Ridiculous speculative stuff here, but since people are going to get worked up about it anyway, I might as well give them a place to do so, and therefore will pass along word from Las Vegas that David Cooper has been removed from the 51s game tonight, following his third at-bat.

For whatever it’s worth, fan Kris Kennedy, who says he was listening to the game, tweets that Vegas broadcaster Russ Langer said on air that Cooper was pulled for unknown reasons, which was the same line we heard when Travis Snider– neither injured nor simply being given a breather– was taken off the field last week, prior to his call-up, and the 10-ish player deal with Houston that followed.

That’s pretty much all that we’re certain of at the moment– and I use the term extremely loosely. It could be an injury Langer didn’t see and hasn’t been told about, it could be a call-up for Cooper, or they could be bringing him to Toronto to hedge on the need for his call-up due to some injury on the active roster that we’re unaware of at the moment. It could even be that he was been given a breather by the club in a game they were leading 12-4 11-1. Or– yes– it could be the prelude to some kind of deal he’s involved in.

We have literally no idea right now, and if it is some sort of deal, you kids are probably just going to have to try and get some sleep and see what Santa brought you in the morning. Here’s a hint, though: if David Cooper is involved, I wouldn’t bank on it being anything major, unless he’s just a small piece of something much, much bigger. (Seriously though, don’t go getting your hopes up.)

For now, let’s just wait and try our best to be reasonable about what’s very probably nothing, OK?


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  1. Cooper for Upton and Trouper (the amalgamation of Trout and Harper)?

  2. It’s 1AM….do you know where David Cooper is?

  3. Okay!!!!

  4. Hech wasn’t in the starting line-up either!

  5. I love that my life literally has no entertainment so i’m literally glued to this speculation

    • To find true love, you need to make use of metaphors and allegories, my friend.

    • It reminds me of the night I spent in front of my computer, to get the Yu Darvish bidding results on Twitter as they happened.

  6. As cutting-edge as it is, I would have happily forgone this in return for a game threat last Sunday (or for that matter, next Sunday.)

  7. Too condescending.

    Don’t go to Wilner territory.

    As I tweeted earlier this evening, before Cooper was pulled, and after Ichiro deal, it made sense to me to see a BlueJays — Athletics trade Monday or Tuesday of this week. Each can help the other, and each needs help. Cooper would be a nice fit at 1B for Oakland, and far enough away from Toronto to not be a bad reminder. Oakland has some pitchers Toronto could use, whether Balfour, McCarthy (on DL, so less likely), or Colon. I see each as being worthy trade for Cooper. Coop’s got smack and Blue Jays now have a logjam at 1B.

    • If Oakland really wants to compete this year, then they are definitely not going to slot Cooper in at 1B. Nor would cooper get you somebody like McCarthy. Also why would the A’s trade McCarthy when they are in a WC race?

      • 1. Cooper would be a great fir with bat
        2. Cooper would likely not be only piece in mix, just the one we’re talking about — so add Cooper and Johnson or Cooper and Escobar
        3. you trade to get better — A’s may have other dominoes to fall, and they’re pitcher-rich
        The answers are obvious. I’ve been following baseball since 1950s and not all trades are apparent at first. Do we need Cooper now that Lind has recovered? Sell high.

        • my point is that you would have to be high to think that Cooper has much trade value. Organizations might take him on as a depth piece, but nobody wants to build a deal around cooper so that they can fill out their major league 1B position. Also, maybe we should wait a little bit before we pronounce Lind recovered.

          Am I being trolled here?

          • if you are being trolled, feel good about yourself. He’s an expert. He’s been following baseball since the 1950s.

          • Re-read point #2 in Vocal Media’s post…he’s not saying that Cooper would be the only/main piece to the trade for the A’s. I don’t know shit about Oakland’s 1B situation, but I would think that if they are weak there, Cooper could be looked at to give the current guy a challenge…at the very least he would be a serviceable back-up in case of injury to the current 1B…for a team in the WC hunt.

            The Jays on the other hand have at least four options (Edwin, Lind, Gomes, and Joey Bats in a pinch…heck, maybe even Lunchbox as well) that they hold in higher regard than Cooper.

    • We’re all sorry we missed your tweet.

  8. He’s an OK hitter, but at 1B, every team in baseball at all levels has a David Cooper, I would be stunned if they got anything for him at any time, but it’s fun to speculate, AA is otherwise so hard to predict, MLB Trade Rumours has yet to get anything remotely close ahead of any of his deals.

    • Thats the only thing you CAN predict about AA…that he’s hard to predict.
      The fact that it’s trade season and Cooper was pulled and Hech wasnt around makes me suspect there’s a deal in the offing.

  9. Hech, Cooper, Gose, Nicolino, and B prospect arm for Johnson

    • You can tell its late you just got home from the bar thats better than we got for Doc

      • haha, I did actually just get back from drinking. However, if I were the Jays, I would make that trade. Hech and Gose both have huge question marks surrounding their bats. Cooper is kind of meh, Nicolino would hurt to give up, but I would definitely feel good about that if it landed a Johnson.

  10. Interesting with Hech being out of lineup as well that a bigger deal was in works and maybe Lind or Copper is a throw in to close deal

    • I think we can, with no hesitation, now welcome Justin Upton to the Jays, as Arizona has a fetish for late 2000s Jays infielders and it was once mentioned, briefly in passing, that it was possible the Diamondbacks might have interest in Hech.

  11. OR! More wild speculation: Maybe Cooper was pulled because someone on the MLB roster got traded.

  12. Hmmmm, think we’ll see a deal with Oakland? Given they have some extra pitching and are in need of a shortstop? Perhaps Coop is getting tagged onto an Escobar deal.

    • Chris this makes sense Escobar and Cooper or Lind to Oakland for a pitcher or maybe Minny for Morneau and Lariano

    • or maybe Cooper is going to take over at SS. That OBP looks great from the SS position.

  13. hahaha the DB Cooper reference. He actually looks like the sketch too lol.

    • +1 Porter.

      The semi-obscure references are the best part of following the lads at DJF. Where else can one go to read about baseball while simultaneously feeling smarter than everybody else?

  14. my sources tell me its a 3 team deal where we get josh Johnson and king Felix for coop and mccoy and vizguel promises to go to the hof as a mariner

  15. lol that post made me laugh…. Always entertaining

  16. The mariners have an opening at 1B after demoting smoak. Hmmm… Dont know who they have other than king felix and maybe montero that the jays would actually want.

  17. aiyo ya’ll some Dustin Pedoria looking mothafuckas. The time is now to make a playoff push homies, sell the farm and trade for some of the best in baseball: – Span,Edwin Jackson, Bphillips, AJack, Ajones, Curtis “the hurt us” Gangsterson, Ciller Curve Sabathia.etc. peeace doe!

  18. N yao, get my G Jamie back in da boof. Hazel sux b

  19. If there’s one guy in the organization that wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night PRAYING to be traded it’s David Cooper.

    Im not sure why the organization hasnt even tried converting him to the outfield at this point but his defense at first and his contact bat will be great for a team in need. Casey Kotchman has made a good career out of being reliable, durable, good in the clubhouse, good defensively and all with an average bat. I see David Cooper as the Casey Kotchman type guy with more offensive potential.

    He could be a good key to a trade.

    • probably because he barely has the range for 1B. Also his bat doesn’t play real well as a corner infielder. He just doesn’t have the “pop”.

    • Also, if David Cooper was anything close to Casey Kotchman, he would already have been playing 1B for the Jays.

  20. He has decent range at first and Im sure he would be athletic enough to play the outfield.

    he’s been blocked from coming up and staying up for a while now.

    He has the pop, I think he will catch on somewhere else.

    • In 700 ABs in the PCL he doesn’t even have 20 hrs. What makes you think he has pop? Real scouts have consistently pointed to that as a major knock against his ML ability. Also have you watched him play when he is with the jays. He is slower than a catcher. No scouting report describes him as a good defensive 1B. Not sure why you think he could hack it in the outfield. It is not as if his bat is really making up for it. I am not sure I would describe Lind as really blocking Cooper. Votto was blocking Alonso. Mauer was blocking Ramos. Cooper just wasn’t impressive enough to supplant Lind (despite Lind’s best efforts to destroy his own value).

    • I remember reading a Marty Brown (LV 51s manager) interview on Bluebird Banter where he remarked, when asked about Cooper’s prospects, “Well, you know, David has to play first base”. He didn’t spell it out, but my impression was that Cooper just wasn’t athletic enough for the outfield.

      I actually wanted Cooper to stay up longer last time. I think he might develop into a better hitter than a lot of people here think. My hope is that somebody is actually going to give us something for Adam Lind. Yeah, dream on, I know … it really is a telling point that absolutely nobody else seems interested in him.

    • Yeah basically everything you just said is the opposite of true. You can’t just spew your hopes and dreams for a players as if they’re fact.

      He’s the slowest man on the team. Have you ever seen him run the bases? Range at first isn’t much to brag about. It’s usually a step or two and a dive. And even with that low bar, he’s average at best.

      Lind hasn’t blocked anyone from anything, ever. Encarnacion could just as easily DH so he’s not blocking anyone either. You could maybe make the case that Farrell’s dogged insistence on running a shitbag like Lind out there every day for so long blocked him, but it wouldn’t have taken much to force his way into the equation. Eventually Lind had to play himself out of a job, and Cooper still couldn’t stick with the big squad.

      JL already address the issue of “pop”. He doesn’t have it. Period. Pretty sure I could hit more HRs in the most hitter friendly league in the world. If he can’t do it in those conditions against inferior pitching the odds of him ever doing at the MLB level are slim to nil.

      His one redeeming quality (and the only one you didn’t actually mention) is that he gets on base a lot. That would be great if he had lead-off (or even average) speed, but he’s a slow, slow man. You don’t need a base-running challenged, slap-hitting 1B that walks a lot. If you’re gonna field a big slow man he better hit with some real power, something Cooper has never shown much ability to do.

      Seriously if you’re going to make statements on players at least make sure they have some basis in reality. Unless it’s opposite day…

  21. Maybe the market is shifting into overdrive now that a few trades have been made and the bar has been set – teams couldn’t wait forever for the Cubs to decide if they had a package good enough to move on.

    Who knows, maybe Alex is getting tired of losing and just wants to roll the dice on getting this team somewhere this year and senses blood in the water from the rest of the AL East.

  22. I think it’s more likely Lind is traded…or probably that Cooper has a slight injury and is out for precautionary reasons.

  23. From Chisholm’s blog Jay Happ and what he throws:


    “I throw some two-seamers. Fastball, curveball, little cut-slider and changeup.”
    - “go-to” pitch might be cutter, “Depends on the day, I guess.”

    GM AA likes his guys with four pitches.

  24. LOL at Brandon Lyon seeing familiar faces when he came back to Toronto.

    He left after 2002. The only person who he could have seen was MacGowan and he’s on rehab. I don’t know who he could have even seen in the minors? Lind? Janssen? That has to be the extent of the list.

  25. Did anyone bother to check if Cooper left the bench, or stayed after he was pulled in a blowout?

  26. Ok, why do I get the feeling that I have been just hit up side the head with a ladle with a giant gob of shit on it..

  27. Coop for Brett Wallace?

  28. its not cooper. its lind.

  29. Either they were calling his name at the $10-$20 game or he had too much of those $1.99 shrimp cocktails, if you know what I mean.

  30. As much as I feel Cooper could be a decent contributor to a big league club – almost every organization has a guy like him and some have even better who never get a fair chance to prove it in the big leagues.
    Brandon Allen is a great example. I was convinced he has a 30-35 homer guy if given 500 at-bats. Then Arizona gives him away for nothing, Oakland cuts him in favor of Daric Barton & then Tampa had him getting 3 at-bats a week before he got hurt

  31. The score was 11-1 and he was playing in Vegas where it was probably 43 degrees. He was being rested and Sobolewski was getting a chance to play, pure and simple.

  32. lind will be gone before deadline. he upped his value enough someone will take a i wanna be a hero chance.you know like AA does.

    • How has he upped his value so much? Do you mean the less than hundred ABs he has had since returning? Because those outweigh the more than thousand terrible ABs preceding.

  33. I would love it if AA can pull of two quick ones and bring in Hanley and Justin Upton. It will probably takes Hech, Yunel, Johnson, Gose plus a bunch of pitchers but Im all up for it. AA traded Musgrove and Asher becuase he realised that those guys just dont have the high ceiling needed to pitch in the AL East.

    • Everyone would love that. But it would decimate the farm system, which everyone would love a whole lot less. The key word in your post is “bunch” of pitchers… like… a very large bunch of pitchers.
      It would be pretty stunning, but it will likely never happen.

    • No thanks on Hanley. The guy has been bad the last two seasons…like not even league average at the plate bad. Considering that most don’t see him as a SS anymore, his bat doesn’t really project well for any other position.

  34. I think David Cooper was pulled from the guy on orders from AA, just to fuck with all of us – misdirection. AA is a magician and he’s trying to distract everyone with the Cooper thing while he goes and ninjas the fuck out of someone.

  35. So do we know anythihg yet about Cooper? Injury? Pulled just because?

  36. Mariners officially in sell mode now with Ichiro trade. Won’t contend for 3 years anyways so Felix is next. Gose, Arencibia, Escobar/Hech, Cooper and Nicolino for Felix and Jaso.

    • If Seattle is in rebuild then Esco and Cooper are probably too old.

    • Mariners are completely certain they can re-sign Felix. Thus he would be around in three years when they contend again.

      Ichiro! would be retired by then, and he requested a trade, so that’s why he’s gone.

  37. Peace out, ya weak chinless bastad

  38. How come no one has mentioned Adam Lind in all this?

    Has AA allowed him to gain some value in this recent return to the club and managed to package him with prospects for a starting pitcher?

    Then Cooper gets the call up to sit on the bench and spell EE at first.

  39. Why would a GM trade for Lind now when he could of had him for free? Unless Rogers is going to pay most of his salary, but that seems unlikely unless the Jays are getting something good back.

  40. It is 11:30 pm where I am right now. I plan on drinking until someone gets to the bottom of this. DJF hotline, expect a phone call.

  41. Just for crazy speculation purposes, from twitter:

    Lots of trades..exciting time, guys getting new beginnings. Seeing the Ichiro reception in Seattle gave me chills…baseball is beautiful.

    I kind of doubt he meant anyone on the 51s with the “guys getting new beginnings”, but I suppose it’s possible.

  42. I hate it HERE!!!

  43. Should the Jays pursue Hanley?

    It’s not every day that a 28-year old who’s already been worth 30 WAR for his career becomes available.

    On the other hand, he hasn’t had a superstar-level season since 2009, his defense was terrible even when he was good, and he’s apparently got clubhouse issues.

    Someone could point out that, as he’s from the Dominican, Hanley could be another one of those guys who lied about his age, and his early decline could actually be age-related–perhaps he’s 35?

    He also doesn’t fit with the Jays, as he clearly can’t play short anymore, and we have Lawrie at 3B and EE at 1B. And at his present levels of performance it’s uncertain if he can out-play Lind.

    But short of Justin Upton there’s no player with better upside available. He’s almost the kind of guy you make room for if you can get him. Controllable through 2014. And the Marlins might sell him cheap.


    • Pretty tough to add 7 years to your age… The guys that lie about their ages typically say they’re 16. I find it hard to believe that a 23 year old Ramirez was passing as a 16 year old.

    • And wouldn’t the obvious place for a declining glove SS be 2B? Wouldn’t that kinda be awesome?

      • See that would be awesome.

        Except that Hanley was moved to 3B this year, and he’s been just as bad at 3B as he had been at SS.

        This year, Hanley is the second-worst defensive 3B in the league, according to UZR. He’s worse than Miguel Cabrera. DRS rates him bad as well, though not as bad as UZR does.

        It’s possible he’s just sulking, because he still has speed; in which case a move to 2B could be considered. But nowhere has Hanley ever been positive on defense, and that doesn’t seem to be the type of player AA goes after.

        • The skillet for 3B is much different then that of SS. 2B is muc closer related.

          Because of this, there is no reason that a guy who’s terrible at 3B can’t be a very good 2B and vice versa. If he has good hands (I assume he does, as he played SS at the MLB level for a while) then he could probably still be an effective 2B.

          It’s kind of like how Lawrie was garbage at 2B and most scouts said he’d need to be moved to the OF….but at 3B, he’s gold glove caliber.

  44. can he play a reasonable 2B???

    but more importantly…whats the possibility that seattle puts Felix on the block?

  45. we want felix. we want felix we want felix.

  46. Rotoworld saying the Jays are interested in Hanley. Also Oakland and Boston in the hunt. 3-way? 4-way?

  47. Any news?

  48. Got to be just tire kicking on Hanley.

    The Red Sox have been trying to re-acquire him for years…don’t doubt they’ll take a run at him.

  49. on cooper.
    .. maybe AA finally realized that Miracle Whip is both cheaper and has a zestier flavour than David “the Mayonnaise Sandwich” Cooper and has traded him for a jar of spicy mustard.

  50. ” at 1B, every team in baseball at all levels has a David Cooper,”

    Um, no. Half the teams in the majors are playing someone with an OPS below .700 at first base.

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