Oh, hello. Apologies for the lack of rumour-mongering today, but it’s kinda been a slow day anyway, and I’ve kind not felt great. But… hey! Now we’ve got some west coast baseball!

It’s the last game before tomorrow’s non-waiver trade deadline, and it’s Ricky Romero’s latest chance to try and right himself, after there was talk of demotion following last week’s disasterpiece for the two-time Opening Day starter and nominal ace. You couldn’t pick a better location than Safeco or a better opponent than these Mariners for him to try and get back on track against.

Of course, if it all goes badly off the rails…


Adam Lind is out of the lineup again tonight, which makes total sense when you realize that he was placed on the DL, and David Cooper has been called up to replace him. So… there’s that.

Tonight marks the start of a ten game road trip for the Jays, which takes them to Seattle, Oakland then Tampa. Then they get the Yankees, White Sox and Rangers when they return home. Better get some wins in early– besides, the fine contingent of BC Jays fans who are making the trip to Seattle for this series deserve it.

A little bit of rumour-ness, as Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun includes the Jays among teams who’ve been interested in the Phillies’ Joe Blanton… for some reason. The Orioles are thought to be the frontrunners, for whatever that’s worth.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks to Yunel Escobar, who is confused about why he’s being labelled as a clubhouse problem. Davidi wonders if other teams are trying to lower his value, while I, personally, blame Jeff Blair for all this.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s Parkes-hosted episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis DH
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
E. Encarnacion 1B
T. Snider LF
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

R. Romero LHP

Seattle Mariners

D. Ackley 2B
M. Saunders CF
J. Montero C
J. Jaso DH
K. Seager 3B
C. Wells LF
M. Carp 1B
C. Peguero RF
B. Ryan SS

H. Iwakuma RHP


Image via Brad White/Getty.

Comments (312)

  1. This is the night EE breaks .300. CALLING IT.

  2. Snidey discussing meats in the pre-game show – priceless.

  3. who needs a backup OF? Not the Jays, I guess.

  4. According to Tabby, all Rickey has to do is get ahead, stay ahead, and finish them off. Easy.

  5. Jays fans in Seattle are awesome, but man, if I were a Mariner fan I’d hate ‘em.

  6. Nice start, Rajai!

  7. How is that possible? HOW THE FUCK DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?

  8. Colby looking terrible.

  9. I’d feel more confident if Villanueva or Laffey was on the mound _ never thought I’d say those words!

  10. anybody having issues with rogersondemand online? Jays feed won’t play for me..

  11. I believe in you Ricky

  12. Romero looks good tonight, countenance-wise. Methinks this is the bounce back game.

  13. This keeps the triple play in order

  14. Holy shit.

  15. We would have just had a line out. Fucking ump

  16. no problem with Rogers on Demand here, that is what I am watching currently

    LookoutLanding in full bitch mode about the number of Jays fans at the game (hating on Canada, “worse than Red Sox fans” comment, blah blah wahhh wahhhh)


  17. That was a SWEET little toe tap on second by Esco.

  18. Fuck Seager killed the Jays last series

  19. Thank God! 4 bases hits and only runs, could have been worse

  20. Jays making this guy look like the fucking Japanese Nolan Ryan.

  21. Ricky fooling no-one. Lucky to get out of that with just 1 run, could have easily been 4+. Pathetic against one of the worst offensive teams in baseball. Just shut the guy down, he’s done at least for the year.

  22. Safety squeeze? Really? It’s going to take like 18 runs to win tonight. Does Farrell completely not understand the game?

  23. Gose being here is simply fucking retarded.

  24. Bah, Mathis hit that in the worst possible place. Behind Escobar, at the bag… Had no where to go.

  25. Did the jays trade for soto, please no

  26. It’s Merman

  27. Stick a fork in Romero.

  28. Rickey has to strart pitching inside to lefties, send a calling card once in while.

  29. Jesus electrifying Christ.

  30. I don’t think this current catastrophe we call Ricky Romero is a phase he’s going through. Ricky is just plain awful right now and this shows no signs of slowing. If I remember correctly, this all started back in May when the Jays were playing Texas at home on a Wednesday afternoon and Ricky was spotted a lead of something like 8-1 in the fourth inning and when he came out to pitch the 5th inning he was walking everybody and he hasn’t been right since. Ricky has NO confidence to throw any of his pitches for strikes. This isn’t a problem you resolve at the major league level, this is a problem you resolve at New Hampshire or Dunedin.

  31. It is anything but pretty.

  32. Hmm…wasn’t that pretty much exactly how Brett broke his finger at the end of last season?

  33. oh fuck, the Wild Pitch, Passed Ball, Infield Hit run (that is OPPORTUNISTIC/LUCKY offence) and Brendan Ryan’s Steve Zahn pornstache is outrageous

  34. Pitch count? Has to be 30-40

  35. Does Romero have to be put on waivers to be sent down?

  36. How this team of fucking hackers has scored as many runs as they have is astounding.

  37. 1-2-3 inning for Rickey lets go!

  38. I’m sick and tired of this shitballing Rickey. So stop it – get the out

  39. Damn it boy I want results – ARE YOU LISTENING??

  40. I think I prefer Ricky being bad tonight. At least that way there’s no question he needs to be sent down, and he needs to be sent down and fixed so he can come back here and dominate.

    It’s too bad Mel Queen is dead.

  41. Its about fucking time!!! Now get your ass in the dougout

  42. Rickey getting some love from the umps. I’m cool with that.

  43. Romero starting to show some signs of life. Gun says he’s throwing 95, is that possible?

  44. Starting to think jesuscristo is brad fuller fan in disguise or as Ginger campbell

  45. No rumors of the jays except for morneau hopefully a trade goes down tomorrow

  46. Hey, I thought Texas landed Yu Darvish?

  47. Iwakuma was a strike throwing machine but now he suddenly can’t find the plate.

  48. ok KJ Double time

  49. Sounds like Mr Martinez could have used some Bucky Bailey’s Bully Buckers tm on that play

  50. Looking like it’s going to be another one of those games where we just can’t hit shit pitching.

  51. Ugh… Hopefully pitching help comes…. Oh wait we have j.a happ

  52. Thought you guys would be interested in knowing that this deusche bag iwakuma has tied his career high in strikeouts in only four innings.

  53. Tabs really keen on line drive strokes out in Seattle. Guess he’s hitting the town tonight.

  54. It would be awesome if Romero could miss bats.

    Ricky: “It’s a game of inches.”

  55. Jeezus am im tired of these dum fuckin soots rojers gives me. Where can a fellar get a decent pair a ovaralls in this city?

  56. Colby slides on GRASS to make the catch.

    Snider wishes he could have done the same back at Rogers.

  57. Sam cosentino “Romero hasn’t been getting run support as of late”. The spin doctors are out in full force

  58. Snider seems to have gotten into the habit of seriously pulling off the ball the last few games. He is chopping broccoli up there, either way ahead of changeups or grounding 30 hoppers to first base foul. Im quite certain this is the “Murphy” effect. It usually takes a few games to set in which is why Travis always starts hot and then goes into a funk..that is the half life of Matolla’s coaching I guess.

  59. Anyone else notice Colby’s new motion to signal two outs?

  60. Stark says jays bearing down on garza, ho hum

  61. new career high now through 4.1 innings for this guy.

  62. How many dudes set season high in Ks against the Jays? Jeez louise.

  63. I’m with you bro,.


  65. Bad call.

  66. that was a crappy call ump!

  67. Yeah, Gose definitely had his hand on the bag before the tag.

  68. I’d like to send all these fucking gay ass umps to concentration camps

  69. I could tell he was safe and I’m watching this on a shitty online feed, what’s the umps excuse?

  70. Mariner broadcaster calling Gose play “close.” Not even. Terrible.

  71. By calling Gose out the ump saved Lawrie from striking out against k doctor once again.

  72. I blame JPA for RickRo’s left arm shitiness.

  73. That dude has a killer stache!

  74. That’s some heinous facial hair Brendan Ryan is sporting there…but maybe it’s helping him hit.

  75. Has Toronto lost one game in a row all season? Must go on losing streaks, it’s a rule.

  76. just a hose from right

  77. Well shit…however Gose did shoot that throw to infield out of a cannon.

  78. Saunders is better than Lawrie. Who would have thunk that a year ago?

  79. Shitty about the run, but Gose’s throw almost beat the guy to second.

  80. Romero needs to develop a slider. Until he does he’s meat to lefties.

  81. Romero approaching Towers-territory.

  82. I wish I spoke Japanese


  84. Brett Lawrie is a fucking joke.

  85. How can anyone watch this shit and not get really really fucking pissed? I know Wilner and Stoeten are just raring to claim we are making big shit out of nothing, but fuck if you sit and watch this game, its really fucking mysterious how they can make this guy look so good

  86. Lawrie’s too ramped up with his family there.
    He’s gonna burst a blood vessel in his head.
    Golden sombero.

  87. Based on our last two games, I would urge Rajai Davis to NOT score in the first inning. It immediately results in the other team scoring three runs and then the jays not scoring the rest of the game.

  88. Snider’s Rosacea strikes!!!

  89. I think the Jays should claim Torrealba

  90. i wonder what the jays collective batting average is vs change ups. im sure its really low and Im sure the murphy effect comes in to play

  91. Another bullshit fucking game.

  92. Raise your hand if you were thinking sweep once u realized we missed King Felix?

  93. jose would make this game alot more interesting, hed hit some dingers fer sher

  94. Yawn the Jays lack of offense is making me sleepy. Hopefully now that I’ve stopped watching they might do something. If not I’ve saved another hour of futility. Night all.

    • nite nm.
      sweet dreams about AA aquiring FA’s in the offseason.
      And visions of playoffs dancing in your head.

    • Actually the time zone change is probably a part of the problem. The Jays will adjust to playing Pacific time evenings over the next couple of days.

  95. what happens if Lind faces romero?

    • There would be a virtual crack in the space/time continuim creating a vortex of suckage never seen before in the galaxy.

  96. Samuel L Jackson killing it with his Olympic coverage tonight (lightening the mood of this frustrating game)


    • Most teams don’t think in terms of “why burn a half-decent middle reliever” because they have many of them.

      Only recently did we get a number of decent relievers. Thus we can go back to a more normal bullpen usage.

  97. I wonder if EE cares that Buck has dropped two syllables from his name.

  98. This must be what other teams fans feel like when Laffey stymies them…

  99. I guess you can’t really expect the jays to score a bunch of runs against japanese Noran Ryan.

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