Ricky Romero rides again. I’d elaborate, but… meh. Let’s win a damn game already!


Not a whole lot going on, so we’ll just go straight, for your between-innings viewing pleasure, to today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
T. Snider LF
O. Vizquel SS
A. Gose RF

R. Romero RHP

Oakland A’s

C. Crisp CF
J. Gomes LF
J. Reddick RF
Y. Cespedes DH
C. Carter 1B
B. Inge 3B
D. Norris C
B. Hicks SS
J. Weeks 2B

A. Griffin RHP


Image via Jim McIsaac/Getty.

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  1. Where’s the preamble?

  2. ff

  3. -1

  4. another 2 out run.deja vu

  5. Shitty. No livestream on Front Row Sports or VipBox – anyone have a link for the game?

  6. oh god. brandon inge. always kills us.

  7. Can we just go ahead and DFA Ricky?

      • Did I say something funny?

        • You don’t DFA Ricky because:
          a) He’s one year removed from being a pretty solid pitcher. DFA’ing Ricky would be the equivalent of DFA’ing Rasmus the year BEFORE the Cards traded him to the Jays for the pieces that won them the series.
          b) He’s got a significant contract the Jays would be on the hook for. You DFA players with $1-$5 million and one year of control left on their contract. Not multiple-years remaining large contract young players.

    • Go to baseball-reference.com. Search for Dave Stieb… he was pretty good, right? Read his game logs for 1986 and the first two months of 1987, then calm the fuck down.

  8. fuck romero getting bombed again in the 1st. the jays are going to get swept I just know it. I can’t watch the rest of this game.

  9. Well only one run and three baserunners. Good inning for Ricky.

  10. let Happ start for Ricky and let Ricky be the swing man until he gets hisshit together

  11. ONly in farrell’s world does a guy who was waived get to bat cleanup

    • You do know that EE was waived too right?

      • Tell you what, you give me your list of players who were waived, and unclaimed, that you would bat cleanup and Ill give you my list of players who were waived and never hit cleanup thereafter.

        I dont think those lists will be close to equal in length.

    • Curious to know who you’d rather hit clean up?

      • Fozzie bear


        an insect

        a trud with a peanut in it

        anything besides lind.

    • One can argue with some pretty valid proof that Farrell is a lousy manager. I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they cut him loose.

  12. Thats it for me – I’m outta here! Ive got an episode of The Nanny to watch anyway – the one where Mr Sheffield finally proposes to Nanny Fine.

    Furthermore, I won’t be back for the rest of the series!

  13. Its time these Jays started showing some grit. This limp wristed group of victims act is getting tiresome. Get some damn runs, Rickey stike some guys out, and would the leader on this team please lead.

  14. Colby sure seems to be striking out a lot these days.


  15. can we hire the a’s pitching coach instead of our shithead guy who gets everyone injured.

    • Cause they had so many pitching injuries last year with the same coaches right!?

      • Actually, their pitching coach WAS different last year. Curt Young, the current and former pitching coach for the A’s was the Red Sox pitching coach last year.

  16. colby back to being his old shitty self, so much for new stance

  17. Reddick just thought of tossing the foul ball into the upper outfield seats, and flash backed to Texas and threw to bellboy. That still haunts me

  18. can we score 6 runs so I don’t have to read anymore more troll/crying game post from
    *cough bubble * * cough cough JCristo

    • Never going to happen.

      I love how the fucking As have gone from being a playoff team, to absolute shit, to a playoff team again in the fucking 20 years since the Jays have been in the post season.

    • I thought you were dead


  20. so Lind is late on a 92 mph fastball right down the middle on a fastball count.

    that is not a good sign.

    • It does give those of us who were hoping against hope that he was somehow fixed cause for concern.

      • If he’s not fixed – and this is just another Lind-a tease – He’s probably a DFA candidate.

  21. Not watching the game – is he even close???

  22. The A’s are a bunch of shit. They have 11 walk off wins during their 15 -2 run.

    anyone really think that is anything besides massive amounts of luck?

    the jays are going to roll them today and tomorrow and the End of the A’s will arrive soon thereafter.

  23. BTW stoeten, that is an old edition of getting blanked.

    • be happy it was a link to an actual file. I think Monday’s was a dead link. Puff Puff Pass friday must have extended into the whole fucking next week.

      FamousAmazingGuy says:
      07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
      not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  24. Seriously, we cant even get out Katt Williams.

  25. Happ could have been useful tonight…doesn’t look like Ricky will be making it very far.

    • i’m drawing a blank who is the long man in the pen. Perez gone, Happ used up. Loup i guess?!!?

  26. Welcome to Club Romero – we have a two walk minimum.

  27. Could get ugly soon.

  28. There is our staff Ace folks. Enjoy the next few years.

  29. GO As!

  30. God being a jays fan is frustrating. Fuck, now a double

  31. All three runs scored by guys who walked.

  32. Which game of the Detroit series does Josh Johnson start again?

  33. BP fastball to Reddick by some act of god does not leave park

  34. How many times does Romero need to get beat up for people like Zaun and, you know, Romero to figure out he isn’t an elite pitcher.

  35. Well better get the longman Villanueva up….oops I mean Perez…..oops I guess Happ…actually maybe….who?

  36. ah fuck. Give Carter another 4 RBIs.

  37. Good thing Ricky took back those inches from Reddick, a few more inches and that’s a 3 run homer and a 6-0 game.

  38. 65 Fucking Pitches already!

  39. um…..

  40. Well, John…

  41. Its crazy to know that our AAA players and relievers are miles ahead of our ace in starting pitching.

  42. wow…dude needs some stress leave. Send him back to east LA for a week or two.

  43. Serious question (not intended to be trolling): Does Ricky have options left?

  44. Brilliant move there by Farrell intentionally walking a guy in the second inning to load the bases with a pitcher who can absolutely not find the strike zone.

    Real man of genius there.

  45. So frustrating for management. Seems like every year one or two starters take a step back. Last year it was Cecill and Morrow this year it is Romero and Alvarez. Thankfully Morrow took a step forward and bounced back. Really have to hope Romero finds it again next season. These guys definitely making life hard for AA. Right now Ricky is like a 6th or 7th starter and no where near the 1 or 2 he is supposed to be.

  46. Well gee look at that, who the fuck whada thought Rickey would get pulled so early. Yeah, I would make a good GM! what of it?

  47. Aaaaand another walk…

  48. Good, that’s over.

  49. Ricky walkero. Wtf maaan.

  50. ugh! horrible, heading back below .500 again.

  51. Ricky mega shits the bed and tabby and buck sound like they are watching a different game.

  52. Did miss universe dump Rickey or something? He looks like shit.
    I wonder if we could trade him for John Lester

  53. Every year around this time this fucking team seems to get fans excited for a good run like the boston sweep then fucking collapse. Its like this team is cursed to be .500. Meanwhile, the shitty A’s have tons of luck and manage to win 90 games with that shitty roster they have.

    • Luck? LOL. We suck, its luck. A’s are good, its luck. Got news for you buddy, all our woes can’t be explained away by fucking luck.

  54. The only reason to keep watching now is to see whether Farrell has the balls to put Gose on the mound as a mop-up guy later in the game.

  55. What’s the mercy rule in this league?

  56. man this is really depressing, really wish this team would stop playing with my heart and maple-boner

  57. I’m going to pay someone at the start of each season to hit me over the head with a hammer if I ever display any sign of optimism or utter the words “the season will be different”

  58. I chose Ricky Romero over Troy Tulowitski because Troy doesn’t like baseball. He told me when he called my cell.

  59. Beck figures, what the fuck, their Romero’s runners.

  60. Can someone find Ricky another model to date?

  61. I change the channel, only to return with Romero nowhere in sight and the Jays trailing 7 – 0.

    …scratch that, 8 – 0

    Can we concede? And HOLY FUCK THERE’S ONLY A SINGLE OUT.

  62. Beck’s day job is deli counter at Sobeys

  63. Hayhurst tweeting that he guarantees Ricky feels bad about this.

    I guess that makes it all better then.

  64. Billy Beane on Romero – “If he’s a good pitcher, how come he don’t pitch good?”

  65. massive pause

  66. Brothas don’t give up on Ricky Ro, homeboy still might have gas in the tank. Maybe Mr Cash Man over there up in da Bronx wants to take a flyer on him! It sho’ would be fun to hit Ricky when we face The Yankers once again……

  67. Farrell looks like a wanker wearing that watch in the dug out.

  68. Ricky had a bull pen session today and he was crisp.

  69. Only took 70 pitches between 2 pitchers to retire the side in that inning. Not bad.

  70. Beck should sign with the leafs. Plenty of “truculence” on that last play.

  71. That inning was worse then watching Dumber and Dumberer

  72. How long was that inning? 45 minutes? Time for Ricky to go AAA…grinding it out at the MLB level is JUST.NOT.FUCKING.WORKING.

  73. Tabby won’t let us think about the score right now. Okay…

    • “You just never know Buck…get a few hits strung together…you are never out of the game with the home run threat”-Tabby. Fuck off Pat the Jays arent hitting 10 home runs tonight…this isnt 1987 and Ernie Whitt doesnt play anymore, was hoping being up on the CN Tower today would knock the cliches out of him.

  74. Arencibia looks like he might be injured. Hit it directly on the hand

  75. I’m gonna watch the Weather Network for a while, let me know if something happens.

  76. Sending Ricky to Vegas isn’t the answer, sadly. I think you just have to let him wallow in his own filth and hope that he comes out of it at some point.

    the reality is hes only slightly worse than an average 5th starter right now, and his upside is far greater than that, if the odds werent considerably stacked against the jays making the playoffs this year, maybe things would be different.

  77. Get into one Lunchbox. Give us something

  78. just kill me now

  79. I still strongly believe that the A’s are giving us eternal revenge since Alomar hit that slider from Eckersley. Whenever the Jays are in a “playoff race” the A’s stop us from winning in any season now.

  80. Ok, is RR hiding an injury or something…wtf is going on with his (lack of) control?!?!

  81. Reddick couldn’t let that go? Let Travis pad his stats, it’s 9-0 dude.

  82. Intence catch. Kindly fuck off with the tennis ads please

  83. If they open the roof, there’s a chance this shitshow could get rained out. Worth a try.

  84. Jesus Christ! I’m done. Good night kind gentlemen and scholars.

  85. can Beck make the last flight out to Vegas tonight

  86. This is like a prostate exam

  87. This could be a historic game. A new all time record for the greatest run differential in a blue jay defeat..

  88. The faster we burn through these scrub pitchers, the faster we get to see Gose on the mound.

  89. Holy Fuck they keep finding new and amazing ways to humiliate themselves. There’s gonna be some records set tonight.

  90. That ball was not even going to go out if Reddick didnt catch it. It was going to be about two feet short.

    But it was priceless hearing buck and the stupid blow horn go off and then Reddick is jogging back to the dugout with ball in tow.

  91. DFA Carpenter (again)

  92. This. Is. Fucking. Painful.

  93. I thought Carpenter was supposed to be some guy with a big arm who just needed to harness his talent to be a “back of the bullpen” guy.

    I see him hurling shit in the low 90′s with little control.

    once again, the Jays hype machine continues…Still waiting for dyson to break 93 mph with his high 90′s heat

  94. why am i still watching this

  95. The only thing I will say is that maybe it’s time for Walton to go. Team ERA has gotten worse every year since he took over in an environment that’s seen overall league pitching improve. Yes it certainly has a lot to do with the guys he’s given but if Walton got a tenth of the flack that Murphy got over the last 3 years I’d be stunned. Also have to look down to AA and see what’s going on there as well.

    I know what we’re seeing now at AA and AAA is mostly the tail end of JPR’s tenure and Rogers mismanagement of resources but something is going to have to change or you’re looking at a couple more years of this until the high ceiling guys work their way higher in the system. This season is prime example of the lag that poor decisions in drafting and the money spent have on a system. It doesn’t always show up immediately. It’s also why a lot of AA’s fixes probably don’t show up in a big way for another year or so.

    • I was just thinking pretty much the same thing. I guess it’s like whenever it is that AA goes, his successor will inherit his minors draftees for 2 or more years.

      One big difference though was that JPA didnt like the draft and his scouting staff was relatively small.

      • Exactly it isnt all on Rogers but a lot of what he did early on was dictated by not having the money. Of course trashing his scouting department was probably his biggest mistake.

  96. The Jays came into today with a +24 run diff. Could be into the minuses by the time this is over.

  97. My ass really smells.

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