From Bob Nightengale of USA Today, via MLBTR:

I’ve got to rush and film the Getting Blanked Show, so we’ll have to resume this later, but quickly I’d just like to say, it’s probably nothing, probably due diligence, and that the very wise @MLBTRBen says that he doesn’t see the Jays as actually offering the best package for him– though Oakland and Baltimore, he figures, could be aggressive.

It was rumoured a year ago that the Jays were interested in Hanley, but who could possibly say they’d be interested now, with another year of poor performance dragging down his value. I could have seen him as a buy-low possibility last year, now… not so much. Or… I’m at least not sure. And I’m less sure where’d fit on this roster or how it might make sense.

Could AA be a facilitator here? Could he be actually trying to bait and switch for Josh Johnson? Could it be absolutely fucking nothing?

Yeah, probably that last thing.

Update: Jon Morosi tweets that the Jays had scouts at the Marlins game last night, which changes nothing and probably means nothing, though we did hear about Jays scouts in Houston prior to the deal that went down last week. Thing is, the Jays have so many damn scouts, they’re probably everywhere. They’re probably watching you right now.


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  1. Possible three team deal

  2. well looking in to the 2013 season, as us jays fans are taught to do . our biggest positional hole is 2B.

    Hanley’s not a SS anymore, 3B is covered. So a move to 2B could be an intriguing move.

    I don’t know what you can send to get hanley though, we have to keep some prospect depth to acquire starting pitching don’t we?

    • Yeah, would much prefer Josh Johnson. We don’t need more offense.

      • They could definitely use another middle order of the bat even with bautista in the lineup. Preferably someone who is good at getting on base as well. Not sure hanley is that guy tho.

        • snider baby, snider

        • I hear ya. The balance of the offense could be better. A couple .380 obp/.800 ops guys would be nice. But offense isn’t our most pressing need. We’re already the #2 offense in baseball right now. I’m certainly all for trading young bats in the system for another bat. But I would hate to see a couple of our better arms traded for a bat.

    • Hanley at 2B would be intriguing.

      I don’t think he can play second. Not given how badly he’s butchered 3B this year; but it would be intriguing, at least.

      He could end up giving up as many runs at 2nd as he makes up with his bat. Or… maybe the reason he’s been terrible the last few years is because he hates the Marlins. Either or.

    • Hanley’s not a SS anymore??? Really? Because he’s played 100 games at 3B this year?

  3. Yeah I’m thinking it’s a freaky three-way trade or simple due diligence. Maybe prospects from Jays to Marlins for Hanley, filp him (or maybe even Yunel or Hech) to Oakland for some pitching?

    Most likely a steaming pile of nothing though…

  4. My gut is telling me something will get done between the A’s and Jays at some point. Based on some of the latest rumors swirling over the last few days. Even if they’re just a factilitator and no Oakland players are coming to Jay land.

    • Not really surprising Jays and A’s are in a lot of rumors. Billy Beane and AA are both phone guys. Both like to inquire a lot.

  5. Drive the price of Ramirez up to establish an obscene market value for a starting SS. Then pawn Escobar or Hech off at the elevated price to the loser of the Hanley sweepstakes. Brilliant move by AA.

  6. They could definitely build a package around hech or escobar and some pitching prospects. Yunel has more value though and would cost less prospect capital. Also, where would hanley play? SS? I think he is too big. Not sure where he fits. Also, his bat has been shaky the last few seasons. All things considered, I’d rather go for upton.

  7. Cooper for Hanley.

  8. Another case where AA’s excessive bantering causing rumours.

    If a deal is made, the timing would be right for a 3-way deal involving some A’s pitching going to the Jays and Hanley going to the A’s. Question is which piece from the Jays goes to Miami.

    • i could see them asking about gose… bonifacio played 2B for miami last night which opens up CF for the marlins… and i’ve seen a couple reports where the marlins are interested in bourjos in any trade with the angels.

  9. What about getting Hanley and flipping for upton?

    • That’s actually a great idea.

    • That’s actually not a bad idea.

      It would take more than Hanley to land Upton; and the D-Backs don’t want all the excess OFs such a trade would give Toronto…

      …unless Toronto traded those OFs to Florida to land Hanley in the first place… hmm…

      Gose + Hech for Hanley; Hanley + Syndergaard for Upton?

  10. Well, this trade may not be real, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Florida has some interest in a certain Jays’ young Cuban prospect (although, he’d need to play a different position).

  11. Escobar + Cooper for prospects in the A’s system?

  12. Hanley would likely be part of something bigger such as a flip to another team for pitching. He could fit in on the Jays but I dont really see it.

  13. Bait and switch! Bait and switch!

  14. Hanley to Oakland.

    Hechavarria/Gose + Comer to Marlins.

    McCarthy to Jays.


    • why would the Jays do that deal? McCarthy’s always hurt and he’s a free agent at the end of the year.

      • Perhaps I have more faith in McCarthy than most. McCarthy’s a legitimate number one when he’s healthy.

        But if you want to replace him with someone else–Jarrod Parker wouldn’t be awful, though I assumed he was untouchable–go for it.

    • McCarthy has shoulder problems galore!

      He’ll fit right in with the boys on the DL in no time!

  15. Don’t think Marlins need Cooper so a 3-way makes sense.

    Jays could use 2B into future, need pitching.

    Jays could move KJ, Escobar, Cooper plus other non-rosters to Hanley from Marlins and a pitcher from Oakland.

    Escobar would be a good fit for Marlins, Cooper a good fit for Oakland. Maybe two separate trades, or using leverage from one to make other happen (if same players involved).

    Trading with Marlins and A’s makes a lot of sense. Not unlike trading with Astros, way outside of your normal rivalries.

    • so escobar plays 3B for miami? i don’t see that as a good fit at all. most of escobar’s value is tied to the fact that he is a good defender at short.

  16. Fangraphs is entertaining a possible fit with Hanley moving to the OF.

    I’m just not sure I like the idea of replacing Snider in LF. And JoBau just won’t let go of RF just yet even though that would be the logical move. The only other position is 2B and I don’t think the glove plays there.

    • Doesn’t make sense. If we’re getting an OF, it’s got to be Upton.

      • Well, sure if Upton can be had at the right price.

        BUT Hanley for Gose (as per Dave Cameron) is pretty appealing albeit creating a logjam in the OF.

        • Definitely appealing. Get Hanley first, then flip him for Upton (with prospects going to ARI)

          Now that makes sense!

  17. Can happ please start for Cecil like he’s a piece of trash straight up

  18. Lotta prospects (including snider) to Miami.

    Prospects and Hanley to Arizona.

    Upton (and maybe Josh Johnson if we really sell the farm) to Toronto.

    Would decimate our farm system but we get a crucial pitcher and an great OF.

  19. It would be awesome if the Jays could find a good feelding 2b that can hit for average..does Handly rub it the right way or would it feel weird.

    • If he can’t play well at 3B in Miami — I’m not sure I’m convinced that he’d do any better at 2B in Toronto.

  20. Cooper for Ozzie’s mouth???

  21. Can we seriously put an end to nicknames with the first letters of the first and last names combined? JoBau? FUCK RIGHT OFF. While were at it, no more calling every scandle some kind of “gate”. People are so uncreative and annoying.

  22. why does everyone want to move Escobar? If Hech can’t hit, he’ll be cuban johnny mac and the hitting gap between him and ESC will be glaring.

    Why do people hate on ESC? Solid defence and hard to replace offence at a premium position.

    Not enough Hustle and/or Heart?

    Give me a break! He is a premium SS that you won’t miss until he’s gone

    dont understand…

    • +1….there will be lots of whining about the position unless there is a suitable replacement.

      • maybe because escobar has sucked offensively the entire year….so people are wondering how much worse can Hech be

        • He really hasent sucked that bad offensively. He is hitting .250 with 6 homers. Not bad compared to most of the shortstops in the league!!!

          • Well, his walks are seriously down this year. With having Lawrie and Rasmus at the top of the line up, Yunel is expendable.

  23. I just had a Jays scout clock me walking from my desk to the washroom in 7.8 seconds then confer with the 3 other scouts to see what their times were.

    • Actually they talked and they all agreed that they didn’t like your mechanics. Something about an inverted W.

    • Well if there is rumors there is no trade for jays if there is no rumors there may be a trade coming to jays so alex always keep his card close to his chest. Every year boom shocking trade that anyone can imagine.You guys have to agree that if they dont want to improve by signing so only thing is left is to trade so if they win the series against oak and tigers then we can see some interesting trades otherwise why lose our future just for the trade.I am not a GM otherwise I would be running for the jays,it is just my opinion

  24. 3-way deal. that should be made

    Kelly Johnson to Oakland (Toronto pays remaining salary)
    Gose, one of the big 3 Lansing pitchers and “B” prospect to Florida

    Oakland sends Tyson Ross & another prospect to Florida

    Florida sends Josh Johnson & Emilo Bonifacio to Toronto

    Bonifacio moves back to 2nd base for Toronto, Oakland can put Weeks in AAA for seasoning (he looks lost in majors this year). Florida adds two top prospects and three other prospects

    Florida sends

  25. We’ve all gotten our hopes up for a Hanley trade, but I don’t really see the Jays finding a fit for him here; and I also don’t see the Jays trading for Hanley just to flip him unless it’s Upton.

    Thus I predict a much more modest “trade middling prospects for Ricky Nolasco.” Maybe add Choate or Cishek too.

  26. Rick Porcello would be my main target, if he’s even available still

  27. I read an article earlier this year, in a Florida newspaper, about how Bautista is a “huge fan of (…) Hanley Ramirez.” They train together in the off-season. You can look it up!!
    It would make sense to trade for Hanley and stick him at second – and maybe expand the deal to include a starting pitcher.

  28. AA is definitely sniffing around. look around for the young need an attitude adjustment/ new environment troubled player. AA’s is becoming predictable in modus operandi fellas and this time a multi team trade is due. trade window is closing and the jays still have long term needs.funny how nobody asked the jays how long it took to make the happ deal. 1 month to 2 days ?i would bet it was at least 2 weeks. cmon andrew stoeten find out the answer , he should answer that question without going stealth and then we can get a better read on him.bring in the FBI behavioural unit if you must. people on here are going nuts trying to figure out his next move. every person becomes predictable and gets apprehended. the feds always get their man. jays needs LF/1st/DH, a number 1 or 2 starting pitcher.AA plan is to get every position locked up with above avg players then nothing but concentration on pitching. so lind, snider, gose, hech d;naurd are expendable.also seeing AA didnt fill out the FA starting pitchers in the spring must mean he likes what is coming available this offseason.he was probably concerned about the new playoff format interfering with old school protocol. more FA moving in trades not to be signed to extensions making more available at lower price.we know AA is tight as a nuns gina anyway

  29. Hanley has acted like a pouty little bitch with getting moved to 3B for Jose Reyes, just imagine him being moved to 2B for Escobar, he’s a problem this team doesnt need.

    • Not just a little bitch, but apparently doesn’t like to take his meds after slicing his hand up, and now it’s infected. Even Guillen spoke out that “baby” needs to be told when to take his meds.

    • escobar is not 2b he’s shortstop

  30. get him and use him as trade bait for a couple great pitchers and if not use him at short and get rid of that lazy fool we have at shortstop

  31. No fit for Hanley , and no need to move Escobar end of story

  32. this is all bullshit.the baby makes as much if not more than bautista.AA would never disrespect jose for that piece of shite

  33. The Marlins are a farm team for other teams. How many great players came from the Marlins to other teams? It is sad to be a Marlins fan and see these players leave.


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