I know the feeling, Ricky

Because… of course he is.

In the background above we see JP Arencibia during the A’s spirit-crushing bat-around inning that knocked Ricky Romero out of tonight’s game. Little did we know at the time that, despite staying in to finish the inning after taking a foul ball off the hand, Arencibia was injured. Y’know, like everybody else.

He didn’t return to the game after the Jays mercifully found a way to end the inning, had himself x-rayed, and the results aren’t good. Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail passes along the news that was passed along to the press-box mid-game: it’s a broken bone, and he’s expected to be out for six weeks.

I mean… it’s not like it was abundantly clear why the Jays have been reportedly insistent on only trading for assets that will help them both this year and next, but… with Travis d’Arnaud injured and not slated to return until the Arizona Fall League, we’re looking at Jeff Mathis: starting catcher.

And maybe Yan Gomes will get into some games behind the plate, even.


Arencibia, thanks largely to his power– as expected– has perhaps been a more valuable player to the Jays this year than you’d believe, or that you [read: I] probably thought just a few weeks ago. He now sports a .317 wOBA, 97 wRC+ and 1.5 WAR per FanGraphs– which for the moment, amazingly, is higher than qualified catchers Mike Napoli, Ryan Doumit, Jesus Montero, and is equal to Carlos Santana.

So, even if it doesn’t feel like he’s been terribly valuable, it’s a blow. If you’d been trying desperately to hold off on calling contention this season too far out of the Jays’ reach, um… add in Ricky Romero’s continuing awfulness and this might not be worst time to let it go.


Image via Brad White/Getty.

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  1. The real question is whether or not Miami would be willing to take local product JP Arencibia as a piece in a Josh Johnson trade now that he is injured.

    They’re punting the year anyway, amirite!?!

    • That’s an intriguing thought.

    • I thought that too, until tonight. Now, I think you need to get Arencibia back healthy in September to re-build trade value for the offseason.

      • Also, just listening to Keith Law talk about A-Rod’s broken hand from Baseball Today this afternoon, he points out that it usually takes time for hitters’ power to come back after hand or wrist breaks. Without the power… yikes, JP is not the most attractive trade chip.

        • I see your point here but at the same time, any team that would take JPA in a trade now wouldn’t be too concerned with his performance for the remainder of the year. They would be looking ahead for future years… his bone(s) should be fully remodeled and his strength/power back to 100% by spring training.

  2. Fuck, I had to go making that “if we can be only 3 back at the end of August, there will be quite a buzz in this city” post yesterday. Sorry everyone.

  3. Thought the headline would be:
    “Broken: Jays 2012 season”.

  4. It’s as though someone got their hands on a Blue Jay team photo and began casting voodoo spells

  5. You know what, i really dont think that mathis is a significantly worse hitter than arencibia. At least, in terms of obp. arencibia had the power for an occasional hr. that was his onmly value at the plate. I dont think its that big of a loss compared to morrow and bautista. Also, I got to say Rasmus, Lind, Johnson, and even snider (today) look like absolute shit. Those guys have to turn it around fast or this season will spiral even more out of control.

    • I’d STIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL take Aaron Cibia over Mathews

    • re: “Also, I got to say Rasmus, Lind, Johnson, and even snider (today) look like absolute shit.”

      It was a 16-0 loss. Only EE had a slightly positive (.015) WPA tonight.

    • Jesus, you can’t just look at one game and declare a thing like that. Ridiculous.

      • Whats ridiculous? Only snider is from a one game sample. Johnson has been shit since mid may. Rasmus has had a terrible july. Lind is Lind. Nothing ridiculous in saying the LH hitters in the lineup need to be more productive.

      • Rasmus has looked bad for a month. KJ has look bad for two.

  6. What will the ladies do?

  7. What a joke. Romero shits the bed again…. Not that it wasnt forecasted by his metrics last year ( read babip ) but seriously what next ? I don’t see this being the year and I’m getting older by the minute lol

    • Is this Scott Carson trying to pretend he understands BABIP?

      Or Dustin Parkes erroneously suggesting that the tanking of Ricky Romero’s peripherals is “regression” and was predictable?

      Fuck off.

    • Yup, just peer into his 2011 BABIP and you can clearly see a pitcher whose true talent is being quite literally, the worst starting pitcher in the major leagues that hasn’t lost his job.

    • Romero’s BABIP is exactly the same now as it was in 2010.

    • He was due for some regression this year for sure, but his FIP last year was 4.20 with an xFIP of 3.80. The year before he had a FIP of 3.64 and xFIP of 3.64. I was expecting him to be in the ERA range of 3.75 to low 4s this year. But this is just ridiculous.

  8. I’d take bets on which Jays player is the next to get DL’d, but apparently Ricky thinks that’s insensitive.

    • Don’t be an asshole and take Romero’s response to Ambrogio’s tweet out of context.
      In fact, i thought Ricky handled it better then I would have.

      BTW Have you seen Ambrogio on a Jay’s telecast since he tweeted his bullshit?
      It seems others have the same opinion of his classless act as Ricky did.
      Fuck Ambrogio,piece of shit.

      • He’s gettin tha Damian Goddard treatment.. Pretty sure that Portuondo got black listed too for some bullshit involving his big mouth. Rogers don’t play that.. ;)

        • You’re forgetting that piece of shit mike toth, who got fired for making some sexist comment about womens sports haha

  9. what a shitfest that was…. fuck, left work early to get to the game. Wanted to see Gose TO debut…. not see the jays get shit kicked….

    Anyhow the real rant is why the fuck did loup NOT BEAN the next batter as i believe smith went from first to home in the 8th up 12-0 – what happened to hustle and heart? seriously, running the score up that late deserves some good ol fashion beaning… sad, so sad….

    • I believe you have a grave misunderstanding of the unwritten rules. Ironic that you would criticize a guy for hustling from first to home and then ask what happened to hustle and heart for the Jays. You don’t just stop at 3rd cuz your up lots, but you also don’t steal bases and bunt when you’re up a ton.

      • no actually top of 8th and you are up 12-0 you dont try to push for an extra run – if it there you take it beyond a doubt IE double that send him home without a collsion, sacrifice fly and he is on third. What happened last night was the same as being up 12-0 and stealing a base. they fall under shit you dont do.

  10. No worries, we have a young stud catcher in AAA ready to shine.. oh.. wait..

  11. (so lame but I have to do it):

    That was a clown outing bro.

  12. So since the Jays are probably sellers now, let’s see who they have to sell.

    Guys with more than one year of control are out, because the Jays intend to contend next year, and JPA and Bautista and Drabek and Morrow and most of the rest of the team should be back by then anyways.

    That leaves:
    +Kelly Johnson, who probably doesn’t have a ton of trade value right now.
    +Omar Vizquel, who has even less trade value. Might not even get a C prospect for him.
    +Jeff Mathis, who as per the JPA and D’Arnaud injuries is the only MLB-ready catcher on our team within ten miles of the big leagues, and is thus unsellable.
    +Brandon Lyon. Ironic, eh?
    +Other random useless bullpen scraps

    You know, I don’t think selling would do a whole lot for us at this point. May as well just keep everyone and see if they can stay afloat. But don’t trade any more prospects, please.

    • Oliver and Davis are trade bait too. Once those two are gone and Gose gets sent back down, Geoff Baker’s White Jays are back.

      • Oliver’s contract has an option for next year. Thus he’s not really trade bait.

        Davis’ value is probably slightly higher than Omar Vizquel. Meh.

        • im prettty sure oliver is still trade bait, I doubt AA expects him to repeat his performance this year

        • Davis’s speed is an elite skill. There is value in that and a contending team can find a place for him on their bench. I think he has more value than you believe. You can’t compare that to someone who almost literally brings nothing to the table, like Vizquel.

    • You answered your own statement.
      The Jays are NOT sellers.
      Everything that might be for sale is injured.

    • There’s been some rumours about Kelly Johnson to the Giants, for whatever that’s worth, although I haven’t heard much of that this week.

  13. I’d still like to see the Jays trade for JJ and go for it next year. If he finishes this year strong in the AL East, give him an extension in the off-season.

    • +1

      Espescially since the inflated ERA (at the moment at least) the first year back from a major injury might make him a little more affordable.

    • The problem is that the holes in this team are more than one fucking starting pitcher.

      The bullpen is absolute terrible. There has been much discussion on this blog about how bullpen members are fungible and bullpens themselves are fairly easily put together. I think the last two years disproves this point. I don’t think it should cost the GDP of a small country to put one together, but obviously the Jays can’t just throw whoever the fuck in here and see who sticks.

      You have to figure the wheels are going to come off on that starting rotation. There is not one pitcher who takes the mound that I feel is going to consistently give quality starts. Villaneuva suffered from dead arm last year after being added to the rotation and it could very easily happen again this year. Laffey and Cecil do not have good stuff, and Cecil seems to alternate between good and poor starts. You have no idea what you’re getting with Alvarez.

      All this talk about how great this offense is makes me laugh. Do *great* offenses like the Yankees and Red Sox get squelched nearly as much as the Toronto Blue Jays? We either hammer the other team in a fucking slugfest, or get shut the fuck out and struggle to piece together a couple of runs. This up and down outliers are skewing our true talent.

      I feel that something is wrong from an organizational standpoint. Maybe its coaching, I don’t know. But players with all this talent are consistently failing to perform. Even Bautista was in almost a year long slump (…maybe not slump, but he was hitting rather pedestrian for a good portion of time). Yunel and Brett can’t drive the ball. Kelly Johnson is swinging at fucking everything. Same with JP Arencibia. There are just way too many problems.

      When you turn to pitching, before the injury meltdown, it seemed like every fucking pitcher we had could not find the god damned strike zone. I can see if its one or two pitchers, but all of them? That can’t be a fucking coincidence.

      I guess what I’m asking is: Do the Jays have serious issues with pitching and hitting coaches (at all levels) causing this terrible performance?

      • Would you have made this post on Monday? Your line about Bautista being in some sort of year long slump defies logic. And to claim that the Red Sox have had a respectable offense all year is lunacy on an interplanetary level. Our slim chance of a run at a one game playoff in October is all that’s falling out of grasp here. That’s it.

      • Your an idiot, enough said. Jose Bautista in a year long slump? Do you just make shit up? Our offense hasscored the second most runs in all of baseball, so seriously shut th. Shut up ur embarrassing yourself.

        • Last year’s ASG all the way till this year June. Year long slump.

        • Second most runs means absolutely nothing when Hochevar and Dice K makes the Jays offense their bitch. We pad our stats on bads. This is a fucking fact. Any decent pitcher and we shit the bed.

  14. Any catcher who doesn’t keep his GD throwing hand behind his back during the pitch has it coming to him. This is basic catching fundamentals. Frustrating to watch an injury that is so easy to avoid. #FFS

    • Your wrong Nicks.
      Runner on base, you have your hand ready for the transfer.

      • JP has a nasty tendency to not protect himself, even with the bases empty. In fact, way too many catchers do. Maybe the wrong is yours?

        • @ Nick & Buntz!

          I’m not wrong, but if you’d like to debate it, I’m up for it.
          You basically answered your own question by saying too many catchers do it.
          Look at MLB catchers with a base runner on and check their hands.
          I’m sure Drew or somebody over at GB is already compiling the Gif’s for a post.

          • Just cuz many catchers do it, doesn’t mean that it should be done (if your friends jumped off a cliff…).

          • Sorry Pudge but as far as I know,it’s what they teach at the elite level.Again if you seen the segment on Gomes practising his throws to second before the game,it showed his throwing hand in the exact same position as JPA’s.It’s not something that would be left up to individual preference or not shown to the player in practice.

            • Because the potential for serious injury is extremely low. I was a catcher and this is how I was taught. You are taught to keep your hand loose so if it is hit, it does less damage (vs. stiff fingers). I had many, many fouls nick my fingers. No injuries. Granted, some catchers do the behin- the-glove thing but it slows the transfer.

          • Fair enough…I just don’t see how any slight, slight advantage in shaving time off of the throwing motion outweighs the potential to miss 6-8 weeks with broken bones. #traditionalphilosophyissometimesstupid

          • Thanks Witty Ernie.I hate being alone out here.Naked in the comments section ( Close your eyes it’s not a pretty sight)
            I didn’t know how much detail to go into.People think I’m nuts sometimes ( okay most of the time,okay the people at the home here).I agree with the slow transfer and in response to Pudge @2:53, you’d be surprised at how technique can shave 10ths of a second off the throwing time ( yes, coaches time this stuff) .It does make a difference in getting a runner at second.

      • you really don’t, you can bring it back out from behind you when you see he’s running, you seriously think it makes a difference?

          • Having coached elite level baseball for the last 15 years, I feel in a unique position to add some value to this conversation. In short, there are differing schools of thought on this issue, the points (as they have been raised above) are: from one perspective it is safer to place the hand behind the glove, and from the other, this costs valuable hundredths (not tenths) of a second to release the ball.

            Personally, I’m of the opinion that getting the hand out from behind the back doesn’t add any time to the release because a catcher is taught to bring his glove to his right ear (assuming he’s right handed) and meet it with his throwing hand there for a quick release. Having the hand down and away from the body doesn’t speed this up, from what I can tell, as compared with getting it from behind the glove or behind the back.

            That said, there is something to be said for RADAR’s point that most MLB catchers do it the same way. While Tabler and Buck like to tell us all that MLB coaches are great at teaching the game, the reality is that most players are just fine-tuning by the time they get to the show, and something like this isn’t fine tuning. Accordingly, we could say that since many coaches teach this differently, and the ones who seem to be making it to the highest level on the planet all seem to do it the same way, it likely is a more effective (not necessarily faster) way to play backstop.

            My two cents.

        • This is true. A catcher knows when he’s going to throw the ball, . Unless the catcher is planning on zipping a ball out of there, or sees the runner doing something, there’s no reason to expose the throwing hand. 100%.

          • Thanks all for a reasoned…on this site, huh? :)…discussion about the catcher’s hand situation. I appreciated reading points for both sides of the argument, rather than just a bunch of ‘you suck’ type of comments.

    • He’s gotten hit in the hand/arm by foul tips a half dozen times this year that I’ve seen, it was only a matter of time.

    • Would you have made this post on Monday? Your line about Bautista being in some sort of year long slump defies logic. And to claim that the Red Sox have had a respectable offense all year is lunacy on an interplanetary level. Our slim chance of a run at a one game playoff in October is all that’s falling out of grasp here. That’s it.

  15. Cordero blows another save.

  16. But wait, I thought the Romero problems were a thing of the past when they moved his position on the rubber

  17. How long do you think it will take Arencibia to learn how to masturbate with his other hand?

  18. the jays can still get a pitcher if he is good. and never give up boys. the jays have been having trouble with hot teams all season and cant hit worth a shit on a curveballer either. and last night the ump was calling strikes on letter high junk.so simmer down and hope the jays can string some wins.gotta love how farrell backs romero before the game saying he isnt changing spots. romero has never been an ace in my books always a 2.but he fuckin stinks right now.i think his offspeed pitches are tipped .and then his accuracy takes a flying fuck.i think he is overthrowing and jp gives the wrong signs too.pitch selection is everything these days

  19. Let’s compare broken hands, shall we… Yesterday, A-Fraud got hit on the hand and writhed on the ground for five minutes, crying. Today, Aaron Cibia got hit on the hand and stayed in the game to catch 17 more pitches, warm up a new pitcher and throw these balls back to the mound before leaving the game.

    Aaron Cibia wins on toughness!

  20. off topic, F Cordero blows the game in Houston muahahaha

  21. Talk about the team shitting the bed before the deadline. What is Alex supposed to do with all this bullshit happening to this team?

    No GM should be stuck with seasons like this.

  22. Not completely upset that the Jays can see what they can do without JPA behind the plate. I’ve been thus far frustrated that Mathis hasn’t seen more starts.

    JPA might be the worst catcher I have ever seen play the game…WAR or no WAR.

    As for RR, if I were AA I’d be shopping him, quick. In fact I would have traded him last winter when all signs pointed to a deep regression. Hindsight, I suppose. Now he’s worth what…Jeremy Guthrie?

    • shopping him at his lowest point. good thinking.. go tweet to mike wilner u tool box

    • “JPA might be the worst catcher I have ever seen play the game…”

      I don’t think you’ve watched very much baseball then.

    • Yet another person who doesn’t understand what Ricky’s peripherals last season meant. Yes, signs pointed to regression, but not to regression to the point where he’s one of the worst starters in baseball. Nobody could reasonably have expected him to fall even close to how far he’s fallen right now.

    • That’s why you’re not AA. Shopping a player when he is worst the absolute least amount of money?

  23. I don’t know Radar, why can’t a catcher keep his paw under his right thigh ready for the draw. He still has to catch the ball and pivot.

    As for Ricky, he needs to visit Dr. Phil and get the fuck off of Twitter.

    Been to any games this year?

    • I was down for the Washington series.Had a blast.
      Don’t follow anybody on twitter but the comment made by Ambrogio was outta line for a reporter who interviews the team.I said it at the time it looked like a carreer killer.
      You don’t joke about a man’s livelyhood and his team.Ambrogio han’t been around the team as much, at least as far as I’ve seen, so it looks like it pissed off his bosses too.
      As far as catchers go, I realize that when you teach a kid to play catcher, I’ve taught the standard, hand behind the back with no runners on and hand behind the glove with runners on. But as the catchers progress to the elite level,coaches who are way beyond my level, teach them the arm at the side and the arm at the ready style.Better for blocking and quick transfers.Like I said, check other catchers in similiar situations.I’m guessing that the thought process is that the possibility is there for injury but not likely, especially when measured against the speed of gunning the runner out.For all the guys that do it on a regular basis, I’m again guessing that they will get hit but serious injury isn’t likely.Pure speculation on my part,I never asked.i might make some phone calls about it.
      Maybe somebody can prove me wrong.

  24. …but with Bruce Walton, anything is possible. Take your pick…severe injury, or severe suckitude. Can we now start questioning this coaching staff a bit?

    • …this should have been listed as a reply to BWN’s comment @ 12:20 AM…aagh!

      • Fuck, Romero is not that bad. He is just having an off year, but he has been a really good piture for a few years now. A lot of pitching is pure fucking luck. All he has to do is stop walking guys, its not like he suddenly forgot to pitch. Romero will be fine;the guy is a professional. The team is no better or worse than they were last week or last month. All this talk of “stick a fork in them” besides being uniteresting and terribly cliched, is dumb because as we have seen for a very large sample, this team is a .500 team even with bad pitching, but is young enough that it makes no sense (and hasnt since before the season started) to blow their brains out for the short term. This blowout loss is not the end of the world just like Sundays blowout against boston wasnt the start of a crazy streak,

        • This is a little more than an off-year. My fucking sphincter puckers up everytime he takes the damn mound.

  25. this team is bipolar

    • Or, in other words, a 0.500 team.

      And 0.500 doesn’t get you near the playoffs (… in the AL, at least; this crap team would be on its way to 100 wins in the NL Central.)

  26. Can Mcdade play catcher?

  27. and hell. If Ricky throws another game like this, my Boy Darren is gonna have to take his spot. My brotha gotta lethal arm.

    • Dude, your shit’s weak! Ain’t seen someone this lame on here since that JB freak was still kickin..

  28. Why is it that Cliff Lee is potentially on the block and there isn’t even a whisper about Roy Halladay?

    Is it because Halladay’s recent injury/ possible decline make him hard to trade?

    Personally, I still think it’s a little too early to write off Halladay as a top 10-15 pitcher in baseball.

    If Doc would be willing to waive his ntc, perhaps Amaro feels he would be better off with, for example, Gose & Happ/Cecil while freeing up $20 million to address his many holes.

    Other than the ntc of each player, I don’t see any logical reason why Cliff Lee is possibly on the block while Halladay, as far as we know, isn’t even being discussed.

    • Because – Lee has more years left on his deal which Phila wants to get rid of because of their 175 million dollar team that has more holes than injuries have given the Jays.

    • Also, people think Lee can maintain his level for longer. Remember, he’s two years younger than Doc and has pitched nearly a thousand fewer innings over his lifetime. If you were going to trade for one of these two otherwise rather similar pitchers, you’d logically go after Lee over Doc at this point.

  29. interesting write-up by Shi Davidi here about what to do w/ Romero…it makes a lot of sense…


    • I like it. He’s just killing the team right now, I know there’s all the comments that ‘we need him out there, there’s nobody else” but we have Happ in the bullpen and he’s currently the worst starter on the team. Not helping the team at all.

    • He has been our absolute worst pitcher since all the injuries went down. When your staff includes Brett Cecil, Aaron Laffey, Henderson Alvarez and Carlos Villaneuva… that hurts. Something is seriously wrong with him.

      Part of me really hopes he’s hiding an injury. I’d rather see him have surgery, get better, and return to form. Another part of me thinks its mental and that it may take significant time to recover from (or perhaps never).

      What other options do the Jays have? Keep trotting him out every day and murdering his confidence? Doing nothing is harming him. Halladay spent some time in the minors as well…

  30. /sigh… its tough to watch the team struggle like this against the A’s…

  31. So many people bash JPA. His numbers are pretty similar to “the next great catcher” Matt Weiters. I have them both in a fantasy league (we start 2 catchers) and was shocked how close their numbers actually are (paid a lot more for Weiters in draft)

  32. Arencibia has an ops of .745
    Lawrie has an ops of .748

    I realize that they’ve gotten to those numbers very differently, and that people love their on-base percentage. (I’m not saying that’s wrong either.) But Arencibia has a pretty good slugging percentage, and I’ll take that out of my catcher. Let’s also not forget that, just like Lawrie, it’s JPA’s second year in the league also. There could be a bit more in there from both of them (not just from Lawrie).

    • I’ve been harping about Arencibia on this board for about a month. People think that D’Arnaud is going to just waltz in here and be the shit, but JPA has been on pace for about a 2.5fWAR season prior to his injury.

      Yadier Molina broke 2.0fWAR during his third season for comparison sake.

      JPA looks lost at the plate for what seems to be 95% of his at-bats, but the numbers don’t lie and he brings significant value to this team.

        • (Except I don’t like WAR as a way to evaluate a players worth because it over-values defensive metrics that are, more or less, bullshit.)

          • Not for catchers since there is no UZR or DRS for them. fWAR for catchers does include some metrics on blocking and throwing runners out. JPA is shit at both of those and I assume gets penalized accordingly. If you back those out his fWAR would actually go up, especially in comparison to Yadi who is an excellent defensive catcher.

            All that said, JPA being so high up seems surprising, but I guess being able to crush a mistake once every two weeks is more valuable than I thought.

          • +1 to both of your posts, pete.

  33. For the record, I think yesterday’s second inning might have been the worst half inning of baseball that I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched 95% of the games since ’87, and I don’t remember a worse half inning than that one. (Although, there may have been some worse ones. This one is obviously more fresh in my mind.) It’s definitely made worse because Romero is SUPPOSED to be the best pitcher on the staff right now. Fucking brutal. So glad I wasn’t one of the unfortunate buggers who dropped $50 on that turd.

    • I was at the game yesterday (fortunately I have a fan pass, so it wasn’t any extra cash out of my pocket). That was definitely the worst game of baseball I have attended. And potentially the longest inning I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Jonathan Papelbon pitch in person.


    • “I think yesterday’s second inning might have been the worst half inning of baseball that I’ve ever seen”

      Morrow’s 0.2 IP start wasn’t pretty.

  34. WOW!!!! Man, what to do about Ricky??

    • Does Ricky have option years left?

      • I think he does. (Davidi is advocating sending him down. I haven’t read the full article, but I assume he wouldn’t be advocating that if he didn’t have options left.)

  35. I’m also pretty sure I’ve never seen so many key, long term injuries. Soul crushing. It’s relatively amazing that this team has stayed .500

    • true dat…though with this team, I always get the horrible feeling that a 100% healthy roster for the entire season up to this point might only count for 3-4 more wins (the gravitational pull of .500 is particularly strong against this team).

  36. I’ve been hating on JP as much as the next guy, but it seems like he was really starting to figure it out and the plate this year. After all it’s only his second full year. He’s been running pretty hot and cold this year, just look at his wrc+ per month:

    April 38
    May 137
    June 38
    July 190

    He was hitting a ridiculous .321/.345/.736/1.081 slash line for this month, with a wOBA of .452. His strike-outs were down to 20% this month, but his walks were down as well. However he did put a walk rate of 7.4% in June

    It figures though that once our catcher gets injured, the star prospect is injured as well. Can anything else go wrong this year. It seems it would take a miracle to finish at .500.

  37. All this talk about no one has done anything to lose their starting pitching job yet.

    Let’s see if Farrell has the balls to pencil in JA Happ into the rotation and fucking bench Romero. Doubt it.

    • It’s getting to the point where I don’ t think they CAN run him out there anymore. They sent down Lind. I don’t see why they won’t do so with Romero. He’s embarassing himself, and it’s not fair to his teammates either. He needs a fucking break.

      • Lind got sent down after almost 2 straight years of sucking.

        Romero’ struggles aren’t pretty, but he’s not on par with Lind.

        • Yeah but if one batter shits the bed and goes 0/4 it doesn’t translate to pretty much a guaranteed loss. The kinds of starts Ricky’s having do. So I’d have to think that this would equate to a starter being on a much shorter leash.

          I’ve been saying for pretty much the whole season that they should put him on the DL, let him go down to Dunedin and work his shit out there, then do a nice long rehab assignment working his way back up through multiple levels so they’re sure he’s fixed. If it takes a year, so what? This team wasn’t competing this year and isn’t competing next. And even if we thought we were for some reason, I fail to see how having him give up 8 runs a game is helping that.

          From what Farrell said this morning it sounds like he’ll get one more start and then they’ll have to do something. Too long to wait, but at least they’re trying to come up with a plan.

  38. It’ll be interesting to see how the team comes out today: whether they roll the fuck over or not.

  39. For whatever reason, the baseball Gods are very fucking pissed off with this town.

  40. I can’t believe JP stayed in to catch after breaking his hand. That’s something, I guess.

    /stands on ledge

    • It was dumb. He said himself after the game that he would have been “in trouble” if he had to throw in the rest of the inning. What was the benefit of staying in the game? Granted, the game was already out of hand, but he was only going to hurt the team or himself further by staying in. There was no upside other than machismo. Playing hurt to the detriment of your team may be something that appeals to the sensibilities of the neanderthal Leaf turned Jay fans (not targeted at you specifically or at all), but I’m sick of seeing guys playing like shit while they’re hurt ala Vernon Wells (and Ricky???).

      • Except he probably didn’t know it was broken yet. He was probably hoping the pain would go away (like when a guy fouls a ball of their shin or something.) Guys stay in all the time after taking foul balls off their bodies. That said, I understand your frustration. In V-Dub’s case, I think the injuries were just excuses for his suckitude.

        • Yeah, I assumed it was like “This hurts, better look at it after the inning is over” pain and not “I NEED TO LEAVE NOW” pain. I can’t imagine it was at all a pleasant experience to catch seventeen more pitches, though.

          @Brumfield Wants Noise – I wasn’t saying it was a good thing AT ALL. I’m surprised he did it (and am glad it didn’t complicate matters). Maybe it was just the shock/adrenaline that kept him in, and he felt it later.

      • The thing with broken hands (and you’ll see this all the time in boxing) is that, if you wait long enough, the hand basically freezes up and becomes reasonably functional.

        (they even mention it at during the fight in the last Rocky movie)

        Of course, that means that JPA thought the inning was going to go for another 17 minutes… but then, he’s seen Romero pitch enough times this year that it’s probably a safe assumption)

  41. There’s an awful lot of shit going on with this team right now. However I think there are three separate issues, not one big issue.

    Issue 1: The injury to JPA was the kind of injury that just happens. Baseball players get banged-up, he got banged-up. It’s unfortunate but what’re you gonna do.

    Issue 2: The (Thank God it was minor) injury that Lawrie got was to my opinion indicative of what happens when a team lacks depth and experience. Lawrie never should have gone after that ball. But Lawrie also knows that in a double Wild Card every game counts and every out counts and he knows the team has been hit by injury and is struggling. In that situation he plays harder than he needs to and so do the others. They are all trying their hardest and sometimes try too hard and they get injured. I see the same effect in the pitchers. There’s no depth in the rotation and the bullpen is shit. So every pitcher goes out and tries to make a perfect pitch every time. Either they get injured because they’re overthrowing or not paying enough attention to their mechanics, or they get hit. Romero right now is the ace and I’m sure he feels it’s all on him. That’s gotta wear on his mind and on his pitching. Same like Bautista in the last half of last season, when he realized that (a) Lind wasn’t hitting for shit batting right behind him and (b) the front office didn’t care enough about this situation to rectify it. So Jose swung at anything within a radius of 10′ and his stats suffered accordingly.

    Issue 3: We may have a really good bunch of prospects, but the team at the mlb level has been held together with string and band-aids for far too long. Sooner or later it was gonna fall to bits. And here we are. Bits all over the field.

  42. Thanks for drinking the Blue Jays kool aid, fan boys.

    Because of your naivety, we’ve been able to make a fortune by peddling our new branding to you suckers.

    We’ll be better next year. Trust me. :)

    • Playoffs three of the next four years!

      • Oh, without a doubt.

        Though we do have, um, certain payroll parameters to abide by.

        But please show up to the Rogers Centre, buy a jersey and a $14 hot dog, and continue to FAP like good little sheeple.

  43. You all realize that the Blue Jays were sure to make the playoffs if not for all these injuries.

    It’s true, 100%, so there’s no need for our organization to pursue expensive free agents this coming off-season.

    Trust me. I know what’s good for you.

    • Paul, since in Rogers’ opinion we would have made the playoffs without the injuries, am I to assume that this counts for one of the two-three guaranteed appearances over the next five years? I assume that’s your interpretation, but wanted to confirm.

    • We actually would have made the playoffs without all of those injuries.

      Morrow by himself might have gotten us three more wins by this point.

      You’re telling me Jose Bautista couldn’t have hit a jack in one of those one-run losses since he went down?

      • That’s the spirit, Rob!

        Here is another glass of kool aid, young man.

        Drink up, and please remember to purchase more Blue Jays merchandise!

  44. Oh Rickey, what a pity, you used to be the man
    You blow another start and you break your buddy’s hand.
    Oh Rickey, now you’re sitting, can’t you understand
    It’s guys like you, Ricky
    Ooh what you do Rickey, do Rickey
    Just throw some strikes, Rickey

  45. Bottom 20 in terms of ERA. Lot of talent on this list, so RR is not alone. Sadly three Jays on this list:

    1 Jake Arrieta
    2 Ervin Santana
    3 Tim Lincecum

    4 Ricky Romero
    5 Bruce Chen
    6 Mike Minor
    7 Randy Wolf
    8 Jon Lester
    9 Francisco Liriano
    10 Luke Hochevar
    11 Derek Lowe

    12 Bud Norris

    13 Ubaldo Jimenez

    14 J.A. Happ

    15 Clay Buchholz

    16 Ricky Nolasco

    17 Dan Haren

    18 Joe Blanton

    19 Henderson Alvarez

    20 Josh Beckett

    • Apparently Randy Wolf can be had for free if you take on all his salary. He has a $10 million team option for next year. Would you take him?

      • I would if I were an NL team in need of a #5, for sure. Doesn’t make much sense for the Jays.

        I would take a gamble on Liriano. But my #1 target would be Bud Norris, under team control until 2016. Guess Houston wasn’t will to part ways.

  46. this team is gonna be awesome in 2014, cant wait!! and if more fans show up they will spend more, oh wait never mind..

    • Maybe if we all watch on TV we can get a lucrative deal like the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers. O ya, fuck.

    • Typically you spend in the off-season.

      This is the first year of dramatically increased attendance under AA.

      Give him until spring training 2013 to spend that money, will you?

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