Jon Morosi would really like you, the internet savvy fans of Toronto, to click on his latest  ”purely speculative,” yet incredibly specific piece of trade-scenario building, which is “based on recent scouting activity,” and on which “certain caveats apply”– which is just a fancy way of saying that he’s totally making this up.

At least he’s honest about it, I guess. But… boy. That Morosi sure is a master baiter.

In the “purely sepculative” deal at Fox Sports, Morosi explains that the White Sox need a pitching upgrade to compete with Tigers, who made themselves better yesterday, acquiring Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante from the Marlins.

So what does he suggest? Chicago getting Zack Greinke by sending Gavin Floyd “to the Blue Jays for a package headed by Class A left-hander Justin Nicolino, then Nicolino and another piece – perhaps one of the White Sox’s young major-league relievers, perhaps one of their outfield prospects, Jared Mitchell or Trayce Thompson – for Greinke.”

Especially when it comes to the Jays, Morosi really knows how to lube up expectations and vigorously rub us with all kinds of seductive thoughts, eh?

“The White Sox scouted [Nicolino's] most recent start on Sunday. And the Blue Jays had two scouts at Floyd’s start on Monday night,” he explains.

“Now, it’s possible that this all means nothing.”


“It’s also possible that the Blue Jays were more interested in Minnesota Twins left-handerFrancisco Liriano and other players than Floyd.”

OK, SO… ?

“The Jays employ so many scouts, they routinely send multiple representatives to games.”


Ahh, but he tells us that Floyd has a reasonably-priced club option for next year! The Jays and White Sox have hooked up on deals before! And we know for a fact that Kenny Williams is full of thirst for bold pre-deadline consummation of dea– ahhh ahhhhh ahhhHH!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

[Deep Exhale]

Yeah. That’s the stuff.


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  1. Was Floyd’s cousin not available for comment, or what?

  2. If the jays were going to trade nicolino, Im hoping it’ll be in a package for somebody better than floyd.

  3. If all it took was Nicolino/a crappy white sox prospect to get Greinke, I don’t see why we’d settle for Floyd. Fuckin morosi.

    • That was my thinking as well.

    • +1 because the Jays would much rather get ripped off for Gavin Floyd than just toss in a reliever for Greinke. I hear Dyson has the best stuff in the organization…

    • Exactly. The Jays have more than enough to bring Greinke in. AA took advantage of Kenny Williams last year, why would he let him return the favour?

    • good point and why would they help the sox get better with Greinke if they are both fighting for the wild card.

    • Exactly what I thought immediately. I like Morosi, and I like having some imagination. But this imagined idea must have been so narcotic-induced that Morosi was probably with Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    • zach wheeler fetched beltran last year, and everyone thought the giants got ripped off. something like that probably gets grienke as well.

  4. Think you’re being a bit tough on Morosi, Stoeten. He’s well-connected and is far more likely to break the news of a Blue Jays trade than any of the Toronto media. It’s also feasible he’s heard legitimate whispers and is putting together a hypothetical trade so he can claim smarty-pants rights if some aspect of it works out.

    As to the charge of him being a link (master) baiter, I’m sure the likes of Rosenthal and Heyman (especially) would be running far more Blue Jays stories if it resulted in a seismic traffic spike.

    • I will say the foxsports baseball writers are the most connected in the us national media. Even more so than heyman who seems like a hack most of the time, the espn folks like olney, and the yahoo guys who are great in breaking basketball stories but not so much in baseball.

  5. we needs us some fresh elboz to ruin

  6. who the fuck cares about adding these fucking pieces.

    happ, floyd, they are all just brett cecil + who cares.

    drop the fucking hammer for someone credible or just stand pat.

    • Well Done DC. It just doesn’t make sense to think we can make a playoff charge with a couple of #4 starters.

    • Dumb.

      • It’s not actually. Floyd has a xFIP of 4.23 this year with a higher strand rate then career norms. He’s also a flyball pitcher that’s going to get eaten alive at Skydome.

    • Championships are won by getting ALL the right pieces…including the ‘right’ #4/5 pitchers, enough relief and bench depth, etc. Any move, however small, must work towards that goal. If the ‘big deal’ is out there and is worth it…go for it, but in the mean time we need to add some spare parts also.

  7. I see what you did here…u have doubt in Morosi …which is fine and well deserved…but just in case he’s right u made this post doubting the guy but at the very end saying it could happen or another deal for players on the same field could be done…so u can kind of say “told u so” but not really…..agenda’s. don’t let others bait u into what u post. either u believe it or u don’t.

  8. so lets take one of our best prospects, get a mediocre pitcher, and send someone else an ace…. makes perfect sense

  9. Wow what’s left of this year and one more year of a mediocre pitcher who had an ERA under 4.00 just once in his career for a top tier prospect that heads up a package of presumably more prospects. Not sure the Jays are quite there yet to be making that kind of deal. Fuck that BS.

    • you do realize that nicolino..or nearly every single Low A prospect, will be very fortunate to have the career Gavin Flloyd does. In fact ask AA right now..would you take three gavin flloyd type careers for sanchez, nicolino, and Noah?

      Hell say hell yeah

      • Not for one more year of him and not with the potential of one of the three being much more than that. Also at this point, what may happen to Niccolino in the future is irrelevant right now when his worth is high as that’s all that really matters. Don’t forget they’re not talking straight up either.

      • That is a terrible way to look at it, any 3 of those players could have a career 10x’s better than Floyds.

        1st or 2nd round prospects (showing promise) are far more valuable than #4/5 starters if you want to be a mid budget competing team. Imagine the Rays had traded Price, Hellickson, Moore et all when they were prospects for #5 veterans

    • Nicolino’s a “top tier prospect” the same way Nestor Molina was. Which is to say he isn’t. Makes sense for the Jays, not much for the Brewers.

      • Think the scouting guys would disagree with you there by a large margin.

      • How does it make sense for the Jays when the speculation is that all it would take is Nicolino, a reliever and MAYBE an outfield prospect and then we could get Grienkie instead?

        Rather than give away “a package headed by Nicolino” for Floyd, I’d rather give away “a package headed by Nicolio” (essentially what they’re saying the Sox should send to the Brewers) for the MUCH better pitcher…

        • keep in mind we are talking about 2 months of grienke vs. 1 year and 2 months of GF. i’m not sure 2 months of grienke has more value… especially when you consider you are not getting compensation when grienke walks.

          • You’d have to assume any trade that involved Grienke would come with an extension, wouldn’t you? That’s the only way I see him landing in TO.

          • Exactly if Greinke had another year on his contract then I’d be willing to talk about that a lot more because he’s the kind of high ceiling player you save your top prospects to get if you are going to use them for trade bait.

            It amazes me the number of people who are so quick to settle for mediocrity now when good things are on the horizon after so long. If I remember correctly AA was all about sustainability and not just building up for one shot at a playoff game. Settling for guys like Floyd is all that will get you imo.

            It’s also why prospects like Niccolino are worth more in the present than many give credit for. They offer you future ceiling (obviously no guarantee) and controllability. Of course there’s no guarantee they guy you trade these prospects for doesn’t turn out to be a bust either as a result of injury or poor performance.

          • the brewers supposedly offered grienke 5/$100M and he hasn’t been extended… seems he is intent on testing the market

            besides, i don’t see the jays exceeding that offer considering beeston’s distain for contracts longer than 5 years.

          • … all of this talk shows why josh johnson is the perfect get.

            high ceiling – check
            undervalued – check (check out era vs. FIP and xFIP)
            signed for 2013 at a reasonable rate (13.75) – check

  10. Just because he said it..and it might be bullshit..does not mean it is bullshit.

    throw enough rumors out there and one of them is bound to hit.

  11. Great now I have to clean my screen…

  12. I feel like I should have left the room about halfway through your post. I still feel dirty…

  13. Fuck the white sox and everything about their shit organization.

  14. AA should back door that deal and go for Grienke straight up….why settle for Floyd?

    • because grienke is a FREE AGENT in a couple of months… the changes in the CBA mean that he is a free agent from whom the jays will get zero compensation if/when he signs with someone else in the offseason.

      this is why AA is looking for guys who they can control beyond 2012.

      • I’d take a great pitcher for the rest of this year with no return (minus the exclusive negotiating rights for a while) over the rest of this year and next (with a possible return, assuming we offer him $12M) of a thoroughly mediocre pitcher…

        • fair enough… i’m just not sure that AA would do the same.

          … just trying to point out that it isn’t an apples to apples scenario.

  15. Brewers are stupid enough to trade grienke for Thames an cecil

  16. id take floyd for the next 2 years. inning eaters seem to be worth $12-$15M/year these days

  17. Can we put a Bret Lawrie mask on Eric Thames and send him to the Brewers for Greinke?

  18. Interesting fact pointed out by Law with regards to the Marlins/Tigers trade:

    “One point of interest in this trade is that, for the first time in MLB history, we have seen draft picks traded, as the two teams exchanged their “competitive balance lottery” picks, with the Tigers sending their pick after to the second round to the Marlins for their pick after the first round. (We’ll ignore, for the moment, the absurdity of the Tigers receiving a pick in that process while the Rays received none.) ”

    So..why the fuck does Detroit get a competitive balance pick? Their tiny payroll?

  19. A master baiter indeed, and the example of the sort of mess we all get intoat the hands of cunning linguists. These guys carelessly toss off their junk without a ‘by-your-leave’ and leave more responsible types to clean up afterwards. What a circle of jerks.

  20. remember last offseason when a package headed by snider and drabek maybe/possibly/could have landed greinke. F’ing hindsight

  21. You guys are missing the Ninja in all of this.

    Send the Sox whatever they need to bring in Grienke for Floyd.

    Then sign Grienke next season as a FA.

    Now its 2013 and you have both.


  22. Jon MorosiVerified ‏@jonmorosi

    #BlueJays interested in both Josh Johnson and Hanley Ramirez. Source says they have stronger desire to land JJ because of pitching need.

    Why would we want Johnson if we have Floyd though?

  23. Well Morosi at it again, saying Jays now interested in Johnson as well.

    As I said yesterday Johnson would be very similar to Garza imo. While his ceiling is probably higher, he’s certainly more of an injury risk. Quite an interesting gamble by teams for certain. I wonder if he’s fully healthy right now. His home/road splits are brutal this year and he’s down a couple of mph on his fast ball from 2009/2010 but his FIP is indicating better things to come.

    • i’d give up more for johnson than grienke or garza… his velocity and the peripherals are still strong…. and they control him next year.

      • Normally I would too but there’s the question of his health and he’s had more than his share of troubles. You could be offering up a lot for a guy who you might not end up getting a lot of starts out of. That’s going to play a big part in his eventual price and it’s why I said it was such a gamble. He’s got a lot of warning flags this year. Reduced velocity, poor numbers away from a huge pitchers park. That said, he’s been a favourite of mine for a long time.

        • JJ also left last nights game after the 6th (I think) with “skin irritation on his finger” (i.e. a blister in development, at best)

  24. Isn’t Toronto on Grienke’s no-trade list?

  25. I think it would take a lot more than Nicolino, a CWS bullpen guy and one of their outfielders to get Greinke. Also, while Gavin Floyd is a credible stop-gap starter, he’s a 29 year-old with a 4.50 lifetime ERA – not the kind of guy AA would be giving up Nicolino for.

  26. What’s the deal, is Floyd hiding an injury?

  27. and what if the Hanley talk is to get a SS for D-bags to get Upton

    • So they can replace one headcase in Drew for another in Hanley? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  28. I don’t really see what Morosi did wrong here.

    He offered a trade idea he felt would work for all sides. It’s fun to read. I feel like that’s happened on this blog before, no?

    I didn’t get the sense he was bullshitting us. Made it clear he’s just throwing mud at the wall.

  29. Gimme Gavin Floyd and grienke now god damn it !

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