Evidently thanks to some kind of campaign for SportCheck, Brett Lawrie is responding, via video, to questions tweeted at @BLawrie13. And while I’m kinda loathe to give them the publicity they crave (especially since they’re ripping off something Old Spice did two years ago), the results are… um… interesting.

And by interesting, I mean mostly kinda dull, sometimes better executed than you’d expect, and occasionally unintentionally hilarious.

Take this response to the “accusation” that Lawrie and his ever-increasing media presence (thanks, Rogers!) is giving Canadians more swagger:

Or then there’s Brett’s threat of intimidation of our old friend @dlbrows, and Dave’s excellent video reply of his own…


You can check out SportCheck’s official YouTube channel for more, and– wait, what??!?! It’s SportChek with no “c”???


Comments (9)

  1. I need an RBI bat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It would be great if each of these video responses from Lawrie were under 140 characters.

  3. Silver fish hand catch!

  4. They shouldn’t let him write his own responses.

  5. B-R-U-T-A-L

  6. That was better than I thought it would be. Clever response to a highly subjective question.

  7. Lol that dave guy is an idiot if he actually accepted a trade where he gave up Cliff Lee for Brett Lawrie, unless his fantasy team is loaded with SPs and in desperate need of a 3B.

    • If someone’s going to ask about my fantasy team you know I’m going to give a detailed response! Besides Lee I have J. Weaver, D. Price and Josh Johnson. Not to mention a bullpen of Chris Perez, A. Chapman and R. Soriano. And then my hitting is atrocious.

      So yea, there was a reason I turned down Lee for Lawrie the first time. But what kind of uptight geek would I be if I didn’t make the trade happen after all this just because it’s funny. And like you brought up, it’s not so bad because I’m loaded with SP…

      Thanks for asking!

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