Travis Snider already has a run scored for the Pittsburgh Pirates, coming home on a Neil Walker grand slam after getting on base via an infield single. National League baseball, everybody!

At the time of writing Snider is 1-for-3 with a walk and a strikeout in his debut as the playoff-hunting Pirates’ number two hitter. (And that’s not even the most interesting ex-Blue Jay-related thing happening in that one!)

Stilllllllll a lot of people not quite processing the concept that Snider’s value was kinda poised to fall off a cliff if he didn’t secure a starting job with the 2013 Jays in what was to be slightly more than a two month cameo, in which he was already showing the signs of having trouble making contact. Nor are many grasping the positive signs in the peripherals Brad Lincoln has registered when pitching in relief this season, or the uptick in velocity.

Yes, it’s a risk to bet that Lincoln will keep this up and that everything finally clicking for Snider isn’t potentially right around the corner. But let’s stop talking about Lincoln like he’s been a dime-a-dozen reliever this year, or pretending that there wasn’t great risk going the other way too, by potentially passing on adding an on-the-upswing Lincoln to a thin stable of late inning relief arms under team control in order to try to the last to wring some measure of success out of Snider in one final Big League opportunity before his lack of options craters his value entirely.

And– not that it’s reason to feel comfortable about the deal in and of itself– the fact that the Jays have so much scouting power that’s backing their decisions ought to make you feel that, at the very least, Anthopoulos wasn’t stumbling around drunk in the middle of the night when this one went down.

Not that that’s going to stop anybody who really desperately fucking wants to from thinking that Anthopoulos suddenly went ether-blind, but… just sayin’.


Holy shit, that sure is one lineup with which to start a new era of Jays baseball, isn’t it?

“We thought we were moving toward something late last night,” said Anthopoulos, according to Shi Davidi’s post-deadline piece at Sportsnet, not getting into specifics, and specifically not-specifically talking about Matt Garza (though, technically not). “We had a late night here, really late, didn’t get a whole lot of sleep, it carried over to the morning and it ended up falling apart.”

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
D. Cooper 1B
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
R. Davis LF
J. Mathis C
M. Sierra RF

A. Laffey RHP

Seattle Mariners

D. Ackley 2B
C. Wells RF
M. Saunders CF
J. Montero DH
K. Seager 3B
M. Carp 1B
M. Olivo C
T. Robinson LF
B. Ryan SS

J. Vargas LHP

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  1. Lets watch some baseball! I love these 7pm games!

  2. The more I think about this trade, I have to say I don’t like it.

    Why not keep Snider, play him everyday this season, and then try to address the bullpen in the offseason?

    • Cause that costs money and we’re a small market don’t ya know?

    • The more I think about the Snider (and Thames) trade, it still makes me nervous to give up on Snider, but…… It almost feels like AA decided to stop fuckin’ around with left field and give himself a clean slate to work with. Now he can see Gose / Davis / Sierra, decide what he has and then solve the problem during the offseason. Not the best management of assets, but I kinda get it.

    • For the last time, Snider was out of options.If he hit 200 for the rest of the year, you let him go for nothing, to sign anywhere he wants.Or you carry him on the 25 man for next year and he becomes untradable.The Jays couldn’t send him to AAA next year.
      How long do you wait for him to reach his potential?

  3. Take that photo down, I can’t deal! Oh, and our lineup looks pretty sweet with the slugger David Cooper at cleanup! Playoffs here we come!

  4. Im more bothered by the thames trade. Delabar is being held together by screws. Texas scores Dempster with 2 prospects that probably wont pan out, and we give up 2 major league ready players for weiner shnitzle

    • Texas gets Dempster mostly because his 10&5 rights mean he gets to choose where he goes.

    • That and the fact that Dempster is a free agent in a few months while the relievers the jays got are team controllable and cheap for a while.

  5. Lawrie and Rasmus doin their thang..

  6. Why is it our supposed high powered offense gets shut down so easily against any decent pitcher? In july we’ve scored 2 runs or less 9 times but held opponents to this only 6 times. We have no 2 strike approach. While other hitters shorten their swings and put the ball in play with us it’s home run swing all day all the time.

  7. LOL, Staff Ace Vargas raping the Jays.

  8. Remember that guy who played the equivalent of like a season and a half over four years? Well, he got traded. A nation mourns.

    • You mean the guy that would rake, then would shit the bed so bad he had to get sent back to AA to rework his swing?
      The guy who wouldn’t take instruction when he was twenty and reported late to AAA.
      There’s a reason he only spent a year and a half in the majors in four years.
      Time to move on.

  9. 3 strike outs already! this is going to be a repeat of yesterday. I’m not going to watch this fiasco any longer. I’m gone.

  10. Night of the living strikout part 2. ffs

  11. Ladies and gentlemen, staff ace Laffey

  12. Snider’s gone folks, stop your bitching. Let’s talk about something practical, like how far EE’s bat flew into the stands

  13. No Thames in the lineup! What the fuck?

  14. wow belt high fastball. I haven’t seen that before!

  15. AJ no hitter through 7.

    For some reason, I have kinda liked AJ this season. I didn’t really like him when he was a Jay, and I hated him as a Yankee, but I’m kinda happy for him that he is putting together a decent season in Pittsburgh.

  16. I wish buck could (or would) be honest. It’d be cool to hear something like “cooper is just a placeholder and really shouldn’t be on a major league squad. He really has no power to speak of and his AAA numbers are inflated by Vegas”

    • Buck doesn’t realize that.

    • I heard Buck on Prime Time the other day. He was surprisingly honest and candid. I think when he’s broadcasting Jays’ games, he becomes extremely politically correct. He doesn’t want to offend anyone!

      I was interested to hear his critical comments about Romero, Cecil, and Cooper!! Because he did essentially say Cooper is a place holder..

  17. This camera angle in Seattle sucks.

  18. Snider debut with the Jays in 2008:
    Burnett pitching to Barajas

    Snider debut with the Pirates in 2012:
    Burnett pitching to Barajas

  19. Jays lineup should have Escobar batting in the top two and Rasmus or Lawrie batting fourth, with KJ fifth, and Cooper lower in the lineup.

  20. Kelly Johnson bugs the shit out of me.

    Worst. Jays 2b. Ever.

  21. You guys have to explain this undying adoration you have for Snider, because I just don’t get it. I read somewhere that someone thought he was more offensively talented then Carlos Delgado…WTF!!!

    He was a prospect who didn’t live up to his potential. The majors is chock full of those. Why did Snider deserve so much love?

    I think the media controlled entity of the ball club perpetuated this myth and the fans ran with it. Wilner was a big catalyst primarily for his love of JPR. I for one am glad AA pulled the trigger and got something.

    It is time to move on people…

    • LOL. Man, how quickly we forget about guys like Bautista, who flourished once given the chance. Shrug, oh well. Just trade potential 4WAR bats for relievers.

      • How many opportunities does a guy need/deserve? Snider had opportunity after opportunity, and where do you get this potential 4WAR? Did you pull that out of your ass? Give up the Snider blinders, he didn’t even amass what Hinske was, It is time to give Lincoln a shot.

      • Wow, so Snider was/is gonna be another Bautista?Potential 4 WAR?

        Wow, is right word i guess.

        • Snider has always been regarded as having tons of upside. He’s young — 24 years old. We never gave him the chance to sort his shit out and make adjustments at the major league level. Look at fucking Gordon.

          • @ Wow

            That’s bullshit,Snider was given the chance.
            But according to everyone it was JPR’s fault for bringing him up too early.
            Then it was Cito’s fault.
            Then we got a new manager so it couldn’t be his fault. Then somebody fucked up his swing.Then he could hit in Vegas but could hit in the Majors because he wasn’t hitting fourth.

            At some point Snider has to take contol of his destiny.
            All he has to do is hit the ball, the rest will follow.

        • We traded a 24 year old with potential for a fucking relief pitcher.

          That’s shitty asset management. You can fellate AA as much as you like, but it was a shitty trade.

          • @LuisLeal

            Exactly. Even if Snider doesn’t work… this is not a gamble I would like to see the Jays take.

            Who cares about the level of control on a reliever when fucking AA himself has talked about their volatility? WTF?

  22. “David Cooper is a fine fielder WHEN HE CAN GET TO THE BALL.” Talk about damning with faint praise. Thanks, Tabby.

  23. Cooper? Cleanup? The hell?

    (looks over rest of lineup, fails to see a better hitter to bat at cleanup)

    The hell?

  24. This is the Laffey I’ve been waiting for.

    Happ to take his spot.

  25. Let me guess. The Jays lose tonight. Then win tomorrow, and the two games after that. Then lose two or three. Then win two or three.

  26. “Throw that Crappy Laffey”

  27. Two out at Wrigley in the 8th.

    AJ pitching to Le Gros Bill

  28. Staff ace Laffey no more.

  29. AJ’s no-no is gone!

  30. Run prevention prolly the better choice there CooperScooper

  31. any game feeds for the non sportsnet1 fans

  32. I think the thing that gets me more than the fact that they traded Snider, is that he was usedbin a trade for a reliever – a position you should supposedly be able to ‘fix’ pretty easily. I guess i just wonder if that value couldnt have been parlayed in a package into something tangibly more valuable. I suppose the return might tell us something about that, but we’ll never really know.

    Time to move on.

    Go Jays.

  33. Well with starts like this it sure makes it easier to go to bed earlier.

  34. Wow moises didn’t pull the ball, murphy is fuming!

  35. Hopefully this means we see happ instead of laffey next time through the rotation

  36. The only good thing I can say about this series, being a Vancouver-ite, is that the games are on at reasonable hour.

  37. I think Lawrie’s double was the first hit w/ RISP in about two years

  38. Great move farrell putting cooper behind edwing

  39. Farrell must have been in the military because the only thing he understand is LRLR

  40. Completely disagree stoeten. There is no justification for trading for a middle reliever. AA blew it big time. Snider just isn’t as bad as people are making him out be/ he is worth the risk over a middle reliever who will pitch 30 innings a year under Farrel’s system. It is especially doesn’t make sense when you consider they have no other left fielder who can hit, currently. Goes prob ain’t gonna hit.

  41. I’ve read several good stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you place to make such a magnificent informative site.

  42. Who knew that Farrell was a fan of the Boss?

  43. Does anyone else think it’s funny how Stoeten is now defending the trade with negative Snider facts after spending the entire season leading the army of people slobbering all over Sniders cock and begging to have him called up?

    • He has a knee-jerk negative reaction to people’s knee-jerk negative reactions. That’s all it is.

    • Nope.
      Stoeten always supported Snider ( his inner fan side overruled his Sabermetric side). But there’s a time to move on, for the better of the team AND the player.It woulda been a happier ending if Snider could have reached his potential with the Jays but there wasn’t enough time left.

      • Not enough time left? There are 60 meaningless games left for him to actually have been given a decent chance at the major league level.

        Instead we got yet another middle reliever. Awesome.

  44. Also….. does anyone else hope Murphy get the fucking door at the end of this year before he ruins anymore good young hitters.

    • in his defence, he didn’t have Goldstein and Law to tell him what to think about the matter until the past 24 hours.

    • I prefer the notion of more voices in the mix. Different strokes for different folks. Bring up Mottola as associate hitting coach.

      • + Billions and Billions

      • It could go both ways. Not everyone is going to respond to every hitting coach. Murphy worked great for Bautista… but that really seems to be about it?

        You may have too many conflicting voices telling the players different things in this scenario. I can’t imagine Chad and Dwayne having the exact same approach and feelings on hitting, etc.

    • I’d personally love to see Chad get a shot. But he’s also doing good work in Vegas… so where does he have more value? Slightly tweaking swings at the major league level, or helping develop young prospects?

  45. will the snider cock swagglers now turn their attention to the pittsburgh pirates and leave us ….we are over the trade deadline deals ,,,, fans alone

  46. Is Charlie Lau, or Branch Rickey available?

  47. I’m not fond of Cooper at first. Or in general.

  48. Anybody missing EE at first yet?

    EE doesn’t get the props for his defense.

  49. When you see David Cooper move about and perform, it is quite hard to imagine how the fuck a team took him with a first round pick. Let’s take a look at this entity know as David Cooper..

    -middling power
    -can only play first or DH.

    how on earth could an organization sift through all the data and their own personal experience watching this guy and think he should be a first round pick? Unathletic DH with no power? The fucker would have to hit 350 every year to make himself useful.

    • because rogers gave JPR no money to work with. he had to make “safe” picks.

      • Because JPR said he could do it the Moneyball way and got rid of all the scouts that could have told him that.
        So JPR used the stats without realizing how the stats were compiled and against what type of competition.

        • Because rogers was looking for management that could slash operating cost. so JPR proposed an saving money on scouts and by signing cheaper college talent.

          I’m sure he would have loved to have gone after high ceiling talent, but that business plan would not gotten him hired by Godfrey.

          • @ Famous

            Very true.Because the Jays were bleeding money and Billy Beane showed you didn’t have to spend to build a 100 win team,Godfrey and Rogers drank the koolaid that was the new wave of the future.
            Along the way, the CBA classified the Jays as a “small market team” and the jays reaped 30 mil a year in transfer payments.

    • He sounds like a natural for The Society of Weed Smoking Sabermetricians, especially as he always looks a tad spacey.

  50. anybody notice the yanks are sliding? maybe valentine knows something is up since he stated maybe they dont make the playoffs. what a radical sombitch he is

  51. Nickle Diming us to death here…

  52. Fuck off Seattle. Fuck off with your face.

  53. Aaaarrrggghhh this team is soooooo fucking mediocre. Every year its the same shit. With or without injuries this team is mediocre. Its pathetic. I dont give a shit that this team leads the league in runs scored. It means nothing when you look at their record. They need another bat and better execution in their AB’s instead of making easy outs. A more grind it out -obp style approach is needed. Bautista has to be pissed right now after the trade deadline and barely any help arriving.

    • So let me get this straight… our league leading offense sucks and isn’t contributing to wins, but if we start taking more walks we’ll somehow win more? What exactly does a better obp have to do with the pitching situation, which you can quite easily argue is having more of an impact on our record than the league-leading offense we have?

      Is the pitching staff mediocre right now? Pretty close but given that it mostly consists of minor leaguers, that’s probably understandable (and hey, look, they made two trades yesterday to bring in MLB arms to help out). Injuries matter and have had a pretty big impact on the pitching staff, but you don’t care about injuries, so I guess we’ll conveniently ignore that fact, right?

      Maybe if you put some thought into things, you’d be less angry?

      • Let me ask you, what was this teams record when the injuries started in mid-june and morrow went down? Somewhere around .500. They were mediocre then and mediocre now. Dont let the injuries fool you into thinking this team would be 15 games above .500 if morrow, hutch, and bautista were healthy. Drabek I dont count because I think carlos V is better than him. As for obp, it obviously creates more chances for the team to drive in runs if people are on base. They hit well with RISP. Also, this team is good at hitting homers so with runners on its even more beneficial. Lastly, as an added bonus it allows you to knock the other teams starter out of the game earlier and face shitty middle relief which the jays are all to familiar with.

        • Also, every team has injuries. Just some are more deep and dont let it affect them as much.

        • Thanks for pointing out the merits of OBP. I think we all understand how important it is to get on base, but clearly the Jays are doing something right with their league average OBP (they’re 15th out of 30).

          The issue is clearly with the pitchers and its where the Jays were hit hardest in terms of injuries. Yes, injuries happen to everyone, but in the way they’ve occurred to the Jays, it’s forced them to roster a pitching staff of minor leaguers. With the additions of Lincoln and Delabar, we’ll have used 30 pitchers this season. As a comparison, within our division the Rays have used 18, Yankees have used 19, Boston has used 21, and Baltimore has used 22. Hell, the Reds have only used 13 pitchers.

          We’ll never know what the Jays record would have been today if the pitching staff hadn’t of been decimated. I never said they’d be 15 games over .500. That’s unrealistic, but maybe they’re 3 or 4 games over at this point. In a league where 90 games should get you near a playoff spot, hypothetically projecting to 85 wins isn’t mediocre. Even projecting to 81 wins isn’t mediocre.

          Yes, we want the team to be better, but insisting on using hyperbole and calling them mediocre is simply wrong. They’re no where near the bottom of the barrel, and if you really think they’re mediocre then what words would you use to describe the 15-20 teams in the league that are worse?

          • I dont get your reasoning. How is 81 wins anything but mediocre? Also, I think your confusing mediocre with bad. I never said they are a bad team. I said they are mediocre or middle of the pack team and have been for a very long time.

          • The bottom of the barrel is not mediocre though. The Jays are not the fucking worst team, they are just not a competitor. The problem is they aren’t good enough to attract FAs and pack the stadium, and they are not bad enough to pick in the top 5 in the draft. That’s mediocre.

      • Honestly, stop this nonsense about league-leading offense unless you’re citing some specific stats. Runs scored is absolute bullshit,… you might as well be talking about RBIs.

        As has been stated here before, the Jays are 9th in team wOBA and 5th in wRC+. Not exactly LEAGUE LEADING is it?

  54. This is an investment game. You lose the game but win the battle by getting that piece of shit smoke and mirrors laffey out of the rotation. unlike cecil..who is also part smoke and mirrors, laffeys peripherals are a joke. at least cecil strikes people out.

  55. I want Happ-y Time, I am not Laffey-ing anymore, this is not fun

  56. Kind of agree with afdg, won’t be too long before Jose starts pussy aching about playing on a “contender.” He’ll Halladay his way out of town soon. AA will be starting his fourth year in charge soon, on field product still a joke. But the farm system is highly regarded, so there’s that.

    • you negative fuckers

    • And the Rogers apologists will deem “he deserves to be traded to a winner” just like Halladay.

      Great teams that want to win keep their great players. 0.500 teams let them walk for the eventual hope of more prospects “two years away”.

      • The problem is that players who don’t want to be there may not provide much value to your ball club in terms of “intangibles.” As much as blogs such as this one hate using the word, you cannot deny that Bautista is a clubhouse leader. If he’s pissed off, do you think he’s going to be so apt to help out and coach some of the newer/younger members of the organization?

    • Shrug, as he should be. When he signed his long-term deal, he was probably under the impression that this team would be fielding a competitive roster 1-2 years down the line. That hasn’t exactly happened. There are glaring holes up and down this lineup.

  57. im a big fan of kj but he is sliding into shit the bed territory. why do teams play like shit going to th west coast. i know when i went to vancouver for three days it was weird but i was only fucked up when i came back home with jet lag.whats up man. eye hand coordination jammed

  58. ” But let’s stop talking about Lincoln like he’s been a dime-a-dozen reliever this year, or pretending that there wasn’t great risk going the other way too, by potentially passing on adding an on-the-upswing Lincoln to a thin stable of late inning relief arms under team control in order to try to the last to wring some measure of success out of Snider in one final Big League opportunity before his lack of options craters his value entirely.”

    Why does this blog always feel the need to justify every move the jays make? Sometimes, the front office fucks up and I think it could be one of those cases. Lincoln is a good reliever sure but theyre not THAT hard to find. Snider could have and should have netted a better return in a package.

    • blah blah blah. you DO realize that this guy Lincoln is out of options next year as well?

      personally I’d be willing to risk losing snider for nothing with the outside chance that he becomes a solid major leaguer (at least in a platoon role) vs the CEILING of a solid reliever. Those relievers are not hard to come buy when you really need one. (think a team that actually is in a position of contention and lacks an arm..not this team anytime soon.).

      • The free agent market is kinda shitty next year for relievers… but if our starting rotation were bolstered, I see no problem with resigning CV and moving him + Laffey and Cecil to the pen.

    • How do you know?

    • I have noticed the increased support of every move AA makes.It’s similar to Wilner who says that Farrell knows more about baseball than the fans so his decisions should not be questioned.

      I think the media feels the need to justify every move the Jays make because it’s more comfortable to be part of group think.

      Repeatedly complaining about Rogers or MLSE is not a smart way to secure future employment. with those organizations.

      The problem with AA’s trade of Snider is thatt it goes against what AA has tried to do in the past.

      AA is always looking for damaged goods on other teams & trades the shiny piece to them .

      The new mantra of controllability over a reliever for 6 years is silly.

      relievers get routinely DFA’d after a year or 2. Jays have always said consistent relievers are very hard to find.

      • “The new mantra of controllability over a reliever for 6 years is silly.”

        Not when payroll parameters may be your primary concern.

        6 years is a long time for someone who has their elbow held together by a steel plate and some screws.

    • If good relievers are not THAT hard to find, how come the Jays haven;t been able to find any for the past 3 years? I think AA has seen that quality bullpen arms are in short supply (especially with the elimination of the FA comp system) and is stocking up for the next few years so he doesn’t have to stock the bullpen with dregs and cast-offs as in the past.

      That said, this off season is time for Mr. Anthopolous to step up.

      The only thing shocking to me is how MLB teams have missed out on hiring all of the experts commenting here to advise their baseball operations.

  59. The thing about the Snider trade was that I really feared having to watch Rajai Davis play on a regular basis. He is the epitome of a foot in the bucket guess fastball on everything hittter. Those guys run into a ball once in a while, but god are they painful to watch on a regular basis.

    Here’s hoping that we dont have to see this fucker play much more as a regular. Id rather have Sierra in least there is some upside there.

    • Davis fucking sucks. He has no business hitting anywhere other than 9th vs LHP. Very average in the field as well. Hes a fucking moron on the basepaths as well getting thrown out trying to steal third every other game. Just not a good or smart player at all.

  60. watching the seattle feed is painful. knob slobbering at an artistic level. but then i wonder what non jays fans must think listening to buck and tabby. and THEN i remember what i think listening to buck and tabby. THEN i remember lunchbox. i think alot.

  61. I am lathering up my cock with some swiiss chalet sauce for all you lonely snider swagglers. withdrawal is a bitch so come on over and honk on this soon. them pangs dont get easier the longer you wait.

  62. Didnt realize there was a min/max limit.

  63. Fun Fact: Farrel has six kids named

    • and a dog named coco?

    • hahaha i just got it, didnt expect a joke there. hahahaa i am slower than the jays bats. thx for the laugh, im glad i wasnt drinking anything when i got it, this is definitely in the top 5 laughs for this year

  64. This Seattle team is leading the A.L. West, right?

  65. I trust my scouting department

  66. I thought Trayvon Robinson was killed by George Zimmerman? How is he starting for the mariners?

  67. snider was about 2 months away from becoming brett wallace. the same wallace that got us gose would get you nothing right now.

  68. Seattle better find a way to lose tomorrow, or all those Canucks and all their greenbacks won’t return next year.

  69. kelly johnson now has 534 strikeouts this year

  70. This team is so funny. LOVE those strike outs. HACKERS!

  71. I was a little worried they weren’t gonna get their strikeouts in tonight, but the 9th saved it! The farm system is pretty damn good, I hear!

  72. fuckin butterfield has to go away soon.the guy cant judge properly at all.




  74. for those who think pitching is the problem, the last 11losses the jays have scored a whopping 12 runs. that’s right 1.1 runs per game

    • And Mathis pitched in one of those games.

    • Pitching is *a* problem, but not the only problem. Like I said earlier, the Jays have major holes to fill in the offseason at LF/2B/DH. Kelly Johnson has been absolutely terrible and his defense isn’t that great. I know 2B is being considered more of a “defense-first” position — but that’s assuming you have strong offensive players at those “offense-first” positions, and we simply do not.

      A lot of people like to blame Dwayne Murphy once the offense starts struggling/slumping, and I don’t know for sure if that is the answer or not. I do know for sure that I’ve been watching a whole shit-ton of striking out, very few walks, weakly hit balls and few runs over the last 3 games. It seems like the Jays’ hitters also take a lot of first pitch strikes, or just general strikes right down the heart of the plate without striking. They don’t defend the plate in a 2 strike count, and get pissed when they get caught looking at a third strike (regardless of whether or not its a bad call).

      It’d be one thing if this were one fucking hitter. It’d be another if it were some ace-pitchers. But there have been few shining stars in the line-up. EE has really been the only consistent offensive threat on this team all year. KJ hasn’t been good since May. Yunel seems to hit only ground balls. Brett Lawrie is in a similar spot. Colby is striking out like a younger KJ right now and was terrible all throughout July. Sure, Lawrie and Colby were hot for a bit there, but definitely came down to Earth. JP gets hot once in a while, but those periods are few and far between. And the list goes on…

      Is our talent just terrible or is there something wrong at the organizational level with the Jays?

  75. We have a hitter now with a BA over .300!!!

  76. Now that the Jays have reached another low, a fully expect a 3 game winning streak that’ll have everyone dreaming of a playoff run this year. Again.

  77. Looking forwaed to seeing Lincoln the vampire slayer pitch. Surely he has an axe to grind.

  78. Well there’s the losing at least 2 out of 3 I predicted before this series began, to make it 3 losses in a row to fall back under .500. So now it’s about time for the Jays to win 4 out of 5.

  79. I wonder what that “major deal” was that Anthopoulous pursued yesterday morning and couldn’t close.

    • Speculation is that it was Garza. He probably balked at the asking price (1-2 pieces of the Lansing 3, plus probably another 2 B prospects I would reckon)… especially for a currently injured player.

    • “The Blue Jays were discussing a trade late Monday, only to see the deal fall apart, GM Alex Anthopoulos said”

      Was the trade that fell apart it’s own entity? Or did AA trade Snider and Thames only to have the final trade he was working on and building up to fall apart?

  80. Even after sober second thought, I still dislike this deal immensely.

    I acknowledge Stoeten’s point that there is considerable risk with Snider that if he played poorly over the next two months such that he failed to earn a full time job in left field next season, the Blue Jays would be stuck either carrying him as a bench player, trading him at his absolute lowest value, or risk exposing him to waivers and losing him for no return at all.

    The thing is that I wish that the Blue Jays had nevertheless run that risk. I question how much worse off the Blue Jays would be heading into 2013 if they had taken the gamble on Snider for the rest of this year and lost. Really, even if he did play poorly over the rest of this season, I’d think that the Blue Jays would still be able to trade him during the off-season for some sort of middle reliever… maybe even someone as good as Lincoln.

    When we compare that to the payoff for the Blue Jays in the event that Snider approached his potential, I am left scratching my head wondering why the Blue Jays were so risk-adverse in their dealings with Snider. It strikes me to be a rather small risk for a potential large payoff.

    Maybe in time we will see that Lincoln goes on to be an above-average middle reliever and Snider becomes a below-average left fielder at which time we’ll probably conclude that it was a fine trade for the Blue Jays… But sitting here today knowing what we know now I can’t help but feel that it is that it is a poor trade for the Blue Jays.

    • Well take solace in the fact that Snider’s bat is no better than the two guys coming up behind him, who by all accounts are better fielders, and bam, its a fucking awesome trade.

  81. There very little value in having middle relieves under team control. They generally have short peaks to their careers, and they cost very little buy in free agency or bring up from the farm. The bullpen should be the last piece of the puzzle assembled by a contending team, not the first piece. Find positional studs and front of the rotation starters first.

    Remember the Riccardi years? We had some of the best bullpens in baseball…where did that get us?

    • Absolutely true. There are so many holes in this line-up and starting pitching staff that should have been addressed first. Trading away prospect capital for relievers (and poor ones at that, JA Happ?) is silly.

    • morrow was a reliever when we traded for him

    • The jays need a LF, DH and 2 starters. 3 of the 4 players we need are relatively easy to get, with the only difficult task is getting a #1/2 starter.

      Getting a guy like Swisher or Cody Ross for LF shouldn’t be much of a big deal.

      Getting a guy like Ortiz or similar type of guy for DH shouldn’t be much of a big deal

      Getting a mid rotation guy like a Marcum, Colon, etc is not a big deal

      Getting a top end pitcher just requires cash/prospects. Not a big big deal.

      So yeah, I wouldn’t worry about the fact that he jumped the gun by a few months and solved one of the big problems we have.

      • I guess that leaves McCoy playing 2B?

        Also, a year ago we needed:

        LF, DH, 2 starters, bullpen help, and someone to play 2B.

        If 3 of the 4 players we need(ed) are relatively easy to get – why didn’t AA do it last year?

        • a) Ortiz is a FA this year, not last year
          b) It was widely assumed we had plenty of pitching depth and needed to open up rotation spots for the young ones to fill–Hutchison, Drabek, McGuire, etc. Obviously, that assumption was a mistake, as we experienced a plague of injuries. It would appear AA has learned from this mistake.
          c) And how many 2B are there in the league who you would trust implicitly next year? Cano, Phillips, Kinsler, Pedroia, and… who? Zobrist? The list of awesome available second basemen is zero players long. (Sorry, but as long as Altuve cannot field that position, I will not call him awesome.)

          Anyways, last year we didn’t know if the core of this team could contend. As such AA played a waiting game. Now we can be fairly sure this core actually can contend. And now AA is acting.

          What team doesn’t have holes? The Yankees are giving significant playing time to Andruw Jones, Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez. The Jays are close enough. Time to see what AA does in the winter.

    • There is value in having a good bullpen.

      It’s about half the value of having good starting pitching, as a bullpen pitches about half the innings as the starters do.

      I suspect Lincoln could become a very, very good reliever. Janssen/Lincoln/Santos could be amazing next year. I’m a little worried about the lack of a track record for the latter two. But hope is better than fear, I guess.

  82. Funny that people consider the dbacks a playoff team while the jays are closer in games

    • Check the DBacks schedule over the next two month. Then compare it to the Jays. Then tell us which team you think will be winning more games and has a better chance of making the playoffs.

    • The Jays could contend, maybe. Depends on what they do once Bautista and Morrow get back.

  83. Dear Blue Jays.

    You have handle pants.. get some lube and fix it please.

    Btw you may want to use some 3p shit tickets to get all of the splinters out.


    • The sliver lining of this trade deadline is the absolute fucking gold I’ve been laughing my ass off at all morning. Some of the absolutely funniest shit I’ve read in this blog in a long time.

      Stand out award goes to the next hot jays prospect who chimes in with:

      “I am lathering up my cock with some swiiss chalet sauce for all you lonely snider swagglers. withdrawal is a bitch so come on over and honk on this soon. them pangs dont get easier the longer you wait.”


  84. For those who keep saying relievers are easy to find. No they’re not, at least not dominant ones which lincoln is. And guess what mediocre left fielders are easy to find. I’m sure snider will play well in the cream puff NL and everyone will be screaming about how we screwed up. AJ is throwing no hitters and aaron hill is a .300 hitter and shawn camp has a whip of 1. what a joke.

  85. Reading up on Delabar, I got the impression he could be a starter. Anyone else think that?

    • i put as much faith in that as these clowns do in laffey….after last night who’s laffey now?

    • Delabar has no breaking ball to speak of, plus, he has a steel plate in his arm and some history of injury in his elbow. He doesn’t profile anywhere near as a starter. More like a one inning reliever type who can get lefties out with his splitter. If he can develop some type of offspeed pitch to counter the righties, he might be a decent reliever. But as a starter? Not so much.

  86. I’m sure what’s happened is Jose Bautista went and opened his big fuckin mouth to the media about wanting the Jays’ front office to bring in some pitchers. Ownership thought ‘oh fuckin no!!! This motherfucker, who our marketing sceme has revolved around, along with Brett Lawire, is going to be unhappy and bail if we dont get a few pitchers in here’. Then, ownership told Beaston to tell AA to get some fuckin pitchers or else. AA rolled his eyes, shook his head, and then said ‘oh well, fuck it’ because he realises that soon enough his contract will be up, he’ll sign a contract with a bigger budget team and wont have to worry about nonsense like this. He proceeded to make a few silly trades to make ownership, and thus Bautista, happy. The end. amirite?

  87. I doubt AA leaves. He has low expectations from the fan base and media who agree with everything thing he does.

    The payroll parameters keep pressure low.

    As long as the teams win 80 games and the prospects look good people will be happy.

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