Get your maple-appendages out, because Jon Heyman has a piece at CBS Sports where he suggests that the Jays– along with the Giants and Dodgers– have some interest in Twins first baseman Justin Morneau.

Morneau hasn’t been himself since suffering a concussion at Rogers Centre midway through 2010, though his numbers this season by an atrocious (.277 wOBA) June, and an even worse split against left-handed pitching (.199 wOBA). He’s owed $14-million next season, meaning that, as a platoon player, the most valuable thing about him might be his passport.

And, judging by their Lawrie-tastic marketing strategy, that might be enough for Rogers to maybe give a shit, but– and here’s something you don’t hear every day– that’s probably not giving them enough credit.

Seriously, I don’t see how he’s a fit at all.

So… there’s that.

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  1. what the hell is that hobgoblin looking thing swinging the flag??

    man i could go for some poutine and beaver tails right now

  2. Morneau for Lind straight up. They pay Lind for the rest of this year and all of next, and then decline his 2 options if he is still as shitty as he is right now, and the Jays pay Morneau the 4-5 million remaining for this year, and his $14 million next year.

  3. Only do it if they take Lind. But really it doesn’t make sense to trade for Morneau

    • Why doesn’t it make sense? If they can get rid of Lind in the trade then it makes perfect fuckin sense. Morneau would play 1st base or dh every time there is a right handed pitcher, with EE at the position Morneau isn’t, and when there is a shitty lefty pitching Morneau could probably still play, but when there is a tough lefty he would sit, EE would play 1st or DH, and Yan Gomes would play the other. Gomes could also spell Mathis at catcher like he already was going to. Or, since Cooper was just called up today, Yan Gomes plays exclusively as a backup catcher, and Cooper gets into the lineup once in a while when Morneau or EE need a day off. no?

  4. why would they want morneau, Lind is due for a breakout.

  5. Well. You’re probably right. But there’s a chance the Jays just see him as having a down-year, and being a great bounceback candidate next year. With Edwin’s flexibility, you can have Morneau DH a bunch too, and that may help keep him healthy.

    Definitlely not a great fit, but I can see it being a bit of an upside play.

    • I hate to talk about hockey on this site, but I agree, Bret, that the thinking may be that Morneau rebounds to have an awesome year next year. If you look at hockey concussions and pay attention to how fuckin long it takes some of these guys to get back to 100%, you’ll see that maybe Morneau has an awesome year next year. I mean fuck, the guy was a great fuckin player not very long ago.

  6. Where was AA on Liriano??? He cost next to nothing so even if you can’t sign him long term, or he can’t find his control, it’s not like you lost out.

    • Agreed, I, not sure we had what twins wanted. Which I heard was certain years of control with the prospects, and most of ours are too far away. Speculation tho

  7. I’ll shoot myself in the face if we pick up another injury-prone player, plues one past his prime, to boot. I can only hope that since we’ve heard the Jays have expressed interest that is means there has been no interest whatsoever.

    Holy maple cocks.

  8. No.

    We want Papi this off-season!

    • Uhhhhhhhhh, no we don’t?

      • papi is getting the qualifying offer… i don’t see AA giving up his first round pick (and giving boston a sandwich pick) for an aging DH.

    • I’d rather not get Ortiz; I don’t think I could prevent myself from heckling him about steroids when I get drunk. Old habits die hard…

  9. 13 homers and a .780 OPS this year isnt atrocious. It’s not worth $14 million though, but I have more faith in him bouncing back than Lind. Morneau was a tremendous hitter consistently for a lot of years.

    • enough extra faith to pay an extra $10 million?

      • Yep. You’ve gotta start spending money somewhere to try to improve. If Rogers is afraid to take a flyer for 10 million then everyone bitching about them being cheap are correct. At the end of the day we’re talking about a guy who less than 5 years ago might have been the best hitter in all of baseball. 10 million is a damn small price to pay for the possibility of him being even remotely close to that good again.

      • If the JAys have any chance of having a 1B that can compete in the AL east (see A Gon/Tex) Morneau is about the only thing available now and for the next 6-7 years. I would take that risk in a heart beat the upside is so high and it isn’t like he would be blocking an elite prospect coming up at 1B. He is only 31 so has 3-4 years of production available.

        EE/Morneau platoon at 1B/DH. Morneau could then be an elite bench bat/ pinch hitter on some of the days he takes off. (against certain tough lefties)

  10. What kind of shitty team do we want when a player’s passport shapes whether or not we want them?

    • I dunno…..maybe one where other variables (ticket and merchandise sales for example) have an impact on the greater picture?

      • No! You get a player if he will improve the team…..him being a Canadian should have ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT on the decision to sign or trade for a guy. Stop stroking your little maple boner….

        • While I generally agree, there is a case to be made that Canadian players drive interest, which drives team revenue, which drives team spending, which (can) lead to wins. In other words, PR moves, when done correctly, can help a team win.

          But for $14 MM? Pass.

          • It’s called “Appealing to John Q. Public”, folks. The masses of great unwashed out there who right now AREN’T buying tickets, MIGHT give it a shot with a PR move like this. This isn’t a move for us, it’s a move for them. And, frankly, if Lind goes away, at bare minimum the on-field product remains the same. So, we’re really talking about a revenue generator ploy hear. Which, by every possible measure, makes me just shrug my shoulders and go “Meh”.

  11. Lets bathe in Maple Syrup, in prep for his arrival!!!

    • i am so so sick of lind and his shittyness then he is out again with his tight back. that guy is lucky he isnt a fuckin a labourer in the real world. tight back huh, get back to work maggot the boss would say.

  12. Cliff Lee makes more sense, if Phillie is even shopping him. Yes he’s owed a ton but he’s a top tier starter controlled for the next few years and all it takes is prospects and money. Stuff we got.

    • I have absolutely no idea what it would take to land Cliff Lee. Three top fifteen prospects headlined by Gose and a Lansing arm? Four top fifteen? Three top 10? I would also be concerned that we’re probably on his 22 no-trade teams.
      In terms of just the baseball though this would be the most amazing thing ever. Cliff Lee is awesomeness personified. If (big if) we played in the one gamer, there’s no one I’d rather have starting than Cliff Lee…

      • Lee has a monstrous contract though, which kinda hurts his value. One top 100 prospect — not named d’Arnaud — and another prospect like Desclafini would be all I’d want to see parted for Lee.

    • Agreed Lee makes way more sense than Morneau or Johnson, but why would Phillie be shopping him right after signing Hamels?

      I’d be comfortable giving up three top 15 prospects for him.

      • I could see Amaro dumping Lee for some top tier prospects because of the Hamels contract. He’s done that before w/ the ’09 trade of Lee to the Mariners, dumping a bunch of prospects to the Jays for Doc, then restocking his system w/ the trade to the Mariners. Their system is not great, so it’s possible that 3 VERY costly pitchers is not something they want to spend on next year, so you’d might as well get some solid prospects back. Makes sense from their standpoint.

  13. I’m not too keen on the idea of bringing in Morneau, but if it meant that you would get to use that fucking awesome picture more often, I might be able to live with it.

  14. if the jays werent interested in paying Hanley 15M a year, (a player who’s a much better chance at turning his season/career back to where it was) why would they want morneau? i think its stupid, let the dodgers pay his salary next season.

  15. I give AA more credit than that. There is no way in hell you can say he picked up Brett Lawrie just because he is Canadian. The kid can play and is only 22. Justin Morneau not so much anymore. Which is sad because my maple boner would have loved to have him on the team.

  16. Ryan Dempster gives me a far greater maple-sicle.

  17. My mapleboner is already fully engorged with Brett Lawrie, thank you very much.

  18. I can’t wait for the Morneau/Arencibia platoon of shittiness at DH next season.

  19. If it was lower risk, I’d take him on his past as a fantastic hitter.

    More importanly, though, who is the dude with the face paint and the sword?

  20. Heyman’s also reporting that AA’s been inquiring about Ferguson Jenkins’ availability. Jenkins gives the Jays some more pitching depth and he gives the Rogers brass another big name Canadian to market.

  21. Morneau has the risk the Jays need but that price isn’t right. It would never happen.

  22. If the Jays are going to get Morneau, then they need to go full-on, and insist that Scott Diamond be included in the deal. Then, sign Ryan Dempster as a free agent. Then, mandate that all players use Maple Bats.

    • Call up Scott Richmond as well. Matt Stairs as DH.

      • Jeff Francis might be available too, as will Eric Bedard. I think Jussell Martin will also be a free agent…

        • Can we trade our entire outfield for Micheal Saunders, Adam Loewen and Jason Bay?

          • Not specifically, because this new player acquisitions strategy will require that Adam Loewen adopt a “hockey player mentality” and therefore he will “toughen-up” and resume his pitching career, at the risk of his long-term health.

            Hockey fans everywhere rejoice

          • Woah woah everyonne let’s not forget about Pete Orr here,,,, I mean seriously the man’s last name is ORR lol

            While were at it, grab Jesse Crain, John Axford, and see if Eric Gagne will come out of retirement for the bullpen.

          • get george kottaras from the a’s and russ martin from the yanks.
            hire ernie whitt as manager.

  23. classic change of scenery deal. Lind + C prospect for Morneau and even out the cash. do it.

  24. Can he pitch?

  25. @pgammo

    For today, A’s backed off on Drew and Escobar and won’t trade Straily in Headley deal

  26. This just in…Blue Jays acquire Rob Ducey for a Greek salad.

  27. Ridiculous speculation.

    Alex and I are only interested in players who make less than $800,000 per season.

    Now be good little fan boys and FAP FAP FAP over our elite players like Vizquel, Lind and JPA.

  28. This one might fly. I seem to recall AA stating that Bautista would be the highest paid player on the team. Something like that. Every time the Jays pass on a Fielder or Pujols I wonder whether that is part of the issue. Jose will earn $14 million per year 2012- 15 so Morneau might be a possibility.

  29. Ahhhhh i see what you did with the headline there……very clever

  30. how come no hot rumours on R.A. Dickey?

    one assumes that the mets are are trying to get younger, and build. old man Dickey (age 37) doesn’t fit with that.

    tricky dick would fit with the jays plans (reasonable option for next year) help now and next year, so the jays can buy time for the young arms to come into the big league picture.

    no worries about ALeast/NL consideration really ( two great game against the O’s and Rays this year, a stinker against the yanks, but he still went 6 innings). either the knuckleball is dancing, or she ain’t.

    odds are he’ll stay healthy considering the type of pitcher he is.

    he’s pitching well.

    he’s on twitter so he can tweet on tuesday home games ;)

    being the socially conscious guy that he is (see his charity work/Mount Kilimanjaro) he’d probably enjoy the toronto experience. if the jays play it right and donate to his charity (hearing him in interviews it’s actually a big deal to him and his wife) who knows, if he ages well, like some knucklers do, he may stay on after next year if the jays want to woo him.

    before you read on, yes, you can trade players on the DL, or make them PTBNL because they are switching leagues.

    i could see the mets being interested in JPA. he’s got the raw power to blast them out of city field, according to Ben Nicholson-Smith the met’s are looking for a catcher………

    “While the Mets are comfortable entering the 2013 season with Josh Thole as their everyday catcher, they’d like to add a proven backstop who bats from the right side to complement Thole.”

    considering JPA’s performance this year, the jays are probably better off with mathis and gomes this year with an emphasis on mathis (i’m no expert on intangibles, but a good defensive veteran catcher can only help a pitching staff that is young and/or stuggling). in 2013, with a decent mentor, let the TD’A era begin.

    JPA is one of JPR’s guys (he drafted him) so that could help.

    JPA has the good media presense in his “make up” which is sometimes mentioned as a consideration for talent going NY.

    the jays will have to throw in some arms, i won’t speculate on who the jays would give up, or who the mets would want because i just don’t know. however, with JPA being a decent young/controllable “middle of the diamond” piece in the trade, it would lower the cost of the pitching the jays would have add.

    book it!

    • i would say that gomes is way more valuable to a NL team than jp. that versatile first, third and catcher routine is pure gold for matchups and ingame changes. he is a righty and can pound the ball. he yanks my knob and balls everytime i see him play.he just looks meaty and im not gay. reminds me of pat borders

    • Really don’t understand why JP get shit on as much as he does here, its amazing that baseball fans think Gomes and Mathis is better than JP.

      Also, trading for Dickey would be buying higher than the Jiminez deal a couple years ago, the complete opposite of AA’s game plan.

  31. If its about the Jays and its on MLBTR its full of shit.

    • if your referring to what i wrote above, the jays were not mentioned. i did search on the mets when realized that nobody was really talking about them. it was an article about them trying to get Sotto from the cubs.

      • No yours I just flat out didnt read, if I wanted a novel id read game of thrones or something

  32. Justin time for a playoff run.

    Put him in at rover.

  33. sounds made up

  34. What’s the point here? What would be the purpose of the trade? To trade an American that can’t hit Lefties for a Canadian that SOOPER DOOPER can’t hit Lefties?

    Nah, bro.

  35. Personally, I think this second wild card is brilliant.

    50ish baseball and were are still on 3.5 games back past the half season mark. Its keeps the fans engaged and actually makes GMs work for their money, because they have to still being in contention.

    You know, we trade for 2 starting pitchers, get Jose and Jp back with possibly Morrow, and who the hell knows what can transpire in the Tee muthfukin Dot?

    • fuck man. valentine is saying the sox are still in it and that the yanks might not even make the playoffs especially after his ny mets time. i know he is a fuckin nutcase but it is possible after what went down last year for proof. im sure the baseball purists are going to freak in the fall, but i love the 2nd wildcard and am so happy they implemented it this year. not that many teams giving up early so it affects the division leaders from early seperation too. a 10 game winning streak really affects the standings too. so many 7-3 or 3-7 swings too this year already.

    • The second wildcard should force GM’s like AA to realize that it will be harder to do trades in season because many more teams are in the Wild Cardrace.

      You don’t need to win 90 games to make the second wildcard.

      Thus, AA has to make big moves in the offseason.

      The team isn’t 5 players away & doesn’t have to waste 2013.

  36. Any chance aa trades for Dom brown?

  37. Really stretching the use off the term “Just In” here.

    Pretty sure we heard about this months ago. Bad idea then. Bad idea now.

    Or is it just a play on his name? If so I just got it.

  38. At one point, Morneau might have been a decent risk to take. Back when both 1B and DH were question marks for 2013.

    But with EE locked in as the 1B, there isn’t really a need for an expensive, injury prone, platoon DH/backup 1B. The Jays have a cheaper version in Lind.

    Let’s just hope Lind comes off the DL and has one of his small sample size hot streaks and a team (i.e. the Dodgers) picks him up off August waivers. Then the Jays can find someone else to fill that role.

    • Strongly disagree. There is a VERY strong need for a DH on this team. Why give up the advantage you have in the AL by not exploiting the position? All we need is a left handed bat to DH vs righties who can mash..not play defense…not do AnYTHING else.

      just because we have a good offense doesn’t mean you dont improve something as easy to improve as DH.

      neither of those two guys Lind nor morenau are the answer. but the answer is out there and his name is kendry morales…and he can be had for escobar. DO YOU DO IT?

      • Not unless you think that Escobar’s current level of shittiness is where he’s going to be forever. Otherwise the upgrade to Morales is cancelled out by having Hech’s bat in the lineup.

      • Angels have Aybar locked up, not going to happen

      • “he can be had for Escobar”? According to who?

        I’d do it, if it were on the table. Although after saying tht, I a, unaware of Morales’ contract and control.

  39. I’m still blown away by the fact that the Jays are mentioned in trade rumours. WHEN DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN

  40. How did a mixture of maple syrup and beer get in my belly button??? Morneau is worth the gamble if the price is reasonable…hit him 5 hole behind joey and Eddie with a park adjustment and he’ll crush for sure…

  41. Cliff lee for?

  42. Has anyone else had trouble sleeping lately due to recurring MLBTR dreams?

    • ya

    • No not at all because when it comes to the Jays I put about as much stock in the bullshit Tim Dierkes and his band of bullshit artists spew out as I would believing a deaf guy’s record reviews.

      However,,, I do get up every morning hoping something will happen.

      • Agreed

        Stoeten posted this one while he was having a shit. His generation are the kings at phoning it in. Smartphones and blank stares

  43. Wheres the djf podcast?

  44. Morneau is too expensive imo for the injury risk that he is. This team is going to need to upgrade pitching first and foremost next year and it’s obviously going to be extremely costly. With a real hole potentially at 2nd base this winter that’s also going to be more of a priority than a dh.

    Snider has been pretty good overall but I still worry about his bat. The power is there, that’s without question, but is he going to make enough contact?

    So the way I see the priorities shaping for this winter (obviously just my opinion) are:

    1. At least a #2 or very solid #3 starter
    2. Another arm or two for the pen
    3. Fill 2nd base
    4. Another bat whether that fits in at left or dh remains to be seen.

    The pen issue might be helped internally if Stroman gets moved along quickly and or they revert Stilson back into a reliever. Both have fantastic arms and wipe out pitches.

    The lefty side of the pen seems set with Oliver, Loup and Happ. Then you have Janssen, Santos and some question marks from the right side and that’s possibly including Santos.

    As for 2nd base that’s certainly going to be interesting to see what AA does. Johnson would be a very good option if the price was right.

    With regards to Lind, I’d certainly like to see how he performs for the rest of the year first. In the 81 AB’s he’s had since his recall he’s hit .284/.333/.506/.839

    If you could get that performance out of your DH for $5 million for a full season that’s a steal. Remember Edwin wasn’t all that great after his initial return after getting sent down. Maybe Lind will need more time.

    Since I still have a feeling that you won’t see anything north of $95 million in payroll next year the Jays are still going to have to watch what they spend. $14 million would go a long way to filling those holes.

  45. What are the jays going to do about charlie V, Laffey, and Cecil once the arms come back from the DL? I really had my doubts about Cecil and Laffey, but they’ve been solid (esp. Laffey), and I’ve always thought charlie V is a good fit to be a No. 4 or 5 starter. Once Morrow comes back I would put Cecil in the pen or to the minors, but I think they may move CharlieV to the pen. Then if they do buy another pitcher this off season, and with Happ also there…I realize we need depth (like we needed it this season), but with all these replacements actually performing so well, it may create a slight problem.

  46. According the MLBTR, the Rays are looking for help at SS and C.

    I know we’re in the same division as the Rays, but Shields for a package including a young, affordable SS and C could match up pretty well.

    • Meh, I dont like shields all that much. Hes alright but hes more of a mid rotation starter. I’d rather have johnson. Atleast he has the upside to be a #2 starter.

      • Not to mention, the rays would probably want more from the jays because they play in the same division.

  47. I dont get all this escobar trade talk. Im not his biggest fan but even with his tenency to hit grounders he has to be a significantly superior hitter to hech, no? Not sure why the jays would want to add a black hole in their lineup. Put it this way, the difference in offense is significantly more than the difference in defence. In other words, escobar is a better player.

    • so why did they spend 10 million on hech? just as a flier? I love the people who somehow absolutely know hech cant nor will ever hit enough to play .

      • Why did [insert any MLB team] spend [insert draft bonus amount] on [insert name of any failed prospect] then?

        Of course it was a flier. If the guy becomes even an average MLB regular, $10M is unbelievably cheap for 6 years of control. Heck, even if he ends up being nothing more than a utility guy it might still be worth it, particularly if we can trade him somewhere else and get value back.

        I’m not sure anybody “knows” anything, but there are an awful lot of warning signs. Gose had significantly better numbers in Vegas and would be hitting under .100 here if not for a couple of bunts and dribblers that he managed to leg out.

        Put it another way–we knew when Hech was signed that he’d have to make significant improvements with the bat for the gamble to pay off. So far, although he’s gotten a bit better (a good part of which is probably attributable to Vegas), the level of improvement they hoped to see is still not there. So instead of saying “what makes you think he can’t hit,” it should be more like what makes you think he CAN hit in MLB? There’s no evidence of it and I have a hard time imagining AA dealing someone like Escobar until that changes in a big way. Unless, of course, he thinks Escobar is done and his value will only decrease from here–which I guess is a possibility.

  48. Jays apparently interested in any player on the market.

  49. anybody know if AA is travelling with the team right now?

    • Why does that matter?

      • trade possibility? getting close to the a’s on the coast. staying at home to manage the phones. just would like to know where he is so close to the deadline.

        • What year do you think this is? AA can pretty much just as effectively participate in trade deadline discussions if he was in rural Bangladesh as he can from the comfort of his own office. All he needs is a laptop and a phone. Contrary to what the Moneyball movie tells you, outside of the winter meetings there are virtually no face-to-face trade negotiations.

          • thanks for assuming i watched moneyball, I didn’t. and i am aware that a trade can take place anywhere in the fuckin world. you are a pompous ass

  50. Wow, great breaking story, rivitting. Lets add another reject to the parade of players who have already failed at 1st. EE has been teriffic there, but lets screw around until we absolutly screw this position up for a few more years.

  51. Hey guys, I just got dfa’ed by the Pirates, or whatever team I was playing for just recently. Mind if I jump aboard the Jays train??

  52. Lind DL, Cooper up, McDade to Vegas – hmm, Coop, go nuts, develop some trade value -

    • he only has 2 days so are you expecting a miracle?

      • no, really expecting him to be trade in the off season, so some July/August PAs could be a good resume-builder for potential suitors (Seattle could use a doubles-hitting 1Bman)

  53. Do it AA!
    If it doesn’t cost much player-wise to get him, all it’s costing is money. You can’t be too deep and while Morneau hasn’t been himself for a while, if AA is interested than it’s for a reason.

  54. is this a djf record for leasts post in a day just wondering

  55. Wow, SammyCoz needs to sit down with someone and work on his head shaking. I was starting to dizzy just now.

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