will eat a lot of his salary…or maybe we will eat his salary, but acquire a SP like Johnson. Pitching seems to cost a pretty penny these days

    • I am with TTJF on this one. I would pass on that headache. Just not enough to like about his game anymore. He can’t play a premium position and his offense is in decline. Pass.

  14. So all this talk about the Jays being in on Hanley means that we are going to wake up to a trade for Logan Morrison, right? #silentassasin

  15. Not surprisingly, the Jays were scouting Josh Johnson last night.

    If the Jays are going to part with Gose and maybe Arencibia (a Miami native fwiw), it should be for Johnson. Espescially since they both fill needs for Miami and AA could conceivably take back John Buck and some (or all) of his salary in return.

    I think Happ/Cecil, JPA & Gose would get the conversation going, espescially since teams seem to prefer young, controllable major leagers over low level prospects, as they should.

    • I am totally fine with parting with Gose and Arencibia….I have a feeling that this means the deal is going to take a lot more.

    • whatcha been smokin’ there dude?

      yeah, the marlins are going to trade buck…..for another buck!

      and ‘young, controllable major leaguers’ – yeah because those 5 AB that gose has sure makes him major league material….

      • JPA would be the young, controllable major leaguer whereas Gose, in some people’s minds perhaps, is ready for the bigs or at least a lot closer than a guy like Marisnick, for example. Even if Marisnick has the higher ceiling.

  16. What has not been widely reported is that AA was acting on behalf of Brian Burke on the Rick Nash sweepstakes. AA had set up a seven-way deal involving 24 players and three sports. Teams involved were the Blue Jackets, Mets, White Sox, Capitals, Marlins, Leafs and most surprising of all Manchester United. Word is that AA backed out when Man-U insisted on Gose being thrown in at the last minute. Apparently Man-U coveted his his speed.

    So … there’s that.

  17. “Heyman: Jays “In On Everything””

    Anthopoulos’ line of thinking: “Welp, if I traded for everyone in the league, we’d have a solid chance at the WS since the 29 other teams would have no players.”

  18. Could be way off but now that Hanley is playing 3B could be willing to play 2B where as Yunel doesn’t. That being said Hanley is a terrible(or Lazy) person as I’m lead to believe so don’t do it AA.

  19. You can’t spell assassin without ass x 2

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