Top Dog: Kelly Johnson, 8.3%
The Worst: Ricky Romero, -22.0%
Worst Bat: Jeff Mathis, -17.1%
Impact AB: Rajai Davis Leadoff HR, Top 1, 11.0%
Impact Pitch: Kyle Seager RBI Single, Bot 1, -10.0%
Highest Leverage AB: Kelly Johnson Strikeout, Top 4, 2.54
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: John Jason Run-Scoring GIDP, Bot 1, 2.75
Lineup Contribution: -29.7%
Pitching Contribution: 20.5%
Average Leverage Index: 0.76
Chart explanation

(image via Blue Jays Gifs)

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. ps – when did men hugging become ok? Fuck. Can’t we go back to shaking hands and a manly punch on the shoulder? If there’s no crying in baseball, there should sure as shit be no hugging either.

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