The Tigers come to town, and the Jays look to continue the getting-back-on-track that started yesterday, and catch a break in that rain didn’t wash out last night’s Justin Verlander start in Cleveland, meaning that they’ll miss him in this series.

Staff Ace Carlos Villanueva (TM) takes the hill, with a defence that once again doesn’t include Yunel Escobar (or Jose Bautista, or JP Arencibia) behind him. And hey! Three lefties in a row in the middle of the order! Except… MAYBE NOT!!!

Dun dun dun…

UPDATE: Shi Davidi tweets: “Before speculation gets out of hand (too late), I’m told Adam Lind almost certainly scratched for physical reasons. No specific details yet.” (Italics mine, because… dun dun dunnnn!!!!)

UPDATE THE SECOND: It’s back tightness for Lind as well. Is “back tightness” the new… um… “back injury”? I’m going to go ahead and say no, even though the conspiracy theorist in me thinks it’s possibly more than a little coincidental that two of the club’s most tradeable position players have come down with this affliction– and so soon after being originally included in today’s lineup. But we’d drive ourselves nuts if we open the door to believing these are lies, and for what? To have an inkling of something for a few fleeting hours– if that– before we’re told about it officially anyway? Forget that, these two are just hurting.


All sorts of stuff swirling at the moment, as Yunel Escobar was a late scratch from the lineup– with back tightness, as a club spokesman made sure to let the press corps. know, according to a Gregor Chisholm tweet– and now, according to a tweet from Shi Davidi, Adam Lind has been an even later scratch from the lineup as well! Hmmm…

“No reason given for that one,” Gregor tweets.

Earlier Gregor relayed these words from John Farrell…

Davidi tweeted earlier about some progress being made on the injury front: Jose Bautista isn’t ready to hold a bat just yet, and the club is hoping that early next week he’ll be able to get in some “dry swings.” Brandon Morrow threw a bullpen session today and is on schedule to make a rehab start at Single-A Dunedin on Sunday. And “Drew Hutchison made 30 throws at 45 feet on first day of throwing program. Will be two days on, one day off for time being.”

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
O. Vizquel SS
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Gomes DH
T. Snider LF
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

C. Villanueva RHP

Detroit Tigers

A. Jackson CF
Q. Berry LF
M. Cabrera 3B
P. Fielder 1B
D. Young DH
B. Boesch RF
J. Peralta SS
A. Avila C
O. Infante 2B

R. Porcello RHP


Image via Jared Wickerham/Getty.

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  1. So, Rajai Davis is our entire bench tonight? Well then.

  2. As crazy as it sounds, I’d prefer Davis as the DH tonight.

    • Yup, would’ve made more sense for defensive flexibility. Now an injury or ejection to an infielder or Mathis will cause us to lose the DH. Don’t see what upgrade if any Gomes offers over Davis with the bat anyways.

  3. So, we’re rocking a Gomes/Mathis/Gose/Vizquel lineup tonight? Oh, dear.

  4. Different line up fvrom the twitters: Chris Toman ‏@Chris_Toman
    New Blue Jays lineup: Lawrie 5; Vizquel 6; Rasmus 8; EE 0; Johnson 4; Gomes 3; Snider 7; Mathis 2; Gose 9

    Oy, Vizquel in the 2nd spot.

    And I have this nasty feeling that Rajai will be catching before the end of the game.

  5. Woo! Staff ace Carlos Villanueva!

  6. Villanueva’s taken the Staff Ace title from Laffey, eh?

  7. Wow what an atrocious lineup we have going tonight. Luckily Porky Porcello is a sack of shit.

  8. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  9. Better make plans with the lady friends, fellas. These shitbags are not worth watching tonight. May as well save up your relationship capital for when the major league team is playing.

  10. Interesting to see the all the stories coming out refuting all this Escobar is a bad egg crap. Personally from what I’ve seen I don’t think Farrell or AA are the type of guys to put up with that shit from anyone. Same goes from certain guys in the clubhouse like Jose. I’ll admit he does look like he’s taking things a bit easy from time to time but he did last year as well. I’d want to see a September of Hechavarria at least before I thought about moving Escobar.

  11. It is possible that both Lind and Escobar have “back” problems.

  12. Nice knowing you guys. :(

  13. Vizquel batting second? Fireable offense?

  14. Should be a shit show tonight.

  15. As I’m sure you’re aware Stoeten, I’m a big fan of your work. But I gotta say: I’m not sure the Farrell quote is worthy of being reposted. I mean, if Escobar WAS a dressing room nightmare, do you think Farrell would openly say so to the press? How often does that happen? That said, I can’t help but think all of that talk is being put out there by other teams trying to lower Escobar’s price (if he’s actually available).

  16. All the Jays reporters have gone silent on twitter for the last 25 minutes!

  17. Is it just possible that the Rigors of DHing have finally caught up to Lind?

  18. Anybody want to lay down an over/under on sacrifice bunts by Vizquel tonight? I’m going with two.

  19. Zaun says not a trade, but an injury of some sort to Lind.

    How he hurt himself between BP and the start of the game….

  20. Unknown injury means he ate at Taco Time for lunch and is trying to avoid shitting his pants.

  21. (IF) we could do Bautista straight up for Josh Johnson, who would do it?

  22. I have back tightness.

  23. Vizquel hitting second? Where’s the strong stuff. Two bottles.

  24. The rigors of DHing have finally gotten to Lind. It was a heroic performance to last even this long.

  25. I think AA and company should seriously look into hiring a new training staff. These are not all freak injuries and could be attributed to bad conditioning which the training staff is responsible for. This also isnt the first year the jays have been “injury plagued” with this same training staff.

    • I think you should seriously re-evaluate the importance you put on the training staff.

    • Escobar is a douche(maybe) probably had back issues all year and didn’t tell them until the trade deadline…. wonder why? Johnson is hurt too most likely, so is Romero, they just aren’t telling anyone.

      Alot of injuries but so do the Yankees and Redsox, Rays… every team really. Maybe AA learned you also have vets on minor league deals for depth reason. You can never have enough SP and they needed it. They had only four real options healthy going into spring training and didn’t do a fucking thing. Alvarez,Drabek where ?
      I wonder why they’ve been terrible….. sign a bunch of SP this offseason and at least one legitimate one, just like you should have done this past offseason. It’s Clear AA is extremely overrated. ALl the player actually contributing on a regular basis are prodcuts of JP.

      Lind’s back would be better if he actually worked out…. could hurt even more with inproper weight ltraining but with Light weights it can be extremely benefical to your back. (Back brace LInd while you work out)

      Free AA

      • My name

      • Or… maybe AA didn’t think this team was ready to contend yet and treated the off-season as such.

        • Still need a valid pitching staff…… overrated and depth always the chance of competeing no other team came into the year hoping 2 rookies and 2 healthy SP would carry the workload.

          He’s the GM he has no idea when to compete the team tells him by playing and winning. If he provided them with a Edwin Jackson on a one year deal we could have three more wins right now. You don’t not compete when you have one of the top five postion players in baseball.

  26. Can someone please teach Farrell on why that lineup is a bad idea. Put how many fucking left handers you want in your lineup to face a RHP, your bench solves the right, left situation later in the game. Farrell shouldn’t worry about the bullpen when this Jays team makes the shittest RHP in the world look like Jesus….. more lefties in a row Farrell ya cock.

    Johnson(switch Gomes with Johnson if your really worried about the bullpen when every starter that faces the Jays usually goes six or longer. Does any SP ever throw 100 + pitches against the Jays in six innings (Dwanye fuckin Murphy)
    Vizquel(yuck)(put Lawrie at SS and Gomes at 3B)

  27. Zaun loves Vizquel in the 2 spot tonight. Could we not have a former player that’s not retarded be our tv analyst?

  28. Wow. Zaun just said he loves the idea having Vizquel bat second. Yeah, you definitely want a sub-500 OPS getting the second most at-bats in a game. Thanks.

  29. DEAR FANS:

  30. Colby’s your daddy

  31. this is a familiar start

  32. Deja Vu

  33. We’re down 2-0 already? Oh, fuck me blue!

  34. Romero’s shitti-itis is apparently contagious, QUARANTINE THAT MAN!!!

  35. Greinke to the Angels (kenny ken and morosi)

  36. Angels are about to acquire Zach Greinke.

    The Angels have five aces compaired to this SP staff.

  37. Just a word to everyone, once again,,,, there’s is no help coming, everyone should go into not giving a fuck mode like myself and others have. Put your feet up and just enjoy the trainwreck. dont get stressed, just understand that this year is over and there’s no trade in the world that can make it better

  38. For fuck sakes lawrie would it hurt to take a few pitches?

  39. Holy power, Batman!

  40. what the fuck? okay, I’ll take it.

  41. Omar to the haters: It’s okay, I understand, but I will still go out and try my best – oh, a double, yeah fuck the haters.

  42. Mathis has a 7 game hit streak…?

  43. Love grows where our anthony gose and nobody knows…

  44. Isn’t that Vizquel’s first extra base hit of the season?

  45. Everytime Cabrera is up, I expect him to hit it out .

  46. Lol who is this Gareth Wheeler that Stoeten is berating on twitter?

  47. That was a BS call, our boy Rasmus was safe.

  48. wow, look what happens when you dont swing at everything the pitcher throws up there


    • are new starting Catcher!!!

    • I always picture Jeff Mathis watching a hologram of David Farrell in the style of R2D2 speaking to Princess Leia. “Help me Jeff Mathis. You’re my only hope.”

      • I can’t believe I posted my ex-manager’s name there, I obviously meant John Farrell. I tried to be cool :/

  50. Oh my Mr. Mathis!!

  51. Mathis!!!! i spoke ill of you earlier, forgive me!

  52. Villanueva fell behind early in his last start and came back to win as well, didn’t he?

  53. Jeff Fucking Mathis and his 800+ OPS.


  55. And the last shall be first.. The maligned bottom of today’s lineup comes up big

  56. stealll Gooooooooooose

  57. Carlos V= Shawn Marcum?

    • Certainly would be a bonus if he ends up pitching as well as Marcum did for the rest of the season. Should be interesting to see what AA does with him seeing that he is a free agent. Almost tempted to try and lock him up now with Drabek on the shelf and Alvarez or Hutch possibly needing more time in the minors to refine things so they can take it to the next level. Having him around next year would be one good way to keep Cecil and Happ out of the rotation if they don’t do anything with Alvarez or Hutch next year.

  58. it is idiot night on here i see. all the cocksuckers show up afterwards.the beginning of the game all of you shittting all over the lineup, players and farrell. then a big lead happens and the slurpfest begins.neurotic fucks

  59. Anyone know what’s Loup’s contract (or Control) status is with the Jays?

  60. now I know Omar did not get as much as Escobar would have on that throw to first, but Johnson could have put a little more charge into his relay to The Old Man

  61. umm, fuck yeah Omar

  62. The old man can still do it.

  63. Mr. Aye Carumba folks. Hopefully on next year’s bench.

  64. Mathis borrowed the swagger sleeve from Snider.

  65. off topic, but I checked the weather for London, rain in 10 of the next 14 days, with no high temp above 20, and lows below 10 on Sunday and Monday – get ready for the subplot of these Olympics: “Who the fuck agreed to Summer Games in England? Should have been bigger bribes!!”

  66. It isn’t exactly a bang-bang play when the runner isn’t in the frame.

  67. our old friend Octavio – maybe he gets to face Rasmus (The Circle of Life moment)

  68. the angels paid dearly for greinke. their 1,3 and 8 rated prospects for a rental.supposedly greinke wants to resign with the angels though. oaklands offence has 8 on the o’s. but can they compete against the yanks, rangers and halos?

  69. Beast Mode engaged


  71. Vizquel isnt fucking around tonight…I like it

  72. *Farrell cackles in the dugout*

  73. 50 Shades of Grey (Omar Vizquel and Octavio Dotel)

  74. I guess Leland forgot not to have Dotel face lefties.

  75. cmon, Colby we traded this guy for YOU

  76. Venezuelan Hall of Fame meeting at third base there with Miggy and Omar

  77. how about Farrell with the Citoesque line up card (I just had a feeling there with Omar in the 2 hole)

    • So here’s a question. What instances are there of managers who started out poorly in, say, tactics/lineup writing, and as they got more experience got better at these aspects?

  78. Oliver’s another grey ghost doing just fine.

  79. Another HR off a Lefty!

  80. Lunchbox Hero

  81. another LEFTY HR

  82. The Sniderman looks locked in don’t he

  83. He’s hangin’ in there alright against lefties right now.

  84. nom nom nom nom

  85. Please let this not be just Travis’ usual hot 20 games.

  86. The Detroit broadcasters just said that Snider has a “squatty body” – made me think of Buck + Tabby + their obsession with the male form…Squatty Body is a good nickname though.

  87. Move Lunchbox up to batting behind EE!

  88. Snider has a plan.

  89. Im not crazy about using oliver and jannsen in games where they are up by more than 3 runs. This is the second straight day farrell has used them meaning they could very well not be available tomorrow.

  90. I’m looking forward to what the graph that Stoeten is going to caption tomorrow. Particularly with Omar V’s hits.

  91. I dunno. I’m thining 3HR against lefties has got to instill some confidence from the manager. It’d probably even impress Cito. (Especially since he pulled that one.)

  92. Fuck, yeah!

  93. A 2 game winning streak, and I’ve now completely forgotten about the shit show that we witnessed earlier this week.

  94. In the late 70′s I was hitch-hiking from the other side of Hamilton going to Toronto. The driver was an older man listening to a very staticie radio channel from Detroit. His son was pitching. The son was John Hiller who established the, then, record for saves at 41. John Hiller had had a heart attack but came back from that to be a premier reliver.

  95. i am puttting this out there. i think yu darvish isnt going as high ceiling as predicted. middle of the pack pitcher tops. a slide downwards into the fall because of durability? he might be expensive by alot. i dont mind an overpay but if its way crazy it could inflict tons of pain.overrated teams detroit, cleveland arizona tampa

  96. I’m not a big believer in catcher’s ERA, but I’m actually interested to see how Romero pitches with Mathis.

    • I think Rickey will bounce back. he needs to remember the passion he had in Spring Training when he gave his “I’m tired of going home early” speech. Go get em Rickey!! Stop thinking and start throwing.

      • I suppose it’s ironic that the Jays were counting on him & Morrow to lead the team this year. MORROW has pitched very well but has been hurt since June 10.

        Ricky has been horrible since about the time Morrow got hurt, yet the team is still 1 game above 500.

        I wonder if AA will be allowed to upgrade the team next year, because without injures this year, it is a playoff team, so any upgrades would give the Jays a playoff cushion.

  97. Carlos “The Villain” Villanueva

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