Garzas gonna Garz.

Before Twitter went absolutely fucking ape goof over the sad, possibly premature, end of the Travis Snider era, you may have noticed a few rumblings about the Jays’ renewed interest in Cubs pitcher Matt Garza.

There’s a “very high chance” he gets dealt today, tweeted Jayson Stark of ESPN, after speaking with an unnamed executive who also told him that the Jays “have been bearing down on him.”

Ridiculous imagery aside, it certainly did seem like the Jays were very interested, as their name came up from a number of different sources: Ken Rosenthal tweeted that they were a more realistic landing spot for him than the Texas, and Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago pointed out that the Jays are interested– and have been since the Winter Meetings– and the Cubs have been extensively scouting the pitchers at Lansing.

Most interestingly, perhaps, is the report from Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, who says that “the Jays are believed to have already asked the Cubs for permission to conduct a physical exam of the ailing veteran.”

This stuff was all swirling, of course, when Snider was pulled off the field, which led to many people assuming it was a deal for Garza that was coming– and, I suspect, led to a lot more irrational hatred of Brad Lincoln than was probably deserved. But because it didn’t happen then certainly doesn’t mean that it won’t before today’s 4 PM ET deadline.

It’s just… if you thought Travis Snider was a high price to pay for Brad Lincoln, um… you’re probably going to want to sit down before you hear what it takes to get Garza– who, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, isn’t likely to go, at least according to the Cubs themselves.

Posturing? Perhaps. But it’s hard to envision the Jays actually giving up one of the Lansing pitchers that are so coveted in a deal for just a year and two months of Garza, who is not only injured currently, but looking more like the 1.5 – 3.0 win guy he was for Tampa, and not the 5 win pitcher he was last year, in his first turn with the Cubs.

Yes, the Jays have had two thirds of a season worth of performance on which to judge who the best of the Lansing trio to part with is, but part of the appeal of Sanchez, Syndergaard and Nicolino is that even if only one of them hits on¬†anything¬†close to his true, massive potential, you’ve done incredibly well for yourself. Trading away these lottery tickets must be something that the club wades into with trepidation– and we’ve seen from their other deals that they probably feel more comfortable aiming lower.

We’ll know soon if that changes, but a part of me– based on no kind of knowledge– has started wondering if they really believe in the Carlos Villanueva they’ve seen this season (and that they saw last year, before he started trying to pitch through an injury) and Aaron Laffey and his new cutter, too. These don’t seem like great pitchers to go to war with in the AL East, but I can understand wondering just how much of an upgrade Garza may present.

No, really.

Update: Buster Olney tweets that a Garza for Upton deal makes sense for the Cubs and Arizona, and adds that the Diamondbacks are “working hard on something big.” So… perhaps it’s a moot point?


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  1. Fuck. Matt. Garza. Come on, we’re gonna trade top prospects for THIS GUY? I loved facing Garza when he was on the Rays! And he has some of the grossest facial hair in baseball. Looks like he washes himself down in grease after every start.

    • except for 1-2 starts, i remember garza owned the jays when he was a ray.

      • I have nothing but painful memories of Matt Graza doing his stupid glove flip thing on the mound for the Rays and dominating a Jays lineup for 7, 8, 9 innings.

        Would love this guy to be pitching for the Jays.

      • You’re totally right, he straight up murdered us. Don’t know why I didn’t remember that. Either way, fuck him.

    • Garza dominated the Jays lineup. Period.

    • talk about greasy, that valverde closer for boston looks absolutely disgusting that i gag when i see him take off his cap after getting yanked in a game.there is a run on sentence for the grammar poolice.hahaha

  2. Nicolino is the only one of the three that I can see going for Garza and even that would be hard to swallow as a fan.

  3. Please, please, please. Do not touch Lansing.

  4. Garza is garbage

  5. Fuck. I want Upton. isnt that why we traded Snider?

  6. AA please keep the Lansing kids together.

  7. I’m trying not to care anymore. I knew Anthopoulos wasn’t going to ninja his way throughout his entire career, but the last few trades have look mighty ridiculous.

    • Except… they haven’t.

      • Yeah they kinda have, at least in my opinion. The JA Happ trade was the worst of them. If I can put the love for Snider aside, that trade makes some sense. I never liked Thames, even though I defended him on a few occasions, but for a reliever who can’t keep the ball in the park?

        Unless these moves are leading to a bigger one, it’s just not making much sense for the Jays in my eyes.

        • It’s no good trading surplus pieces either with no future on the club or about to lose a bunch of their value to fit an area of need?

          • I know the prospects they gave up for JA Happ were surplus, and I defended the trade initially too. But again, Anthopoulos I feel gave up too much for a guy who can’t keep the ball in the park, and now is a reliever (and Lyon, but Happ was the “centerpiece” coming back).

            Maybe I’m not seeing an important aspect such as being incredibly needy for pitching, or maybe the market is kinda ridiculous. But for the quality that surplus was, I think the Jays could have done better than Happ.

        • Your opinion. The truth is trades where there is a “clear winner” are rare. MOST trades are resented by fans because they build up all this extra value in their players. I’m surprised they got anything for Snider.

          • @sons

            I’m not looking for the Jays to be clear winners in these moves. I’m looking for them to make some damn sense, and right now they don’t.

  8. Gotta think one of the Lansing arms would have to go to get Garza. My fingers are crossed that the team holds onto Sanchez.

  9. Also another point. Jim Callis just said Lincoln is “likely not” a closer. We got a closer with lots of team control in the off season for Nestor fucking Molina.

    Would anybody take Lincoln over Santos right now? Nobody in Pitty thinks he can start, so why did we have to pay so much more for this guy then we did Santos?

    • Did we? That’s the thing, fans think we did because they’ve been conditioned to look past Snider’s flaws and see all that gorgeous potential.

      • cmon Stoets, dont tell me N. Molina is a more valuable asset then Snider

        • I would submit to you that it’s very possible it was viewed that way, yes.

        • Or, you know, perhaps the Molina deal was just a fleecing, whereas Snider for Lincoln is just a fair need for need swap.

          • have you seen Molina pitch this year? would you be saying this if Santos didn’t get hurt? burp

    • Fuck the word “closer”. Such a stupid fucking role. Let’s take our best player and use him in the least number of innings and use him when we already have a lead and no runners are on. Yay what a superstar, he got the save (despite a hit and a walk). Whoopie. Don’t ever say that word around me again.

      • Of all people Jays fans should not discount the value of a closer. I’m clearly not going to convince you otherwise, but for me there’s nothing worse than blowing a close lead at the end of a game.

        • You guys are both right and both wrong. It’s not that having a “closer” is so fucking important and has some magical property, its just about having another quality arm in the pen. The jays didnt suck in the pen because they didnt have a closer in and of itself, it is because they lacked enough quality arms in the pen such that a piece of shit named cordero became the closer.

      • I agree, it would make way more sense to deploy youre entire bullpen at the most oppertune times. I dont know why you would’nt bring you best pitcher in in a tie game in the seventh.

  10. Cubs would have to kick in a lot of cash to make this work for me. I’m ok with giving up all 3 of the Lansing guys plus Hech and Gose though!

  11. Fuck all that. Cliff Lee is coming! Jays need a true Ace again.

  12. any prospect who is expected to ‘capital C’ contribute after Bautista’s contract expires is tradable in my books. Roll the dice.

  13. because the game isn’t linear. prospects provide impact in different time frames. If the Jays want to contend during Bautista’s peak years (which I think is a fair assumption), prospects that project beyond his contract should be more tradable than those who will help during.

    • I think they want to contend well beyond that as well.. Why would you limit your window based on a single older player. They’ve said time and time again they want to build a consistent winner, that they would want to build it during Bautista’s tenure is fair but to think they’ll sell the farm to do that is foolish

  14. “@Buster_ESPN: Diamondbacks working hard on something big, and a Garza/Upton framework makes sense for both Cubs and Diamondbacks.”

    “@Buster_ESPN: Justin Upton has Cubs on his no-trade list, so that would have to be worked out.”

    Any possibilty Jays are in on this? Somebody humor me, its been a tough 24 hours

    • That is what I’m thinking (and somewhat hoping)

    • Garza to the Diamondbacks, Upton to the Jays and propects to cubs? Hmmmm possibility. but I would think the Jays would still like Garza over Upton but who knows ?

      • Not sure how the Jays would be able to shoehorn in there. Why wouldn’t the Cubs want Upton for themselves?

        • they might feel they’re too far from contention. he’s only got 3 years of team control left, right?

        • I’ve heard Cubs are on Upton’s no trade list

    • It would make some sense. Jays provide prospect package to be split by Cubs/Dbacks, Dbacks get Garza, Jays get Upton.

      To be honest earlier this morning I predicted if the Jays made a big move it would be similar to this, only replace Cubs with Phillies, and Garza with Lee. Then I found out Arz is on his no-trade list.

  15. Escobar to the A’s for pitching prospect package for Garza.

  16. I hope something happens soon. It’s 3 in the morning where I’m to, and I’m out of booze. Dusk til Dawn is on the English channel, so i’suppose I could watch that. I hope something happens soon

  17. Hey Diamondbacks, you know who’s totally an ace? Ricky Romero!

  18. Are the jays really going to go with a gose/davis platoon in LF? Seems shittacular to me.

  19. Joel Sherman of NY Post. Same cock sucker who said Blue Jays bid 50 million on Darvish. I never forget that name.

  20. With the Phillies acquiring Nate Schierholtz, the final piece is in place for AA to reacqurie Roy Halladay.

    To Toronto: Halladay & Schierholtz

    To Philidelphia: Cecil, Happ & Gose.

    You heard it here first.

    • Come on man. I was right with you arguing that a Halladay reacquisition made so much sense and then you throw out a package like that? Outrageous

      • I feel like a dipshit agreeing with anything you have ever posted

        • Gose Hech Stroman might get their attention. Philly is retooling not full scale tear down and rebuild

        • Relax buddy. It’s obviously a random trade proposal that will never happen.

          That said, I think you are overrating what Halladay, at age 35, is worth on the trade market. Certainly quite a bit less than what AA got back for him.

  21. Upton is gonna be way too costly for us, I fear. Garza would be a decent addition, but I’m not thinking that it will happen at that price. I seriously think we should just hold steady, develop those Lansing boys, and maybe make a smaller deal for a starter.

    • yeah, we need more JA Happs. then we can have an eight man rotation, two of which actually should be starters

      • This particular deadline is for c-o-n-t-e-n-d-e-r-s. Not teams with a decimated rotations that get annihilated by sub-par Seattle Mariners teams. Is it that you think there will be no more Tier 1/2 starters available this winter? Or next off season? Why buy at the highest possible price, when you could get the same thing for less, while holding on to your best prospects. It will change nothing to go out and get another costly starter right now.

  22. Any SP acquired now is a waste because the Jays will not send Ricky down. The Jays refuse to replace their shittiest starter. JA Happ should have Ricky’s spot.

    • Yes, see now that is sensible. A team that is almost 20 games over .500 should willingly grab another starter for their post season run. A team that is 51-51, should not.

  23. I’m hearing that teams are telling the Cubs they will take on Soriano and at least one year of his contract, if they lower the price of Garza. Would the Jays be willing if suddenly the price is only Cardona? But it’s two years and $19M of Soriano!

  24. His picture makes me laugh. I bet he is about to spit.

  25. Garza for Drabek straight up?

    didn’t we hear that in the offseason?

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