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The usually not completely-fucking-asinine Jays Journal entertains some serious horseshit ideas about why Yunel Escobar is reportedly on the block. “Either Yunel Escobar isn’t happy in Toronto and wants out, or, he’s not happy with his contract and is sabotaging it so that whatever team has control over the option years doesn’t actually pick them up,” Mat Germain ridiculously writes. “There’s also the possibility that his ego in Toronto has been bruised by the talks surrounding the promotion of Hechavarria. Maybe the Jays have already approached him about moving to 2B and he has been entirely against it, deciding instead to ‘shut down’ both on the field and in the club house. Or, it’s also possible that the fact that many fans are calling for Hechavarria’s promotion has angered the proud Escobar.”


Need another reason to hate both the Olympics and whatever jaw-dropping lack of regulatory oversight allows Bell/TSN and Rogers/Sportsnet to keep crawling into bed together whenever it suits their mutual interests? OK: nine of the Jays’ next ten games are on Sportsnet One.

Dirk Hayhurst makes clear that he’s fully supportive of Ricky Romero and thinks he’ll pull through whatever is troubling him, despite yesterday looking maybe not so hopefully into the dark cloud that currently surrounds the Jays’ nominal ace.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star throws in his two cents on what to make of Romero’s struggles.

Jeff Zimmerman of FanGraphs suggests we stop comparing Jose Bautista’s historic mid-career breakout to others. Of the 18 players to accumulate 18 WAR or more between ages 29 and 31, for example, Bautista has the lowest WAR over the previous three seasons by more than six wins.

At Getting Blanked, Craig Robinson recalls the day, exactly seven years ago, when he was bitten by the baseball bug.

In other anniversary news, MLB Trade Rumors reminds us that today is the one year anniversary of the Colby Rasmus deal. Still feeling good about that one– and no longer feeling like I have to defend it from braying morons every goddamn day, either.

The Tao of Stieb takes an always-entertaining dip into the ol’ Tweet Bag.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri takes a look at some of the other guys on the trading block, beyond the big names you’ve been hearing. Including, yes, Yunel Escobar.

Instream Sports gets Ellis Valentine to make his infinite playlist– a 10 songs 70s-era party playlist. Preeeeeeeety sure he kills it.

Lastly, it’s Friday, so that mean it’s time for the best GIFfery in the baseball world: the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week.

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  1. With all due respect, isn’t rudely dismissing the allegations of others on Escobar’s situation just as ignorant as the allegations themselves?

    Or perhaps you know Escobar personally and spend your free time hanging out in the Jays’ clubhouse?

    My opinion sways to the side of Escobar being a fine teammate and enjoying his time in Toronto, but I just wanted to throw that point out there.

    • thats such a moronic stance..

      Calling bullshit on an unsupported claim that has no proof is not ignorant.

      For example,

      elephants can fly, I don’t have any proof, but they just can.

      So if you don’t agree with me, you are as ignorant as I am?

      seriously, you’re an idiot

      • There’s a difference between diagreeing with something or pointing it out as unsupported and calling it completely fucking asinine.

        • if its unsupported and lacks any evidence at all it doesn’t warrant any sort of response at all, because its complete fluff..

          I also find it ironic that in the same post you try to take the high road, you also patronize stoets by creating a scenario in which he would have more knowledge of the situation than he really has.

          you just sound like an overall douche .

          • No, sir. He created that scenario by calling them asinine and their ideas horseshit. I just pointed it out.

            How can he know the validity of their ideas, and upon what authority can he call them wrong (horseshit)?

        • Publishing unsupported/unsupportable claims about a person’s character, which is pretty much what’s been going on with Escobar the past few days, is the definition of “fucking asinine.”

          But it must really generate those page views, so there’s that.

          PS: Chipper is a total douche.

          • Oh…but only when they are perceived to be wrong?

            Stoeten’s indirect claims that they are wrong also imply unsupported thoughts on Escobar’s character. They just happen to be positive.

          • Sully,

            you’re an idiot so you just don’t get it

            Its not up to stoets or any of us to know the validity of their claims, its up to them to prove them to us.

            its called the burden of proof, its also called integrity, which the article lacks.. Not sure why you don’t fucking get it. You don’t go around trying to ruin someones reputation with no fuckin proof, and if stoets or any one, myself included, wants to criticize a blatant lack of integrity, that’s our decision.

    • I don’t doubt that there’s a possibility that he’s a giant asswipe. But the two train(wreck)s of thought presented in that Jays Journal article is nothing but unsubstantiated character assassination, particularly the asinine thought that the player is sabotaging his effort so that club options aren’t picked up. If Escobar has played himself to a level that would cause the Jays to decline his options, why would anybody in baseball give him another chance? He’d almost certainly be out of the league or struggling to get a guaranteed major league contract and almost assuredly would not be garnering interest in a contract nearly as lucrative as his club options.

    • Playing bad on purpose so no one takes his option years? That is so stupid it is a waste of black pixels.

  2. Also for Jays Journal, re : yunel shutting down

    last 7 games

    .375 .412 .500

    so arguably his best week at the plate this year, and this is the time you make up bullshit that he’s upset and wants out??

    Would have made a bit more sense when he posted a .257 obp and .275 slg in the first month of the season.

  3. Ellis Valentine was a fuckin great Expo!

  4. I find it strange that Escobar would be unhappy in Toronto. He seems to get along with Bautista & Edwin & Laurie in the dugout.

    I assume Escobar would stay at SS & Hecheverria move to 2B next year.

    Escobar gave an interview to a SF newspaper where he said he was happy here, so why would he do that if he was upset.

    Furthermore, why is he talking to a SF newspaper?

    • Because Oakland and their local beat writers were in town for three days and there have been tons of rumours linking Escobar and the A’s?

  5. Did you really have to defend the Rasmus trade in and of itself? Or just Rasmus the player?

    • Don’t you remember the comments last year?

      Why did we trade our stud prospect and a solid bullpen piece to get a useless CF’er?

      That stud prospect is Stewart burried in the minors for Boston, and the bullpen arm is back. At the same time Rasmus is far superior to the Patterson/Davis/Snider CF platoon last year….

      Then when he sucked for the end of last season people were bitching about how he is a piece of shit/doesn’t care etc. It got really annoying.

  6. Dont have SN1 and was pissed when I saw the schedule for the next three series. Like Tigers don’t come around often….wait I can watch on MLB TV nope blacked out! Fucking communist regulators….

  7. I’d like to mention that as a Manitoban with Shaw cable, I get Sportsnet One FO FREE SUCKAS!

  8. Vizquel’s place in the History Books BLOWN by that disastrous triple. Season with no extra base hits out the window.

  9. So the Rogers Public Relations team had a chat with Hayhurst over his comments on Romero, huh?

    So, that’ll be in the next book, right?

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