Well, the rumour mill sure has shifted into full-on fire sale awesomeness today, thanks to the Miami Marlins. It’s like 1998 and 2004 all over again, except… y’know… minus the World Series win.

Or at least it could be, if the Marlins continue to sell off their best players. And according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, one name that hasn’t come up a lot may be of serious interest to the Toronto Blue Jays…

This Escobar thing sure has taken on a life of its own, hasn’t it? I have no idea if anybody is actually hearing multiple things about it, or if it’s just some sort of self-perpetuating myth, aided along by the fact that no one can get anything out of the Jays’ front office, so this little grain of potential truth has become magnified to the point of complete distortion.

It seems Yunel will, unfortunately, always be dogged with questions about the way he conducts himself– even if my perhaps-shoddy memory of a recent TV broadcast tells me that he’s out there working hard with Brian Butterfield every day, and that he’s been working hard with Dwayne Murphy, too, making changes to his stance to improve on what’s been a dismal campaign at the plate. You’d think those sorts of rumblings would be taken as good signs, but… I dunno… I guess once Chipper and Bobby decide you’ re bad people, it’s hard to claw that reputation back.

Or maybe there’s something to it. How the hell should I know?

What I do know is that he’s struggled to hit, and while his contract looks very team-friendly it’s certainly possible that the club thinks his value is sinking and wants to ship him off before it craters some more. Add in that you kinda get the sense that the Jays may feel Adeiny Hechavarria is more ready than a lot of others do, and maybe Escobar’s availability is really a thing.

If so, the Jays could do worse than Reyes– y’know, absent any sort of context involving money.

Reyes isn’t having an Escobar-terrible year, but he hasn’t quite been himself at the plate. If he were to finish the season at the 101 wRC+ and .324 wOBA he currently stands on, this would be his worst offensive season since 2005. So there may be a chance to get him for 80 cents on the dollar, but… he’s only a year younger than Escobar, their career wOBA marks are only 11 points apart, UZR and DRS both like Escobar a lot more over the last three years, aaaaaaand not including what’s left of this year’s salary, Reyes is still owed $96-million. Escobar, if he maxes out his deal, and all the club options are picked up, would be due $15-million post-2012.

I mean, yeah, apparently the Jays were interested in Reyes last winter, but… um… let’s be serious here, shall we?


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  1. Maybe they’re only planning to move Escobar to 2B?

  2. If the Marlins threw in about $30M, I’d be all over Reyes at 5/66 for, I don’t know, Escobar, Nicolino, and a Jenkins/McGuire?? No idea if that’s too much//little…but ya anyway, I don’t think these two trades mean the Marlins have opened their doors to be MLB’s collective farm team so this is all getting a bit ridiculous

    • IF the Marlins were willing to eat any salary you’d need wayyyyyyyyy more than that…

      And that’s a big IF, Loria is cheap as they come!

  3. imagine we could work something out to get reyes and johnson?
    for whoever the fuck they wanted.


  4. No thanks. Doesn’t make much sense. Even if we trade Escobar for whatever reason AA might do it I wouldn’t want Reyes at that $. Back to talking about JJ pls

    • if the guy is awesome why would anyone on here say no because of his salary. to me this is the most retarded argument i have ever heard. and the jays had the highest payroll when they won the WS. also to the fans who are biting on the yunel trade talk. do you think AA honestly thinks the jays will be contenders with a rookie hech at SS? were there any rookies on the jays ws teams?i dont remember any.

    • Are you fucking retarded? Why would you care about that $? He k’s a proven allstar ss Jo is young. He would be a fixture here for years. Seriously, ou wouldn’t do it for the money…fuck off.

    • What the fuck do u care how much Reyes is getting paid ? I doubt this rumor becomes reality but no fan should give a flying fuck what Reyes is making

  5. we should totally focus on marginally upgraded our offense. tottally

    this all is/better be bullshit

    • Probably this Reyes rumor is simply a product of the Escobar rumors, which might very well be bullshit, too– but a very sneaky variety of bullshit on the part of Anthopoulos.

      Anthopoulos has no intention of selling low on Escobar. Why would he? But if he makes a lot of calls, feeling out Escobar deals with various front offices, perhaps that helps to plant the seed of his actually believing that Hechevarria as an MLB-ready talent that he’s itching to clear space for. I see the seeding of these rumors, in addition to Hechevarria’s premature-but-offensive-number-boosting promotion to Las Vegas last summer as an small peice of an effort to drum up Hech trade value. The more available Escobar appears, the more untouchable Hechevarria seems.

      Don’t be surprised to see Hechevarria go as a surprisingly large peice of a deal for a starter before the deadline this year.

  6. 0 chance the Jays trade for Reyes. next morosi article.

  7. Yunel & prospects for Reyes & JJ, Reyes flipped to the A’s for prospects/pitcher.

    I just spit balled that. Someone, please tear it apart.


  8. I think it might be time for AA to be a little more proactive in shooting down these rumors. Its just just the kind of fans that read DJF that get worked into a lather about this stuff. Casual fans that I know think the Jays are just a joke in MLB because we keep trying to ‘get’ these guys then get either outbid or were out in the first place. Does the cone of silence really benefit AA enough that it’s worth jerkin around the fanbase like this?

    • I hear you…Although I do wonder if the opposite might happen as well, i.e. “Why aren’t the Jays ever interested in these guys?”. I think it’s a lose-lose in terms of PR until we start landing some of these desired pieces.

      • Maybe, can’t remember the last time anything transaction-related sucked quite as hard as the Yu Darvish fiasco though.

    • Who’s jerking around the fanbase? Who fucking cares what the irrationale element thinks? I mean, seriously. Let the mouth breathers wank themselves into a Wilner hating frenzy. There’s absolutely no need for anybody to be coddled here.

      • Ya man you’re totally right. Its a good thing that a baseball team has no need for customer relations. They’re not a military contractor dumbass, what the fans think is like 65% of their business.
        And it’s not just the “crazy fringe element” that’s getting a little sick and tired of the Jays being ‘in’ on anyone but mysteriously falling short every time. Have you ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf? Well the Jays are about 3 rumors away from being the team that cried blockbuster.

        • Answering to arm chair skippers is the last thing I want management to do. Stay the course and keep building a team that will put all you over excited loons in your place. In the meantime you’re annoying call-in show entertainment, at best.

        • I agree with Wayne.

          Too bad for the retarded fans….fuck me, he operates in a vacuum of secrecy so it isn’t AA starting these rumors.

          If you want to pissed at someone, blame the fucking media. Jesus Fucking Christ,

          • I don’t understand why you think never saying anything about anything makes one fucking ounce of difference to whether a trade gets done or not. What did he gain with that Darvish shit? Saying “He does things this way, and he does a good job, so his way must work” is like the first fallacy in the ‘logic for retards’ book.
            As far as I’m concerned its not too fucking much to ask for him to get off his ass, or even stay on his ass and call up some reporter or other and just let them know he isn’t in on Darvish. He doesn’t need to take detailed notes about every blog post and talk radio caller, but litterally every single person in every single job that involves customer relations knows what ‘expectations management’ is. The fact that you think that that’s somehow ‘beneath’ AA is very confusing.

            • Your a fucking idiot, you want AA to make the same mistakes Ricciardi was famous for? Trades get destroyed when info leaks, we just had a recent example of this with dempster and Atlanta, pull your head out of your gaping ass.

          • ray you are a bitchy asswipe of a fan. if AA called a reporter to deny a trade, his non call would confirm interaction on a deal. the jays are benefitting with free publicity, and the tradetalk/ speculation by fans such as you on media has to be enormous for ad dollars. his method also gives respect and privacy to his players and to some degree his fellow GM’s who seem to be quiet on the deals too. you seem to be a screaming vagina who wants to get fingered by anybody with a hand

        • and the boy cried wolf. the jays are silent.its the bullshitting i need a story media crying wolf. you are a captain of malyprop much like archie bunker was. you are a loudmouthed dipshit

          • Did you mean malapropism? Also I’m pretty sure that misusing a phrase is totally not what a malapropism is. Also, capital letters, they’re pretty fun if you don’t want to seem like a fucking idiot.

          • hey ray, you have removed all doubt. now go teach in school because nobody gives a shit about capitals on here.

          • I’m just having trouble understanding why you would use a word like malapropism when you clearly don’t know how to spell it or what it means.

          • ray the internet is right in front of you. you cant look it up? fuck are you a tread or what? the more you write shows how fuckin uneducated you are. fuckin dummy dry humping my leg. fuck off stupe

  9. AA is such a ninja that he pulls off one less significant 10-player trade to buy time for a blockbuster 10-player trade! Makes sense.

  10. The Greek Geek is cooking up an a la carte of fuckin magic, and it’ll be an exquisite dish called “Where The Fuck Did That Come From Flambe”

    The Bastard Child HAS Spoken……….

  11. So the Jays being linked to Reyes, Johnson, Hanley means that we are going to end up with Stanton or LoMo right?

  12. Well we heard about it so there’s no way this is happening

  13. just take it as a rumour nothing more, these type of moves are not AA style so no JJ or Reyes, He’s not going to trade his pieces in lower ball- maybe Gose maybe Johnson maybe Lind maybe even Escobar, but it better be a great deal with lots of upside not seeing this in the Marlins team at the moment. I can see him going after Marcum if he gets healthy

  14. The only way the Jays give anything of value for Reyes is the Marlins including Johnson and eating some salary. I’d sooner keep Escobar, however if the deal helps get Johnson it should be considered but don’t overpay.

  15. This is getting ridiculous. Johnson, Ramirez, and now Reyes? The Blue Jays have shown interest in all of these guys? It’s as though AA was just browsing a Marlins program and was overheard saying “that’s interesting”

    • The conversation probably goes like this:

      AA: So, how much for Reyes?
      (gets answer)
      AA: WHAT?!?!?! Fuck you, and fuck Loria too! (hangs up)
      (somehow, Morosi spins this as interest in Reyes)

  16. Jays already have a top 5 offense and SS isn’t a position of need. Of the rumours out there about the Jays, this one makes the least sense.

    • I think if the Jays find themselves on July 31 with no other trade options for pitchers but a chance to upgrade at a position where they’re thought to be okay, like 2B or SS, they’ll do it, but I agree – use the pieces you’d trade for a Reyes and use them for a pitcher.

  17. Despite whatever your stats tell you the only reason Escobar is not that far from Reyes is because Reyes has spent time on the DL. Lots of it. Regardless, the guy is the type of dynamic player that makes teams fun to watch. Also, he hits for a good average usually and the jays collectviley hit around .240 and yeah its 2012 and i just used batting average to make a point. Blow me. Reyes can also steal 40 bases and make up for what you would lose by choosing Snider over Davis or Gose. It would be sick if the Jays got Reyes.

  18. And they should keep Esobar and play him at second. He can’t hit this badly forever and Kelly Johnson sucks.

  19. Rumours were pointing the Jays towards Hanley, then Johnson, now Reyes….

    This time tomorrow it will be Mark Buerhle, then later on Logan Morrison. By the trade deadline the Jays will have intense interest in Gaby Sanchez.

    Reyes would be an interesting pick up, but wouldn’t taking on his salary contradict the famous “payroll parameters?”

  20. The Blue Jays are “in” on everything only by virtue of the fact it is a major league team.

    AA has no duty to douse every hysteria whipped by every bored national writer, beat writer or blogger.

  21. Marlins and Loria are a disgrace to baseball. To hose the tax payers like that and then fuddle around with what little the fans have to cheer for is real nasty business.

    I’d say I’d like to see them move, but that’s doesn’t help that city none. New owner would be pretty swell, though

    • Sounds familiar.

    • Agreed. Loria’s been a snake in the grass since before there were snakes in the grass. No way the Jays trade for Reyes. We all know the real target is a young controllable flamethrower with plus stuff who’s name has not been attached to any rumors.

    • Loria is indeed a sleeze ball. I like him even less than Bud Selig

    • taxpayers are stupid. look at the dome cost and who paid

  22. Remember when Chipper talked shit about T.O. during the WBC? I do. I hate Chipper because of it. Why can’t I let it go?

    • Could it be because:

      - “Chipper” is something you name your pet
      - Chipper has been a Brave all his life and probably still gets a kick out of the tomahawk chop
      - if Chipper were in the AL he’d be a Yankee.
      - Chipper is a certified redneck (no offence to Colby. I love Colby.)

      BTW they let Chipper get a hit in the Allstar game. As if that 19 hopper actually squeezed through!

      In short, fuck Chipper.

  23. Ship out the all-glove, no-bat duo of Gose and Hech for Jose Reyes!

  24. He makes to much for this team we’ve seen them take no money back in a trade no propsect for player deals. I like this team but I gurantee you they didn’t offer Reyes shit.
    5 years really so they had a problem with six years but now that it’s jsut five years they’d do it, really he’s younger this season so why would they not do six years, if they’re willing to trade for him now that it’s five years it makes no fucking sense he’d still be the same age after the six year deal he singed last year to the five years he ahs left after this year.

    This five year nothing longer rule the Jays have is bullshit, worked back in the day doens’t now when Micheal Cuddyer is getting three years than yeah all the really good players are going to get longer than five. Plus this only works if they wanted to go to Toronto, the five year deals have worked in Phillie because it’s an american city and they’ve won recently maybe if Toronto wins something change the rule abck to five but for now you need to match any offer the free agent has to come to Toronto and add soemthing extra, more money and same years you cna’t give them five yearsif anothe rteam goes six and expect to get them unless you overpay for the five years. It’s moot anyway because this team won’t spend shit, they’ll spend as long as their under 90 million, a big city like Toronto having a lower payroll than Baltimore and The Reds.

    • Gettign frustradted with this team if they actually improved the SP this past offseason we would have at least the three or four wins they need to be tied for that second wildcard, hindsight and all that shit, but face it everyone knew they needed SP and they did fuck all. They didn’t even have enough depth and I said that shit before all the injuries. I can see the spin control the injuires hurt us and they did to an extent but Morrow wasn’t looked upon to be that good so we got lucky tha the did, so his injuire hur tus. Hutch and Drabek on the other hand didn’t, Laffey is pitching better than Drabek so is Carlos V and not surprised Drabek was pithcing his way out of the rotation anyway. Hutch had three really good starts and before that didin’t, Laffey god bless his heart has had four good starts has already done more htan both Hutch and Drabek so not buying the whole injuries fucked us over angle.

      This team wasn’t supposed to compete this year I ge tthat but early on it was apparent the Redsox and Yankees were not the same and we were with them early and no moves were made no trades made and maybe he couldn’t deal who knows but this year we could ahve been their and still ind of are…. not really.

      Next year year this front office needs to do something needs to sign a SP even if it is Edwin Jackson raise payroll to 100 and get fucking better, throw unkowns in the bullpen like the Rays it seems to work out for them, Dyson Loup whoever and Perez and V, frasor are better than another shot at Cordero or whoever former big name is out there. AA has to do soemthing or this team will finsih last in the divison for two straight years because the Redsox and Rays will not hang around this long next year and neither will the Angels and Tigers. It’s clear Oakland, Baltimore, Whitesox, Indians are better than us. Knew Whitsox where knew Indians where and kind of thought Baltimroe would be this year jsut becasue of all the SP depth they singed last offseason and a good lineup. Sure playing in the central helps out those teams but Oakland isn’t having a fun time with the West, the Angels and Rangers are two really good teams. I would rather face the Redsox and Yankees that many times than the Angels and Rangers.

      Ranting today, just shocked at the lack of moves in total this year and offseason, hindsight of competeing this year hurts……. could have been there.
      Rant over.

    • Ignore

    • I don’t mind the five year rule. Agreed, the downside is that you push away some elite players looking for the big pay day, but that’s fine by me.

      It needs to be accepted that the Jays will never be the kind of team that is comfortable with carrying several large long term contracts or getting up into the top quarter of team’s for payroll for any extended period of time.

      Plus, how often do you get a guy who contributes at the same elite level for more than five consecutive years, or at least for the vast majority of those years?

      I’d say if you can get a guy young and lock him up for more than five with the end of his deal being around his age 33ish year, then yeah, sure. Otherwise, shit ain’t worth it.

      I’m personally more impressed with teams that can do more with less, anyway.

      • How many teams have won the world series in the past decade without a single player on a six year deal? I’m not sure about the answer because I’m lazy, but I’m guessing none.

      • @ Haywood, you should stop being a Jays fan and concentrate all focus on becoming a Royals fan.

  25. Sherman: Jays interested in Ruggiano

  26. Except for the fact that Reyes is merely a good player who had a career year at exactly the right time.

    He’s worth about half of what he’s paid. Reyes is a horrible fit here.

  27. Reyes is definitely a downgrade defensively, but can you imagine how many RBIs Joey Bats & EE would have with Lawrie & Reyes hitting ahead of them?

  28. Sherman: I just trolled all the Jays fans out there!

  29. That .11 difference is pretty huge. It’s the difference between mccutcheon and swisher over the past three years. Or Han ram and Kelly Johnson over those same three years.

  30. what the hell is the story on COOPER????

  31. I daydream that the Jays would match up on a trade with the Mets for Cooper. It makes too much sense given Ricciardi’s presence, the fact that the guy does hit for average, Ike Davis’ up-and-down health.

    That said, you’re probably not getting much for him besides a different kind of B prospect trade chip.

  32. How do we tell bautista we can only offer 15 then trade farm for a guy making more. Either its a signal of intent and we boost payroll by adding 3 players in that opay grade to show they are serious or risk imploding club house by adding one high priced player

  33. Just looking to vent this out – Am I the only one who thinks we gave up equal or greater value for Happ and Co vs what LAD gave up for Hanley? WTF

    • Yes, and not just for Hanley; they got a LOOGY thrown in too.

      Still think it was an awfully large price to get Coco off the roster; could have just put him on waivers… oh, right, that wasn’t what they were doing…

    • You are just overvaluing the Jay’s lower tier prospects.

  34. Next. Toronto is interested in Ozzie.

  35. I must say I do love the Marlins strategy of signing FAs to high (but not crucifying) $ deals on mid length, backloaded contracts- and refusing to give any type of no trade clauses.

    They basically use these guys to generate value and then ship them off if things aren’t working out. With the $$ in baseball right now there are always teams willing to take on the contract for guys that have played at star power in recent memory. Reyes’ contracts is hugely backloaded.

    Unloading HanRam’s contract and getting a decent controllable starting pitcher speaks to that.

    Wells for 8 years at 20m + is clearly mad but the 5 or 6 year deal at 15 per without no trade protection seem to me to be useful contracts that can often be got rid of if things go south.

    MIA have done is so many times with guys like Delgado, HanRam and others that it would seem to be a strategy worth considering at least, rather than dismissing out of hand

  36. Id rather deal for Stanton….trade Yunel or Johnson and call up Hech

  37. All this trade talk porn is getting everyone going. the jays aren’t going to do anything that would cost money… no way in hell do they take on any salary folks… sincerely Buzz Killington

  38. Anybody else thinking about what Greg Zaun is going to say before the game since HanRam was traded? Because you know, as much as I like the fact GZ can tell it how it is, he was kinda ranting about how he thought HanRam would be a good fit in TO.

    • yeah right zaun is a fucking dick. he did a nice classy rant on ichiro last night too trying to be don cherry. zaun is a buffoon who should be sent packing. envious of a future all star. just fuck off and die zaun.if i ever meet you i will kick you in the balls immediately

  39. I can’t wait until August first rolls around. Everybody is reading the rumors and getting their hopes up only to have them dashed after the deadline .

    Yu Darvish bullshit all over again.

    WIth all the injuries, this isn’t our year to sell the farm on over-priced cast-offs

  40. If in some crazy universe we got reyes without moving yunel wouldn’t it be better to play his range at second in the super shifting D and keep Yunel’s arm at short??? Lawrie, Yunel, Reyes and Eddie is a filthy good infield…

  41. Sherman says the Jays may also have some interest in bringing back Dave Stieb.

  42. It sounds like everyone else is looking for AA to move Yunel, but I wonder if AA is even looking.

  43. What does “MOVE” mean?

  44. Wilner is on Prime Time right now. The guy must want to see shit baseball in Toronto. The guy talks like a loser.

  45. Escobar scratched.

  46. Scott Carson saying Escobar has been scratched from the lineup? Hmmm

  47. We need mo brothas on the Jays. Reyes be half but that be ok.

    doe doe doe

  48. Lets Go Stoeten! We need a new threat for Esco being sat out of tonights game. He just had an off day last week…well sort of until Lawrie did the superman thing. So it must mean…

    FamousAmazingGuy says:
    07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
    not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  49. I might change my name to BlackBallz

  50. Anyways don’t get to wet boys. Yunel out with a tight back

  51. Where do you start with a post like this? How the fuck does Reyes fit in any possible way with our team? The deep thinkers are at it again, and everyone is offering up their expert opinion. Reyes doesn’t fit – period. I come here for insight and information, and today I get crap that would’t fly in the gossip columns of a tinsel-town rag.

  52. According to Jeff Blair (on his radioshow a few months back), Anthopolous did have a very general conversation with Jose Reyes’ agent this past off-season before Reyes went to Miami. From what Blair says, AA basically made it very clear to the agent that he liked Reyes very much & was trying to gauge if Reyes would have any interest in coming to Toronto. In the end, the Jays never made a bid for Reyes. Blair also said that AA had lukewarm interest in other Free Agents – but that Reyes was the one Free Agent that he coveted greatly.

  53. Trade somebody already!!!

  54. Yunel Escobar is a piece of garbage. He spends all his time chasing skirts around the city and cheating on his wife. He was after my girlfriend for 3 years. I kid you not…facebook and everything. He only ‘unfriended’ her this year when he noticed we got married. Every spring when the team was back in town he would start messaging her again.

  55. [...] before he becomes a free agent.  We first heard these Escobar rumours July 16th and we keep on hearing rumblings from Joel Sherman that the Jays have soured on him.  I think Anderson may be what Anthopoulos is [...]

  56. Well shit.

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