Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

At FanGraphs, Dave Cameron looks at possible fits for Hanley Ramirez, and thinks Toronto is a perfect place for him to get his career back on track, thinks he should move to the outfield, and thinks a Gose-for-Ramirez deal would be great for both clubs, especially since Gose is “the kind of talent that they’d likely eat a substantial portion of Ramirez’s contract in order to acquire.” Hmmmmm.

In other pipe dream news, Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic talks to D’Backs owner Ken Kendrick, who says he thinks the club is better off with their young star, and that the whole we-want-to-trade-him thing has been overblown.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports sure knows where his traffic bread is traffic buttered, tweeting that the Jays “remain in buy mode, believing they can finish second in AL East this year. And I agree with them.”

At (Insider Only), Keith Law looks at the prospects on contending teams (those with a greater than 25% chance to make the playoffs still) who have the most trade value as the deadline approaches. Getting an honourable mention, as part of the 11th-15th best options, is Aaron Sanchez.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun looks at how the introduction of a cutter to Aaron Laffey’s repe-twah this year may have turned his career around. Laffey, who has been surprisingly effective when pressed into a starting role, “now gets by throwing nothing but fastballs. He has a sinking two-seamer, a four-seamer and his cutter. His curve is pretty much gone and he’ll mix in the occasional changeup. That’s it.”

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi talks about the reality check that has been this season for would-be call-ups Chad Jenkins and Deck McGuire.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star looks at the spate of pitching injuries that have hit not just the Jays, but other teams throughout baseball, and asks Alex Anthopoulos what he’s going to do about them. “We’re definitely examining it,” the GM told him. “Deliveries, arm actions, workloads, ages, etc. No real theories, since the two years prior we had unbelievable health and haven’t changed anything that we’re doing. Overall we’ll keep looking at it and it won’t likely be until the off-season that we have anything more concrete.”

Griffin also writes a new Bullpen post for the Star, which means a lot of words about a lot of things.

Bluebird Banter makes up a thoroughly underwhelming trade proposal involving sending Yunel Escobar to the A’s.

Jays Journal takes a look at who’s hot among the Jays’ minor league affiliates this week.

“Turned on the TV and caught a glimpse of Mitt Romney on the news…at first glance I thought it was John Farrell!” tweets Eric Thames. *shudder*

Lastly, as my #PropHate punishment, I watched the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Colorado Rockies last night. On purpose. Catch my thoughts on the game over at Getting Blanked.

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  1. Please just say “no” to Hanley Ramirez. The guy has not been good for a long time. We already have Adam Lind riding his 2009 glory.

  2. that shit proposal for Yescobar is, well… shit.

    to the mopes who suggested such a thing, i propose that you suck it.

    long and hard.

    good day to you all.

  3. Sure Thames… we ALL look alike, don’t we…

  4. “Toronto is a perfect place for him to get his career back on track, thinks he should move to the outfield”

    The outfield is full, chumps.

    • Except, no, it’s really not.

      • How is it not full? I agree he should be ready to move if Hech looks good or Snider looks bad. But how does Hanley not obviously slot at second, especially given that tendering Johnson could cost us 12 mil next season?

        • Because you have no idea what you have in Snider, or Gose (who moves in Cameron’s deal, at least), and Bautista could be moved to first if need be, also.

          • Such a silly thing to say that the outfield is NOT fully full. Of course it is, Andrew. Joey Bats and Colby Rasmus are shoe-ins. Then, either Gose or Snider (both look to have potential) can fill the third spot. Davis the speedster is on the bench. Any room left? I didn’t think so.

          • All I’m saying is that the only spot on the 2013 roster with no one penciled in is at second. If the Marlins pay us (hypothetical atop hypothetical, I know) it might actually be cheaper than tendering Kelly. I don’t disagree that he COULD play the outfield, but wouldn’t we want him to play 2B?
            How serious do you think that article is? I gotta think Gose for Hanley and cash would be the steal of the year.

      • Doesn’t make any sense. If we are trading for an OF that’s on the block, it’s Upton or nothing.

      • Yes there is a log jam in the outfield, leave it to an employee at the score to not see that.

      • I don’t see Gose as a fit, this is the team that moved away form Maybin who seems like the exact same player people around the game expect Gose to be.

        I would think they want a SP.(Sanchez) if they eat money.

        After seeing what Ichiro brought to Seattle, if the Marlins don’t eat any money- I think Chad Jenkins and a nobody gets you Han Ram.

  5. Hanley can be a starter. We have room there.

  6. I would like to see any deal for Ramirez include Josh Johnson. You gotta give up more obviously but Ramirez by himself is just like carrying another Adam Lind.

    • Lind: career 4.3 fWAR, wOBA in last three seasons of .309, .315 and .313.

      Hanley: career 32.5 fWAR, wOBA in last three seasons of .373, .317 and .330.

      Yes, totally the same.

      • Not to mention that cross racial comps are forbidden in baseball.

      • Just like Lind in that there’s no defensive position that can carry the below average bat?

      • Why use Hanley’s career fWAR when he was once one of the best players in baseball but has been awful the last two years? Which Hanley are we talking about?
        Hanley’s fWAR was calculated for shortstop which he wouldn’t play in Toronto.
        If you compare wOBA of Hanley and Lind over the last two seasons there isn’t a huge difference between the two.


  7. My reading comprehension skills must be worse than I thought (stupid SATs) because I thought Dave Cameron said that the Marlins would have to pay US to complete a Gose for Ramirez. Isn’t there someone in Miami’s front office just screaming CAMERON MAYBIN at the top of his lungs when someone floats that ridiculous deal?

  8. To me, Hanley is like the hot girl you meet when you are 20. You take her to a restaurant you can’t afford and even though she is beautiful – there is no conversation and you have no chance of getting anything after the date.

  9. What happened to the series ‘Greetings from Dunedin’?

  10. Kenny Ken Ken and Morosi just shat this piece of speculatory garbage onto the internet:

    I don’t want to live in a world where Gavin Floyd is worth “…a package headed by Class A left-hander Justin Nicolino…”

    • I’m afaid that a ML starting pitcher does indeed cost a fair chunk of change and/or elite prospects. So you do likely live in that world that you fear.

      • Yes, but is Gavin Floyd an actual upgrade over even our current collection of walking wounded? More importantly, does he seem remotely like the sort of pitcher that AA would target?

        • Jays were connected to them in the offseason too (not that that means much).
          I dunno. He’s not exactly an exciting option…. Bleh.

  11. It was already mentioned in the Hanley thread that the Jays should trade for Hanley, then flip him to ARI + some prospects for Upton. That would be fantastic.

  12. Ramirez in left field is a very, very marginal improvement over Snider/Davis/Gose. You don’t dump very good prospects for small improvements. Quoting his WAR numbers makes no sense unless you think he’s going to bump Lawrie off third or still has the ability to play second, because someone starting at 3B gets a free win a year over a LF solely by dint of their positions.

  13. Gose for Ramirez is the dumbest trade rumour i have heard all year. I wouldn’t trade Gose for anyone.

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