Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

At Getting Blanked, Parkes puts together an enormous, must-read post, breaking down what he thinks might be wrong with Ricky Romero. Go on, read it. We’ll wait.

Excellent, as usual, John Lott of the National Post tries to find out what the Jays’ plan is to rescue Romero. “Farrell sent out intriguing signals suggesting a new rescue plan for his beleaguered starter on Thursday morning, but refused to provide details. And when he was asked in separate scrums whether Romero would make his next scheduled start, Farrell gave slightly different answers,” he writes, noting that the manager was clear that Romero would start Monday in Seattle, after intimating to a different group that the plan could change, saying only, “as of right now, yes.”

Lott also talks to JA Happ, who is quietly waiting for a spot in the rotation.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi wonders if it’s time for drastic action to correct whatever is wrong with Romero, reminding us of the rebuild that Cliff Lee went through around the same point in his career.

Dirk Hayhurst writes some words you should probably read about Romero’s situation– especially if you’re a dickhead.

Remember those Josh Johnson rumours from yesterday and the day before? Well, don’t hold your breath for him. Jon Heyman writes at CBS Sports that the Marlins “are seeking a ‘Teixeira-like’ package” for him. The Rangers, of course, got some OK long-term pieces when they traded their first baseman to Atlanta in 2007: Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz, Matt Holland and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Oy.

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN tweets that he’s hearing the A’s are concerned about Yunel Escobar’s clubhouse presence, and aren’t as into him as other reports have maybe suggested. Speaking of which…

Richard Griffin live blogged the Jays’ win this afternoon at the Toronto Star, and even though some of his readers are insufferably negative fuckfaces, he made it through the exercise and actually produced a couple of interesting tidbits. There was this, on Yu Darvish: “I do know that AA wanted Darvish, but he could not guarantee Rogers that this guy would be good and of course Rogers needs guarantees for everything — except that your cellphone and wireless are working properly.” And this on Yunel Escobar: “All I know is that the GM speaks fondly of Escobar as a baseball-first, clubhouse rat. He stays late to talk baseball with the other guys and has been there after midnight with AA and EE talking game stuff. Inside the Braves clubhouse may have been a different story because that place has traditionally been run by golf-playing card-playing starting pitchers who do not like flare and individuality. The Jays have a different clubhouse so observations about Yunel fitting in are coming from outside. Will he be traded? Maybe, but not because of attitude.”

At, Gregor Chisholm has some injury updates, noting that Drew Hutchison is making progress– still on track for the six week absence that was originally diagnosed– and that the club is encouraged about what the surgeons found in the shoulder of Sergio Santos. “Some wear and tear in the joint, no specific tears of any kind,” said John Farrell. “So, it was a general cleanout, and based on his findings, probably the best-case scenario given surgery was required.”

And in case you missed it, in another notebook post, Gregor… er… notes that Joel Carreno and Evan Crawford have been recalled after Wednesday’s loss.

Wait, what? Jerry Howarth is featured in one of FanGraphs‘ audio Q&A sessions? Coolness.

Only two Jays-related tidbits in today’s KLawChat at, so here they are: KLaw agrees with a reader who wonders if clubs might go back to the 140 inning reliever and mentions Marcus Stroman as a potential candidate. “I’d settle for 100 innings,” he says. “Fifty appearances a year, averaging two innings. And then we wouldn’t see so many teams running 3-man benches.” When asked about the changes to Travis Snider’s swing, he says that he “liked them back in March – but the tiny big league sample so far is pretty mixed.”

Law and Eric Karabell spoke about the Jays– and Ricky Romero– on today’s ESPN Baseball Today podcast, as well.

Lastly, because there’s no Game Threat left to do to put it in, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

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  1. Read the Hayhurst piece Stoet. Being the philosopher that you are, I was surprized to see you presuppose a persons character should the disagree with the context. Begs the question, or something like that right? Well I disagree, and I’ll let you form your own opinion as to weather I’m headed for dickheadom.
    I am sorry to here of Ricky’s failing mental health – he should talk to someone. In the meantime the fans deserve better than the performance he gave last evening. If it has come to Romero’s next start being in jeprody, then its worse than I thought. I hope for his sake he works it out, but I’m not close to being satisfied with last nights effort – neither is Farrell. Save the pity for those who deserve it.

    • I am pretty sure he was saying “dickhead” as in a fan of dicks. Like, if you re a fan of the greatful dead, then you are a “deadhead”. I don’t think that Stoeten meant that if you like that article you are a dick head. Geez. after years and years of sports headlines you think youd be immune to puns.

  2. It was Matt Harrison traded for Tex, not Matt Holland

  3. perhaps “just some wear and tear” wasnt the best description for what the doctors found in Santos’ shoulder…

    • I thought they found “fraying” not a tear of the labrum….no?

        • when they say that stuff, it means he didnt need surgery in the first place and the MRI was probably overcalled. once they are in there, they are going to find stuff on anyone of a decent age..and for sure they’ll find stuff on a mlb pitcher.

  4. I think he meant dickheadedness because dirk addresses something we can’t analyze and dissect as easily from our computer chairs. Dirk talks about intangibles which we loathe because we can’t tangibilize them.

    • I was trying to find a polite way of saying the article was horseshit.

      • The main point of the article is the douchebaggery involved in someone, who has no personal connection/knowledge of Romero or his situation, assuming that Romero is feeling/reactng one way or another based on his body language.

        It is retarded for anybody to think that Romero isn’t giving his best effort simply because he isn’t giving the Death Stare of Hyperintensity every time he takes/leaves the mound. Just because you’re not happy with the results of last nights performance doesn’t mean that you can presuppose that Romero IS happy/satisfied with his performance.

        Get over yourself…

        • I don’t care if Rickey is happy or not, and I don’t care to spend one moment of time connecting his mental health issues to his preceived lack of effort. I do care about Romero’s results – and those are piss poor.
          The Hayhurst article was typical elitist tripe, as it precludes anyone who hasn’t piched at the MLB level from having a valid opinion. I initially thought JPA was out of line for suggesting 2 weeks ago that Ricky was lacking in effort. Watching Romero last night, I see what he meant. Get over myself? Never, I’m not the one with the problem.

      • I’m curious to know why you think it was horse shit.

        Psychological factors affect performance more than anyone would like to admit. It’s been proven time and time again.

        • @allisauce, I agree with your point. I like Romero a lot.
          Hayhurst’s article was horseshit as he dosn’t allow the reader to form an opinion that matters cause you’ve never been a major leaguer. Stoet, adds another layer of dung on top by calling you a dickhead if you don’t by into the horseshit. We seem to be tougher on the poor for not being able to get work, than on millionaire crybabies who date beauty queens

          • No Hayhurst is saying that as an outside observer you have no idea what Romero is like as a person, in the clubhouse, in bed, in the kitchen, while walking his dog etc. You don’t know him, so quit making personal attacks on a person that you know nothing about.

            Criticize his performance all you want, but don’t criticize Ricky as a person because you know dick all about him.

          • I stand corrected. My only interest is in Ricky the player, I have no opinion on him whatsoever as a person.

          • @ – birddawg

            Ok, gotcha. That’s not how I read it (Hayhurst’s piece), but it’s all in interpretation I suppose. I almost read it as a direct letter to the idiot fan who called into the Fan today (if you heard him, you’d roll your eyes too). Many people become armchair sports psychologists based on their degree obtained in beer league hockey. They simply can’t place themselves in the shoes of professional athletes without equating themselves to those same athletes (not saying you, but some). “If that were me, I’d suck it up! I’d play for minimum wage! ” That sorta bullshit.

            Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

          • I am sorry, but the Hayhurst article was great. His point is incontrovertable: people who see him joking around and saying “that guy doesnt try hard enough” are idiots. YOu don;t know and Dick isnt saying he knows. WHat he is saying is only Ricky knows. Fuck, the guy just cant’ get his curve ball over for a strike thus meaning people only swing at his fastballs. Its not fucking rocket science.

          • nobody’s opinion matters on almost everything. people signing the checks are the only ones that count. i get a kick out of people who spend their lives trying to change other peoples minds and they are complete strangers to boot. and the cruelty against the poor and disabled is so true

  5. Fucking Rogers

  6. Thought that video clip was just audio with pictures, didn’t realise I’d have to see your faces.

    You guys should definitely be heard and not seen, good work though fun boys.

  7. I’m not sure where the hate on for Hayhurst stems from. Did I miss something? As someone who has posted comments on here for a few years now (and whose analysis has been brought up in posts or commented positively on) I wouldn’t throw myself in the “dickhead” camp, but I don’t really see what the issue is with Dirk’s opinions. He obviously has a perspective that’s a bit unique (best-selling author writing about his own mental fragility and its affect on his performance), and maybe he goes with that angle a bit too often, but he comes across as a guy that is as keen to bring up WAR and BABIP as much as he is to discuss mental fragility. That combo seems to me like it’d be right up your alley (I seem to recall a Getting Blanked where everyone was in agreement about the importance of mens’ mental health issues).

    Again, maybe I’m missing something here. I’m really not sure.

    • I think Stoet is suggesting that if you are a dickhead, you should read the piece so that you won’t be a douche and boo him when your supposed to be a fan…

      I read it the opposite way the first time as well like “Dickheads would only read this shit” instead of “If only dickheads would read this sensible piece and realize they are dickheads”.

      Pretty sure ye olde Stoet meant the latter

  8. It will be interesting to see if the team makes a move or not before the deadline. If they don’t, I can just imagine the spin already – Oh, we’ll have Morrow back and that’s as good as a trade and Bautista is like getting a slugger… blah blah blah. I sure hope I don’t have to hear that. I want to see management believe in this year’s team and support them.

    It’s hard watching Sanchez, Wandy and Hanley get moved after the offseason where Latos and Gio were swapped too while the Jays are still on the sidelines. Frustrating.

  9. I am no longer a fan of Greg Maddux

  10. With regards to Darvish & guarantees:

    If true, here’s hoping that in the future AA can point to Darvish and say “See? This is what I thought about this guy, and I was right. Now I think the same thing about PLAYER X, and I need the money to get him”.

  11. “…golf-playing card-playing starting pitchers who do not like flare and individuality.”

    Was Yunel wearing bell-bottom pants? Setting off fireworks?

  12. The Blue Jays are undeterred by their series loss to the A’s and are still pursuing Johnson, tweets Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports.

    Does anyone else think this is bullshit? It’s not so much that Morosi is talking about the Jays making a trade before it happens, but rather that whenever Morosi talks about the Jays, the complete opposite occurs?

    • I wish someone from the pussycat media that speaks to him on air so often would call him out on it. Hey John, we noticed you always drop the Jays name attached to trades but it has never ever occurred, what’s the deal?

    • The premise of this comment is beyond stupid to begin with. He’s basically saying that the jays, who SHOULD BE DETERRED BECAUSE THEY WENT 1-2 INSTEAD OF 2-1 vs the A’s this series continue to pursue Johnson.

      Didn’t realize a one game swing in July should have such a sweeping impact on overall long term team strategy.

  13. Where’s the damn podcast?

  14. Where’s the podcast?

  15. Ou est le podcast?

  16. Donde esta el podcast?

  17. “I do know that AA wanted Darvish, but he could not guarantee Rogers that this guy would be good and of course Rogers needs guarantees for everything”

    this shit scares me… when, exactly, can you guarantee anything in baseball?

    • The interview AA gave to Bob Mccowan in January 2012 after the Darvish fiasco explains Rogers strategy.

      AA told Bob he would have to guarantee playoffs to Rogers if he went after Darvish or Fielder.

      There is no way that AA will risk his job on signing Darvish because he had no MLB experience.

      It seems more logical for AA to take the slow road & gradually sign the promising young players to contract extensions like Morrow & Edwin.

      He has to wait till the Lansing Trio comes up in a few years or hope that Jenkins & McGuire improve enough for 2013 to have a shot at the big leagues.

      AA will never let himself make a mistake like signing Vernon Wells, who is trying to be dumped by the Angels now.

      It’s OK for AA to gamble evry year with rebuilding the bullpen & spending 4 million on old relievers. It worked out with Oliver but bombed with Coco.

      I blame Farrel for not realizing that coco can’t pitch in high leverage situations.

      • speaking of the lansing trio… i saw this from mike newman’s prospect chat at fangraphs:

        Comment From Zack
        Who are some breakout pitching prospects that may have started the year under the radar?

        Mike Newman:
        So far I’ve spoken to 4-5 contacts about Blue Jays Aaron Sanchez. The comps have been anywhere from Matt Garza to Justin Verlander. Yes… that is pretty insane, but true nonetheless.

        • Sanchez scares me a bit. The scouts go out and positively drool over his stuff… but he walks too many guys. And he’s walking them at low-A ball (Where you would presume he’s facing guys with low-A level strike zone and pitch recognician) … I dunno, something about that says Kyle Drabek 2.0.

          Maybe it’s nothing and just a product of what the staff have him trying to develop and maybe it’s something that he’ll invariably improve as he climbs the ranks but it’s a red flag for me.

    • You can’t. Ownership actually thinks that they can ask for “guarantees” and get them in baseball. This has come out a few times before. I can’t remember if it was Beeston asking for the guarantee, or Beeston saying pretty much the same thing about ownership, but it’s just… well, whatever. I don’t have the words any more.

      The people who work at the uppermost levels of Rogers have access to monopolies with Internet, television and phone service, and they are too stupid to understand that you can’t guarantee anything in baseball. This is the ignorance and submental stupidity Anthopolous has to fight against to do his job every single day.

  18. S’s and N’s (Pitching staff of the Future)

    Sanchez, Syndegaard, Stroman, Stilson and Smoral
    Nicolino, Norris and Nolin (all lefties)


    Sanchez Osuna Syndegaard

  19. vindicated on Yunel, Stoeten?

    okay not trying to be a dick (and maybe not succeeding in that). thanks for this collection: it was really good today.

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