Ricky Romero rides again. I’d elaborate, but… meh. Let’s win a damn game already!


Not a whole lot going on, so we’ll just go straight, for your between-innings viewing pleasure, to today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

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Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
T. Snider LF
O. Vizquel SS
A. Gose RF

R. Romero RHP

Oakland A’s

C. Crisp CF
J. Gomes LF
J. Reddick RF
Y. Cespedes DH
C. Carter 1B
B. Inge 3B
D. Norris C
B. Hicks SS
J. Weeks 2B

A. Griffin RHP


Image via Jim McIsaac/Getty.

Comments (399)

  1. JPA out 6 weeks, broken hand.

    Of COURSE D’Arnaud is hurt.

    • That’s his own fault… That was terrible positioning, you NEVER leave your hand like that when you’re catching…

      Oh well, at least that means it’s “sell off some guys and let’s stop pretending we have a chance this year” for the next few days…

      • Even I know that. Supposed to be tucked in behind him.
        Like the idea about selling too. Oliver should get someone good?

        • IIRC, JPA has been doing that fairly regularly this year. Where is the f’ing coaching staff to point out that stupidity?!

      • Actually, not necessarily true… catchers will often keep their hand in front when runners are on base, as it allows for quicker release of the ball in the event that they need to throw… ie, for attempting to pickoff a the runner at third and firing it out into leftfield.

      • Wrong again Brandon.

    • I LOVE IT!

  2. Get used to seeing Mathis. Chisolm just tweeted Arencibia fractured his hand, out six weeks.

    • I say you give the majority of the at bats to gomes. fuck it. why not.

  3. We’re buyers!

  4. JPA fractured hand….fuck this season..see you in 2013 folks (this time it counts)

  5. I wonder if Ernie Whitt can still crouch.

  6. I’ve started drinking!

  7. Well, at least that was the farthest Gose has hit the ball in his major league career…

  8. Well at least the leafs, raptors and Argos are good, oh wait….. THEY SUCK!

  9. At least we have D’Arnaud to look forward to watching for the rest of the year….Oh wait…fuck…Let the Jeff Mathis show begin! Gregg Zaun is one injury away from getting the call.

  10. Pat Borders!

  11. If his hand is slow to heal, could this be the last we’ve seen of JPA in a Jays uniform?

  12. With all of the injuries this year, we will not fault you for finally admitting that you’ve been battling through some nagging injury that requires some minor surgery and 6 weeks on the DL. Honestly, it’s OK. You don’t have to man up this season. The fans will not fault you if you need some DL time, however – they will turn on you in an instant if you continue to pitch poorly.

  13. There is nothing….and more!!!

  14. This has been a season for the ages.

  15. 1. Escobar has the power to see several hours into the future during odd numered days in late july…he knew what was going to happen, hence the late back complaints.

    JP heard that he was about to be traded to the marlins…he therefore purposely put his hand in danger in order to get inujured.

  16. What’s the biggest run differential in a no-hitter???

  17. Call up perez?

    oh wait…

  18. I’m done with this team, go Yankees!

  19. great spot catcher.
    perhaps Mathis starting and Kotteras as his backup, regardless we are fucked.

  20. The Red Sox must be shaking their heads.

  21. hey fuck wakamatsu aren’t you the catching guru? when you see lazy ass JP with his hand in front of his balls maybe you should say something like hey JP don’t put your hand in front of your balls cuz you might get hit. great fucking coaching staff we have

  22. Alright start the comeba… I can’t even finish that thought…

  23. they need to stand pat.

  24. We were all the future..and now JP will see that the future of jays propsect catchers is not too good.

    • Josh Phelps and Carlos Delgado were on that list too…

      • Phelps, Delgado and Werth were basically only catchers to get their bats through the minors as quickly as possible, no? I don’t think any of them were projected long-term to stick behind the plate.

  25. We have 7 players on the 60 day DL… I think they might have to move d’Arnaud there to make room for another catcher, unless they want to rely on Gomes as the backup catcher…

  26. I can’t believe people actually paid money to watch this garbage

  27. Somebody get a live chicken, the last one got away.

  28. Are people still so sad that they have to reach out for a ball along the 3rd base line? Especially when it’s fair and the home teams hit.
    I’m still watching this trainwreck.

  29. Fire Farrell might become regular chants at the dome

    • As much as I think he’s pretty poor as an in game manager, what exactly could he have done to prevent Romero’s shit-show and the bats completely failing to touch this guy?

      • Oh, I don’t know…it’s not like Farrell used to be a pitching coach or anything like that!! He could also remind Romero that he shouldn’t be emulating the Vernon Wells ‘How to be a Martyr’ training video.

  30. Retired Jays that would probably outperform current Jays if they came out of retirement:

    Alomar – K.Johnson
    Zaun – Mathis
    Cliff Johnson – Adam Lind
    Manuel Lee – Escobar
    Henke, Ward, Jimmy Key – Carpenter, Beck and Romero.

    Bring em Back

  31. Are the radio guys, specifically Ashby saying anything about JP’s hand being where it shouldn’t have been? Im watching the forsaken tv broadcast.

  32. Mathis seems completely incapable of hitting the slider away. He never even fouls it off. It’s like there’s a hole in the bat.

  33. It’d get worse before it gets better. I don’t think we’ve reached the bottom yet, but this debacle is as pretty close.

  34. Hey farrell fuck, great move putting the guy nobody wanted on waivers batting cleanup again. I wonder what the jays record is with lind hitting 4th

  35. Who would have thunk that they were going to throw me a changeup

  36. It’s like there are two guaranteed swinging strikes: slider to Mathis away, changeup to Johnson down.

  37. Really Zaun? You need your hand there for comfort and ball transfer?? Its 10 to fucking 0, you think the A’s are going to be swiping bags?? The only ball transfer that will be occuring is if his nut cup gets out of line.

  38. lol at the Arencibia ad at this point…

    • Not that m trying to blame jp for ricky constant shittyness but he doesnt kbow how to block a ball. Always jumping back and the pitch goes off to the side in the dirt vs bouncing forward and down causing te ball to get smothered. How many fucking arend balls are pitches jp misshandles?

  39. Can Walton please aa

  40. Fuck.. snider’s looking late on medicore fastballs again. thought we were done with that shit.

  41. I totally belong in the big leagues

  42. Nobody’s getting around on that blinding 91 mph heat.

  43. I’m surprised there’s even 6 people left in the stands.

  44. i will dh for the right price but I quit catching
    because I didnt wanna deal with bad pitching

  45. The sad thing is other than Stroman and maybe Stilson there isnt really any players to look forward to for a call up for the remainder of the season. Normally when a season gets to the write off point like this at least there is prospects to look forward to.

  46. At least the A’s could lube the bats a little, like fuck that’s starting to hurt.

  47. Jerry and Allan are giving the depressing stats of Deck McGwire. So you see it can get worse!

  48. Playing for relegation tonight, lordy. Not even competitive with the thrown together A’s. Worst series of the season, depending how it goes tomorrow.

  49. My God, you know what this is? Its the curse of Mitch Williams! I heard he put a hex on the Jays the very night Carter walked him off.
    It can be the only explanation for all these failures. Wells, Romero, Cecil, Lind, Thigpen, Cash, Gross, Justin Jackson, Kevin Ahrens, Deck McGuire, Chad Jenkins, Dustin McGowan! Its the curse of mediocrity. Forever toiling in the doldrums of the AL East, watching perennial doormats like Tampa and the OriLOLs pass them by despite not having near the same level of talent!

  50. Maybe Stoet could overlay a graph of recent ecomomic performance over that of the Jays July record….I think the economy would win.

  51. See I wouldn’t mind so much if they were just consistently awful. It would be bad but I’d be prepared for it to be bad. What wears on me and has for years and years is that occasionally they do something like sweep the Sox. And I think ‘maybe they’re not awful!’ And then they are awful again.

    • Agree, isabella. No accident they’re at or near .500 for the last dozen years.

      • it really shouldn’t surprise you. their only consistent pitcher for the past couple of years has been awful and the rest of the team is injured.

    • And Lind is a micro example of that. He teases you then he lets you down.

  52. So this fuck has a career high of 5 k’s…but hes already got 9 tonight.

    yesterday that fuck had is season high in strikeouts.

    coco crisp comes into the game with 3 homers..nearly doubles it in one game.

    can we just admit that the A’s own us.

  53. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and all of the wheels have officially fallen off the bus.

    It’s been fun/

  54. I like the Blue Jays when they are winning three games in a row as opposed to losing three games in a row. This is a fact

  55. When is Darnaud due back? Soon?
    I imagine they’d want to get him some ab’s in AAA but it would be nice to see him up.

  56. There was a point in this season where a 12-0 lashing would have pissed me off. Now I just find it comical.

  57. Toronto sports teams suck

  58. Oh and the single most depressin turn of this season has been Ricky’s slide into Joey Hamilton. Seriously. Joey Hamilton.

    Joey Hamilton

  59. The Jays get swept by the Yankees who get swept, in 4 games, by the A’s. The a’s are the hotest team in all of baseball.The Jays are missing 80% of their starting rotation and have a make up bullpen.
    What the fuck did everybody expect?
    That the Jays were going to sweep the A’s?

    Rant over.
    Resume your venting and whining.

    • Agreed, however this teams losing and winning ways means that we will sweep the tigers

    • They beat the yankees in four , one run games. So..umm. yeah ..I didnt see this shit coming.

    • How about some effort. The Yankees have 1st place already and are playing out the string, so getting swept is no big deal. The Jays are haveing the life drained out of them and they haven’t scored, given up 12. So yeah, I expected a lot more out of them, and so should you! Rant to continue

      • With half the team injured, I’m not expecting much.

        • You are being too kind Radar. Other teams have injuries as well and they win. I’m sure the Jays have their excuses ready, but I.m not sympathetic. So management hasn’t done a good job this year, properly conditioned athletes, not enough major league talent, and a recent trade that simply seems to be putting different stiffs in a BJ Uni.

    • their last 5 wins were by 1 run each, no excuse for getting blown out 2 straight games

      • Hmmm.bubbles
        5 wins by one run ,4 of them against the best team in baseball.
        Make some more excuses.Then tell me another story.
        That ones getting old.

  60. The way we played against the Yanks coupled with the way we’re playing against the A’s can only lead me to believe one thing:

    Boston must REALLY suck this year.

  61. Kelly Johnson is in a rowboat, in a storm, in the ocean, with no oars, drunk, with no arms.

  62. Gonna get more Ks than yesterday, so there’s that.

  63. Jays talk tonight Is going to be fun

  64. Fuck, can they bring mathis into pitch and gomes to catch?

  65. When was the last tie Johnson didnt bounce the relay to the plate?

  66. I thought Gose had a rocket for an arm.
    What’s he doing boucing it to the cutoff?

  67. So if the Jays are sellers at the deadline, what the fuck can they sell? I see only three guys that have any value at all.

    1. Escobar
    2. Oliver.
    3. Janssen

    Johnson has pretty much no value.
    you aren’t going to give up young guys like gose/rasmus/snider.

    problem is you cannot really afford to trade janssen…

    • Escobar has a team friendly contract with multiple options. You could probably get a good picthing prospect for that. Though when I look at the return for HanRam maybe you wouldn’t get much.

    • That’s why you don’t panic.
      It is what it is.Shit happens.
      Vent for a while then move on.
      Healthy, the Jays are a decent team
      the problem is They ain’t healthy.

    • We obviously need pitching badly. i can see oliver because of his age and value to a contender. But Janssen?

  68. what a sight, both JPA and jose sitting beside each other both in splints

  69. Aaron Sanchez with his third shitty start in a row and Nicolino was roughed up in two of his last four starts – and the A’s seem to find pitching under every rock

  70. MVP for me!

  71. Fuck Anthony, you gotta pull that ball.

  72. This is coco’s revenge! we should never have traded him!

  73. My satellite signal just went out, did I miss a 15 run homer from Davis?

  74. Gotta admit..Yan Gomes looks at least a LITTLE like me.

  75. Mr. Stoeten, could you please shed some light on the “JPA’s hand was not supposed to be there” thing please? I’m pretty sure he was right to have his hand there as there were runners on base… besides, how else would he have been able to try to pick off the runner at first and launch the ball to the right field ball girl?

    • His hand was in the right place. If you caught the segment on Gomes practicing his throws to second, his throwing hand was in the same position as JPA’s.
      It’s different when you teach kids but in the majors, no runners on, throwing hand at your side.Runner on, hand in your lap ready to transfer from the glove to throw at the base.

  76. Noooo, not Mike Mccoy !!!

  77. Hi guys!

    Doesn’t escobar have the cutest bulge? J

    PA..you can break my hand on my ass anytime.

    Brett? you can dive into my hole ANYTIME..

    Colby: Ill have no problem going Southern on you.

  78. That’s our cleanup hitter!

  79. Mathis pitching!!!

    • WTF!!! Has Farrell not been watching this game?!?! Our starting catcher is out 6-8 weeks…why in holy hell is the now primary catcher the designated ‘waste pitcher’?!?!

  80. That was a great at bat.

  81. over/under on a clean inning?

  82. Meats don’t clash

    And neither do the jays and success.

  83. I hope they bring up Hech and he brings his 10 million dollar bill. I haven’t seen one of those.

  84. You ever had a chick with a beard before?

  85. Just popping in to reiterate how awesome Mathis is. No matter how this inning ends.


  86. Time to bring me in.

  87. Now Oakland feels sorry for us. Didn’t even try to score on that.

  88. I know the bullpen is a mess, but is it really smart to use Mathis here.

    Sadly, we are pretty fucking dependent on Jeff Mathis right now.

  89. I dont know about this Mathis thing. You think its wise to have your backup catcher in mop up duty, risking injury, when your other catcher just broke his hand?

  90. Looks like I made the right choice!

  91. So much for the mercy rule. Rot in hell, Oakland

  92. Just have someone throw underhanded please.

  93. Oakland has built up a lead that not even Francisco Cordero could blow.

  94. The best part of this telecast is the random drunk chicks they zoom in on.

  95. Thank fuck that’s over.

  96. What’s important is that we all stick together.
    Anyone remember when Johnny Mac his that HR on Father’s Day?

  97. bye bye season, see ya next year. fuckin cursed

  98. now what team to start cheering for in the NL to win it all? pittsburgh will do. it would be funny to see burnett fuck the yanks

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