Oh, hello. Apologies for the lack of rumour-mongering today, but it’s kinda been a slow day anyway, and I’ve kind not felt great. But… hey! Now we’ve got some west coast baseball!

It’s the last game before tomorrow’s non-waiver trade deadline, and it’s Ricky Romero’s latest chance to try and right himself, after there was talk of demotion following last week’s disasterpiece for the two-time Opening Day starter and nominal ace. You couldn’t pick a better location than Safeco or a better opponent than these Mariners for him to try and get back on track against.

Of course, if it all goes badly off the rails…


Adam Lind is out of the lineup again tonight, which makes total sense when you realize that he was placed on the DL, and David Cooper has been called up to replace him. So… there’s that.

Tonight marks the start of a ten game road trip for the Jays, which takes them to Seattle, Oakland then Tampa. Then they get the Yankees, White Sox and Rangers when they return home. Better get some wins in early– besides, the fine contingent of BC Jays fans who are making the trip to Seattle for this series deserve it.

A little bit of rumour-ness, as Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun includes the Jays among teams who’ve been interested in the Phillies’ Joe Blanton… for some reason. The Orioles are thought to be the frontrunners, for whatever that’s worth.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks to Yunel Escobar, who is confused about why he’s being labelled as a clubhouse problem. Davidi wonders if other teams are trying to lower his value, while I, personally, blame Jeff Blair for all this.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s Parkes-hosted episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis DH
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
E. Encarnacion 1B
T. Snider LF
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

R. Romero LHP

Seattle Mariners

D. Ackley 2B
M. Saunders CF
J. Montero C
J. Jaso DH
K. Seager 3B
C. Wells LF
M. Carp 1B
C. Peguero RF
B. Ryan SS

H. Iwakuma RHP


Image via Brad White/Getty.

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  1. The lookoutlanding crew were saying the Jays fans are louder than the yanks or Sox fans.
    Crazy, but I like it.

  2. I was really hoping we’d seen the last of teal when the Marlins changed their look…totally forgot about Seattle’s 3rd (4th?) jersey.

  3. When Mathis, Gose, and Davis are in a row in a lineup, I guess run support is an insane thing to ask for.

  4. nice swing beetlejuice

  5. Apparently Jimmy Eats World is really popular in Japan

  6. way to get that leadoff doulble in.

  7. Wilner’s twitter:

    (RE: Gose)

    Except when he gets hits. @gosensgo101: @Wilnerness590 @pnastolfo Right now, he can’t hit major league pitching. There’s no arguing that.

    I wish I could slap him a few times through my computer. I think I had a minor stroke reading that.

  8. Fuck is it this hard to figure out? If the ball is at the knees don’t swing at it. It’s going to drop out of the zone but no the fucking idiot jays keeps swinging right over the top of it. We must have the stupidest hitters in the league.

  9. holy fuck….

  10. The hell? A trade?

  11. Can’t believe I’m hoping Snider is injured.

  12. Traded?


  14. Garza’ed??

  15. Lunchbox? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  16. Trade

  17. Snider for Choo you heard it here first.

  18. Good hell…Snider better not be going for some piece of shit

  19. oh my god im not even lying i had a dream last night that the jays traded snider for a pitcher.

    but it was a nightmare! i want my lunchbox :(

  20. Noooooo! Don’t trade Travis!!!!

  21. Oh my god, Snider.

  22. Snider traded. He’s shaking hands and leaving.

  23. I may start crying a little. DON’T JUDGE ME.

  24. here comes the RA Dickey train!!!

  25. well looks like Lunchbox is gone…

  26. Snider hugs???? Traded for sure.

  27. wow… i dont know why but I am damn nervous to find out what we got in return.

  28. Lyle Overbay was assigned today.. coincidence???

  29. Crazy shit’s a brewin’!

  30. OMG I can’t believe they traded snider. This better be a monster win for the jays

  31. I hope King Felix walks across the diamond and joins the Jays dugout.

  32. If we get another shitballer and Trav Trav Von Snide Snides is going the other way…..

    Gonna lose my shit…

  33. That’s fucked up. That is fucked up

  34. What the fuck?!?!?!?!

  35. Its is oddly strange I am sad to see him go. And that we dont know whats next

  36. Without even knowing the details, I am prepared to very angry in the short-run and extremely disappointed in the long-run.

  37. I can not remember ever seeing that before. A guy pulled from a agame and within 5 minutes he is on the bench giving good bye hugs. Can anyone else remember anything like that?

  38. I’m kinda pissed…. never thought that would happen over Snider, but I think I’ve grown to love the little fucker over the last few weeks. Especially after watching that pre-show BBQ he hosted. Whadaguy

    • Agreed, wonderful plays in left, seems like a super classy kid all around. Surprisingly heart-broken over this one.

  39. gotta say I dont like it, unless it’s a package for a # 2 or 3 starter.

  40. Let’s just hope Travis wasnt the PTBNL in the Happ deal!

  41. Garbage in return…mark my words.

  42. it could just be a herpie flair up? maybe the team was really supportive about it?

  43. im speechless. aa never liked him. we’re going to regret trading him

  44. Fuck, no more meats?!?!?! Say it aint so…

  45. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Here’s the better question… why not double-switch RayJay to LF, Gomes at DH… we’re looking at a catcher/corner IF….

  47. I’d have to imagine this is a Garza trade. Unless AA’s pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

  48. I am fuckin worried. It better be worth some talent.

  49. Here I was winding down, finishing my last drink, thinking about bed. I’m rattled

  50. We better get more than a J. A Happ type for Lunchbox.

    i’m down with Garza if that’s it. i think i’m going to wince at the price, but it’s a good AA move, getting the injured guy that the 2012-only buyers will be less interested in.

  52. I’m probably going to be mad.

    But what we get in return may temper this.

  53. Anyone know a better source than mlbtr.com or trades? I need to know ASAP what we;re getting for one of the most promising bats in our org

  54. I wasn’t an enormous Snider fan and understood keeping Thames here to start the year…but this is still quite depressing.

  55. Good job Lawrie. Showing off in front of 80 friends/family…. the golden fucking sombrero

  56. who?

  57. Lincoln? Are you fucking kidding me?

  58. Brad Lincoln… WTF?!?!?!

  59. Who? Buck just announced it.

  60. #Bluejays have traded Snider to the #Pirates for RHP Brad Lincoln. #Jays

  61. Isn’t it strange that on a board that usually trusts AA implicitly, no one seems to think that we’ll win.

  62. Brad Lincoln? what’s a Brad Lincoln?

  63. WORST

  64. what the fuck is a brad lincoln?????

  65. Hilarious….and now we start to see Alex for what he is…..he’s got no idea what the fuck he is doing. What a fucking joke.

  66. Brad Lincoln… Puke

  67. Uhhhhhhhhhh…..I don’t get it?

  68. Fuck this season to hell.

  69. Fucking guy has a 4.80 era, and a 6-7 record. Yup, a ton of potential in this trade…WTF?

    • well those are completely wrong stats but yeah why a middle reliever for snider FUCK

    • This season:

      “Brad Lincoln is 4-2 Pirates with 2.73 ERA this season. He’s spent most of the season in the pen but has made 5 starts this yr. “

  70. God I hate Mike Wilner so fucking much

    • Wilner’s a fucking asshole. The guy is an egomaniac, and of course, will tell all us jays fans, to shut the fuck up.

  71. There had best be some prospects included coming our way, otherwise this is HORRID.

  72. AA – “I have an idea, let’s get another swing man I can fuck around with in the pen. That’ll shut those asshole fans who’ve been clamoring for a LHSP”

  73. Very un-AA-like. Buying high on a guy with an 85% strand rate.

  74. Maybe he sees Lincoln as a Morrow-type???

  75. It pisses me off to be a Jays fan. Fuck. This team is a fucking joke, and Alex Anthopolus is nothing special. Jesus Christ, when the fuck are we even going to try and compete with the big boys…Next year. Next year, but next year never comes.

  76. I got a bad bad feeling about this one. Yes I know the club desperately needs pitching but I was pumped about a regular Snider-Rasmus-Bautista outfield.

    And Lind is still on the team.

  77. and a Tommy John surgery recoverer

  78. Better be part of something bigger

    • I don’t think so…this is it I believe. The pitcher is recovering and supposedly has good stuff…I think this is a wakeup call to jays fans who thought Snider’s value was much higher.

  79. http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=4241&position=P

    well, his xFIP’s gone down every season so far, that’s…good…

  80. 2.73 ERA, 4-2, 1.09 WHIP, and appears to have been regularly tried as a starter.

  81. Give ‘em a year, come June, he’ll be out with an arm injury. Mark. My. Words.

  82. Brad Lincoln : 1st round pick in 2006(4th pick).
    Free Agent: 2018

  83. According to Stoeten, the trade has been rumored for quite a while now.
    Thus blowing the AA “ninja” image.

  84. 4th overall pick in 2006 for the 14th overall pick in 2006. Clearly we won the deal.

  85. yeah find the post…bet you can’t

  86. this is eerily similar to werth for frasor

  87. I hope everyone is prepared for tomorrow…because we ain’t getting anything of substance. Sure the Jays are in on all the talks, but nothing will happen. AA will sit pat, and we’ll waste yet another season.

  88. It’s so hilarious listening to buck and tabby put a happy face on this trade…even they sound dejected

  89. Alex Anthopoulos’ worst trade yet?

  90. I can’t claim to have watched a single Pirates game this year (because, come on) but this Lincoln guy looks kind of alright. 60k in 59IP ain’t nothing right? Still, I wonder what the fuck AA thinks he’s gonna do with left field for the rest of the season. And if the answer is a Gose-Davis shitplatoon, I will be a very sad panda.

    • probabably the return of Eric Thames, which ain’t much better.

    • Lincoln’s K/9 of 9.1 is good for 142nd in baseball… nothing special for a RP

      • He’s made five starts this year. If he does come out of the pen for us, then it’ll be an unmitigated disaster. But Pirates fans seem to like the kid’s potential. I’m taking a wait and see stance on this one.

  91. Wilner’s probably counting his lucky stars it’s a late game tonight he can cut Jays Talk short (if he has it at all) there is going to be people losing their shit on the phone otherwise…

  92. I haven’t been this angry since J.P Ricciardi offered Carlos Delgado $8M/year to stay….

  93. If AA thinks that this years brad lincoln (the one with 1.09 WHIP and 4.3 k/bb) is the real deal, im ok with it.

    but if he turns out to be the lincoln of the previous two years (whips over 1.4, k/bb under 1.9) and snider turns out to be the power hitting, doubles mashing machine we all think he can be then ill be a sad man.

  94. It’s a bullshit trade, no ifs, ands or buts.

  95. geez I wont be getting over this for a while…kept hoping Snider would come through and finally he looked like he was about to do it.

  96. How do you trade a still well regarded prospect for BRAD “I’M A FUCKIN RELIEVER” LINCOLN?

  97. I’m kind of excited about Brad Lincoln now, though apparently I’m the only one. Plus now we can stop pretending the Jays are ever going to add an ace and think about expensive bats we’re not going to sign.
    What do we all think about BJ Upton? Josh Hamilton anyone? Baseless speculation about outfielders is going to be WAY more fun than baseless speculation about pitchers. You’ll see.

  98. Twist the knife Zaun, you fucking hack

  99. Stoeten justifying the trade on Twitter…when did the Score get bought by Rogers?

  100. AA was better at selling. He should go do that until our farm is so stocked even he can’t screw it up.

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