The Baseball Gods are angry. Staff ace Aaron Laffey in his last start, in Boston.

Just keep reminding yourself that it’s Tom Millone outside of the Oakland Coliseum (home FIP: 2.51, away FIP: 5.54), and whatever you do, don’t look at the Jays’ lineup today. WHATEVER YOU DO.

Here, maybe watching Anthony Gose throw a baseball will help…


Yunel Escobar talks to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle about his name being in trade rumours. “I like it here,” he says. “I don’t like getting traded. I had that happen before when I went from Atlanta to the Blue Jays. But you have no control over what happens.”

MLBTR passes along an announcement from the Brewers, telling us that catcher (and Canadian) George Kottaras has been designated for assignment. Could the Jays have interest, with JP Arencibia down? Sure, why not.

Lastly, since I pasted the wrong one in here yesterday, for your between-innings viewing pleasure, here’s yesterday’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis RF
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
E. Encarnacion DH
T. Snider LF
Y. Gomes 1B
K. Johnson 2B
J. Mathis C
O. Vizquel SS

A. Laffey LHP

Oakland A’s

C. Crisp CF
J. Gomes RF
J. Reddick DH
Y. Cespedes LF
C. Carter 1B
B. Inge 3B
K. Suzuki C
B. Hicks SS
J. Weeks 2B

T. Millone LHP


Image via Jared Wickerham/Getty.

Comments (277)

  1. To repeat myself somewhat, I think the Jays should keep a policy of keeping the roof open when it’s cloudy (like today) to enable the possibility of tactical rain-outs.

    • Closing the roof is the umps’ call, not the Jays, and those lousy umps will always err on the side of “having baseball games be played”.

      Although sitting there around the 5th inning last night, with the good guys down by a touchdown + field goal, I was sure tempted to just duck into a Jays maintenance closet and start toying around with circuit breakers.

  2. Vizquel is so good always a threat to change the game with one swing, oh wait he sucks so much it hurts. His inclusion in this team tells u the jays know that next year is when they’re goin for it

  3. no laffey matter

  4. Well lets hope that Aaron fucking Laffey can pitch anther gem….holy shitballs what has this season come to?? I am glad that I turned off last nights debakle in the first inning.

  5. Gose has a cannon. Can he throw with accuracy though?

  6. Can I suggest a midweek #prophate on the total number of hits to be accumulated today by Jays hitters 6 through 9? My guess is 1.

  7. Oh boy.

  8. For fuck’s sake.

  9. Only one there so that’s an improvement

  10. Couldn’t go 1 inning without giving up a run… Goddammit…

  11. Yeah, they’re so much more accommodating to guys like Lester in Boston…

  12. So, with line-up – Laffey better keep Oakland to 2 or under…Unless we get to see the chicken wing, I don’t see how we get any runs today

  13. Buck-watch: “Lawrie wants to play every day”. Unlike, I don’t know, every other professional ball player? Give me a break.

  14. I found it especially hilarious when Buck characterized Yan Gomes as a “Slugger”.

  15. I fucking hate losing to the a’s and their roster of nobodys. Its crazy that a team that is rebuilding on the fly has a better record then the jays. Granted, they have good starting pitching but that only takes you so far.

  16. how long will it take for Gose to realize he can hit and will start the transition of being a pitcher?

    • This statement would’ve made a lot more sense if you added in the ‘t.

      Also, he’s 21 years old for christ’s sake and, likely by his own admission behind closed doors, should still be working things out in AAA.

  17. Please continue to blindly support our team, boys and girls.

    Alex and I are confident that our team would have made the playoffs this season if it wasn’t for these unfortunate injuries, so you’ll all be happy to know that Rogers won’t foolishly squander money this off-season to add obsolete, overrated free agents.

    A rotation of Romero, Laffey, Hazel Mae, Sal Fasano and Cito Gaston can compete against any team in the AL East and will allow us to comfortably remain within our payroll parameters.

  18. I feel like Encarnacion has been batting .296 for a month.

  19. whyy is lind not batting cleanup

  20. I was warned not to look at the lineup, but like AN IDIOT, I did anyway.

    I now regret it.

    • Why do you regret?

      The Blue Jays are wonderful, forward-thinking organization, and we have been able to build a superior team at a fraction of the cost of many others, I would put this lineup against any in the AL.

      Vizquel > Jeter
      Johnson > Cano
      Laffey > Sabathia

      • Hey fake Paul Beeston.

        You can fuck off any time now.

        If you don’t understand how the ball club is being built just say so.

        Go troll somewhere else.

        • I am no troll. I am Paul Beeston, and I am here to educate frustrated fans about the importance of payroll parameters.

          We don’t need to spend like the Yankees and Red Sox to win; we can just as easily compete with the same budget that Pirates and Royals have.

          Thank you for caring about Rogers and our profits.

          • The pirates are good this year….

            … why am i responding to you….?

          • Learn some history PB.
            Start with Moneyball page 276.
            A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          • YES! Everyone read Moneyball! It taught me SO much about how to build a team that makes the playoffs once every five years and loses 100 games every other one. If only my team could be like the Oakland A’s! (sadly, I actually kind of wish my team was like the Oakland A’s…)

      • If you’re gonna troll at least be funny. Or have a legitimate point. Preferably both.

        Fuck off.

        • Why are you all so angry?

          Please leave your computers and head down to the Rogers Centre to watch the game live.

          And be sure to purchase a new hat while you’re there.

      • This is what Paul Beeston would sound like if the Blue Jays were North Korea and Beeston was the state media…

      • Poor Ginger. He got run off the board, and comes back with a new whackjob alias.

  21. Uggh… I just looked at the lineup.

  22. So Ricky’s next start is in Seattle. Might as well let him make that start. If he somehow manages to get shelled in Seattle…

  23. God, Snider is striking out a lot (small sample size notwithstanding).

  24. Would people fuck off with this sanctimonious shit!?!? Some people boo, some people don’t. It’s a matter of expression, one that will differ from person to person. Get over it, you saintly pricks!! If it makes you feel better than those that boo when you don’t, then you go ahead and sit atop that high horse w/ pride. But some people believe that when a very well-paid athlete continually underperforms (which is an understatement), they deserve to hear about it. It doesn’t make them less intelligent or lesser fans, it simply shows that they have a differing opinion.

    • Seriously, how else are they going to know they’re under-performing? I’m going to start booing random people who fail, I’m always so much happier after I make other people feel like shit.

      • I do this at work all the time.
        I also boo my girlfriend when she cooks a shitty meal or has an off night in bed.

      • Ricky Romero feeling like shit? That’s what you’re upset about? Romero makes $5 Million a year. How much do your make? If you ever can’t pay the rent and need money, go ask Ricky Romero. See what happens. Ricky Romero don’t care about you. Why care about him?

        That’s right, I just went Chazz Palminteri on your ass!!

    • No, it totally makes them less intelligent. Their IQ actually drops.

  25. Dingers for dough!

  26. remember when the team was energized when snider was called up?

  27. People may call Laffey a shitballer, but in the end of the day results matter, and even if his stuff isn’t too good, he’s had a number of quality starts for the Jays.

  28. Who knew that the mound at the Skydome is one of the best in the majors? Alan Ashby did.

  29. Any chance jays pick up kottaras from brewers as catching depth?

  30. We at the society would like to alert you all to the fact that All is not lost.

    The Jays have dug up some gems in Laffey and Villanueva. They have acquired a serviceable 5th starter in JA Happ. When morrow and Hutch come back, the team will have a very deep rotation that looks like this:

    1. Morrow
    3. Hutchison
    5. Villanueva
    6. Laffey
    7. Alvarez
    8. Happ
    9. Cecil
    10. Romero.

    see that…we have 8 starters for next year. now it just so happens that 6 of them are 5th starters and worse…but at least we are well prepared for the injuries that are sure to follow.

  31. coming into todays game Travis Snider has 9 strikeouts in in 5 games,,, and a 917 OPS… im very curious to see what his stats look like in october

  32. Fuck, without my great looking hair, I would totally lack confidence. Thanks Joe Mauer!

  33. Seriously, the A’s pitchers are decent enough, but fuck…you could have Fozzie Bear pitching today and this team would have no chance.

  34. I was at last night’s shit show so I missed the game threat.

    Have we discussed how remarkably irresponsible it was for Farrel to let Mathis pitch after knowing JP had broken his hand? I honestly don’t see what Farrel has added as a manager of this team.

  35. This feels like another game where the Jays might get 3 hits. 4 if they’re lucky…

  36. This one run deficit feels like it might as well be ten runs given we are facing a modern day version of Koufax

  37. What’s the chances we can get Daniel Straily from the A’s?

  38. Reality on the current situation:

    Your “ace” put up an ERA of around 70.00 in last night’s game and has no signs of showing improvement.

    The rest of your rotation consists of minor league pitching, and your other starters are damaged goods.

    Your closer is out for the season, and likewise, damaged goods.

    You starting catcher is now damaged goods, along with your “rising star” catcher.

    Your best hitter is sitting on the bench with his arm in a cast.

    In a position of being “sellers”, we have nothing other teams would want (barring our relatively unproven “core”) other than a 41 year old bullpen arm on the brink of retirement, and a slumping shortstop with an apparent attitude problem.

    When will people wake the fuck up and realize things are going to be bad for quite a while. I don’t see the silver lining here unless Rogers spends some fucking money to improve this team.

    • When things are going bad ppl will say that. When things are going good everyone is pumped. The reality is, this is a .500 team and has been for a very long time. Until they prove they can go to 20 games over 500 I will be very skeptical of the shit AA and beeston try and sell us. And yes, rogers has to start spending some fucking money on the major league roster. Its nice that they have spent on the draft but a lot of low budget teams do it as well.

    • do you mean things like signing the hitter with the 8th highest OPS in baseball to a three year extension of about $27 million, or spend $20 million on a pitcher like Brandon Morrow – or do you wish you had Jose Reyes at $82 million left for the next 5 years or Heath Bell for another 2 years at $18 million, because that Marlins team obviously cares about winning more than Rogers does

      • No nothing like those two things you jackass. He means actually getting players that we don’t already have, not just signing our pleasant surprises to team friendly contracts. Christ how fucking hard is it to understand that winning teams sign free agents and/or trade for top line players. And that Marlins team has been infinitely better than the Blue Jays over the past 15 years. Enough with the sanctimonious shit man!

        • oh yes, now I see, it is soooo simple I guess, but has eluded many other organizations:

          1. SIGN THE RIGHT FREE AGENTS; and

          you are fucking brilliant Ray, which teams have signed up for your GM Seminar

          • Didn’t elude the Yankees. You’re right that I’m oversimplifying it, but you don’t have to be a patronizing dick ever time anyone points out that we haven’t spend enough on our Major League roster to be a credible contender. There’s probably a middle ground where the Jays sign players for reasons other than compensation picks, don’t break the bank on idiocy and you and I are both assholes. Fair?

  39. fuck off Inge

  40. To my beloved Blue Jays:


  41. For fuck’s sake. I think this game is over.

  42. Okay so that’s about their 300th two out run this series?

  43. In retrospect, Cespedes would have been a good pickup last off season. I want Snider to succeed, but I just don’t see it happening

  44. When Mathis allowed the first run, I did have thoughts of a mid inning positional switch whereby Gose and Mathis would trade positions (if things really started getting out of hand)

    Mathis actually knows how to throw a few different pitches. I wonder if he pitched in high school at all. It looked like he was mixing in a curve ball and changeup along with the fastball.

  45. Holy fuck, a base hit.

  46. And Rasmus’ BABIP takes another hit, despite another line-drive…

  47. DRINK!!

  48. I booed Ricky last night. You can blame me if Toronto doesn’t sign any big name free agents this off season. Sorry…I was drunk.

  49. Gameday is all fucked up.

  50. Edwin’s been taking alot of meatballs right down the middle this series. as if he’s not expecting them to pitch to him

  51. Don’t wait until the Blue Jays win to come to the game$.

    Buy your ticket$ and then maybe the Blue Jays win win.

  52. haha Fuck You Dusty McDust



  54. Ahh.. the chicken wing, the only way runs get scored lately!

  55. Love me some Chicken Wing, EE

  56. Holy fuck.

  57. Chicken Wings! Chicken WIngs! Who ordered the Chicken WIngs!

  58. Chicken wings for everyone!

  59. Slow clap for EE
    Fuck off to all the annoying trollers these last couple of games.

  60. And this is why Dwayne Murphy is the best hitting coach in MLB.

    Consistency and common sense.

  61. Make that 11Ks in 6 games for Travis

  62. So many K’s Travis.

  63. I wouldnt mind seeing a platoon between Snider and Davis when jose comes back.

    just dont think snider will ever hit lefties.

    • Other than the two he’s already taken deep? Screw your platoon. What’s the point? Trying to win games?

  64. Did Hazel Mae just say “bar goon” whilst referring to EE’s new contract?

  65. @blueballz what happened to your signature?

  66. Who else didn’t expect to see a game threat up for the 12:30 start???? Slow night last night Stoeten?

  67. Fuck.

  68. I mean you have to understand why they walked Jemile, you dont want to just lay one in there on a power hitter like that.

  69. Earlier today I was wishing I was at home watching the game instead of working…maybe I was lucky not to be home.

  70. this is the game right here…..

  71. so now that there are two outs, how many runs does Oakland score?

  72. So I know JP had been hitting better over the last few games. but Mathis does have an OPS over 800, just saying.

  73. so did Farrel head explode at the skydome?!?! Just lost all of the sportsnet channels.

  74. Fucking Visquel, waste of space. Free Mike MCcoy.

    • Ya Vizquel actually makes no sense on this team, or probably any other. O well, pretty minor issue in the greater scheme of things

  75. Hate friggin Oakland. Every year we play them they forget they’re supposed to roll over and let us win. Assholes.

  76. Aye carumba!!

  77. That was some slick fielding at both ends right there…

  78. Farrell gonna leave somebody in too long again?

    • It would appear not…for once.

    • there’s you answer. I have nothing to back this up, but it seems he’s ok pulling starters at the right time, with some exceptions of course, but he doesn’t seem to get when to pull relievers. If a guy gets out there in late inttings and obviously has nothing, walks a couple of give up a couple line shots, you gotta get him outta there.

  79. If someone at the start of the season would have said Laffey would be our best starting pitcher in August, I would have laughed. And here we are.

    • I would have cried…

      • Why would you have cried? Was this someone from the future so you knew they were telling the truth?

        • Because if Laffey was our best starter, I would have had to assume things went off the rails pretty badly…which they have.

          I mean it’s great he’s pitching well, but he wouldn’t even be in the position to do so if we hadn’t had so many disasters in the rotation.

          • Laff Out Loud

          • I don’t think you got my point. Someone telling you Laffey is going to be our best starting pitcher before the season starts, is like someone telling you right now that CoCo is not gonna allowed an run the rest of the season. You wouldn’t believe that person, so therefore you would not cry I would think. Maybe you just cry just whenever anybody predicts anything about the future, i don’t judge.

    • It’s pretty sad when 5 2/3 IP with 4 ER is a great outing for our staff. but recently seems to be.

  80. I would like to order another chicken wing please

  81. Sure hate to see that opposite field hit, Brett sure is regressing.

  82. Who’s injured? Please not the chicken wing!

  83. edwin don’t turn in to another one of these whiny bitches, that was a strike right down the heart

  84. C’mon Snider.

  85. EE too selective on three fastballs on that AB.

  86. That was the goddamn funniest play I’ve seen in a while…

  87. Fuckin’ eh!

  88. Well…..that’s one way to drive in 2 runs

  89. LMFAO..that was sheer entertainment. or , in the words of KRS-1, EDUTAINMENT

  90. Fuck I hate the safety squeeze but that ended up very good for the Jays.

  91. only Travis can POWER BUNT

  92. well I did not see that coming

  93. Wow a relief pitcher that actually throws strikes. I thought Casey was the only one!

  94. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lyon come back next year for Jason Frasor/Darren Oliver-type money

  95. wow. Didn’t expect that from KJ.

  96. Kelly Johnson with his weekly positive at bat

  97. Well, that was somewhat improbable! Nice KJ.

    • Its probably not a really good sign for Kelly’s future that the response to his HR was pretty much the exact opposite to Edwin’s…

  98. Kelly?


  99. Fuck you guys!

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