Moving on from this afternoon’s continuation of his Gavin Floyd-to-the-Jays obsession, Jon Morosi of Fox Sports turns his sights to another pitcher he claims the Jays have turned their sights to: Josh Johnson of the Marlins.

Well, now this is just getting silly. I mean, of course the Jays are interested in Johnson– who wouldn’t be? Then again, the Jays are potentially interested in everybody, and yet we’re told nothing about their level of interest, what they might be considering moving, what a potential fit might be, or… anything.

And, I mean, it’s not like the club’s going to deny it if we just made it up? Why stop here?

In fact, Drew tweets an extra bit of dirt for us:



Image via Mike Ehrmann/Getty.

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  1. Jays have interest in acquiring Hanley and Johnson, then flipping Hanley for Upton.

    • i was thinking this as well. it just depends how eager the dbacks would be to take on the contract and supposed headache that hanley brings with him.

    • David Cooper is missing from the line up again tongiht. Something must be cooking

    • Why would the D’Backs trade for a worse player who costs less, and is very likely more of a clubhouse problem then Uption is?

  2. is this story confirmed?

  3. Well this is becoming a little silly now isn’t it? The Marlins are going to give us their two best players? Not that I’d complain…

    • Johnson is a FA after next year, so it actually would make a lot of sense for them to move him right now when they can presumably get the most for him. Hanley should probably in the OF, and to be honest im not sure Travis Snider will perform worse than Hanley has overhis last 200ish games

      • Nattering Nabobs of Negativism.
        1) AA wouldn’t trade for Johnson unless he was confident the money is there to resign him
        2) Hanley Ramirez is better than Travis Snider. I don’t care what statistic you use to defend your point, it’s wrong. Plus, second base dude! He’s definitely better than Kelly

        • Do you remember that Lawrie got moved from 2b to 3b because he couldn’t field. Hanley is an awful 3b and would be a terrible 2b

          • Totally different skillsets… 2B isn’t HARDER than 3B (it’s arguably easier since the reaction time is less).

            The only way it really makes sense to add Hanley is if they think he can play 2B.

          • Lawrie got moved to third base as Milwaukee had Weeks at 2nd base and there was no way that Milwaukee was going to move him so they did not want to block Lawrie so they moved him to third. It had nothing to do with his defence at third.

        • woah. Do you mean to say that Hanley was better than Snider? Or that at his best Hanley is better than Snider at his best? Or do you mean that Hanley is a better option going forward than Snider?

          Those are all very different (even though the last one is really the only one that matters).

          • second base is a position that requires agility and quickness..arm strength means nothing….just because you have the arm and hand eye coordination to play third doesnt mean you can turn double plays (with your back to the runner..unlike short) like a two bagger neads to.

    • Neither of those players are named Giancarlo.

    • pretty sure that Hanley Ramirez is not one of their top players. He probably has less trade value at this point then Stanton, JJ, Reyes, LoMo, etc.

      • Being a quality, productive baseball player is not the same thing as having trade value.

        Hanley Ramirez completely mailing it in this season is better than Kelly Johnson. Anything resembling a motivated Hanley Ramirez is miles ahead of KJ, Hechavarria, Snider, Rajai Davis or anything else that the Jays are capable of trotting out at 2B or LF.

        Hanley Ramirez is a good, productive baseball player. He is also a giant asshat. Him being a giant asshat has cratered his trade value and allows a team like the Jays to swipe him for well below his actual value as a productive member of one’s team.

  4. Jesus, he’s like listening to Psychic Nikki.

    “Demi Moore needs to watch out for her health.”
    “There will be a disaster in Asia.”

  5. I assume AA is interested in EVERYONE.

    Buddy gets around, if you know what I mean.

  6. Fielding 9 players is the new inefficiency. The Jays will sneak a Rover onto the field while everyone is distracted doing the wave.

  7. If we only field nine players who’s gonna come in when Brett Lawrie backflips into the upper deck?

  8. i just want my freakin Juston Upton so we can be one step closer to putting a potential All-Star in roster spots 1-25. is that too much to ask?

  9. Keep all the anger about these rumors in check stoets. After all, some will be used in the future to tear down the AA stealthy wall

  10. Lets kill this rumor rumor right now, Hanley and Johnson make way too much money unless Kelly Johnson and cash is in the deal.

    If Seattle only got two nobodys for Ichiro who has had a down year than hopefully Marlins are realistic in their demands for Han Ram who has been bad for two years and is still under contract for 13 million next year.

  11. I think the prognosticators are just trying not to be left out in the cold again as they always seem to be whenever stealth GM AA makes a deal, so they’re just covering their bases – as it were. AA will get his SP, but it ain’t gonna be Garza or JJ or Dumpster, it’ll be someone out of the blue.

  12. Any update on why Cooper was pulled from the AAA game last night?

  13. Of course people are going to “report” this. It makes sense. The Jays need/want a F.O.R. arm; the Marlins look like they want to undergo one of their periodic house-cleanings, and the Jays have the pieces to make such a deal. All of those make this sound plausible. Who knows though what is actually happening though…

  14. One interesting aspect of the Hanley story is his relationship with Bautista. Hanley credits Jose with getting him in shape this winter (from an earlier ESPN story, though I suppose the results are not “overwhelming” at this point). But, perhaps that may be part of the interest, added to the coveting of Hanley by AA for a while:

    Apparently Jose and Hanley text each other somewhat frequently:

  15. I’ll repeat what i said in the other thread…

    If the Jays are willing to part with Gose & Miami native JPA, there is a definite fit between the two teams to acqurie Josh Johnson.

    The Marlins have a dire need for many things, but position players are probably needed more than pitchers as they play in a pitcher’s park and were only really getting offense from Giancarlo.

    Honestly, how many teams would offer more than a package fronted by Gose & JPA for JJ? Team are loathe to give up young major leaguers like JPA and guys like Gose who are close to being major league ready.

    But the Jays are in the perfect spot because they have a better CF (Rasmus) and C (D’arnaud) so they can give up good but not great players like Gose & JPA.

    • They don’t need gose really. It’s good value for sure but doesn’t address their holes. They have a decent outfield and have all speed no bat players. They can’t wait for gose really either since they have major pieces in place. Need a 2b and a CI that are ready.

      • They played Bonifacio at 2B yesterday after moving Infante. Gose and his range fit perfectly in their ballpark.

        • He is at second because they have no other viable options there. They have options after bonifacio in CF. he isn’t there as a permanent move or they wouldn’t have insisted on getting infante back when they traded uggla

  16. Stoeten:

    Here is the music link for today: Sherman Helmsley died today; he has a cameo in the video of Brett Lawrie’s walk up song, Batter Up:

    RIP George Jefferson

  17. great job by drew with that tweet

  18. Why’d you have to poop on this rumour? This is the one I want to be true. :(

  19. Didn’t like the 10 player deal, don’t believe the jays should be trading any prospects right now considering there’s nothing to be really had in terms of SP. josh Johnson is alright but I wouldn’t blow the farm for him and Hanley. Justin Upton is intriguing if he could be had for the right price.

  20. Morosi: Jays (and every team in baseball) interested in Johnson! Also, water is wet! And bears shit in the woods! And you can enter your own equally humorous obvious observation here!

  21. I don’t see Gose as a fit for the Marlins, they traded Maybin who Gose could one day be the same type of player.

    Marlins need SP prospects. I hear the park is huge they can throw anyone out there, but Johnson is having a down year, Sanchez a bunch of their relievers, the park has helped no doubt but you still need some quality SP prospects.

  22. Last few posts pretty much spell it out but there is a big contingency of stupid Jays fans that gobble up this rumour shit and fight with Keith Law and Kevin Goldstein about how awesome our prospects are.

    I like hockey but hockey fans eat up rumour shit like it’s a fine wine and some of those hockey fans are Jays fans…

  23. What is AA obsession with Gavin Flyod, is it his wife’s cousin.

    If AA trades for Gavin than that asshole who’s married too Gavin Flyods wife’s cousin’s, sister in law was right- Floyd to Jays, it may be a year later but I need that guy to pick some KENO numbers for me….. and then buy the ticket a year later. Perils of fortune telling.

  24. Stupid link filter… Anyways… lol

    Totally a package built around Lawrie, that’s very likely…

  25. The concessions Ichiro made to join the Stanks (item not mentioned: shaving – goodbye scraggly Suzuki beard)

  26. Earth shattering news, Jays interested in a great pitcher….really.

  27. Realistically we are probably in on Greg Dobbs – let’s not get carried away here

  28. Couldn’t we just call up Manny Lee?

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