Travis Snider was pulled from tonight’s game in the seventh inning for no injury-related reason, then proceeded straight into the clubhouse with John Farrell, eventually coming back out to shake hands and exchange hugs with teammates. Clearly he has been dealt somewhere.

And Wilner has it:

This will not go over well.

But, of course, Travis Snider for anybody would have had the masses up in arms, because of all that was promised of him over the years, and all that wasn’t delivered on. And of course, to many minds– mine included– all that he wasn’t given enough opportunity to deliver on.

But as disappointing as it is to see the club give up on him, and as underwhelming a return as Brad Lincoln appears to be on first blush– especially since this all went down in real time, on the field, with many rumours swirling about the club’s interest in Matt Garza — the red flags certainly come a little more into focus as Snider heads out the door.

There are the crazily high number of strikeouts. The inability to keep himself healthy and on the field. The lack of success he’s had in the few, limited opportunities he’s had in the majors.

Most importantly, I think, there’s the question of his future value.

As much as his recent call-up was welcomed by the many fans who’ve been following his career with great hope for so long, we knew it was essentially a make-or-break situation for Snider, because 2012 is his last option year. He’d have to play well-enough down the stretch to assure himself a job next season, which meant convincing the club to not aim higher in the off-season and to send Anthony Gose back to Triple-A for another season.

Yes, we all wanted to believe this was finally the time when he was going to put it all together, but if we think about it honestly– or look at the strikeout and walk rates he put up in the short time he was here– we can acknowledge that there was a very real possibility that he wouldn’t. And if he didn’t earn that job, and left the club looking for a contingency plan, a better option, or staring at the very real prospect of losing him for nothing on waivers if they ever needed to send him down, his value would have taken a considerable hit.

It’s fear of that possibility which, I suspect, has animated the Jays’ actions tonight, picking up a nice piece in Brad Lincoln in the process.

Lincoln’s numbers have moved in the right direction this year: his 4.29 K/BB is excellent, his strikeout rate is up, walk rate is down, swinging strikes are up, he’s added more than a mile-per-hour to his velocity, and all of those numbers look even better when he’s pitched in relief. His K-rate is up 10% when pitching in relief this year (29.9% and 10.0 K/9), and he’s got a WHIP of 0.84, a FIP of 2.43, and opponents’ wOBA against is just .228.

Now, is a solid-looking reliever at perhaps the peak of his post-prospect value the kind thing I always dreamed of the Jays getting in return for the Great Snider? Holy piss, no. But Lincoln is certainly an asset– and perhaps already more of one than Snider was ever going to be here. Plus, as Shi Davidi notes, the Jays have control of Lincoln until 2018, as opposed to just 2016 for Snider, which is also a plus– especially in the eyes of the club.

“We felt like we gave up a quality player to get a guy who’s starting to come into his own in Lincoln,” said John Farrell, according to another of Davidi’s tweets.

I always expected that, when this day came– as it’s looked more and more likely to have over the past few years– I’d be writing a paean for a still tremendously talented young player and raging against the organization that not only dealt him, but who sabotaged so much of his value before doing so– as so many have been tonight on Twitter and in the comments below. But… this isn’t so bad. Mind you, it’s not exactly uplifting– it isn’t the Rasmus deal or the magical offloading of Vernon Wells– but it’s really not as bad as you probably think.

And guess what? Lincoln isn’t even the newest member of the Jays’ pitching staff, as another trade was announced shortly thereafter! Yes, the club has dealt Eric Thames to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for yet another reliever: Steve Delabar.

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs and USS Mariner tweets that Delabar has a “big fastball (94-96) and a good splitter, but no breaking ball. HRs against RHBs his downfall so far, but fixable.”

So… it’s some immediate bullpen help for a team that seem to really want to believe it’s in the playoff hunt, regardless of the fact that they’re in such a poor position, probably not talented enough to make it happen, and that we’re talking about the coin flip that is the play-in game.

Has Anthopoulos been afflicted by the same cynical, short-sighted, everything-to-drive-attendance disease that plagued his predecessor? I sure as fuck hope not. And the deals he’s made these past few weeks, even if they very obviously serve to paper over an injury-ravaged area of need, don’t entirely have me convinced that he is– especially since it would mark such a major turn away from everything we’ve known about Anthopoulos, how he operates, and how we believe that he could have made deals happen last winter, but chose to cling to his best prospects.

Thing is, much like with Brett Wallace, Nestor Molina, and even Wojciechowski and Musgrove, the perception among fans about who those top prospects who must be held so tightly are doesn’t necessarily match what the front office believes. We’ll miss the myth of Snider– the feeling of possibility that, just beyond our noses, exists the kind of young, vital, untapped power that could turn a season, or the club’s entire fortunes around for years to come– but not so much his real, tangible production on the field. I wish him well and hope that he blossoms into an All-Star in Pittsburgh, not out of spite for the way the club jerked him around and tempted fate by messing with his ample talents, but because I believe the talent really is there, even if I can understand why maybe the Jays felt this was the best move for their ballclub from the point-of-view of asset management.


A new era awaits– yet again. And probably more deals, too.


Image via Tom Szczerbowski/Getty.

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  1. The best part is, around the intrawebs, Pirates fans are saying how bad this deal is for them too.

    Trading one of the most effective bullpen arm for technically an unproven young outfielder who is all promise and potential, no results.

    But still, hard to look at this trade without my man crush goggles on…

  2. Ya. This is a shitty move. Alex got hosed. He’s really dropped the ball this month. The last move was pretty questionable. This ones fucking terrible.

  3. For the first time I am disappointed at AA. Trading him for a reliever? really, Relievers grow on trees just ask the rays!

  4. I’m SICK of how they fucked this kid. Pulling him off the field, in his hometown. FUCK OFF. AA did great with revamping the scouts. How about doing the same with the fucking coaches?

  5. I’m disappointed for all the Snider fans, we lost a good player today. Hopefully this trade gives us the pitching depth we need to contend this year, and get to the playoffs next year. We still have holes to fill.

  6. Or this means we have to watch gose strike out every other at bat right? AND HE IS NOT EVEN PLAYING CENTER FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Snider with more major league exp 14 so in 36 ab vs gose 12 in 28 dont see in stike outs with major exp how u would think snider in so category was worth while. Choose a better stat for snider than so to compare.

  7. I’m guessing there’s either another trade coming, or AA is trying to build a shitload of pitching depth for next year.

  8. Hmm, I have never been sold on Travis Snider, and if he Turns into a superstar out fielder, that would be awesome. But the reality is that the Jays need the pitching depth in the back end and in the starting rotation. I highly doubt that the Jays 100% rule out Lincoln for a starting roll, if the opportunity arises, and if they make some solid releavers out of Lincoln and Happ over the next couple of years and the bullpen actually doesn’t loose so many fucking games, than this trade will be worth everything. As it is the Jays already had a big offence with out Snider, and trading him isn’t going to hurt the Jays, especially if you account for the talent they have coming up behind the outfielders.

  9. Well…Pittsburgh is a five-hour drive from Toronto. There is no retail sales tax, great museums, stunning architecture – I’m thinking road trip some time.

    And hey, this pitcher can lock it down in the ‘pen. I’m thinking I’ll still go to SkyDome.

    I’m going to grieve today. Then tomorrow, I’ll get back to living. #notoverdramatic

    • Pittsburgh has a beautiful ballpark, too. And Primanti Bros. sandwiches.

      Road trip sounds really good.

    • Pittsburgh is a great city-friendly people, cool bars. And one of the Pirates’ minor league affiliates has a sweet stadium nearby. Travis will love it there!

  10. *sigh*

    Gonna have to retire this monicker and come up with a new one.

  11. I have to say that this is a very good move by the Blue Jays. Both Lincoln and Travis Snider are prospects that never materialized into what was once dreamed. I have been following Lincoln very closely this season (he is on my fantasy team) and he actually owns the best ERA amongst all MLB relievers this season when he does not spot start. Actually quite shocked that the Pirates, in the middle of a pennant race, did deal him for what essentially will be a platoon OF for their team. What upsets me is that fact that the small minority of these know-it-all Jays fans are up in arms over a trade like this believing that we got completely hosed. These fans still believe in the hype-machine created the day he was drafted, but fail to realize that the overall tools leave something to the imagination. Snider is nothing more than a fastball hitter, with an average arm in the OF. He will never come close to hitting .300, unless he adjusts to off speed pitches and shows a consistent approach at the plate. Even when AA sent him to the minors last season to work on his mechanics and approach, he walked just once in like 30 games. I am VERY SURE that AA went out and tried to include Snider in probably every deal for a bonafide talent, but GM’s were smart enough not to bite. Also, there is so much one can do without being suspect when dealing a guy with some supposed cache around to other GM’s by offering him in every deal. Lincoln is a great get by AA.

    • right on matt. also for the blind boner holding snider fans….. relievers for rasmus last yr….. this yr snider for reliever. who would you rather have, cletus or snider? the fuckin answer is simple. there still has to be a trade in the works for a LF though. I just cant see AA relying on rajai alone since he went down with a hamstring injury last yr. those type of injuries usually resurface under full time duty. i dont know enough rosters to see who would be available in LF other than the upton rumour. from what i read the bullpen in T.O has cost us the most losses and AA has addressed the situation. as for romero and his guilty conscience, I am assuming he has verbally attacked flailing pitchers previously and now cant look anyone in the eye. he needs a stint somewhere else to get his control back.his confidence is already shattered. i wouldnt be upset if he was traded either

  12. “Has Anthopoulos been afflicted by the same cynical, short-sighted, everything-to-drive-attendance disease that plagued his predecessor?”

    Someone above already typed this, I’m sure, but this trade will produce an opposite reaction once the curiosity wears off. Ditto with Thames, whom the crowd seemed to like. Plus, no one who doesn’t know what FIP and wOBA mean gets ramped up over bullpen arms beyond closers.

  13. Man, you guys are hilarious.

    AA has lost his goddamn mind is what I saw one person comment. We’re talking about a Snider for Lincoln deal here guys. WHO GIVES A SHIT? Is this going to break the team?

    And Stoeten you’re just as bad: “Has Anthopoulos been afflicted by the same cynical, short-sighted, everything-to-drive-attendance disease that plagued his predecessor?”

    ….because he traded Travis Snider? Really?

    Wow guys. Pull yourselves together here.

  14. LIke a lot of you I don’t like this deal. Seems like a typical AA deal, only in reverse.

    Then again a lot of Pirates fans seem angry too, hating to give up their best reliever and a big-armed pitcher for a “AAAA player”

  15. Folks, Snider’s value had taken a drastic dip. The way the Jays handled him didn’t help but as the article says, Lincoln might well be a better asset than Snider right now, and the Jays need pitchers with elbows and shoulders etc that are healthy. And, the other possibility is there’s another trade coming tied to this move but my feeling is no…they wanted pitching. They can hit the snot out of the ball on most nights. Pitching, especially bridge pitching between the A ballers and the Jays…good, solid, not stars guys to solidify the pitching and allow the offence to flourish. Right now, I’m not 100% comfortable with a 8 run lead going into the 7th inning. And, starters…I’d rather have 4 or 5 Garza type pitchers in my rotation than 1 Halliday and filler, which has been the case here for too long. The fact is you roll over 5 Garza types in a week, and with this offence, you win 90+ games easy every year. I think that AA realizes that now and he’ll address that maybe today but definitely in the winter.

  16. I actually like both deals made last night. Thames will never be a starting player and as much I was hoping for Snider to become a star – it isn’t going to happen. The two arms we got look like nice pieces to give us a strong pen going forward

    I don’t get the first trade (3 relievers for 5 prospects and crap) combined with this one… We acquired 5 relievers for some guys that could have been part of bigger trades (if not convinced they are part of future)

    i hope Happ is in the rotation soon and Lyon should be dealt….

  17. More bottom feeder scrubs. When are we getting a solid starting pitcher? The only ones we seem to have now are in A ball.

  18. Godspeed, Snider!!

  19. Who in their right mind would trade a left fielder who looks like he can hit 20 bombs, along with a .243 batting average and a .300 OBP year in and year out? Maybe teams who don’t think that’s good enough?

    Snider has played parts of four seasons in the majors and couldn’t stick? Why? Because he was ‘fucked around’ as the myth goes? No, because each time he was up he got progressively worse until it was obvious he wasn’t good enough to be here. Only now there’s no place to put him in 2013.

    Find something real to cry in your corn flakes about. Cause this ain’t it.

  20. Remember this day, people. Remember this day.

    • This is our 9/11.

      We will never forget when those 2 trades hit…

      • Wow a concentration camp joke and a 9/11 joke in consecutive threads. The DJF commenters have their classy wifebeaters on today I guess.

    • and remember when you take your hand off your boner within a few minutes blood will re-enter your brain

  21. So, i am wondering which prospect/ player who never reached his potential will jays fans view as the next savior. Last year it was mcgowan. This year it was snider. Now we have traded snider and mcgowan having returning shoulder pain ( and tobe honest, with his age they should eiter convert to bullpen or dfa) i am curious to who is going to be that prospect whos fan view as if brought up this would be there year…..

  22. If nothing else, the Jays bullpen is looking very solid for next year.

    Perez (Not sure how long he’s out)
    And possibly Laffey, CV and Lyon depending on if they come back.

    Plus there’s a bunch of guys that can spot start or take over if anyone gets injured. This is a move of a team that plans on contending next year.

    The only thing that worries me now is left field. Unless there’s another move coming it looks like were stuck with Davis and Gose for now.

    • Forgot Frasor if he comes back as well.

    • Pretty sure Perez is out for most of next season.

      Also pretty sure Frasor is coming back, though. Could make for a crowded pen.

      I can see Loup starting the season in the minors.

    • Yeah? That’s we said about this year’s “Super Pen”, chump.

    • that’s a joke right?

      we’ve heard how great the pen will *be* three years in a row. it doesn’t matter.

      we need the starting rotation. you can’t plug a starting rotation hole with a bunch of relievers that look good on paper.

      get real. we need 1-2 full on starters and NOW we need a LF, 2B, and possibly 1B/DH

      i can see filling one of those if Hech turns out he can hit. Maybe you can fill one with an off-season signing….but those 2 starters + LF now we’re going to need to find something. that’s a tall order…

      • Look at what Baltimore did this year on the strength of their bullpen.

        This is not to say the Jays won’t add another started before 4 today or in the off-season. I fully agree that they need at least one top 3 starter.

  23. Dear Alex,

    It’s like I don’t know you anymore.



  24. Love how we’re trading away potential All-Star bats the day we got fucking HAMMERED by Iwakuma. This team is a fucking joke.

  25. I know fans liked Snider. I did too. But talk about shock. I remember when Fred and Tony got traded. Tony Fernandez was my favorite Jay. I loved his arm at short, range and that weird flip throw ranging towards 3rd and from the hole throwing to 1st almost always in time for a seemingly difficult, if not impossible, out. Then, he gets traded. This is not even close obviously to the magnitude of last night’s trade but it does show that AA is solidifying the pitching to augment the offence he has now. Gillick addressed needs to make his team a championship team. Trading Snider, given the outfield depth on this team that has been developing since Snider was drafted, is amazing and allowed AA to address a need too. Time will tell but I like the way he’s building up his pitching staff for now and the future. Barring another move, I think the outfield might be, from left to centre, Rasmus, Gose and JoeyBats on his return.

    • Listen here dude, Gose is a fucking piece of shit. We’re having Rajai in LF for at least another season. Mark it.

      • There is certainly a piece of shit here but it isn’t Gose. Please give back the device you are using to post this crap to whomever you stole it from and return to your trailer.

        • Maybe you like seeing players like Gose, Alvarez and Hutchison rushed — but I certainly don’t.

          Buck was talking about Gose being able to bunt .280. Maybe that should be his strategy because all he’s doing is striking out.

          If people think we’re competing with this offense in 2013, they are going to be majorly disappointed. Going to have to add at least 2 solid bats (LF and DH/1B).

    • Gose may wow right now, but Gose claims Rasmus is the best defensive CF in the majors. Rasmus doesn’t move for a rookie.

  26. Heard the news, immediately thought about this:

  27. This quote sums it up perfectly:

    “The Blue Jays also dealt minor league outfielder Eric Thames to the Mariners for reliever Steve Delabar. In two deals, the Blue Jays added bullpen help for two outfielders who probably had no future with the team. ”

    Good luck Travis. #FeastMode

    • Guess we’ll find out shortly. God, I hope Travis turns out to be a fucking perennial 4WAR player over in Pittsburgh. Glad we gave Thames and Rajai all those at-bats in a year where we were not competing.

  28. Travis Snider = Average or better LF @ 24 (.735 OPS)

    24 yr old avg MLB LF w/ upside > a reliver

  29. This is what happens when you want to make your MLB team better, but your owner won’t let you take on any salary. That article/tweet from Heyman about 6 weeks ago was bang on. Jays want major-league talent but won’t pay. So they can either trade shit for shit (Cordero, Benny etc.) or prospects for shit. You can get two different types of shit–guys currently playing well above their heads who you have to hope have “figured it out” rather than a temporary uptick (Lincoln) or guys who are sucking who you have to hope put it back together (Happ).

    So while other teams get Garza, Greinke, etc. we get JA Happ and Brad Lincoln. It’s all about the money.

    I wouldn’t blame AA for this except for the fact that back-end starters and pretty much all relievers are SO fungible. Aaron Laffey has come closer to providing value on a minor-league deal than Heath Bell has at $7M per year, and that’s not even particularly unusual. It happens every year.

    If I were a major-league GM, I would spend big on my #1 and #2 starters and pick up league-minimum shitbags (as many as I could) for the rest of the rotation and the entire pen. Any one of them has as good a chance of panning out as any other. If they suck, DFA and pick up a new guy off the scrap heap.

    I get that AA’s job is hard with the payroll parameters, but he’s got to pick better targets. I would have no problem trading Snider for a down-on-his-luck position prospect (Belt), but trading for a reliever when we’re just as likely to get more value out of any guy we could pick up in the offseason for nothing is just stupid.

    • Because what we need right now is a guy who is a FA at the end of the year (Grienke) and a guy who is injured right now (Garza).

      • Not saying we need those guys in particular, but we do need top-shelf, All-Star talent at every position to compete in the Beast. Wasn’t that what AA said? I would love to hear someone ask him on the record how acquiring Happ, Lincoln and Delabar furthers that goal. The reality is that our rivals get stronger, we trade shit for shit and tread water, and Rogers counts its money.

    • you’re an idiot

  30. Still believe AA is infallible, fan boys? LOLLLL


    • Last winter Richard Griffin said the honeymoon was over.

      I would like to correct that to *now*, the honeymoon is over.

  31. Look, I get why Snider got traded. Too many outfielders, and he’d be gone on waivers next spring.

    What I don’t get is why he got traded for a reliever. I mean sure, Lincoln is good, but he’s a bullpen arm.

    It’s possible with the Rasmus deal and the deals we’ve seen this year that bullpen arms are valued in baseball much more than the sabr community does. That doesn’t change that we gave up too much.

  32. We should trade for Shane victorino…. And sign a solid pitcher in the offseason (there are a few)… and we’re set next year.

  33. this better be because of something else in the works.

    why the eff do you trade the most serviceable LF without anything reasonable to replace it with??? you can’t seriously think you’ll be running gose out there next spring. I haven’t seen such poor swings at major league pitching, ever. he needs work. he’s got to at least be able to hack out singles in order to provide any value on the basepaths. you can’t steal 1B.

    and it would be ludicrous to think they’re going to run davis or encarnacion out there. you are not going to get anywhere with that hole in LF. it was amazing to see how solid and dangerous our outfield defense was with Snider out there. you must have nothing less.

    these bullpen pitchers might be nice, but its STILLL does not do fuck all to address the missing 1-2 starters we need. and now we have yet another hole to plug.

    so unless there is some other shoe to drop this has been senseless.

  34. Rogers: “Why do the Leafs make more money on a smaller payroll? Alex, fix this now!”

  35. I hated this deal when I first saw it, but when I thought a little about the big picture, I couldn’t help but wonder if this wasn’t Anthopoulos sneakily upgrading this year’s team without dealing top prospects (Gose, D’Arnaud, Sanchez, etc.) for players who will only be here for a few months and leave without the team even getting any sort of draft picks as compensation. Trading Wojcechowski, Musgrove, Perez, Rollins, Snider and Thames for Happ, Lyon, Carpenter, Lincoln and Delabar definitely makes the Jays a better team this year when you consider that guys like Chad Beck, Drew Carpenter and Aaron Loup have been holding down spots in the bullpen. The trades have also added players who will be in the organization for the next 3+ years, while allowing them to keep their the core of their farm system intact.

  36. After a few impressive seasons, AA dropped the ball this off season by failing to fill the team’s massive holes at LF, 1B and SP.

    And he’s done absolutely nothing during the season to improve the team.

    AA has turned into a JOKE.


  37. Victorino is so overrated. Don’t want him…He is no better than Davis.

  38. Um, I’m reading the comments. Um, wtf? Um, laughing my ass off. Greatest day ever.


  40. In the big picture these trades will help with their pitcher problems. Lets be honest about Snider and his skill set. He is a solid defensive player, but he sucks at the plate. He is a .250 hitter and that is all he will be. Jeff Blair is right, we will forget this trade in three years.


    • Lol “quit your fucking winning and give the trade a chance.” Now THAT’s a malapropism…

      • hahaha you like my malapropism from last week that you imitated my thoughts/ the sincerest form of flattery. and then you dont quote him properly to boot. winning/ whining(sic). you are a champion ray especially with the anal grammar and spellcheck bullshit criticism last week too. why dont you sit back and just read. the world doesnt need to see whats not going on in your head

  42. I just don’t understand why AA has spent so much free agent money and so many prospects aquiring what are arguably the cheapest, most easily replaced assets on a team: relief pitchers. The lack of quality pitchers to put into our bullpen from double and triple A ball is such a condemnation of the previous regime’s drafting.

    • “so much free agent money”????????????

      • Yes, so much free agent money. Rauch, Frasor, Oliver, Cordero … many people pointed out that for the money we spent on Cordero and Frasor we could have had Edwin Jackson. And easily found two shitbags who would have done just as good a job in the pen, for nothing, as the two shitbags we did get.

        Spending money on the pen is stupid. I can’t understand why we absolutely refuse to spend money anywhere else, but will spend it on the pen. Is it because relievers tend to sign one-year contracts unlike decent starters and position players? Probably.

        • Because its the cheapest place to spend. AA picks up mainly dumpster diving talent hoping that he finds a diamond in the rough.

          • and when it comes to turning trash into star bats, i have to say the jays have done pretty well, ie Bautista, Edwing. Its kinda nice to have a 1B that is pretty much the same a Prince Fielder is this year, except without the albatross contract.

    • easy look at Mcgowan, or corey patterson who highly toted prospects in there day who injuries stunted there ace potential, and for corey never lived up to being a former #1 BBA prospect. you acquire prospects but sell high if you can before the Myst is seen, and keep the good ones.

      • and as alamonde pointed out its not free agent money but prospect money. there are player budget, draft picks, and import prospects, coaching staff, administrative (gm, scouts, etc). Budget principles teach you to set a budget for each sector and try to keep to the budget for the period end as much as possible.

      • Selling high is obtaining Brad Lincoln? K.

  43. I can’t help thinking that this clears space in the OF for Upton.

    • Keep dreaming…

    • Sorry son, but Upton makes more than $250,000 per year so we will not be inquiring about him.

      We do have payroll parameters to respect.

      Rogers isn’t made of money, you know.

      • Actually Rogers IS made of money.

        Now you know.

        • That’s totally inappropriate. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!

        • Good sir, a corporation is a mere legal construct. It cannot be made of money, since money is tangible and the corporation itself is not.

          Now, do we MAKE piles and piles of money? Why, my boy, of course we do!

  44. So here’s a question.

    Arizona apparently wants an ace starter and there’s speculation AA will trade for an ace to flip him to the D-Bags for Upton.

    If we were able to acquire, say, Garza or Johnson (or even Lee), would rather keep the pitcher, or trade him plus whatever it takes (Hech) to get Upton?


    • Wait, is that “AA is GOOD” or “AA is GOD”?

      • AA is GOLD. He gets all the fanboys off on the ninja stuff and increases attendance 30 percent while maintaining a bottom-five payroll. He is a dream for a cheapass owner like Rogers.

      • Both.

        He can do no wrong.

        Drink the kool aid he splurts into your mouth, fan boy.

  46. snider = Gatsby’s green light.

  47. Payroll parameters. Budgets. They’re not always a bad thing, but they’re always there. And AA’s trades this year show me that he’s serious about carving out some real money this summer. The facts:
    1. This year we spend 5MM on paying of the Angels and 5MM on Mark Teahan’s retirement fund. Those are gone next year (in my understanding)
    2. JA Happ deal – once Lyon leaves we’ve cleared another 4MM.
    3. Last night – Don’t know the exact number, but looks like a fair chunk of change. Add another 4 for making Frasor redundant.
    Ya it sucks now, but I don’t imagine for a second that Rogers plans to CUT costs. That means, once you take away 6MM (raise for chicken wing) AA has cleared almost 20MM from this year’s payroll. Instead of counting on the corporate overlords to loosen the pursestrings, maybe AA is loading the deck for his own move this summer. We can always hope.

    • Or maybe he’s saving money to make sure that he’s secure in his own job? Keep the owners happy and all that.

      Fuck, if he can have a .500 team with SWAGGER that increases ratings and attendance, why waste money on winning?

    • Ya it sucks now, but I don’t imagine for a second that Rogers plans to CUT costs.

      Bahhhahahahahha. This IS Rogers we’re talking about.

  48. So now that we have a hole in LF, what corner OFs are there that are young, controllable, underrated, undervalued, good defense, and had a lot of potential coming out of school that hasn’t yet been met, that we can acquire on the cheap?

    Besides Travis Snider, that is.

  49. We should rename this blog “Angry Jays Fans” for today.

  50. Finally.

    Can’t believe we actually got more than a bag of balls for that over-rated fuck. Enjoy the strikeouts, popouts, empty buffet tables, and occasional home run, Pittsburgh!

  51. Just reading about Delabar’s story. Pretty interesting as he went from non-prospect (he was ‘Pickles’ in Hayhurst’s first book), to out of baseball after shattering his elbow and sub-teaching at a high school, to accidentally getting better through learning a pitching program that he could teach his students, which led to a try-out, and 6 months later he’s in the majors.

    It’s a pretty good read.

  52. Did anybody hear the guy on the fan saying beeston should be fired because he doesnt wear socks?

  53. Lets get this out of the way, I liked Travis and wanted to see him succeed in blue. But this trade was a good trade. Travis next season is officially out of options, for those casual fans, that means if he shits the bed again the Jays are stuck with him as their LF without the option to send him down, or they DFA him and he gets claimed and we get nothing, or we trade him for minor league filler.

    Come this offseason if the Jays want to go out an sign or trade for a proven power hitter there would also be no place to shove him in the outfield with Snider taking up that spot. Meaning if we were to trade him at that point his value would be very low.

    Third, if Travis regresses into September you would get nothing back in a trade. Fourth point, there are plenty of fielders knocking at the MLB door and Gose is one of them. It would be pretty hard to justify having Snider block them with the way he has been hitting. Gose is not an offensive powerhouse, but is a excellent fielder and can wreak havoc on the base paths when he gets on. and with only 31PA has a lot of growing still to do. Right now the only tool Travis has over Gose is hit power tool, and we have plenty of power in the line-up.

    What we are losing: A league average hitter, with some pop to his bat, and a above average fielder. His ceiling was believed to be all-star but is looking to be more Hinske-ish.

    What we gain: A shut down reliever who is one of the NL’s best pen arms this year who is under team control until 2018. He will be a 1 inning guy in the 7th or 8th.

    AA is hedging his bets that Snider will either not improve or will decline and that Lincoln will continue to do well in the pen. My guess is that Lincoln will help save more games than Travis would help win. Especially with so many other power bats throughout the line-up. Plus now we can hear from all of those fans thinking we were going to sign Fielder switch gears to Hamilton…and go!

    • You’re right to call them fielders… because there is no way Gose is a hitter.

      We’ll see what trades AA can swing for hitters… I don’t know about signing anyone though.

    • Well put OKGO JAYS.

    • Most reasonable post I’ve seen.

      It’s a hedge. If Snider doesn’t light it up over the next two moths we’d have gotten less than nothing for him. We’d lose him on waivers since he’s out of options.

      Then I grant you he’d probable rake for the team that takes a chance on him in but that won’t be for another two or three years. Jays are looking to contend next year and can’t risk it. Instead they got a valuable asset for a contender.

      A shut down reliever with upside who’s actually starting to realize his potential for a “player of the future and always will be”.

      There is a reason Pirate fans are freaking out about this deal.
      When you see Lincoln’s curve that’s unhittable, you’ll come around.
      Watch him pitch, then judge.

  54. I guess Brad Lincoln is the new Brandon Morrow.

    • Or the new Cordero. Time will tell.

      • I am hoping more than expecting… without the Ks he gets from the extra mph in relief, he does not look so good… So unless the Jays think he can learn a changeup at 27… after trying and failing for a few years… I guess the Jays are supposedly really good with changeups but still.

        Probably more like Brad Lincoln is the new Sergio Santos… so which piece got more return: Snider or Molina?

    • good point, people forget where Morrow came from.

  55. Wow read what Klaw wrote about Snider:

    “The Pirates get to roll the dice on a flawed hitter who’s young enough to retain some upside, while the Blue Jays get a reliever who can help the team immediately and doesn’t have the washout risk of the guy they gave up.

    Travis Snider is an interesting buy-low opportunity for Pittsburgh, but he comes with two major red flags at this point. One is durability — while he’s a decent athlete, he’s had exactly one season where he’s reached 500 plate appearances, and that was in 2008. The other, and arguably the more concerning one, is that he’s swinging and missing far too often at pitches in the zone, even after the Blue Jays worked with him on shortening his swing this offseason, only to see him regress once the season began. His swing is long enough from load to contact that pitchers, especially southpaws, can beat him out over the plate.

    Even in this year’s tiny big league sample, Snider homered three times off lefties, and punched out in 7 of his other 10 plate appearances against them; in his major league time, he has 70 strikeouts against lefties in 184 PAs with 9 walks. The upside here, while remote, is a corner outfielder who’s average on defense and has 25-homer power with some patience, but that can’t happen until he makes more contact, which can’t happen unless he can alter his swing and maintain the changes he makes.”

  56. It must have been cold there in my shadow,
    to never have sunlight on your face.
    You were content to let me shine, that’s your way.
    You always walked a step behind.

    So I was the one with all the glory,
    while you were the one with all the strength.
    A beautiful face without a name for so long.
    A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
    and everything I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle,
    ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

  57. I don’t really love the trade but what I see happening is a lot of hedging of bets on 2013 and the bullpen, particularly with regard to Santos, a possible Frasor exit, and Perez. At the beginning of 2012 we might have safely expected to depend on all of those guys for next year. Now, that doesn’t have to happen.

    I also am intrigued by the statement made earlier about the salary and expenditures coming off the books. As much as we all know and want to believe that Rogers is capable of dropping unheard-of cash on this team, if AA is able to cut costs in some places to re-allocate in others, that’s a good thing. Let’s hope that this signals a big splash in the offseason. The only problem there is that more teams than ever are locking up their good-to-great young players.

    I’m going to miss Travis and his potential and hope that the change of scenery and everyday playing time is all he needs. I’ll still root for him – no shame in pulling for a team like the Pirates.

  58. Its funny to see people go completely ape shit over a deal like this. Obviously they didn’t pay attention to the first half of the season.

  59. You guys wanted a fuckin trade, now you got three of them. Whiny bitches.

  60. You fucking Snider fanboys are gay as shit. Snider has done FUCK ALL for this franchise for 4 years now, and you think somehow it is just gonna come out of nowhere? Have you even watched him at the plate? His swing is horrible, and he strikes out at a Kelly Johnson rate. At the very least we got a great setup guy, and who knows maybe he turns into something more, but we know he can perform SOME service to the club at a major league level.

    To be honest, I’m just glad he’s gone so I don’t have to listen to you fucks praise the rosy-cheeked little bitch anymore for no reason.

    • lmao amen

    • He was waaay too young to be traded like this and the team still doesn’t have a DH or a left fielder. The number of pro-Snider posts outside this thread was very small, the internet must be a very difficult and frustrating thing for you to use.

      • Way too young? I don’t know how long you think a franchise should wait and let a players value slip, but I think AA realised that Snider is never gonna amount to much more than he already has. It’s great to crack out your devastatingly witty sarcasm, but I am commenting in the context of this thread, which -gasp- is where I posted this!

        • Ah, I’m just messing around and wanted to post as another person from that beautiful 80s outfield.

          I hope Georging Oneself On Relivers drops by next. :)

  61. I dont understand why all of you love Snider so much even tho I dont like the trade its about time jays fans can stop talking about that bum that couldnt keep his job in left for more than a few weeks at a time

  62. I don’t need your Civil War…………Jays fans.

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