Did Eric Thames just reveal the Jays’ upcoming roster move before the club got a chance to?

Well… I mean… it’s not like he gives a shit about keeping the Jays’ secrets anymore, is it?

Sierra, it should be noted, was already on the 40-man.


Image via Twitter.

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  1. Not gonna lie, kinda disappointed. I was expecting a trade for a major league OF today. I guess AA’s gonna stand pat come 4 PM.

    • There’s still 3 hours, anything can happen

    • Says who?
      Nobody’s stopping him from shipping out Gose and having Sierra as the “tonight” lineup insurance.

    • Either that or Sierra’s been traded for !

      • * insert Mariners’ relief pitcher here *

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      • Doubtful, same flights different dugouts was the hashtag. No reason for him to fly from Vegas to Seattle if he was traded elsewhere, not like Seattle is needed for a connecting flight.

  2. Crawford and Carreno back to Vegas to make room for the arms we got last night. I assume Rajai-Colby-Gose in the outfield, Moises on the bench with Cooper as the DH for tonight. Barring any further trades of current roster players of course.

  3. So if I have this right…

    Snider is replaced on both the 40-man and 25-man by Lincoln. Thames is replaced on the 40-man by Delabar. Delabar goes onto the 25-man roster in place of Carreno, and Sierra replaces Crawford on the 25-man.

    And I’m figuring all of this out while watching a 16-16 tennis match. My head hurts.


  5. In related news, a 51′s ballboy will be making his professional debut for Las Vegas in the outfield tonight…

  6. Moises “Alou Ruben” Sierra is here to save the day folks!

  7. Nice picture. Should be interesting.

  8. I will miss Thames and his facial hairstyles. Fuck you all.

  9. Thames is gonna smash baseballs in Seatle, and Snider is gonna play like Pirates-Bautista in Pittsburgh.

    I will never understand the Snider-love. There was never any justification for it. He was never good. Ever.

  10. I have no Idea whats going on!!

  11. that picture is just LOL

  12. Gonna miss Snider and Thames. Couple of good kids and wish them the best. However, I know these deals piss alot of fans off but it shows me the Jays DO intented to contend in the near future and feel they cant wait for these two to get it together in the majors. Alex may not be done yet. Still three hours to go and these deals may be positioning for another deal today or even a deal in the offseason for next season.

  13. who’s playing LF for the Jays in 2013?

    i really can’t see Gose improving as a hitter enough to justify slotting him in there (and sacrificing his range). and Sierra’s numbers in the PCL and scouting reports are decidedly lackluster.

    plus – it’s not really clear that Rasmus has enough offensive upside to play in the corners either – despite his flashes of brilliance with the bat.

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