It’s Saturday, what do you want from me? This is your Game Threat.

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  1. “What do you want from me” said Stoeten as he checked to see which cans had piss in them.

  2. Maybe the lineups and a picture of prince’s head on the body of a tiger.

  3. Your fucking job?

    • fuck. give the guy a brake. We should be happy there is even a game treat today. Only had 5 of the last 20 wknd games.

      • Personally I don’t give a shit if Stoeten makes threats or not, but he does get paid to do them. As far as I’m concerned this evens out all the writing he did during the winter meetings.

        • A place to make comments on the current game is what we need. it kinda sucks having to scroll through 600 comments to get to the comments on a current game.

  4. Jays aquire king Felix for….JP Arencibia, Cecil, on of the Lansing arms and someone else. You heard it here first. Ok so maybe it didn’t happen but thats what I woke up to a 3am. Gotta quit eating cheese before bed.

  5. So we aren’t going to see a game on Sportsnet until the fucking Pommie Olympics are over?

    And Clara Hughes, I don’t find you at all inspiring.

  6. This interviewing girl is terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible.

  7. First game for Anibal Sanchez.

    Davis lf
    Rasmus dh
    Lawrie 3b
    Meatboi rf
    Yescobar ss
    Johnson 2b
    Gose CF

  8. why are they shit talking Phelps? didnt this guy win like 14 medals? he can do whatever the fuck he wants

  9. yeah, we would like you to do your job.. as in the one you’re paid to do.. sorry of it’s an inconvenience for you..

  10. fuck the Skydome looks SO much better with the roof open

  11. Greatr D in inning 1

  12. wow, people are dicks here. You guys realize Stoeten is entitled to a weekend, right?

    • he receives as good as he gets

    • The only thing Stoeten is entitled to is merciless heckling from the peanut gallery. Don’t undermine that. Seriously, though, the difference between this game threat and one that doesn’t get any shit is an amount of work that can probably be counted in seconds.

  13. Nice catch Snider!

    • If that got by Lunchbox, that very easily could have been an inside-the-parker for Prince with the way the ball was curling towards the far corner and it’d have been a really long run for Gose.

      • Did you just mention “inside the park” and “Prince Fielder” in the same sentence?

        • Dude can fly when he’s properly motivated.

          Incidentally, Prince has had an inside-the-parker in his career, which is more than what most players have accomplished in MLB.

          • My bad… Prince actually has TWO inside-the-park HRs in his career. One in 2007 vs. Minnesota and one in 2008 vs. Toronto.

        • He has 2 in his career


  15. Fucking WOW Snider

  16. random question: is fangraphs wrc+ league and park adjusted?

  17. fuckin TV dive bro.

  18. SNIDER

  19. oh doctor

  20. Definitely not a TV dive.

  21. tv dive

  22. Snider’s catch shows why the corner outfield position is tougher than CF

  23. Guys, do yourselves a favour and never watch another TV broadcast bf

  24. Why bother?

  25. Man Alvarez has so much movement on his fastball.

  26. That looked like a strikeout pitch! 95 with move

  27. Shortstop bailed on that ball because he knew there was no chance to get Gose.

  28. Rajai Davis brainfart

  29. Call me paranoid but why is Alvarez shaking his arm so much? He’s been pumping the speed on his fastballs today…

  30. Alvarez shook off a different pitch when he gave up that double

  31. seemed like a couple bullshit calls to me, just sayin am i aright?

  32. chicken wing!!!

  33. 28 Chicken Wings for EE

  34. Nice Eddie!


  36. aint no thing like the chicken wing

  37. Someone order a plate of chicken wings? With a side of TATER tots?

    • Just the wings please.

      • Who doesn’t like tater tots? What’s wrong with you?

        • I don’t like them. Too mushy.Crispy wings and crispy fries.

        • I don’t even know what they are, but they sound like something you’d get at a dive like Denny’s.

          • They’re mini hash browns. If you don’t like them then you just don’t like potatoes.

          • Don’t fall for OGH’s explanation karen,he’s trying to lead you down the garden path.
            And we know what happens after that,don’t we?
            They’re not mini hash browns.They’re tater tots.mushy balls of potato-like substance with a crispy coating, trying to fool you into eating them.
            It’s a plot invented by the potato cartel.

          • small potatos made me laugh.

  38. That home run was brought to you by Frank’s Red Hot.

  39. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing

  40. Alvarez is just going to frustrate us forever it seems. He gets two quick outs, gets up 0-2 on young throwing ridiculous moving heat, and then throws up one of his patented cementer mixer 86 mph sliders down the heart of the plate. I seriously think he’d be better off just throwing his fastball all the time…using a two seamer and 4 seamer as his repertoire.

    maybe mix in the occassional change for show…but that slider is just so bad and it seems like he never bounces it in the dirt..if you are ahead in the count and want to “show” the pitch, error on the side of throwing a dirt ball or a ball way outside.

    • He’s 22 bud.

      • I didnt realize the “breakingball” weapon unlocks at age 23. point is you have to develop it, it doesn’t just happen and his has not improved in two years. I think he can still be a very effective pitcher but I think he’s more likely to hone his change up more than learn a decent breaking pitch

        • You can develop as an overall pitcher, especially when you are in the bigs at 21. He’s not close to a finished product. Again, he’s 22 bud.

          • I agree, This kid is going to be interesting to watch for years to come, hell he is interesting now.

  41. We have no bp today…we need some more runs.

  42. Bust it open Travis

  43. Getting squeezed like crazy this at bat.

  44. Pitch fx had the first 4 pitches as strikes.

  45. Love it when Alvarez shakes off pitches and issues to easy walks.

  46. Is Farrell actually considering Gopherball Crawford?

  47. Yunel!

  48. YES!…cobar

  49. yeah, if i was oakland i wouldn’t want that guy either.

  50. Esco goes yard

  51. Yescobar, a cancer in the dugout.

  52. Yescobar!!!!

    He had to show something after Omar’s power surge yesterday.

  53. Somebody tell Gose to stop playing with his goddamn chain. He adjusts it after every pitch. For a guy who can’t hit for shit, he sure is distracted at the dish.

  54. I haven’t read any of the comments yet in this thread, and haven’t read a lot of the comments here recently – I’ve been a bit busy. So please excuse me if this has been said before, as I’m sure it probably has.

    Was driving a little bit ago listening to Allan and Jerry talk about how the Jays now have the best offense in baseball in terms of runs scored, and also in terms of getting runners in scoring position home with less than 2 outs. I then watched some awesome defense in the first inning, and couldn’t help but wonder: How fuckin awesome could this team be if the Jays had of gone out and got a pitcher or two in the offseason, like every single person KNEW they fuckin needed to. Fuckin seriously. We would be in a playoff position right now if they had of. It really annoys me to be honest, especially since I just read somewhere that Rogers had a profit of like 400+ million dollars or something retarded last quarter. Or maybe it was a year in total and no just a quarterly profit, but who fuckin cares? The point is they make a fuckload of money, and to up the Jays’ payroll by even 20 million dollars to bring in a couple pitchers in the offseason wouldn’t have made a huge difference in their profit, but would have made a huge difference in the teams ability to compete. I could even argue that their profit would have gone fuckin UP because the Jays being in a playoff position right now and for most of this season would have made the attendance this year even higher than it’s already been.


    Anyways, thanks for reading my rant, I feel a bit better now. Only a fuckin little though, I mean fuckin really. They needed a couple god damn pitchers, and every single person knew it. That’s all I fuckin read about on here this past offseason. And if they had of just done what everyone KNEW they fuckin NEEDED to do, they would be in a playoff spot.


    • Everyone “knew” that, but now it’s been proven so this next offseason will be the real test.

    • Did some quick math yesterday using pythag. Using our RS, but changing out RA to league average (I used 420 RA, which would’ve placed us at 15th in baseball) then ran the numbers……if we had merely league average pitching, we would’ve been projected to be 56-42 and in the 1st WC right now.

    • @ Matt

      Because before the season started nobody predicted the offense would score this many runs. Rasmus wasn’t hitting,Would Lawrie and Bautista regress etc.You also had pitching they needed to find out about.Drabek,Hutch Alvaraz.

      • Bautista had two consecutive stellar years, would he regress? probably..but not because he was going to slump..but simply because he set such a high bar last year it would be nearly impossible not to.

        point is, the offense is now pretty stellar, and that is still with shit hold Lind getting regular run (it would be not to difficult to significantly upgrade the DH position now or this offseason)

        the starting pitching is potentially league average with morrow, alvarez, hutch (if healthy) carlos, and dare I say alvarez..figure we could significantly upgrade just be switching out one of the lower tier guys for a number 3 starter.

        bullpen has been shit..but I think that is easily addressed internally..for example loup and oliver (and maybe happ from the left) janssen, santos, frasor, lyon from the right…)

        so i think the pieces are there to be a solid team..

        • Mat’s point was “why didn’t they go out and get more pitching before the season started?”
          I tried to keep it short and sweet.
          Bautista hit only 9 HR’s after the AS break,there were whispers of regression.
          Colby stated TLR was in his head and didn’t hit his hat size at the end of last year.
          Lawrie was a rookie who hadn’t been through the league a second time.
          EE was a year removed from being DFA’d.
          Thames was a rookie, you didn’t know would hit.
          Should I continue?

          • there is no doubt that there were serious questions about the offense, I agree. That doesnt change the fact that everyone knew this team was in serious need of more pitching, yet the team didn’t bother to address this concern. Had they, the team would be in a playoff position. I know that hind sight is 20/20, and the Jays brass couldnt have known the ofense would rake this year, but it’s still pretty frustrating. I just want this ownership to spend a few dollars. AA is not JP Ricciardi, and I doubt he would go out and make retarded moves. I trust that AA would successfully build a playoff team if given the chance to spend some money to complement the players already on this team.

            Hopefully with the attendance increase of this year, the payroll will increase and we can pick up a few pieces this offseason. my fingers are crossed

  55. Rajai…Rasmus…fuckin’ A!!!

  56. Brandeen done gonna give him some lovin’ tonight.

  57. Rasmus, baby! Also, Detroit commentators saying the crowd is loud?! WHAT?

  58. Colby with the frozen rope!

  59. Watching the game on Vipbox stream, and have the sound on which I usually don’t. The Tiger broadcast guys are very, very complimentary about the city of Toronto. “Great place, great downtown … lots going on … wish we were coming here more than once this year … why aren’t we staying for four days at least … when you talk about cities you enjoy visiting, this has to be one of the top five stops …” I’m not a Torontonian but I thought I’d pass that on.

    Quick add — just before the Rasmus HR they’re talking about Dwayne Murphy, and they knew that DM played CF in Oakland. Quote — “Murph never saw a fastball he didn’t like.”

  60. Yep, this off-season is gonna be interesting as hell. This one is when we find out how ‘committed’ Rogers is to the team. They won’t get away with crazy-glue and chewing-gum this time around…

    • Been saying it for months.
      With this offense,even if it regressed,and AA gets pitching in the off season. What do you think attendance and tv ratings will be like?
      This city and country will go nuts, making Rogers more millions.

    • I’m still guessing Rogers isn’t all that gung-ho. They’re making more money on the Jays now without having to jack the payroll up, so why would they.

      My guess is we’ll hear more talk about payroll parameters in the off season. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Payroll, payroll, payroll….I get why everyone puts so much stock into payroll, but I think it I sway overblown.

      The Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies don’t win every year, why does everyone equate a heftyayroll with being competitive.

      It is fucking retarded….

      The plan isn’t going to change, the money will be spent when it needs to. Just shut the fuck up about it already.

      • Payroll allows the team to build depth in positions. jays could have got a decent veteran pitcher for 10 million & a solid bat for a similar amount.

        Teams with a higher payroll have a better chance of making the playoffs than teams with low payroll.

        Since 1993 how many years have the yankees not been in the playoffs or within a few games out of a spot.?

  61. Two base runners side by each, b’y

  62. Snider has had a better day at the plate than his 0-for-4 suggests.

  63. Sweet GIDP

  64. That was a very timely double play.

  65. OK I have a question, and don’t razz me because I taught myself baseball and there are a lot of holes in my knowledge!

    When Snider was at bat and had 2 strikes on him, Lawrie and Encarnacion started and finished a double-steal but Snider swing at the ball and hit it foul so they had to go back to base. Tabler and Martinez are all ‘he had 2 strikes and had to protect the plate’ so he needed to swing at that pitch. But surely it would have been better if he hadn’t. If it was a strike he’d be out but so what. There was no one out and the runners had progressed, which was his job when he went up there. So was he really right to swing and protect the plate?

    • you cannot as a hitter react that quickly and process the info that the runners will definitely make it. if you take it, knowing you are out, and are wrong, its a double play.

      also, as a hitter, you just aren’t wired to knowingly take strike 3..goes against everything you’ve done your entire life.

      • Plus another 2 strike pitch could turn really fast into a double play.

        I kind of question why Lawrie was going on a two strike/ no outs pitch.

    • In this case, they could have executed the double steal with ease, since the pitcher was hardly paying attention to Lawrie on second.

      In general, though, stealing third is very risky, so they send the runners while giving the hitter the explicit order to try to hit the ball (or at least foul it off). The play is called a ‘hit and run’ and it’s designed to avoid the double play.

  66. If we sweep Detroit tomorrow, you have to imagine we’re going to go hard after Johnson. There is no longer any doubt, 2013 is the year. But it’d be nice to make a win move now as well. Johnson achieves both those goals.

    Trade for Johnson, sign a #3-#4 type this offseason (of which there are many) and this team is probably a favourite to win the division, or come pretty close to it. THis offense is the best in baseball as is (going by runs scored, which really is the whole point of offense).

    Yes, Johnson will be gone by 2014, but by then, we should be having 35,000+ games as a rule, and tv viewership across the country will be skyrocketing….in other words, money will be pouring into the coffers, and maybe we’ll start acting like the big market team we are.

    • It would be nice…

    • one game isn’t going to make a difference as to whether or not you are going to trade for a player. that is ridiculous.

      • Of course it is, when you’re on the cusp like we are. The FO is trying desperately to figure out if they have a shot this year, and if we play like crap at this point (the week or two before the deadline) they likely don’t bother. But if we play well, then things change.

        I’m not saying one game makes all the difference…..but a few games either way in a brief timeframe at this exact point of the season absolutely do.

    • The cost of JJ makes me nervous, though. But I’m a bit of a hoarder at heart, so parting with prospects in general gives me palpitations.

    • This is a good offense, and a lot of good things have happened this year — Rasmus and now Snider establishing themselves, Lawrie playng pretty well at a very early career stage, Edwin mashing with the mashiest — but they are not the best offense in baseball. They put on a home run derby against bad pitchers, but really good pitchers shut them down completely. They’re actually too dependent on the long ball. That said, I agree with a lot of what you’re saying.

      On a related note, after conducting an exhaustive series of observations and subjecting them to rigorous statistical analysis, I have concluded that Prince Fielder is just too gaddamn fat and I’m glad the Jays didn’t sign him.


  68. Happ jusst hit 94?

  69. In 2014 Detroit will have two shit DH’s, Fielder and Martinez, at a cost of $37 million. Nice thinking.

  70. To all the guys bitching about aa and his supposed lack of foresight regarding this pitching staff not having enough arms. AA could not have expected to have 9 pitchers on the 60 day dl at this point of the season. No one expected this. Stop being dumbasses. AA is doing a fine job…

    • I was one of the people bitching about pitching, but nowhere did I say a fuckin word abou AA. I fully expect that AA would have gone out and got a few pitchers in the offseason if the ownership would have given him that freedom. Obviously though, by the payroll parameters comment a few weeks before the beginning of the season, he didn’t have that freedom. I think AA is doing a wonderful job tbh

  71. chances on stoeten posting a game threat tommorow?

  72. Hard to figure why our winning percentage is virtually the sameour with so many regulars out, and so many AAA players up with the big team. Small sample size is an answer, but this has been going on for some time.

    • The pitching has been doing pretty decently (Bar the oakland massacre), and the bullpen is considerably less of a blowpen since the happ/coco trade. Also, EE and Rasmus have been on fire.

  73. Staff ace Cecil tomorrow

  74. Good win and all that, but did anyone see the woman in the Blue Jays tanktop right behind homeplate????? Nice cleavage.

  75. So all these people talking about how the Jays offence only looks good but their number are inflated because they feast on shitty pitching but get totally shut down by good pitching got me thinking. So I did some research and some math, kinda hurt my head so now I’m drinking the pain away.
    Anyway, I took the top five AL teams in terms of OPS and then looked at how they fared against the top pitchers in the AL this year. I took any pitcher in the top five in WAR, FIP and SIERA. Here are the results (not claiming total statistical accuracy but I think it’s pretty much right):
    New York: OPS of .812 in 11 games against a top starter. .016 higher than overall OPS
    LA Angels: OPS of .734 in 6 games against a top starter. .024 lower than overall
    Toronto: OPS of .688 in 8 games against a top starter. .069 lower than overall
    Boston: OPS of .650 in 11 games against a top starter. .111 lower than overall
    Texas: OPS of .568 in 8 games against a top starter. .216 lower than overall

    So Toronto is middle of the pack among the top five both in terms of OPS vs a top starter and the difference between that number and their overall OPS. There probably needs to be a lot more, and better, analysis, but I’m comfortable saying Toronto has a good offence and it doesn’t matter who they’re facing.

    • If good offenses hit good pitchers the same way they hit the average pitcher, they wouldn’t be good pitchers, they would be average pitchers.

    • This is kind of nice, but with such small samples I’m not sure if you can draw much from it. It’d be interesting to see a similar breakdown of how these offences performed against each quartile of pitchers.

      Obviously that sounds like a lot of work, so I’m not going to do it, but it’d be cool to see a breakdown like that on fangraphs sometime.

    • Just curious but i wonder how many games the yankees faced opposing top pitchers in that joke of a ballpark. Regardless, I still take the yankees offense over the jays. Their grind it out approach leads to more consistent success scoring runs. Also, their hitters are more disciplined and dont rely on opposing pitchers to make mistakes as much as the jays do.

      • The difference between the yankees and the jays offenses is basically in the DH position. our DH sucks. their doesnt. having said that, we also have a much better hitting catcher (or did) than they do. its fairly even besides that.

        its the yankees pitching that has far out performed the jays.

  76. Rajai is second in the AL with 27 steals.

  77. Hope we don’t get a fisting from Fister tomorrow.

  78. So, 42,000 fans for a game in late July, 3.5 games out of a playoff spot, with 5 teams in front of us.


    I seem to recall Beeston saying that the fans would have to come out to the park before the team would spend. This was a stupid and ignorant thing to say, because no other business operates that way. He got called on it during the off-season.

    AND YET here we are. 42,000 amazing, awesome, inebriated fans. Looks like they fucking showed up, Beeston, and I bet they will continue to. I can’t wait to see him weasel his way out of this one if the team doesn’t fill in a hole or two with a FA this off-season.

    • Yeah, exactly. I knew crowds (and tv ratings) would really come back if the Jays really won and got good, but I didn’t think it would happen to such an extent before that. And yet, it seems to be happening.

      I wonder if Beeston thought it wouldn’t, so it wouldn’t be an issue. Now he’ll have to start thinking up another excuse.

    • I’m glad to see it.

      Now granted, it’s Beeston we’re talking about here, but what if he was telling the truth? More fans means more revenue, more revenue means you can support a bigger payroll, no? The Jays pulled a $25 million profit last year. If the profit is much bigger this year (say $40-$50 million) Rogers would get blasted for not upping payroll would they not?

      Granted I wouldn’t want to see Anthopoulous throw money away just for the sake of saying he’s spending money, because that’s how the Angels ended up with Vernon Wells; but I absolutely think we can buy a starter this offseason.

      • Ya, its going to be interesting, the Jays have a pretty good offence, and yet it could be better, and the bullpen could use some shoring up with a couple of big arms, as in they can throw the heat. Also adding a starter wouldn’t be a bad idea, and they will have to sign a 2b be it KJ or some other.

        It will be interesting.

        • Signing a 2B will be KJ or nothing really. The FA class this year sucks. They’ll have to look at trades or internal options (Hech).

      • This offseason will be critical Rogers. They have a potential gold mine on their hands. If they don’t make the necessary upgrades this offseason, the fan base will revolt.

      • That increase in revenue will be offset by the change in welfare policy towards the jays that existed before the new CBA.

        My point is, Beeston will always have excuses if he needs to use them.

        • You are correct about the CBA changes because Rogers no longer qualifies for for revenue sharing because it is a large market team.

          Hopefully, Rogers has learned not to let Beeston give interviews about payroll . He infuriates the fans.

          There is more justification for increasing payroll in 2013 than 2012, since some holes have been filled.

          3B, & CF & 1B/DH are much better this year.

  79. Anyone else think that when Jose comes back sticking him at 1B and keeping a Snider/Rasmus/ (Gose/Rajai) Outfield is the way to go?

    Gose might not outhit Lind/Gomes , but he will certainly provide a good deal of defensive value.

    It’s sort of crazy, but that alignment might give us the best defensive team in the Majors. KJ is probably the only guy non plus-defender, and he’s even probably averagish for the position.

    Best defensive team + Most runs scored = PLAYOFFS!1!1!!!! (Seriously though)

    • I understand the idea’s appeal, but no. Gose needs to return to AAA and work on his hitting once Bautista is back. (I only wish he could take Lind with him, but that’s another story …) I do think Gose should play RF regularly until Jose comes back; Rajai is best used as a 4th OF/PR guy. Edwin has been quite decent at 1B, and contrary to the expectations of some it hasn’t bothered his hitting. The DH can revolve among a bunch of players to give each of them a rest. You notice Rasmus was DH today and that worked out.

      Your idea may well be the way to go next year, but Gose just isn’t ready for MLB pitching right now.

  80. Yeah but no because Jose will play where he wants to play and last time I heard he didn’t want to play 1st base yet. I agree, it would be a great outfield. But I doubt it’s gonna happen.

    • And its not like Jose is that bad of a defender out there. I wouldn’t want to carry Goses bat in there just because he can run fast in the out field.

  81. GFG for the Jays today. Here is hoping that our boys can get it done tomorrow. These are the games they have to bare down and keep it rolling.


  82. 1. Seriously… another one line game threat? Dude I know youre all hipster “down with the man” and fuck everything I dont like and whatever else you stand for apart from listening to the Shitstantines but do the job youre PAID to do. It takes 10 mins tops to do a game threat, so do one.

    2. Snider,,,, great fucking catch and Im really starting to like him again.

    3. Fielder’s whole head looks absolutely retarded, dude are you a professional wrestler from the 80′s or a baseball player, clean the fuck up and stop looking like youre trying to revive Men on a Mission.

    4. Great fucking game Jays, love seeing them beat the tigers because I think I dislike the tigers just slightly less than the Yankees and Red Sox.

  83. Jays scouting Blanton per mlbtr I’m intrigued.

    • They are gonna have scouts everywhere right now.

    • Joe Blanton, yeah that outta turn this thing around!!!

      But when it comes to the Jays I put absolutely zero stock in anything I read on Tim Dierkes Rosenthal blow job fest.

  84. Roberto Osuna is debuting for Vancouver tonight, 4 innings so far with 10 Ks, 1 BB, 1 hit. Kid is SEVENTEEN. Most of the opposition hitters are 21 or 22, there is 1 hitter that is 19.

    • Ha was just going to post about his start. He finished 5 IP with 1H 1BB 0ER and 13k. So he must have struck out the side to finish his start.

      After a rough first two outings (hadn’t pitched in a few weeks) Stroman has been just as dominating over his last 4 appearances.
      8IP 3H 1BB 0ER 10K

      • That is awesome. I didn’t know Osuna is in Vancouver. What a dominating performance for a 17 year old. Unreal.

        I’ve been waiting for this kid to get to play some pro ball some can see what he can do against competition that we have comparative statistics to analyze. Exciting.

    • That is just sick. 13ks in 5 innings of one walk/1 hit ball and 17 years of age?? Holyyy.

    • He pitched as a 16 year old in the Mexican League last year, which is classed as AAA.

  85. So Liriano to Chicago? wtf? looks like they didnt give up much to get him…guys closer to the bigs than the jays gave up but not much overall. So I guess the question is would you rather have Liriano for this year or Happ for a few years?

  86. Joe Blanton might be a better Villanueva. Hehas four to five pitches which gm aa loves to target as buy low candidates.


    There’s some footage and a write up from Osuna’s start last night via Baseball America. If you watch it for long enough you can see they weren’t even fouling very many pitches off.

    • BTW interesting to note he’s throwing 91-95 as a 17 year old. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sitting closer to 95 by the time he’s 20 and he’s done filling out.

  88. how about this for a baseball roadtrip: Jays in Seattle Mon to Wed night, then Osuna likely throws again in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon 1 pm, then you could jet down to Oakland for that series – some Jays beat writer should at least consider that Thursday Vangroovy game.

  89. Stroman’s tweet re: Osuna

    Tough tough loss today. My man Roberto Osuna absolutely shoved today! Dude is 17 and one of the best pitchers I have ever seen. #filthy

    and Osuna is on twttr too

  90. okay Blue (jay) Sky thinking of course, but 2016 pitching staff nickname:

    S.O.N.S.S. of Anarchy

    (Sanchez Osuna Norris Syndegaard Stroman (or Smoral)

  91. oh, I forgot the other N (Nicolino)

    S.O.N.N.S.S. of Anarchy

    • No game threat again…last time I checked, the baseball season is only 1/3 the year. Do they really need vacation during their short work season?

      • By the way, I know u guys still work in the offseason but u don’t really have deadlines. Its kind of like a lawncare guy needing a two week vacation in July because hes worked too hard in the previous 2 months, although he doesn’t cut a lot of grass from October to march.

      • Stoeten is a M-F guy and I don’t blame him for having a life outside DJF. That said, it does take time to load a 400 to 600 comment thread.
        You think that Parkes or an intern or a tech guy could post even a one line game threat?
        But it is what it is
        .At least it’s not World Cup time.

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