Alright! It’s time for our rundown of all the day’s wheelings and/or dealings as the window closed for MLB clubs to make trades… um… without players passing through revocable waivers first. Er… it’s the Getting Blanked Podcast: Super Special Trade Deadline Edition!

This week we spoke to Twitter’s @CrashburnAlley (aka Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley!) about the Phillies being in the odd position of selling off assets, and Twitter’s @hangingsliders (aka Wendy Thurm of Hanging Sliders, FanGraphs, Baseball Nation and Getting Blanked!) about the Giants’ new acquisitions and the arms race in the NL West.

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And, in case you missed it, once again here’s our pre-deadline version of the Getting Blanked Show, with our guest @MLBTRBen (aka Ben Nicholson Smith of MLB Trade Rumors!).

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  1. Seems strange this is on DJF and not Getting Blanked…

    • You mean it’s not posted at Getting Blanked yet, or you mean that it’s odd that it’s even here? Because all the Getting Blanked podcasts get posted here.

  2. No gb podcast on Friday then?

  3. The thing that I’m struggling with, is that AA basically held pat on major free agents in the off-season saying that better deals can be found at the trade deadline. You can use a another club’s desperation to leverage a player from them, that wouldn’t normally be available. (to paraphrase)

    Well, I won’t hold him to too high of a standard, as not much happened in that sense for any non-contending GM at the trade deadline

    Yet….. I wonder, if AA mis-read the landscape of the CBA, and now looking back, would have maybe preferred to not sit out last off-season on starting pitching and a big bat?

    It seems to me that the winter meetings and trade deadline are really the two main times that major deals can happen, and we have now seen two such opportunities go by without a blockbuster AA ninja deal.

    • Listen to both the interview he did for Prime Time and the one he did for 1050 TSN. Very interesting. I thought TSN did a great job at getting some answers.

      • These were interviews today?

      • The interview still doesn’t really answer my hypothesis, that if it is such a great time to get players, what happened this go round? He doesn’t have too many cracks at this until, re-building teams will be trying to fleece him, as the Jays contend…

        Is he mis-reading the market? Does he not have the right fit? Is the CBA affecting valuation? Is AA’s reputation been a detriment? Thoughts?

        • I attribute it to a few things… obviously the CBA is a factor but there also isn’t as many retarded GMs like Hendry and Reagins around to be easily fleeced.

          Also the fucking 2nd wild card… more teams feel that they are “in it” and that is why more teams are asking for Major League ready players as opposed to just packages of prospects.

          • Yes on the second-wildcard-making-everybody-think-they’re-still-in-it theory. Remarkable how that’s worked out, at least for this season.

  4. Pointless prediction from useless source of player evaluation:
    Moises Sierra has a sexy name rating of 9/10. He will become a very effective AL EAST bat and LF or RF. When the names are sexy, they tend to do very well in the big leagues.

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